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“Gun Free Zone” Fails. Murder at Santa Monica College

June 9, 2013

Santa Monica Shooter III

California forbids guns on campus.  That means the only defensive weapons on campus belong to the police.. who are always several minutes away.  This politically-created arrangement gave the murderer at Santa Monica College several minutes to kill at will.  The murderer was a young ex-Santa Monica College student.  As usual, the murderer had a history of mental problems.  He murdered his family and set fire to their home moments before he went to campus. Once on campus he murdered three more people.  I’ve read conflicting accounts that the murderer was shot by police or may have shot himself once confronted by police.  He planned to kill many people and he chose the school on purpose.

no_guns_allowed_4Students didn’t stand a chance.  California gives county sheriffs the discretion to issue concealed carry permits.  Many sheriffs do.  Some sheriffs choose to keep citizens disarmed instead.  Santa Monica is in Los Angeles county, a county which refuses carry permits to its honest citizens.  In addition, Santa Monica College is a “gun-free school zone” under California’s Penal Code 626.9.  The “gun-free school zone” exists in name only: a plastic sign won’t stop a nut job or even a determined criminal.  The posturing of politicians left students and staff unprotected.. as it has many times before.

Anti-gun politicians blame the gun.  Anti-gun politicians blame ammunition.  They blame everyone and everything but themselves and the laws they created.  None of their gun control laws, old or new, would prevent this from happening at a California school near you.

The murderer used a semi-automatic rifle.  That type of gun was invented 128 years ago.  Ammunition is even older.  What is new is the political fantasy that helplessness makes citizens safer.

That point of view, so common in California, is not a political accident.  “Helpless” citizens turn to their Santa-Claus-politician who can bestow gifts from the government.  When helplessness fails, the politician prescribes more of the same.gun-allowed-zone  They legislate more disarmament each time disarmed citizens are shot.


California politicians never learn because California voters never hold them accountable.  The fault is ours because we leave these politicians in office.  That means the voters of California can stop mass murder on campus.  Elections matter.   More dead students are an unacceptable price for politicians failed fantasies.


Rob the California realist


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