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Feedback on Guns in Church

June 26, 2015

I wrote about armed defense in church (here, here and here) and received some feedback.

Reader Emsone linked to this article in the Baptist Press describing armed security in churches.  “Guns: ‘Packing heat in church’ increasingly allowed in U.S.”

“As gun control takes high priority on Capitol Hill, state legislatures increasingly are allowing concealed guns in our most sacred place, the church, either for personal protection or for worshippers designated as church security personnel.

“Arkansas, on Feb. 4, became the eighth state to pass legislation allowing concealed guns specifically in churches. In a lopsided bipartisan vote, state legislators voted to allow each church to decide whether individuals with concealed carry permits could take guns in church for personal protection.”

I noticed the original author did not separate fact from speculation.

“Regular church attenders packing heat to protect themselves at church? I think that is a more dangerous scenario than what I have experienced thus far in 40 years of being a pastor.”

My friend, Gary Cass, recorded this video titled “Can the Church Shoot Back?”can the church shoot back


Thank you for bringing those articles to my attention.




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  1. June 27, 2015 6:05 am

    Thank YOU for being with us, Rob.

    I had the chance to ask Ron Goldman’s father Fred this question: Do you believe Judge Ito allowed the trial to become a circus in order to avoid more civil disturbance?

    Fred’s answer was this: I’d hate to think conditions have deteriorated to that.

    This is a common response in the distaste some have for reality over bringing the solution to the reality. This sequesters a great number of people who wring their hands instead of gathering to learn options. “Can Pastors shoot back?” and the possibility of rejecting the anticipated answer opens the door to escaping the reality in the same way Fred Goldman hated to think about it. The aversion has to be addressed and answered this way: “Yes, whoever the armed person is would likely have to be prepared to shoot, pastor or congregant, please.”

    I’d hate to think things had come to that (to paraphrase Fred) but if you dislike it so much, then take one more step and prevent it if you can. Who would you rather BE shot: congregants or marauder? Remaining silent is a vote against the congregants.

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  2. KUETSA permalink
    June 28, 2015 7:59 pm

    If you carry a concealed firearm in your everyday life, and nobody knows you have it, why would Church be any different?


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