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On the Radio While Working from Home

March 30, 2020

I’m lucky to share my thoughts with you here at Slow Facts. I am also on the radio every week, and sometimes several times a week. I don’t do it often, but thought I’d share that with you so you know what I’ve been doing. I get to talk with fascinating people.

Eye on the Target Radio- Disarming the Good Guys, Gun Control Cost Lives in Ohio- 15 march, 2020

Polite Society Podcast- Politics and Guns- 17 march, 2020

The King’s Report, Pastor Sean Moon- Talking about a good guy with a gun- 19 march, 2020

Bill Frady’s Lock-N-Load radio- Guns and Freedom- 23 march, 2020

Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast- weekly reporting and commentary on self-defense- 24 march, 2020

Good Gun Bad Guy with Dan Wos- Episode 2, Guns in the Age of Coronavirus- 28 march, 2020


Each week brings new challenges. I recorded a podcast this morning and will record two other shows tonight. Thank goodness I’m retired and my wife puts up with this.

Thank you for all you do.

Lock N Load Radio



Orange Man Bad- The Media Will Blame Trump for Every Dead Body

March 30, 2020

Accurate criticism is invaluable when we want to correct our mistakes. In contrast, unwarranted criticism propels us to do something foolish. You’ve felt that truth in your personal life. Now we are seeing that same dynamic played out on the national stage as the media criticises the Trump administration’s handling of the Wuhan virus. This is what I saw during the reporting on the Wuhan virus;

We want the news media to give us us useful distinctions and insights into world events. Disproportionate complaint is not a substitute for good reporting.

  • President Trump was criticized as xenophobic and reactionary when he stopped visitors from China entering the US due to the Wuhan virus.
  • President Trump was criticized when he asked us to quarantine at home.
  • President Trump was criticized when he pointed out that New York state had many ventilators in storage they were not using.

I’m noticing a pattern. I predict that if the epidemic died out tomorrow, then President Trump would be blamed for every person who dies with the Wuhan virus, even if they didn’t die from the Wuhan virus. In contrast, if the president kept the quarantine in place for six months, he  would be blamed for destroying the economy and locking people out of work.

The president will be blamed for doing too little, doing too much, acting too early, and acting too late.
That isn’t helpful.

Those complaints on the news might sell car insurance, but they aren’t helpful when we try to figure out the right thing to do. We’ve seen some socialists governments ignore the virus until many people were infected at once. That means we can do too little and do it too late. We know that unemployment leads to addiction and suicide. We already have states where the number of suicide deaths exceeds the number of deaths from the Wuhan virus. That means we don’t want to do too much for too long.

We don’t want to make the cure worse than the disease, and that takes good judgement.

I’ve spoken to doctors I respect. They suggested we quarantine people whose health is at risk if they caught the virus so they don’t all get the virus at once. I’ve also read a limited number of reports that quarantine of assisted living institutions was ineffective in stopping this virus. That contradiction means we have more to learn about good public health practice.

These doctors also said, “Wash your hands.” Unless you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, I know that is good advice.

There is plenty of criticism to go around. The media ignored the fact that New York State hid ventilators they had in storage while Governor Cuomo complained on the news that people were dying due to lack of ventilators. The media ignored that California’s Democrat governors sold their state’s mobile emergency hospitals, ventilators, and hospital supplies. The media ignored that the Obama-Biden administration disregarded three government reports that highlighted the lack of ventilators in hospitals. The media ignored the news when Canada and Mexico shut their borders with the US. The media’s selective outrage offends me and causes me not to trust the news media.

Politicians often make bad decisions for the wrong reasons. The public pays the price. I’m afraid we’re also taking bad advice from the news media when it comes to public policy. Their mis-reporting of the facts distorts our view of the world and, in turn, lets our politicians hide from the truth.

Turning the Wuhan virus outbreak into a media sensation
will cost us billions of dollars in bad public health policies,
and may cost us lives of those unemployed.

I understand the plight of the news media. Today, the legacy media is desperate for viewers because the web has taking their advertising dollars. The media is selling shock-and-outrage in order to hang onto the few viewers it has left. That is a bad prescription to cure a business problem.. and it’s also making us sick.

Would the media please leave satire for the Babylon Bee
rather than putting it on the air masquerading as news.

I think this is more than my personal bias. I want the media to give us the facts and context so we can decide what to do for ourselves.


There is No Emergency Shutdown of the Second Amendment

March 28, 2020

Give someone power if you want to see their character. Unfortunately, the usual characters have revealed themselves during the Wuhan virus epidemic. Government officials asked citizens to limit their contact with others in order to slow the spread of the virus. Some government officials went well beyond that. They closed roads, released jail inmates, refused to arrest or prosecute suspects, closed gun stores, and refused to process firearms applications. It is precisely during such an emergency that we need government officials to stay within their authority.. and not one inch beyond.

Stay at home orders- New York Times

Lots of us wanted a firearm after we saw criminals released from jail and law enforcement refuse to respond to calls. We increased the rate of firearms sales up to four fold, and up to eight fold for sales of ammunition. The instant background check system run by the FBI was overwhelmed. State agencies added weeks of delays to complete a firearms transfer..if the state bothered to process the applications at all.

