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The War on Guns: Facebook Censorship Closes Off Information Ignored By Gatekeeper Media

June 29, 2016

A post had been removed from the Oath Keepers’ Facebook page because of a “community standards” violation. And what was the offense against “community standards”?  A Facebook user complained about a poster that makes a true (and importantly, demonstrable) statement about the nexus between citizen disarmament and genocide.  The poster said that armed civilians are not murdered by their government. You can’t object to mass murder on Facebook.

Give David Codrea a read =>

The War on Guns: Facebook Censorship Closes Off Information Ignored By Gatekeeper Media


You Stopped Mass Murder in May

June 29, 2016

It took the Orlando Police three hours to stop a mass murderer in a gay nightclub.   Armed citizens like you responded in seconds.  This happens not once, but time after time, and month after month.  Again, you stopped mass murder in May of 2016.  Similar reports from earlier months are listed here.

control tape

-A mass murder was defined as four victims of an armed attacker.  I continue to use that definition.  Our first example took place in Saint Andrew, South Carolina at about 10 in the morning.  The store owner and six customers were playing video games in a game store when two criminals tried to rob them.  The robbers wore masks and one robber carried a handgun.  The robbers took money from the store owner and then started to rob the customers at gunpoint.  That gave the store owner the chance he needed.  The store owner drew his firearm from his pocket and shot the armed robber several times.  Both robbers ran, and the armed robber shot back.  The store owner and customers were not hurt.  Police arrested the robbers at the local hospital.

An armed man came into a Phoenix, Arizona taco restaurant and pointed a pistol at the store clerk.  The female store clerk opened the cash register and ran away.  She hid in the bathroom with several other people who worked at the restaurant.  The robber also approached another store employee, only this employee was armed.  The armed employee shot and killed the robber.  The store had been robbed earlier that week.  This time, none of the employees or customers were hurt.  The robbery happened at around 9 pm.  Police are looking for the eight customers who witnessed the robbery.

A mentally ill man wasn’t feeling well.  He visited a mental health clinic in Houston, Texas.  The clinic agreed to reschedule the man’s appointment once he felt better.  The mentally ill man left, but returned to the clinic a half hour later.  He kicked through the glass doors, and threatened the staff and patients.  The patients and staff hid in their offices.  The violent mentally ill patient kicked on the solid doors as well. The mentally ill man then walked into a neighboring business in the same building.  There, the mentally ill man lunged at one of the customers.  The business owner shot him.  The business owner was licensed to carry a concealed firearm.

In contrast, the medical clinic was a “gun free zone” even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than sixty percent of workplace physical violence occurs in the health care workplace.

A store owner and his son were working in the back office of their Florida liquor store.  It was noon when an armed and masked robber demanded money from an employee who walked out the back of the store.  That employee didn’t have the store’s money, so the employee led the robber up to the other store clerk who was working at the cash register.  That is when the owner and his son saw the robbery in progress.  They saw their employees held at gunpoint.  The robber demanded their money as well.  The store owner’s son drew his firearm and shot the thief several times.  The thief died at a local hospital.  None of the employees or customers were injured.

A mentally disturbed man lived in a nearby home.  He tried to break into the wrong house, but the first home that the intruder tried to enter had a reinforced door.  The occupants told the intruder to go away.  The intruder went to yet another home in this Seattle neighborhood and started throwing furniture through the front window as he yelled and cursed at four in the morning.

This homeowner heard his windows breaking.  He retreated with his wife and two daughters to their back bedroom.  The homeowner also had his gun and a phone.  One of his teenage daughters called police.  After the stranger broke through the front of the house, the homeowner left the back room.  The intruder moved toward the homeowner and the homeowner shot him.

Arriving deputies heard the shots and found the wounded suspect in the front yard. They applied a  tourniquet to the intruder’s leg before medics transported him to the hospital for treatment.  The mentally ill man survived his injuries.

A 25 year old man barged into a busy sporting goods store in Memphis and demanded money.  News reports are not clear whether it was a store employee or a store customer who took exception to being robbed at gunpoint.  In either case, one of the robbery victims was armed with a concealed weapon of his own.  He shot the armed robber.  The robber was taken to a local hospital where he died.  Neither the defender nor other customers and staff were hurt.

One customer said, “I’m only 24 and I really want to get away from Memphis.”

These are a few examples where you prevented mass murder in May.  Instead of saying “Thank you,” socialist politicians propose more laws to disarm the victims of violent crime.  I have a different plan.  I trust my neighbors to keep us safe.  Neighbors just like you.

I report on Self-Defense Stories each week.


