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Data Study: Ammo Sales Continue to Soar in Wake of Coronavirus Panic

March 20, 2020 gives us some numbers on increased ammunition sales. RM

“The table lists states by sales volume with Texas having the largest sales volume and South Dakota the least. It also shows the top three ammo calibers for each state listed so that you can see which calibers have sold the most in each state, and their corresponding sales increase since February 23rd.

Source: Data Study: Ammo Sales Continue to Soar in Wake of Coronavirus Panic

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  1. March 21, 2020 9:00 am

    Rob, one reason South Dakota sales of ammo are lagging is that we here in South Dakota, as a rule, think we have enough ammo, and just buy what we need to replenish our stocks after target practice. It is not true that we have to replace ammo spent in fending off raids: federal troops haven’t attacked us for years. The only major market in South Dakota which could support significant increases in sales of ammo are the AmerInd nations, since too many people there still buy into the liberal-progressive-regressive propaganda.



  1. Gun Bits … – Freedom Is Just Another Word…

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