The sheriff of Los Angeles County, CA told stores to close. The mayor of LA said they would shut off water and power to stores that stayed open. The county council, the lawyer who advises LA county officials, told the sheriff not to close gun stores or he would face lawsuits. The sheriff rescinded and then reinstated his order to close stores. As predicted, he was sued by four human rights organizations within hours. Sheriffs in Pennsylvania and New York said they would not process concealed carry firearm applications. Officials in New Jersey and Illinois simply stopped processing the permits required to purchase a firearm.. and they were sued.

gun stores ordered to close-

The order to close gun shops and the refusal to process state required firearms paperwork is a significant confession on the part of these law enforcement officials. They are saying that they are more important than you are, that they should have guns and you shouldn’t. Many of these government officials were quickly sued for violation of civil rights under color of law. Government officials don’t have the power to suspend the constitution and violate civil rights. They exceeded their authority.

Some government officials were more reasonable. A city in Texas told firearms stores to close, but then the Texas Attorney General said that local officials did not have that authority. To their credit, some governors stood up and said civil rights have to be respected, particularly during a time of crisis. Perhaps these governors remembered what happened in Los Angeles when police refused to respond to violence and civilians were left on their own to defend themselves from violent rioters. The Feds said that firearms manufacturers, distributors and sellers were essential.

armed korean shopkeepers during Los Angeles riots

Idaho took the Wuhan crisis to heart and expanded the segment of people who have a right to carry concealed without a permit. Called “permitless carry”, that right only applied to state residents. Soon in Idaho, permitless carry applies to all legal US residents who may legally possess a firearm. Sensible government officials also extended the expiration dates for concealed carry permits just as they had for existing drivers licenses that could not be renewed during the quarantine. If only all government officials were that smart.

The lesson is clear. If it is too dangerous for a government official too to sit at their desk and process paperwork, then it is a state of emergency. The state has admitted that it can not fulfill its obligations to honest citizens. Under those emergency conditions, permits should not be required for citizens with a clean criminal record to own, transfer, or carry a firearm. We’ve used that same relief valve during hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes when civil government ceases to exist. Your rights and your safety take precedence over the convenience of a bureaucrat.

That lesson sounds obvious, but some politicians are blinded by their bigotry against honest citizens protecting themselves. Now we know the officials who don’t trust us, and in whom we should not place our trust. We gave them power, and they revealed the shortcomings in their character.

The original article is here with sources. I gave you 600 words. Please like, comment, and share them with a friend. RM


What an Amazing Country is this USA

March 25, 2020

We are amazing. This season, the flu has already killed 20 thousand of us in the USA. Before the season ends this summer, we’re expected to lose another 15 thousand lives. A similar disease, the Wuhan virus, might kill a hundred thousand of us, but most of us will catch it and hardly know we’ve had the disease. The difference in the two types of flu tells us a little about the viruses involved, but our response tells us a huge amount about our character. Here is the news, the good and the bad, as I see it today.

One out of a thousand of us will die from the flu. The victims are typically people in poor health and with a compromised immune system. If you think back, lots of us eventually lost our grandparents to the flu. The Wuhan virus might kill five of us per thousand, 0.5%, but it will particularly hurt those of us with pre-existing lung and heart issues, and those with diabetes.

We’ve seen far worse epidemics. A century ago, the Spanish flu killed about 41 million of us world wide, or about 2 percent of us. The concern with the Wuhan flu isn’t that it is so deadly, but that it is so targeted.

The Wuhan flu attacks our lungs. Breathing becomes harder and harder. We die when we get too tired to breathe any longer. That is why mechanical ventilators save the lives of critical patients by breathing for them until they heal. That explains the sudden increase in mortality when the number of seriously sick people outnumbers the available beds with ventilators and nurses to operate them. Doctors, nurses, and technicians can save us if they are healthy and have the tools they need.

So why are we staying home, losing our jobs and our patience, over the lives of one-out-of-200 Americans? We are doing so because we can. It is a measure of our wealth and our compassion that we won’t leave a small segment of our neighbors to die without fighting for their lives. Other countries have refused to treat the aged and infirmed. We made the opposite decision. As a people, we have, and we will, accept great risks so long as we all share equally in that risk. In this case, the risk isn’t shared at all. It is concentrated on a few of us, and that feels unfair.

Most of us are going to get sick and then recover from the Wuhan flu, but we’re trying to do it slowly. Most of us won’t notice our infection. I hope you’re one of them. Some of us will spend an uncomfortable evening in bed with a slight fever. Then, we’ll get back to our lives. At some strange point in time, we’ll want to go out in public again so the few of us who escaped the flu will get it and develop a natural immunity.

Our decision to put our lives on hold says volumes about the American character.
We sacrifice our comfort to save a few percent of us.

You can argue that our response isn’t financially wise. You might be right. You can argue that the government response brought out the worst of political corruption, and I think you’re absolutely correct. We can go too far in our compassion and in our trust of politicians to do the right thing in a crisis. Let’s look at what we did this time.

