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Democrat Politicians Declare War on Middle Class Voters

January 22, 2016

Dem Pres 2016

Establishment politicians declared war on the middle class.  I talked about the Republican abuses in the post linked here, but for now I’m focusing on the Democrats.

Crappy economic policies put a record number of us out of work.  To give the obvious examples, democrat policies crushed jobs in the steel, coal and oil industry.  A record numbers of us depend on public assistance.  Democrat candidates pretend to run against big banks and big corporations while they rake in corporate donations.  The candidates have a strategy of “I’ll talk down your company until you pay me to shut up.”  Open borders mean that the bottom of the labor market is flooded with immigrants.  This hurts poor US citizens most of all.  These failed policies don’t matter as democrats buy votes in swing states and swing districts.

President Obama also started a cultural war on gun owners and the NRA.  Obama said gun control is the new litmus tests for Democrat candidates.

“I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform.” 

That is so strange given that the best data we have says 23 percent of the NRA identifies as democrat.  That is only six percent lower than the national average of 29 percent.  The NRA is 40 percent minority and 40 percent female, so it seems like the democrat politicians are attacking their own base when they attack the NRA.  The reason is simple.  Anti-gun interests bought the democrat party.  Democrat politicians represent their donors, not us, when it comes to guns and gun ownership in the United States.

We let politicians get away with policies that hurt the voters.  We let them.  We, the voters, let politicians abuse us.  Some politicians stand on their record.  It is hard to cast the tough votes and cut out special interests.  In contrast, establishment politicians decided it is easier to take special interest campaign money than to vote for the people.  Professional politicians decided it is easier to run expensive media campaigns that sell the political record they wish they had.


We reward the politicians when they lie to us.  We let them.  We spend more time considering what shoes to buy than shopping for the right candidate.  We get walked on after the election.  It costs us dearly.

The choice is up to us.  Democrat voters can reclaim the democrat party so it represents them.  Unfortunately, I don’t see a democrat candidate who does.  Not Senator Bernie Sanders who thinks companies grow on trees and are ripe for the picking.  Not Governor Martin O’Malley who’s crowning achievement was being the mayor of Baltimore, Maryland.  Not Secretary Hillary Clinton who perfected the art of escaping indictment while skimming millions in kickbacks.

They left us nowhere to turn, but it is up to us.

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