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No Cops to Save You, but Too Bad You Couldn’t Get a Gun to Protect Yourself

March 20, 2020

You might not have wanted a gun before, but now you do. You’ve seen the empty shelves in grocery stores. You read in the news that some police departments are taking longer to respond because of the outbreak of the Wuhan virus. Some police departments are conserving their resources and only responding to critical incidents in progress. The whole situation sounds unbelievable until you read that unarmed shoppers in California were robbed of their groceries. That is why many people decided they suddenly needed a gun for self-protection. Some gun stores reported a five-fold increase in sales. The Federal National Instant Background Check system reported processing three times the number of applications compared to a year ago.. if you could get a gun at all. Many citizens who wanted to buy a gun ran into our bizarre gun-control scheme and were disarmed. That wasn’t all they learned.

These gun buyers discovered that buying a gun legally wasn’t as easy as they thought. After you’ve passed your state and federal background checks, then the gun buyer must wait an additional ten days if you’re a resident of California. You’ll wait an additional 14 days if you live in Hawaii. In theory, there is only a six month wait to get a permit to purchase a gun in New Jersey, but New Jersey stopped processing applications. There, the good guys are disarmed by gun-control.

Lots of new gun buyers found out that the mainstream media lied to them. They discovered that you can’t buy a gun online. They found out that democrat politicians lied when they said it is easier to buy a gun than to buy a book. These new gun buyers crashed head-first into the 23 thousand firearms regulations we have in the US. That system isn’t easy for anyone.

In theory, these regulations prevent a known criminal from getting a gun. In practice, the bad guys get their guns the same way they get their drugs; the criminals get their guns illegally. These thousands of regulations disarmed the honest citizen who wants to obey the law.

How does disarming the honest citizens make us safer?
Millions of new gun owners and their families are now asking themselves that very question.

The practice and theory of gun-control are wildly different. Gun control laws are not designed to do what the politicians say they do. Gun-control laws are designed to put a politician in front of a camera while he reads a glowing press release. The politician slaps a wonderful sounding title on more regulations that don’t stop crime any better than the last ink-on-paper did. The news media nods with approval and refuses to ask for evidence that this charade really works. The media stays silent because their job depends on being invited to the next press release.

When this political-theater is presented to us in the news, most of us didn’t ask how gun-control was supposed to keep us safe. For millions of us, that changed last week. Today, more of us are asking that question as the recent wave of want-to-be gun owners were disarmed.

Gun-control has never stopped crime. Gun prohibition was designed to stop you from protecting yourself while pretending to make you safe. Now that you’re threatened, you are supposed to go pay a politician for an exemption, or pay so the police will protect you after you were denied the tools of self-defense.

That scheme is tried and true. It is as old as politicians and prohibition. Many citizens didn’t believe that gun-control worked that way until they saw it with their own eyes.

Now they know.. and so do you.

I gave you 600 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    March 21, 2020 7:30 am

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….

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  2. Renov8 permalink
    March 21, 2020 9:47 am

    All of these, know it all, political hacks will never realize they know nothing, until its to late. Their sheer stupidity is forcing their own political base to suffer through cognitive dissonance in record time. The long lines at gun stores around this country is evidence to that effect. All of these people are now new gun owners.

    I have been approached on multiple occasions in the last week alone about buying a gun. Have had a couple flat out ask me if I would “lend” them one. I respectfully declined to lend them a gun and suggested they go to a local LGS or Cabelas…both with long lines and inventory running low. I even suggested they go on A…….n and buy some bear spray if nothing else.

    Stay safe.

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  3. Luis permalink
    March 21, 2020 11:14 am

    Rob, you have a penchant for cutting through the B.S. and telling it like it is.Kudos to you. I remember quite clearly when Obama said it was easier buying a gun than a book on-line. I didn’t believe it then.

    There’s one bright spot in this nightmarish situation we find ourselves in. More and more people are buying firearms to potentially deal with getting robbed for a sack of groceries or home break-ins, now that our pols have told us to stay at home. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the “authorities” like, politicians, police, the United Nations, CDC, World Health Organization, and our doctors aren’t going to save our bacon when the SHTF.

    By the time the nightmare is over, we could have close to 450 million guns owned by 150 million Americans. That’s another thing. How TF do people like Beto O’Rourke expect to confiscate that many guns?

    The Evolution of Gun Control:


    The Second Amendment – now more than ever.

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  4. March 21, 2020 6:52 pm

    I choose to own a firearm and therefore accept responsibility for using and storing it safely. I commit to securing my firearm when not in use, being aware of who can access it at all times and educating others to do the same.

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  5. Granny Grunch permalink
    March 22, 2020 9:48 am

    It must be a terrible feeling when you must dial 911………………….and no one answers. Think about it all you antgun psychotics.



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