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We Have Perfect Gun Control

August 11, 2012

We have perfect gun control in the United States.  I’m serious.  We have gun-free zones in schools, churches, hospitals and bars.  Not one honest and innocent person violated these gun free zones.

Not in the Virginia Tech shooting where 49 students and faculty were injured.

Not in the California Oikos medicine school where 9 people were shot

Not in the Chardon, Ohio high school where 6 people were shot

Not in the Aurora, Colorado theater where 69 people were shot

Not in the Oak Creek, Wisconsin temple where 10 were shot

These gun free zones worked exactly as designed.  Neither an honest and innocent member of the public nor a member of the faculty defended themselves with a firearm.  Not one,  while a hundred forty people were injured.  140 to zero is a perfect score.

Do you get the point yet?  Our gun-free zones work perfectly at disarming honest men and women while they leave guns in the hands of crazy people.

Gun-free zones are a failed criminal experiment, and gun control advocates have blood on their hands.  The experiment needs to stop today.  I don’t want to see another innocent disarmed victim shot by a criminal madman.  Please call your elected representatives now.  How many more have to die until we stop this failure?!

.NOT..  ONE..  MORE.


Robert the subtle

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