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The Crazy Things Pacifists Tell Me

May 17, 2017

I don’t bring it up with strangers.  That said, sometimes people find out I’m a gun owner.  The way they respond is remarkable.  I assume that they are sincere in what they say, but that assumption is strained from time to time.  Their comments are more of a confession about themselves than as an honest question about me.  I usually bite my tongue because of the social situation.  Then it occurred to me that other gun owners must be hearing similar comments.  I’ve kept my answers to myself, but now I’ll share them with you.

I live on the safe side of town so I don’t need a gun for protection. I usually hear this from a well-to-do woman and it makes me smile.  Does she think criminals don’t have maps that show them where the rich people live?  Maybe she thinks criminals can’t drive.  The woman is obviously intelligent, but has a profound blind-spot when it comes to personal safety.  We didn’t meet inside her gated community, so why does she think she is safe everywhere?

Guns aren’t the answer. Maybe guns are not the answer, but then we are certainly talking about different questions.  I assume the speaker knows that the police have firearms for personal protection.  The first person who told me to go armed was a police officer.  I listen to professionals.

People don’t protect themselves with guns any longer.  That is just a fantasy from the old-west.  This one perplexes me.  I assume they read too many cowboy novels but they stopped reading too soon.  They never learned the real history of our western frontier.  Also, the speaker never bothered to learn the facts about armed citizens who carry in public now.  Armed towns on the western frontier were safer than our large democrat-controlled cities today.  Ain’t that right, Marshal Dillon?

Only the police should have guns. True, the police should have guns, but have you thought about what it is like to be a policeman?  Almost every policeman I’ve met told me to carry because of what they see every day.  Time after time, day after day, the police arrive too late.  They take reports from innocent injured victims.  That is a core part of their job and it has to hurt.  The police would much rather take your report that says you protected yourself and the criminal ran away.

Only criminals have guns.  This is really a statement about how narrow a group of friends the speaker has.  I’m probably the first gun owner they know.. and there are a hundred million gun owners in the US.  To be fair, they probably don’t know anyone who owns a pickup truck either.

You don’t need a gun.  That is true.  I don’t.  I don’t need toothpaste and deodorant either.  I don’t need a fire extinguisher at home or a first aid kit in my car, but I have them..just like I have a firearm.

My husband or wife has a gun, so I don’t need one.  This comment makes me bite my tongue.  I’m thinking they volunteered to be the designated victim..or maybe the designated hostage.  Must be an interesting personal relationship they have with their spouse, but I don’t ask.

Gun’s don’t belong in schools.  Lots of things don’t belong in schools, but I’ve seen them.  Cuts and broken bones don’t belong in schools, but we have first aid kits on scene for a reason.  I won’t pretend that bad things don’t happen.  I won’t lie to make you feel better.  What exactly is your plan when you see more things you don’t want in schools?

You just want to kill someone.  This person obviously has no idea about the costs of threatening to use lethal force, let alone pulling the trigger.  Ignorance must be bliss.

I couldn’t kill someone.  That is hard to believe.  Maybe the people who say this think they are gentle.  Would they really stand by and watch while their family is threatened or injured?  If I take them seriously, then either they don’t care about other people, or they look forward to seeing someone hurt.   Some village lost its sociopath?

People like you shouldn’t have machine guns.  I’ve fired a machine gun.  Not having automatic weapons hasn’t compromised my self-defense plans since I don’t feel the need to fight off a zombie horde tonight.

Why do you want another tool that kills?  I love this question.  I look around the room and see how many things I could use or improvise.  What can I say.  I’m an engineer so everything is a tool.

You’re more likely to be hurt if you have a gun because the criminal will take your gun away from you.  So you’re saying we’d be safer if we disarmed the police and gave guns to criminals?   That way the police would always have a gun when they needed it by taking the criminal’s gun!  It’s an interesting idea, but you go first and I’ll record the results from here.

I bet I’m not alone.  You’ve heard similar things and you’ve thought similar things.  Thank you for sharing them.. here, and not saying them in public. 😉

More Evidence that Self-Defense is Mainstream

May 16, 2017

I don’t have TV at home. I was in a restaurant and they had the Fox News channel playing.  I saw an advertisement for NRA Carry Guard.  Hmm.  That is different.

I like that NRA promotes their insurance product to a broad audience.    There are several legal insurance products on the market, but this is strong evidence that self-defense is going mainstream.

The New Bigotry from Old Civil Rights Icons- Congressman John Lewis and the failed fantasy of gun-control

May 12, 2017

Bigotry works for politicians. After the civil war, white Democrats promoted fear of newly freed blacks.  Today, black Democrats promote fear of free blacks who will defend themselves and the people they love. Politicians always wrap themselves in the cloak of public safety. In fact, that cloak is usually the white sheet of bigotry directed against minorities and the poor.

Democrat Congressman John Lewis said we need him so we can be safe.  Lewis also said that honest gun owners are not welcome in Atlanta.  “I must say to the NRA that you are not welcome here in the 5th district, you are not welcome here in Atlanta.”  That would have come as quite a shock to gun owner Martin Luther King Junior who was born in Atlanta.  Last month Congressman Lewis said, “We need to make our cities, our states, our neighborhoods free of gun violence.”

