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2016 NRA Annual Meeting: The Crime Report. | Gun Free Zone

May 27, 2016

Someone asked me for the crime statistics showing what happens when the NRA comes to town.  Miguel Gonzalez already did us the favor of posting this years results.

This is old news.  The anti-gun crowd always sends up their anguished cry about “guns and blood in the streets” before the NRA event.  Then, someone looks at the facts once we’ve all gone home.  Crime falls when 20 to 30 thousand armed visitors come to town.  It happens every year.

Do the web search yourself.. after you give Miguel a read at Gun Free Zone.

What happens when you gather 80,000 Second Amendment Loving Americans into a small area for a weekend of gun-related fun? Blood in the streets? Indiscriminate shootings? Bodies piling up at the sma…

Source: 2016 NRA Annual Meeting: The Crime Report. | Gun Free Zone

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