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All comments are moderated because I get about 45 spam posts for each real comment.  Moderation is the default setting for WordPress accounts, and I appreciate it.

You do not have to agree with me.  In that regard I’m quite selfish.  I learn more from those who disagree than from those who agree.  That is also my criteria for posting your comment on my page.  I hold you to the same standard to which I hold myself.

Your comment does not need to be fine literature, but it must be readable.  Your comment will be posted and appreciated if you add something to the discussion.  I’ll delete your post if your comment is an off-topic rant.  Do it enough times and you end up in the auto-spam folder.  The fastest way to be banned is to offer anonymous insult in some boring way.   Oh, God, anything but that.

Opinions are cheap.  Facts are dear.  Insightful and convincing arguments are precious.

Go for it.

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