This was a bold, emotional, unified, committed, and courageous decision. It will be criticised, analized, and parsed as to who came out ahead and who paid an unfair share of the burden. We will argue that we did too little, did too much, acted too early, and acted too late.

Good for us. Let’s criticise the mistakes we made and the people who made them. Let’s learn all that we can from this situation.

Let us also appreciate what happened. We will have some people struck down by unexplained illness. That seems unavoidable in any large population. But we decided to watch reruns of old TV shows rather than roll sick people into the hallway to die because we couldn’t treat them. We made that decision before it happened, and now we’re paying the price and watching old movies.

I like my fellow Americans a little better for us making this decision. Thank you. I tip my hat in respect to you, and when this is over, I owe you a beer. And at least for a while, wash your hands.


Yes, You Need a Gun During the Virus Scare..and After

March 23, 2020

You want to have a gun before you need it. Advocates of armed defense have been saying that for decades, though recent events underlined their point. Last month, sentencing reforms in some states effectively decriminalized theft under about 900$. We saw stores stripped by flash-mobs. Police refused to investigate a “misdemeanor” crime even though the total loss may be tens-of-thousands of dollars. Those sentencing revisions also let more serious criminals out of jail without bail. The revolving door of injustice spun pretty fast after that. Last week, some cities let convicted thugs out of jail because of a flu virus. States closed gun shops and promise to arrest you if you leave your home. Police in some cities refuse to respond to crime in progress due to the risk from public contact. Yes, you need a gun.. and you need a lot more.

These recent headlines highlight an obvious fact. These events let us see that we are on our own. If we’re attacked, the police arrive after we’ve gotten to safety, after we’ve made the call to 911, and if law enforcement has personnel available to help us. It is up to us to defend ourselves until the police arrive.

That realization changed last week, but only by a matter of degree. Now we’re in the middle of a virus scare and police may or may not respond to our calls. Today, law enforcement in many cities are refusing to come to the scene of the crime if the criminal threat is gone. As you’d expect, crime increases when criminals are not pursued, arrested, jailed, charged, and prosecuted. Today, you are at a greater risk, but you were never completely safe.

Many people wanted to believe that they’d be safer if they were unarmed. Our experience with armed citizens says otherwise, and so do the recent headlines. Many people who were only vaguely aware of self-defense now see the need for a personal firearm. I’m sorry, but for many of you it is too late to become armed defenders.

First, you’d need a gun. Some states said that gun shops were “non-essential businesses” so they were told to close their doors. We’ve seen panic buying that emptied store shelves. If you wanted a gun, now you’re too late.

You thought you needed a gun, but you also need a holster, ammunition, and cleaning supplies for that firearm. Some states require a permit before you may buy a gun. Some states also stopped processing those firearms purchase permits. If you’re not ready now, then you’re too late.

You want to protect yourself and your family, but two thirds of aggravated assaults happen away from home. That means that you might need a permit to legally carry a firearm as you walk to your mailbox. States that disregard the right of self-defense have stopped processing those concealed carry permits.

The advocates for armed defense have been warning you about these infringements for years, and now you’re too late.

You thought that owning a gun would make you safer, but a firearm is useless without the skills to use it. Fortunately, defending your family from thugs coming up the stairs doesn’t take a lot of skill. Unfortunately, it takes skill to defend your family from several thugs converging on you at night from between the parked cars in the grocery store parking lot. If you haven’t developed that skill, then you’re depending on luck, and there are usually several attackers.

How did you get here? The public receives the public policies for which they voted. Now, you’re paying the price with your family’s safety. I hope you’re one of the lucky ones and no one is hurt.

I like that you want to defend your family. Now defend the right to do so. The right of honest citizens to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. This virus scare will pass, but the infringements on your rights of armed defense will remain.. until you remove them. Don’t wait until November. Secure your rights before you need them. Become politically active now, or the rights you lost will be lost forever.. and then you’re depending on luck.

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You Just Bought a Firearm for the First Time, Now What? – Down Range with Chris Wagoner

March 22, 2020

Words of wisdom from Chris Wagoner. RM.


“ need to be a responsible firearm owner.. take it from someone that has owned and used firearms for more than 40 years and as part of my daily life, both as a police officer and firearms instructor, GET TRAINED!

“The very first thing you should learn if you are thinking of or have a firearm are the four cardinal rules of gun safety..

  • Treat all firearms as they are loaded, regardless if they are or not!
  • Never point a firearm at anything unless you are willing to kill or destroy it!
  • Always identify your target, and what is beyond it!
  • Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot!

Read all of Chris’s article here: You Just Bought a Firearm for the First Time, Now What? – Down Range with Chris Wagoner

It Appears Impossible To Legally Buy A Handgun In DC | The Daily Caller

March 21, 2020

And DC judges can’t see an infringement. SMH RM

“..there is no legal way for a resident of Washington, D.C. to buy a new handgun, because Sykes was the only person permitted to facilitate transfers.”

Read it all here: It Appears Impossible To Legally Buy A Handgun In DC | The Daily Caller

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