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Guns Don’t Cause Crime.. at 2016 NRA Annual Meeting

May 25, 2016

NRA 2016

Do guns cause crime?  I was at this years NRA annual convention.  This was the place to find out if guns cause crime.  I joined 80 thousand NRA members in one building for three days.  The answer is in and guns do not cause crime!  Here is what I saw.. and what I did NOT see.

Attendees came from every segment of society.  Women were very well represented, as were families with children.  NRA members represent the US as a whole.

I was with about 20 thousand responsibly armed civilians as we stood together in one room for hours on end.  Besides the personally owned guns we carried, there were thousands more firearms on display.  We had access to millions of rounds of ammunition.  This is the most concentrated assembly of armed civilians I can find.  

If guns cause crime then more guns should cause more crime.  More armed people should cause more crime.  More armed civilians carrying for a longer period should cause more crime.  We should have seen the effects of going armed.  We accumulated 60 thousand armed-man-days.  That is about 160 armed-man-years.  We should have seen the result if guns cause crime.  We didn’t see a thing.

Not a single armed individual was violent.  Responsibly armed civilians don’t cause crime.  In fact, crime fell in Louisville that weekend.  Crime falls whenever the NRA comes to town.

Do guns cause crime?  Not a single gun jumped up on its own and shot anyone.  The guns on display didn’t even threaten anyone.

The results of this experiment are exactly what you expected.  We can not prove that guns don’t cause crime.  What we do know is this; if guns cause an epidemic of violence, then NRA members are an effective vaccine.  

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  1. Granny Grunch permalink
    May 30, 2016 12:15 pm

    What do you bet that the shooters/shootees……..were members of the NRA…..had Concealed Weapons Permits…..voted Republican………anyone?



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