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Democratic National Convention | 2016 | security wall you didn’t hear about

July 25, 2016

I noticed that the main stream media didn’t mention the four miles of 8 to 9 foot high security fence that was put up around the site of the Democratic National Convention.  Do a web-search for the term “security fence at democrat convention” and see what I mean.  It is almost as if the Socialist media was told to NOT mention the fence.

dnc security fense

getty images- stan honda

Not only did the Socialists put up a fence rather than build the bridges they championed for our border, the Socialists hid that fact from the american voter.  We both know why.  RM

“Ask any Democrat how they feel about Trump’s proposed border wall and you’ll be met with outrage. According to most liberals, such a concept is racist, xenophobic and utterly unnecessary.Building a wall doesn’t solve anything . . . unless it’s used to protect delegates and other high ranking officials in the Democratic Party.NBC News in Philadelphia reports:Wells Fargo Center, Xfinity Live! to Be Inside DNC Security PerimeterSecurity at the Sports Complex during the Democratic National Convention next month will include “no-scale fencing” to enclose the Wells Fargo Center”

Source: Legal Insurrection- Democratic National Convention | 2016 | security wall

Why Barack and Hillery’s Illegal Actions Matter

July 25, 2016

ObamaHalo1Most of us obey the law.  We go out of our way not to hurt other people.  That is vitally important.  Unfortunately, we’ve unleashed a political monster that doesn’t care about the law or who it injures.  Senate Democrats unleashed the Obama administration on all of us.  Obama can do anything he wants because the 40 Socialist Senators will prevent him from being impeached.  The media supports them.  Obama breaks any law he wants.. so long as his excesses don’t cause those Senators to lose their political position.  That matters to all of us, but it is only the beginning.

Obama imposed his extra-legal rulings on immigration, on taxation, on environmental and business regulations.  He appointed political donors to federal office.  Hillary promised to do more of the same.  That is a shocking level of corruption even for a community organizer from Chicago.

Trump should do the same.  We now live in an era where politicians can impose their rules and ask about the legalities later.  Trump should fire every Socialists supporter and replace them with his own political hacks.  Trump can terminate every “green contract” that the Obama government gave to its cronies.

Obama and Clinton jailed a harmless movie maker.  Obama unleashed the feds on his political opponents from the Tea Party to journalists.  Let’s see what happens when we start jailing Socialist activists and professors.  We can let the courts decide if that is legal.. maybe.. someday.. when they get around to it.   You know that justice takes a.. lot..of..time.

There is no excuse that the socialists didn’t mean to corrupt our government.  I’m not buying their insanity defense.  This is how the game of politics is played under these new rules.  I expect the Socialist media to howl and spread their talking points.  I have no sympathy for the Socialists media since they looked the other way when Obama spread his insider corruption.  Maybe the liberal media needs to be shut down under the corrupt practices act.  I didn’t hear the media complain when Hillary proposed regulating the internet, so we’re nearly there.

CLEAR LAKE, IA - AUGUST 14: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding August 14, 2015 in Clear Lake, Iowa. The Wing Ding is held at the historic Surf Ballroom, where Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens played their final concert, and featured Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Martin OÕMalley and Lincoln Chaffee. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

I hope payback is a painful bitch.  I’m not alone.  That is only the beginning.

We’ve let the feds run crazy, but we’ve done a fairly good job at containing corruption at a local level.  I’m afraid that Obama and his Socialist supporters have turned lose a sea of corrupt bureaucrats at every level of government.  Detroit and New York City are their model.  That is why so many people are fleeing from deep blue cities in blue states.  I don’t want that corruption to spread.. but it might.  We’ve seen police make mistakes and kill people.  I don’t want it to become common practice.

Our trust in others and our assumption of honor is important.  I want neighbors to continue to trust and to help neighbor.  That is what makes America great.  I don’t want to lose it.

Obama did more than break a law, he broke our legal system.  Hillary is the poster child for the insider deals and special legal treatment.  That is a dark day for all of us.  I hope Trump does the same.. only harder.. until the rule of law is restored for all of us.  I want that today.  How bad will things have to get until the Socialists want the rule of law as well?

Wasserman Schultz Moves to Clinton Campaign

July 25, 2016

That didn’t take long.  It must be an uncomfortable feeling when..

dnc vs clinton

You didn’t think she rigged the primary elections for free, did you?

Media Told to Say Trump is Dark and Scary- verified

July 24, 2016

msm told trump is dark

I saw this poster on Facebook.  It is too easy to put together a graphic that indicts the Socialists media.  I checked the sources.  It is true.  The media is spreading propaganda for the Socialist Party and being told what to say.. badly.  It could be true that they all chose the same words, but I don’t believe it.  Particularly since Trump never used the word “dark” even once in his entire acceptance speech.  The similarity in reporting could be a coincidence, but it is a better bet that money, promises and threats changed hands.  Here are the links.

Washington Post
CBS News
Rolling Stone
Huffington Post
Mother Jones
New Yorker
Boston Globe

I kept digging.  You can also add the New York Times, Bloomberg NewsCNN , Politico, New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle and Vanity Fair too.  Only half points to the LA Times since they said “grim” rather than “dark”.  They were told what to say and how to say it.

I don’t see Trump’s message as dark.

D n M Trump




President Obama Lies About Guns and Terrorism

July 23, 2016

Only in America can a Socialist politician feel sure that his lies will go unquestioned by the news media.  Too many Americans believe these lies, both from the President and our media.  Those lies are getting Americans killed.

In 2009, President Barack Obama said, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”  The evidence says otherwise.

