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Please Regulate Guns Like Cars!

October 16, 2015

There is a popular idea that we should regulate firearms the way we regulate automobiles.  Really?  Let’s see where that road leads.  I wrote this for fun, but I was amazed at the ways we infringe on the right to bear arms.  Tell me what you think if we regulated firearms the way we regulate cars.

  • Because we now regulate guns like we regulate cars, each state and city now recognizes your drivers concealed carry license.
  • We can finally buy and sell our cars firearms across state lines.
  • We can walk into a gun store and drive away with a new firearm in minutes.
  • large gun shop
  • We can rent a gun for the afternoon if our gun is in for repair.
  • We can drive shoot all we want on private property.
  • Now we can buy, own, and sell all the guns and ammunition we want, and we can store our equipment anywhere we have room.
  • Several people can own and operate the same firearm.
  • Because we now regulate guns like we regulate cars, there is no age limit to own a gun.  Parents, grandparents and relatives can now freely give guns to small children.  We simply mail in a piece of paper, and the state sends us a new title for our gun in a few weeks.  That is sweet.
  • The city provides gun-storage locations, free of charge, in front of no-gun zones in order to attract customers to downtown.
  • Courts will no longer take our cars guns away during a bitter divorce.
  • We can rent a gun at the airport if we left our personal gun at home.
  • A gun dealership will lease us a firearm on a five year payment plan.

    Used gun salesman

    Would you buy a used gun from this man?

  • Now we can ship and buy gun part in the mail.
  • Now we can walk into the US post office with our gun or gun parts.
  • Now that we regulate guns the way we regulate cars, even convicted felons can own a gun once they are off probation.
  • We can now own a gun of any length without having to ask the government for permission.
  • We can now put a muffler on our guns without having to ask our sheriff or police chief for permission.  (Our neighbors appreciate it!)
  • Our 16 year old can bring a gun to and from school and to his after school job.
  • When our goofball nephew shoots a gun in public without a license.. he now gets a ticket.. and we get a phone call to come pick up our gun.
  • We can have gun stores and shooting ranges next door to schools, daycare centers, hospitals and churches!
  • We will finally have gun shops on every other corner to sell ammunition and Doritos chips.  Our local convenience store changes its name.  The sign that said Gas-and-Go was replaced by a sign that said Shoot-and-Scoot.
  • Kids can get their concealed carry permit at 16 years of age.
  • Schools now offer gun safety and defensive shooting classes when kids are 15 years old.
  • We can build our own gun in our garage from a kit.
  • Just like cars, we need a special firearms license if we want to operate a gun weighing more than 26 thousand pounds in public.
  • Gun dealers and gunsmiths don’t need federal reporting requirements any longer.
  • We decide who will be the designated concealed carrier before we go out drinking.
  • We’d finally get rid of national gun registration.
  • In some states, we might even get a tax credit if we buy a small and efficient gun.  What a country!

 Unfortunately, politicians like power more than we like freedom.  That is why we won’t regulate guns like we regulate cars.
What do you think?


I wrote a similar article, “If Cars Were Regulated Like Guns”

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