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Deadly Aesthetics and Anti-gun Addicts

June 25, 2015

A South Carolina pastor disarmed the honest men and women in his congregation.  The pastor was also a state legislator.  His votes for gun prohibition helped create an entire state full of disarmed victims in every church, every mosque and every temple.  Those laws guaranteed that a crazy person would be unopposed when, someday, a crazy person brought a gun to church.  That sobering situation came true in Charleston, South Carolina last week.  Innocent people died.  I want all of us to learn from this tragedy so it never happens again.Charleston memorial

This is not a fair and balanced discussion of civilian disarmament.  The gun grabbers want to disarm everyone while I want to empower good men and women.  The gun prohibitionist thinks men and women can’t be trusted with a gun.  I believe that the world is a better place when honorable people are armed.  The gun-grabbing ideologues think I’m crazy.  They want a world where guns don’t exist.  I think they’re crazy.  Now I want to explain how their craziness spreads.

First, gun control is more accurately described as people control.  I mean that in the most literal sense.  The gun prohibitionist doesn’t have to like or accept men and women as they are.  The gun control advocate wants to trade-in the flawed human beings we have today for the new and morally improved people he imagines.  He will use force if necessary.

Evil men and women don’t exist in that gun control utopia.  The anti-rights fantasy world is a place where evil has been disarmed and somehow made impotent.  The gun-control ideology is spiritually superior to human freedom.  Freedom is messy and flawed.  The gun control utopia, with its perfect humanity, is simple and complete.  The anti-rights ideologue lives in a perfect world where even evil men obey the law.

That is a place I’ve never seen.

These anti-rights ideologues are driven with the passion of the alcohol prohibitionists campaigning to change the human spirit.  Theirs is an existential plane where good intentions are enough to stop evil men.  They live in a fantasy paradise where victims don’t bleed out in minutes.  The anti-gun ideologue is closer to a religious zealot than a seeker of truth.

Their anti-rights utopia is an attractive fairy land.  It is a world without force and violence.  Our world’s best artists can’t invent something as beautiful as that fantastic existence.  Their utopia offers the appeal of living in Disneyland.. without the long lines and frightening prices.  All the anti-rights ideologue has to do is believe in magic.. and climb over the wounded. 

It is hard for the real world to compete with that beautiful fantasy, especially if we don’t look too closely or think too deeply.   When considered as a fantasy, the question is not why so many of us are attracted by the gun-free illusion.  The real question is why more people are not attracted to their shiny theoretical utopia.  It should be the easiest sale imaginable.

Why wouldn’t someone join their cause!  Don’t be too surprised by our gullibility.  Modern advertisers sell us an unobtainable fantasy at the top and bottom of every hour.. and we buy it.

The anti-rights ideologue is not alone in his love of gun control.  Politicians love that fantasy ideology as well.  Gun control offers the politician another activity to tax.  Government bureaucrats get another activity to regulate.  Best of all, the politician gets to stand in front of the news media and promise everything while delivering nothing but more words.  It is another easy sell.

But wait, there is more!  Politics also provides a payoff for the gun grabbing elite.  Some of the anti-rights ideologues want to sit on the edge of power, and politics lets them scratch that totalitarian itch.  That is easy enough to understand.

Anyone who has done it will tell you that self-defense is hard work.  Carrying a firearm is inconvenient.  Wouldn’t we rather have the state make everyone safe for free?  That is better than having to both provide our own defense and pay for it as well.  The myth of gun control says the state will keep us safe.

“We will take care of you.” is a well worn political speech.  Politicians and bureaucrats said the same thing before Hurricane Katrina and the Baltimore riots.  Politicians did not pay the cost of their broken promises.  We did.  We paid for it back then and we paid for it again in the Charleston AME church.

The fantasy ideology of gun control helps us indulge in the oldest of sins.  The gun grabber feels socially superior to others.  We don’t want THEM to have guns, now do we?  The undefined “THEM” can be criminals or the poor.  Anti-right bigots used gun prohibition laws to disarm black, browns, yellows, whites, immigrants, veterans and the handicapped.  Ideologues think guns are only for the pretty and politically connected people.. and of course for their hired bodyguards.

The anti-rights ideologue always has more work to do.  There is always another step to take towards disarming honest citizens.  Guns can’t be too big or too small, too loud or too quiet.  Guns can’t be too cheap or too effective either.  Firearms can’t be too black or to brightly colored.  Today we have limits on firearms imports, ammunition, magazine capacity, and a mountain of useless regulations imposed on manufacturers.  Honest gun owners are subject to training requirements, licensing and registration.

It doesn’t matter that violent criminals ignore our gun laws.  Controlling criminals was never the real goal.  The utopian fantasy is the goal.. and honest gun owners simply stand in the way of achieving that ideological fantasy.  The good guys are the target and the bad guys are simply a convenient rationale.

The gun-control fantasy never fails.  The failed ideology of civilian disarmament can rack up a mountain of innocent victims while the ideologue simply claims the results would have been even worse without his fantasy.  I’ve argued with them and listed their dead.  They reply that they might have saved one uncountable life somewhere at some time.  Their statistics come from well paid academics and the Land of Oz.  Their utopian fantasy is an un-testable theory and immune from criticism.