Murder isn’t a racial problem.  Murder isn’t a national problem.  Murder is a local problem, and let’s see if Democrat politicians actually keep us safe.  Research by the Crime Prevention Research Center found out that here in the US only a few counties produce most of our homicides.  These are populous counties, to be sure, but there remain large areas of peace and quiet even within our most violent counties.

Los Angeles gives us a living example.  California has strict statewide gun laws.  In Los Angeles today, ordinary citizens can not get a permit to carry a concealed weapon in public.  Those are the restrictions Congressman Lewis asked for, yet Los Angeles County had over 500 murders and thousands of assaults last year.

90 days in Los Angeles

Violence is concentrated into small areas.  Even within Los Angeles County, the cities of Beverly Hills, Hawthorne, and Van Nuys had one murder each.  Like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Georgia has areas that have very little crime, even though, taken as a whole, the city is four times more violent than the US average.

Congressman Lewis is wrong.  Guns are not the problem.  81 thousand NRA members flooded into Atlanta at the end of April.  There were more than 20 thousand armed individuals in one room for days on end.  There was no surge in “gun violence”, to use the Congressman’s phrase.  When the statistics are made available, I predict that crime fell in Atlanta while the NRA was in town.  That is the pattern we’ve seen year after year, in city after city.

It is worth noting that even in the most violent section of our deep blue cities, only a few percent of the population cause crime.  The vast majority of us are law-abiding.  That is true everywhere.  Unfortunately, bad government policies have poisoned the life of our inner cities.  Democrat politicians drove out industry and encouraged dependency.  Local prosecutors refused to remove violent criminals from our streets.

Politicians also protect their donors.  That is true in both a political sense, and in a literal sense.  We’ve seen big-city mayors move police into elite enclaves while crime flourishes in the ghetto.

Poor minorities are disproportionately hurt by crime.  Black women have the greatest need to defend themselves and their families.  Marchelle Tigner is a black firearms instructor who teaches in the Atlanta area and helps fill that need.  Tigner said, “My end game is to teach a million women how to shoot.”  She’s taught hundreds of black women this year alone. Her students learn the safe and responsible use of firearms..and Tigner’s classes are full.

My end game is to teach a million women how to shoot.  Marchelle Tigner

Tigner advocates self-defense for women.  Maj Toure is a hip-hop artist who tours the US teaching that everyone has the right of self-defense.  He says that black guns matter.

“I don’t think there’s a black gun culture or white gun culture, I think there’s an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture.” Maj Toure

That Tigner and Toure have eager audiences shouldn’t surprise us.  This is not the 1960s.  Today, our society embraces self-empowerment.  That includes self-protection and self-defense.  A poll taken in late 2014 by Pew Research showed that 54% of black people felt that owning guns did “more to protect people than endanger personal safety”.  That attitude explains why we see more and more minorities taking firearms classes and learning to legally protect themselves.

“Real feminism is about empowerment and taking our safety into our own hands.” Antonia Okafor

Not everyone agrees.  Congressman Lewis wants us disarmed.  Shame on him.  Condemning the innocent for the actions of a few is the very definition of bigotry.  The answer is simple for young politicians and for old ones.

Protect all our rights..all the time, everywhere.

I gave you a thousand words.  Please leave a like, a comment, or share this article.  RM

Jury Convicts Corrine Brown on 18 of 22 charges of fraud and tax evasion

May 11, 2017

Former Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted of 18 out of 22 charges today.  The charges include multiple counts of fraud and tax evasion.  Brown’s staff pled guilt earlier this year.  I guess that once you get used to living like a corrupt congresswomen, it’s hard to stop. RM


“The verdict came three days after closing arguments in a trial where Brown was painted as living the high life on cash that aides secretly deposited in her bank account after passing it through other accounts.”

Read more here-


Comey and Lynch Should Be Impeached for Whitewashing Clinton’s Crimes | Observer

May 11, 2017

Anyone but Hillary would be in prison. RM  From Sidney Powell-

“Just when one thinks the cavalier cabal of Clinton and her cronies has exhausted all manner of corruption, yet another outrage surfaces, implicating even more people.

“The bombshell this week is that Loretta Lynch and James Comey not only gave immunity to Hillary’s closest co-conspirators Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson- who, despite being attorneys, destroyed evidence right and left- but, in a secret side deal, agreed to limit the FBI’s review of the Clinton team laptops to pre-January 2015 and to destroy the laptops when the FBI review was complete.

“Congress and every law-abiding citizen in this country should be outraged. This blatant destruction of evidence is obstruction of justice itself.”