Getting Past the Bling- Why Gun Owners Should Train

June 28, 2016

Defensive Handgun Class

Here is a sad and revealing fact.  Most gun owners have not taken any training.  Perhaps that made sense for gun culture 1.0 who grew up using a firearm for hunting.  Maybe it made sense when firearms habits and skills were handed down from generation to generation, but times have changed for most gun owners.  Learning to handle a firearm is critically important for gun culture 2.0 where gun ownership is centered on self-defense.  We don’t want to learn that skill on our own.  We can’t learn from the larger culture either, since most of what we think we know about violence and armed self-defense came from Hollywood.  Hollywood is wrong, but we’d rather buy a shiny new gun than take a training class and get dirty.  It is time to do better because we are dealing with life and death and our family’s safety.

Used gun salesman

Carrying a gun is a serious endeavor.  It is easier and more fun to go buy a shiny new gun than to practice with the one you have.  We can show off our shiny new gun to our friends.  We can let our friends try it.  We can also pretend the hardware will make us a better shooter.  There are lots of gun salesmen who will encourage our hardware fantasy.  The wise salesmen don’t, and won’t.  Those salesmen are the friends you want to develop in your local gun store.  Sure, they want to satisfy the customer’s need, but what most customers need is to develop their own skills.  That takes training and practice.  The good salesmen are plugged into the firearms community and know which trainers to recommend.

Learning isn’t easy.  Learning takes character.  First, we can’t develop new skills and habits without letting go of our old ones.  That simply means we didn’t know everything, and some of what we thought we knew was incomplete or inaccurate.  The point of education is to learn and we can’t learn and stay the same.  That excites me, but it seems to frighten some people.  Unfortunately, we attach our self-perception and self-worth to what we think we know.  In point of fact, education opens our eyes to new questions.  Good instruction teaches us about things we didn’t imagine.  That can be painful.  Second, we are probably not as good as we think we are, and without training, we are certainly not as good or as safe as we could be.

We train to develop new habits and skills.  Paul Carlson.

Firearms owners are absolutely ordinary in that regard.  Gun owners would rather fantasize that their gun will keep them safe.. than train.  They don’t want to examine their gun fantasy too closely.  I know the feeling.  Vulnerability makes me uncomfortable too.  The good news is that we don’t have to stay vulnerable.  Actually learning armed self-defense means we have to take some instruction, get training, and then practice in order to improve.  The sad reality is that only practice make us better.  Please see what that means.  I will describe my faults so no one else feels accused.
nf at fgc lafs

-How can I get better?  Permanent improvement comes after I practice perfectly time and again.  I have to practice on my own since I can’t afford a personal trainer who will come by twice a week and guide my exercises.  Practice might be simple or complex.  That depends on the particular skills and problems I face.  Am I practicing opening a gun safe, or increasing my accuracy under pressure?  Both are important.

Pointed in on the target

Pointed in on the target

-How do I know what to practice?  Training makes me demonstrate my skills.. and my weaknesses.  A good trainer will highlight and correct my faults.  I come away from every training session with a new list of weaknesses.  Those takeaways are really the purpose of going to training.  (Well, other than hanging out with great friends while I’m there.)

Kenn on the range

-What should I do?  Instruction sets the goals and informs me what I should do.  My level of experience determines how much benefit I can absorb from the instruction.

The way I see it, instruction, training, weaknesses and practice are keys to improvement.  I have to leave me ego behind if I want to improve.   I find it satisfying.. even if no one else can see it.  I hope you find it satisfying too.

Guns come and go, but knowledge is forever.  Set a good example and get trained with your firearm.  It is the safe thing to do.

Paul Carlson- Safety Solutions Academy- Critical Defensive Handgun Class

June 27, 2016
Paul Carlson

Podcaster Paul Carlson

I took a defensive handgun class from Paul Carlson.  Paul’s home base is in northern Ohio, and it was definitely worth the trip up from Louisiana.  Paul treats his students like adults.  “If I want you to act like adults then I need to set those expectations and treat you like an adult.”  That is critically important.  Good training means that students need to make mistakes.  Great training proactively manages the mistakes and the attendant risk.  I liked the course a lot.

Paul IS a firearms instructor.  He thoughtfully combines best practice for instruction, with best practice for handgun self-defense.  Before we argue about what is best practice, I want to talk about the tension that combination creates for most firearms instructors.

There are easy courses of instruction.  Unfortunately, those easy courses can’t teach best practice.  Some of the skills are demanding even with the best teaching technique.

There are ways to keep students amused, but that isn’t the way students learn the most.  Paul teaches self-defense with a lethal weapon so you’re going to be under stress when you use those skills as intended.

Many professions face a tension between keeping customers entertained versus educated.  Defensive handgun is a self-defense martial art so these new skills have to be available when the student is a startled victim.  The defensive skills have to be accessible under stressful conditions.

That does not mean the class is grim.  It isn’t   It simply means the optimum stress isn’t always obvious.. which is why I am not a professional firearms instructor.. and Paul is.

