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Should Pastors Protect Their Church with a Gun?

June 23, 2015

Among Christian ministers, there is a strong appeal to be a defenseless victim.  I disagree.  I think pastors should protect their congregation.

E. W. JacksonSo does Pastor Pastor E. W. Jackson.

“I am a pastor.  If someone comes in to hurt my church members, I have an absolute obligation to defend them.. to protect them.”






Kenn-the-author3So does Reverend Kenn Blanchard.

“One advantage of being armed is having training.. The position you’re in as a shepherd is to lay down your life for your sheep.” Video






Doug Giles


So does Pastor Doug Giles.

“What are you going to do? This is the ultimate What Would Jesus Do query, eh?  I think if Jesus were placed in such a situation he would whip out his Glock and double tap the center mass of any killer who was attempting to put a bullet in one of his defenseless disciples.

“Okay, maybe Jesus wouldn’t do it but Peter definitely would have.”  Link


I suggest training for those pastors still sitting on the fence.  The owner of Bear Beam Firearms in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers free training classes to preachers and ministers. Owner Charles Peters said “Protecting .. their flock is important.  Being prepared for that unfortunate event.. needs to take place prior to it happening. Not reacting to it afterwards.  I’ve (offered these classes) before and nobody shows up because nobody thinks it affects them.  The recent event will cause them to see how much it can affect them.”
Pastors will only need to show identification showing they’re a pastor or assistant pastor. They will still need to pay any state fees associated with the permit.

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Rob Morse

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  1. June 24, 2015 6:26 am

    And what if the armed Pastor is on vacation or solemnizing a wedding elsewhere? My recommendation is a two-step process: 1. Affirm the congregants’ choice to attend services armed, including weddings, funerals and all other celebrations. 2. Publicize the policy as a press release, letter to the editor and other announcements. Take the lead in the community and open the conversation.

    Arming the pastors is just another centralization which cannot work as well as the discreet concealed carry among the worshipers. Congregants are trained already, they carry their own weapon, you never know who or where they are, they are likely in larger numbers than one presider, they are mobile between the main sanctuary and parking lot, they can probably see and hear better than the presider who is speaking, they may be able to take cover instantly with cover for others, and they may be better able to scan for accomplices of the attacker.

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    • June 24, 2015 7:07 am

      I agree, Emsone. I’d rather the congregation was armed. I could not find a press release announcing that, so I wrote about ministers instead.


  2. June 25, 2015 9:16 am

    Here’s a catch-all I managed to locate which is a bit more recent.



  1. Feedback on Guns in Church | SlowFacts

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