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About SlowFacts

Rob Morse 2020

I respect ideas that stand the test of time. I respect those slow-facts, that hard-won wisdom. In an online environment of fast opinions, I try to write clearly and give you the essential facts. I point out where these ideas fit in a larger body of knowledge. I have a passion for liberty.

I worked as an engineering/physics geek who got paid to bleed on the cutting edge of technology.  I worked with some of the best tools and the smartest people in the business. Life isn’t about tools no matter how sophisticated the tools might be.

Life is about people.  I’ve raised children with problems.  Some are unstoppable, and some won’t get out of their own way on any given day.  They are us in miniature.

I have high standards of conduct and competence.  That is true if you’re calculating stress-and-strain, singing a song, or raising your children.  People impress me and I love sharing their inspiration here.  I believe in the slow hunch. I’m also an amateur firearms instructor and competitor.

I contribute each week at Clash Daily and at the Polite Society Podcast. My self-defense articles are republished at Ammoland. I keep copies posted here on the SlowFacts blog.  I produce the Self-Defense Gun Stories podcast each week.

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