These students wanted to learn and we worked.  Paul combined a professional mix of inspiration and frustration in order to maximize what we learned.  We each learned a lot.  Paul built the course so each student could learn a great deal despite their widely different experience and abilities.  That impressed me.womenccw2_web-300x260

I came away from the course with a list of weaknesses and the drills to strengthen them.  I could take the course again next year and I would learn something different as I uncovered new weaknesses.  More on that later.

It is time and money well spent.

Images from Safety Solutions Academy and I didn’t bother to ask.

Socialists Never Let a Crisis go to Waste.. Even if They Have to Create One

June 23, 2016

Do you see what I see when we look at mass murders while Obama was in office?  I noticed a pattern of failure and political misdirection.  Socialists never let a crisis go to waste.. even if they have to create one.

Fort Hood Memorial

Fort Hood Memorial

The muslim who shot dozens of servicemen at the Fort Hood army base had been investigated by the FBI.  There were repeated tips submitted to the FBI about the murderer’s behavior and about his radical statements.  The FBI neither stopped the murderer nor stopped the murderer from bringing guns into a gun free zone.  Only the victims were disarmed in that gun free zone.  The Obama Administration called the murders “workplace violence.”

Police Search After Boston BombingThe muslims who bombed the Boston Marathon were investigated by the FBI.  The FBI even received tips from foreign intelligence services about the muslim immigrants.  The FBI didn’t stop the killers from building a bomb.  The FBI didn’t stop them from getting guns either.  We were told that the government would protect us.


sb murder

The muslim couple who murdered their co-workers at the San Bernardino Christmas party last year had been investigated several times by the FBI.  Again, the FBI didn’t stop them from building bombs.  The FBI didn’t stop them from buying guns.  The FBI didn’t stop them from bringing guns and bombs into a gun free zone where their victims were unarmed.  After the attack, Socialists politicians called for more FBI background checks and to disarm civilians.



The muslim who recently murdered 50 people in an Orlando bar had been investigated several times by the FBI.  Three separate civilian sources contacted the Feds to report the murderer’s suspicious behavior.  The FBI didn’t stop the murderer from buying guns.  The murderer brought guns into a gun free zone where only the victims were disarmed.  The Socialist politicians and liberal pundits said the problem wasn’t with a few murdering muslims, but with one hundred million honest armed civilians.  Socialists politicians again called for more FBI background checks.  Socialists politicians called for a gun ban.

Pulse LGBT Nightclub Orlando

Pulse LGBT Nightclub

I noticed a pattern here.  The FBI let muslim murderers slip through their fingers.  Gun free zones disarmed innocent victims, but did not disarm violent criminals.  Each mass murder was used as a political cause by the Socialists.  They asked for more FBI background checks.  They proposed that we disarm honest civilian gun owners who didn’t harm anyone.

This isn’t a new pattern.  As soon as Obama took office, the Obama Administration sent 2000 semi-automatic rifles to Mexican drug lords.  They wanted sensational headlines with innocent victims.  They were willing to sacrifice our lives for their political profit.  Maybe that is why, today, the FBI lets muslim suspects slip free.  We know that the Obama Administration and their fellow Socialists will never let a crisis go to waste.. even if they have to create one.

Don’t ask to disarm innocent civilians until the criminals and the politicians are disarmed.

Democrats Block Sensible Gun Proposals In Senate | Power Line

June 22, 2016

us-senateSenate Democrats vote against background checks and searching mental health records before buying a firearm.  This news will NEVER make it to the Main Stream Media. RM


This afternoon, the Senate voted on four proposals for increased gun control, two submitted by Republicans and two by Democrats. All four went down to defeat, although both Republican bills had majority support.Senator Chuck Grassley proposed legislation that would have increased funding for the NICS background check system, and would have pressed states to send more records to the FBI on felons and others barred from buying guns. It also revamped language that prohibits some people with mental health problems from buying guns. Grassley’s bill had majority support, 53-47, but wasn’t passed because the Democrats filibustered it.

Source: Democrats Block Sensible Gun Proposals In Senate | Power Line

The War on Guns: We’re the Only Ones Exchanging Enough

June 21, 2016

I saw this on David Codrea’s blog “The War on Guns”.  Corrupt NYC cops provided private police force in exchange for bribes.  Could that be why regular citizens are denied the right to carry concealed in the rotten apple? RM

Two high-ranking New York Police Department officers were arrested Monday on charges accusing them of taking $100,000 worth of free flights, prostitutes, expensive meals and other bribes in exchange for providing a “private police force” for local businessmen.

Oh, gee, and you could also pay to get your gun license “expedited.”

Source: The War on Guns: We’re the Only Ones Exchanging Enough


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