They cling to the fantasy while the strong dominate the old and the weak, while the many dominate the few.   Despite the mountain of evidence, the anti-gun ideologue clings to the attractive fantasy of a world where evil people don’t use weapons to hurt others.  Facts don’t matter to the person addicted to this blood soaked fantasy.

The anti-rights bigots are never satisfied.  Theirs is the unending quest to perfect man by removing temptation after temptation.  The day they succeed in outlawing guns is the day they will condemn knives.. and clubs.. and cars.  The world is never “safe” enough.  The ideologue continually seeks more control over his fellow man.  Firearms are the expedient excuse of the day.

Their failures are painful.  With vanishing few exceptions, groups of people are murdered in gun free zones.  The true-believer in disarmament claims that the fault is ours rather than his.  He says his fantasy would work if we only tried harder. He says we have not followed his formula for perfection closely enough.. even with our 23 thousand gun laws.  He shrieks the loudest after his most glaring failures.  Each dead body only confirms the need to disarm more honest people.

Charleston victim

The ideologue ignores his failures and only sees his perfect fantasy.  He conveniently ignores the growing army of men with guns who must stand over honest citizens to impose that perfect order.  We are the ultimate objects to be controlled, not the firearm.

A stack of dead and disarmed innocents only tells the ideologue to work the dream, to market the dream, to sell the dream, and to pray the dream.  He can’t resist the allure of his shiny fantasy.  He can’t give up the dream.. as time and again we shed more innocent blood.

The ideologue basks in the euphoria of his perfect fantasy world.  The gun control fantasy allows him to feel he has a special place in the universe.  Like the gambling addict, the gun control ideologue thinks his fantasy will work for him even though it has failed for everyone else.  Like the loosing gambler, each innocent victim only spurs the ideologue to try again, to count on luck and his feelings.

Gun control is the femme-fatal of fantasies.  The ideologue might dimly suspect his fatal fantasy will hurt him or someone else.  Like ideologues throughout history, our contemporary anti-rights ideologue excuses his ongoing failures.  He only sees the exotic beauty of his fantasy.  It is a dangerous addiction.

Like the drug addict, the anti-gun believer will sacrifice anything, and anyone, to live in his fantasy world for a few moments.  The ideologue promises us peace, and there is no peace.  Not for long.  Never for long.

There.  I said it.  These anti-rights ideologues are crazy.  Anti-rights advocates offer an emotional appeal to an idealized pre-rational fantasy they call gun control.  The ideology of disarmament has many aspects that make it an easily marketable idea.  It offers a vision of moral superiority and is easily sold in marketable phrases and images.

It is time to stop talking about logic and facts with crazy people.  The ideologues believe that weapons and violence are not the answer, but they have no answers to the real evils in this world.  That leaves those of us who live in this world with a few unanswered questions.

We must direct our arguments and our questions to the undecided listener who still lives in the real world.  That listener is our audience.  He is our potential ally.  The first thing for us to do is to pull back the curtains and expose the dream-like fantasy to the bright light of day.  Then we must tell our story.

Thank you Russell, Charles and Bill. You made me think.

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  1. Ron permalink
    June 26, 2015 8:32 am



  2. Rich permalink
    June 26, 2015 11:38 am

    You mention that you want ‘good’ people to have guns…
    please define………….


  3. KUETSA permalink
    June 28, 2015 7:44 pm

    Governments have always worked to disarm citizens to rule and control them. It is easy to energize citizens who have no desire to own firearms to to scream for gun control. These people have no plan for self defense, they are comfortable 911 will keep them safe. They are the people you hear screaming, pleading, as their family is brutalized in those 911 calls on TV. They feel, constitution be damned, if they don’t own a gun, nobody should own one, or at least only the police and government should possess them. They do not think beyond their ignorance and illusion – That’s how Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and every totalitarian regime in history worked – and nobody was ever “safe” as a result! Before guns were invented, the world was ruled by un-opposeable brute force, the weak were victim to the strong – often.

    They don’t “get it” – the phrase – something like – “God created men, Sam Colt made them equal” – meaning – A woman living alone can effectively defend herself with a firearm when two big guys break in – get in the corner, dial 911, shoot to kill if they try to come near you! It’s a far better plan than 911 and screaming in horror and being brutalized! (A home invaders mission is to grab you and control you so you don’t dial 911) Even if the cops get there, recently in Uniondale, NY the home invader used the girl as a shield, pointed his 9mm at the cop, the cop shot him 8 times – one shot through the girls head, killing her! SO DON’T THINK EVERYTHING’S OK IF THE COPS GET THERE! Your mission is to WIN – by killing them – or making them flee – BEFORE THEY GET YOU – SO YOU ARE NOT IN A POSITION WHERE YOU HAVE TO BE SAVED – BECAUSE AT THAT POINT ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! There could never be a socially engineered utopia, there are only the elite that are worthy of being defended, and the expendable! AND THROUGH GUN CONTROL GUESS WHO THEY ARE DESIGNATING US TO BE!!!

    All that being said, all a firearm gives you is an even fighting chance, you could still lose. In this world, which has always been, is now, and always will be, a dangerous place – it is all, and the best anyone could ask for! (BUT NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE THAT OPTION AWAY FROM YOU!)

    My hope is that the growing wave of NON-COMPLIANCE to gun control laws, from CT to NY, WA and beyond continues – grows – gains publicity which has been hushed – and overcomes this unconstitutional, naively supported, evil power grab that is gun control! (Without needing to fire a shot!)



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