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Don’t Be a “But..” About Self-Defense by Cheryl Todd

January 20, 2016

Whoopie Goldberg is a “But…

The trendy-mustachioed guy wearing a #FeelTheBern t-shirt at the organic grocery store is a “But…

The herd of fake conservatives from “Everytown for Gun Safety” are “Buts…

They say, “I own a gun, but…,” before they expose themselves.. and foul the air with propaganda.

That phrase “I support the right to own a gun.. but..,” is a telltale warning for the misinformation and ignorance to follow.

woopie w pistol

Woopie Goldberg said, “I own a gun, but there is no reason anyone needs a (semi)automatic weapon.. you don’t hunt with them.. they are only there to kill.. and the only people who need them are at war.”


the View w Rand Paul

Woopie stayed with that opinion even after her guest, Senator Rand Paul, correctly informed Whoopie that people indeed do hunt, target shoot, and engage in all the shooting-sports with semi-automatic firearms.   Whoopie continued to speak as though Senator Paul was invisible.  She refused to hear new information.  Also, her adoring audience cheered her steady grasp on ignorance.  In the end, Whoopie decidedly remains a “But…


Mr . Trendy said, “I own a gun, but we need to implement Universal Background Checks”.

When asked why he believed that, he sputtered before he verbally bobbed and weaved through a series of bumper-sticker worthy platitudes.  He finished with a baleful look of sincerity and said, “If it will save just one life.”

In fact, Universal background checks will cost thousands of lives as they put bureaucratic red-tape between law-abiding citizens and a life-saving tool they need for self-defense.


..but if it only saves one life!”

Never mind.

The fake gun-rights supporters are “Buts…”  They mindlessly repeat whatever the latest “Everytown For Gunsafety” hash-tag campaign has programmed them to repeat.

That reminds me of the recent White House letter that was mailed to Hollywood Celebrities with pre-selected tweets that many of them, in obedient lemming-like fashion, posted on their own Twitter-feeds.  These celebrities followed their instructions without giving any thought to the validity of the words or the consequences of influencing thousands of their fans.  “We have to do something to save one life..”

These celebrity elitists exposed themselves as “Buts…”

What these phrases boil down to is “I own a gun, but I think we need more laws to restrict our rights to own guns.”  Safe and responsible gun owners are not “Buts…”  Safe and responsible gun owners are educated and informed.  They know what laws are already on the books.  They know what the Constitution says.  They also know their rights.

Astute gun owners recognize which media talking-points and which political rhetoric is nonsense.

But nothing.

“I am a gun-owner AND I will protect and defend my rights from being eroded away by politicians and the uninformed.”

“I am a gun-owner AND we already have every law on the books that we need.  I am a gun-owner AND I will communicate with my elected officials and hold them accountable for enforcing existing laws.  I am a gun-owner AND I will support my rights with every opportunity to vote and have my voice heard.  I will stay informed, well-trained AND connected to help protect our rights for the generations to come.”

As entrepreneur and innovator David Howitt suggested, “Unleash the Power of AND, and resist the tyranny of all those “Buts…”.cheryl todd

Cheryl Todd
Gun Freedom Radio- Facebook

Cheryl’s other guest post on the Slowfacts blog is here==>

Functional Fixedness and the Easily Offended

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  1. January 20, 2016 8:53 am

    Conjunction junction, what’s your function?

    Really insightful the difference between “but” and “and.”

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Rich permalink
    January 27, 2016 1:33 pm

    So You Wanted More Background Checks for Guns, Eh? The Feds Have Now Used the NICS System to Maintain an Illegal Registry of Gun Owners



  1. What Difference Can One Person Make? by Cheryl Todd | SlowFacts

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