Give Ms Powell a read- Comey and Lynch Should Be Impeached for Whitewashing Clinton’s Crimes | Observer

NY Army Veteran Charged With Illegal Pistol Magazines, Faces 21 Years In Prison – The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog

May 7, 2017

Don’t confuse New York police with peace officers.  Don’t confuse the New York legal system with justice. RM

In recent news Simeon D. Mokhiber was convicted for weapons charges but it wasn’t the weapon that was the problem. It was three magazines that are not NY SAFE Act legal. Simeon D. Mokhiber, 41, was arrested on April 18, 2016 and given field sobriety tests for possible DUI.  He was allegedly speeding as well as … Read More …

Source: NY Army Veteran Charged With Illegal Pistol Magazines, Faces 21 Years In Prison – The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog

Why Socialists Won’t Learn from Venezuela, (but We Can)

May 7, 2017

“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” Orlando A. Battista

Socialists don’t care what communism is supposed to mean.  Socialists only care about communism’s promises.  The socialist fantasy is wildly different depending on which follower you ask.  Those fantasies are not real.  Sensible people are not shocked when socialism/communism fails again.  What should shock us is that socialists in the United States and elsewhere refuse to see socialism’s failures.  It is time we asked why.

Poor people in Venezuela supported communism because it promised them food, money, and land.  Of course the all-powerful government promised these things for free.  In Venezuela today, the poor are starving and poor children are dying in hospitals without medicine or clean sheets. The poor are rioting for food.  Supermarkets have become flashpoints in Venezuela, which is now one of the world’s most violent countries. No sensible person is surprised.

Never underestimate the power of a good fantasy.

However, the elites in the US still say we should swallow another dose of big government.  Facts don’t matter when you have a good lie to sell, and the fantastic lie says you get something for nothing.  Like most fantasies, communism never delivers what it promised.  In fact, we never saw streams of poor people building makeshift rafts to escape to Venezuela, to Cuba, or to North Korea.  Communism impoverished almost everyone.. except the rich elites.

Photo by Reuters news service

Venezuela has been in decay for years.  Like leftists in the United States today, why were the poor in Venezuela so infatuated with the political system that kills them?  They are in the streets today, but the poor were reluctant to let go of communism because the government wiped out all alternatives.  Today, the poor are destitute and desperate to feed themselves and their families, but they can’t start a farm of their own.  They can’t start a new business.  The government runs the farms, the markets, and the gas stations. Think of that when you try to start a new business in one of our blue cities.

The larger the government, the smaller the citizen.

The vast majority of Venezuelans want a new government, but they are disarmed and powerless.  Some Venezuelans are now shooting their countrymen because their communist leaders tell them to.  There are always those who are eager to follow orders to kill.  They feel superior because they kill.

The rich elites never believed that big government could create wealth.  The powerful elites knew that totalitarian regimes soon run out of other people’s money.  This doesn’t matter to the rich elites, because they were never after money.  Not in Venezuela, and not here in the US.  They wanted something more.

The elites ached for communism because it promised them power.  Here is where communism succeeded.  The poor merely wanted communism because it promised them money.  The elites want communism because they intend to control the state..and to control us.

As communism crumbles, the elites are reluctant to let go of communism.  The elites have already siphoned off enough wealth for a hundred lifetimes. María Gabriela, the daughter of the dead dictator Hugo Chavez, is Venezuela’s richest woman.  She stole 4.2 billion dollars through political kickback schemes.  The political elites in Venezuela, just like the elites in the US, remain green with envy.

The poor hang on to communism hoping for one last meal from the government store.
The rich hang on to communism hoping for one last theft from the government treasury.

So why does the fantasy of big government persist?  Dictatorships can have a long and bloody slide into oblivion.  The progress of liberty is not sure and steady.  Look at the drawn out bleeding history of North Korea and Cuba.  These dictatorships brutally oppress their own people for generations while, at the same time, they cry for aid from the UN.

Don’t look to the news media to show the ugly face of communism.  Most reporters in Venezuela gave up the fantasy of a free press long ago.  At first, they supported “fairness regulations” to drive out their competition.  Now, the media’s very existence depends on appeasing government bureaucrats.  The power to regulate is the power to control.  The tamed press are the last ones who will show the stinking corpse of communism.

Don’t look to Western academics.  They are in love with their socialist fantasy despite the millions of bodies laid at the temple of communism.  Their intellectual pride tells them that they could make communism work..even while it fails before their very eyes..again.  These academics are the “mainstream.”  They are no longer interested in the truth.

Don’t look to businessmen.  Wealthy businessmen and women left Venezuela long ago.  Everyone who could have produced wealth has left. The businesses that could have sustained the economy have been nationalized.

Don’t look to the elites in other countries.  Don’t expect Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Jimmy Carter to renounce their longstanding support of communism.  Those politicians praised the murdering dictator Hugo Chavez.  There is too much wealth to loot here in the US for leftist elites to criticize their fantasy in public.  Celebrities like Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Naomi Campbell and Danny Glover were chummy with the dictator Hugo Chavez.  They live in a fantasy world where they pretend that communism works.  Communism remains popular with the New York times.  Together, they would rather pretend the starvation we see in communist countries today never happened.

Communism is a dignified mask stretched over the face of death.  See through the mask.  Many people will lie to you, so you must see the truth for yourself.


Rob Morse

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