I can understand missing a few incidents, but by November 4th of that year, Muslims had committed 1682 violent attacks.  That wasn’t enough of a clue for President Obama.  The next day, November, 5th, a Muslim officer in the US Army shot and killed 13 servicemen at Fort Hood, Texas while shouting “allahu akbar”.  The officer had been under investigation as a security threat, but the investigation was closed because the officer was muslim.  The Obama administration called the attack “workplace violence.”fort-hoodmemorialap

It wasn’t workplace violence.  It was religious terrorism.  US soldiers paid with their lives while Obama hid behind political correctness.

In January of 2015, two Muslim brothers walked into the office of a french humor magazine “Charlie Hebdo”.  The two terrorists murdered 12 people and injured 11 more with guns they had obtained illegally.   French citizens are not allowed to carry firearms for self-defense.  The victims died unarmed and defenseless.CharlieHebdo380AFP

In June of that year, an avowed racist with a criminal history passed his FBI background check and bought a gun in South Carolina.  He shot 9 people in a black church.  Carolina law made the church a gun free zone, so the victims were disarmed.  President Obama said, “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”  I’ve already shown you evidence the president ignored.  The president lied and the major media never exposed him.

Charleston memorial

Services at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

In July of 2015, an Oregon college student passed several background checks and bought several rifles.  He then asked his fellow students if they were Christians.  He shot his victims in the head if they said, “Yes.”  The attack occurred on a junior college campus that is another gun free zone.  Not even the one security guard was armed.

Responding to the attack, President Obama said, ”The United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense, gun-safety laws.”  The president lied again.  We have some 23 thousand firearms laws here in the US.  The problem is not an absence of laws and regulations.  Far from it.  The problem is that murdering terrorists don’t, and won’t, obey gun laws.  They never have.  Not here in the US, and not anywhere else.  That shouldn’t come as news to anyone.  Let me show you more.

A patient is wheeled into the emergency room at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Ore., following a deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015. (Aaron Yost/Roseburg News-Review via AP)

(Aaron Yost/Roseburg News-Review via AP)

President Obama ignored the fact that criminals ignore gun laws.. both in the United States and in other “advanced nations.”  Our ignorance of European violence does not mean Europe is a safe place.  There were 18 attacks by Muslim terrorists in Europe during the preceding 12 months.  The terrorists used illegal weapons to kill and maim their disarmed victims.  I mention the victims because most European citizens are denied the legal right to carry a firearm for self-defense.  They are denied the right to keep a firearm accessible in their home.  That is the same “gun control” that President Obama wants to import into the United States.  Failure never stopped our President.

A mentally ill man got a gun and shot three innocent victims in a Louisiana movie Theater.  As I mentioned, criminals and crazies don’t obey gun laws.  President Obama said, “We are the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months.”  I’ve showed you the contrary facts that violence is both widespread and frequent.  Why didn’t the media tell you that?

bataclan bodies after muslim attack crop

Bataclan Theater in Paris after muslim attack

A few months later, 9 Muslim terrorists attacked three separate targets in and near Paris, France.  The terrorists again stabbed, shot, tortured and bombed their way through innocent and unarmed victims.   The terrorists killed 137 people and injured an additional 368.   That terrorism is not confined to Europe.  We have it here in the United States.


Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook who killed 14 people in San Bernardino

In San Bernardino, California, a Muslim immigrant couple murdered 14 people and wounded an additional 24 at a year end Christmas party.  The office Christmas party was held at a “gun-free zone” so the victims were legally disarmed.   Terrorists don’t obey gun free zone signs.. even in California.  The death toll would have been much higher but the bombs the terrorists left behind failed to detonate.

The terrorists had been screened several times by the FBI.  They had no criminal history and bought their firearms legally in California.  Background checks don’t stop terrorists, but that didn’t stop our president from proposing more of them.

President Obama said, “..we don’t know why they did it…  We do not know their motivations…  And we’re going to have to, I think, search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take basic steps that would make it harder — not impossible, but harder — for individuals to get access to weapons.”

Mister President, California gun laws already made it extremely hard for an honest civilian to buy a firearm.  Disarming honest civilians hasn’t stopped terrorists at all.

Pulse LGBT Nightclub

Pulse LGBT Nightclub

In Orlando, Florida, a Muslim terrorists killed 49 victims and injured an additional 50 people at the Pulse nightclub.  The murderer called 911 to announced his allegiance to ISIS and his dedication to Allah.  The club was another “gun free zone” so the victims were disarmed by Florida law.

The murderer was a security contractor for the TSA.  He had been reported for suspicious behavior by colleagues at work and by gun store employees.  They contacted the FBI.. who did nothing.  The murderer passed several security background checks.

President Obama said “..our politics have conspired to make it as easy as possible for a terrorist or just a disturbed individual like those in Aurora and Newtown to buy extraordinarily powerful weapons.. and they can do so legally.”  The murderer used a 22 caliber rifle and a 9mm handgun.  Neither is considered to be a high powered cartridge.  The rifle was not an AR, and had no parts in common with an AR rifle.  Facts don’t matter when you can tell unchallenged lies.

The president wasn’t done blaming firearms for the actions of terrorists.  President Obama said, “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.”  Even the Washington Post called him a liar.  

Within a month, Muslim terrorists would kill and injure hundreds more as they ran over families on a boardwalk in Nice, France and shot youngsters in a McDonald’s restaurant in Munich, Germany.   Our President finds it easy to lie, but difficult to reach an obvious truth.


The American news media will never call President Obama a liar, but I will.  I’ve shown you that he is.  Why is this news to some?


I gave you 800 words and some pictures.  Please like, share and comment.

Political Correctness puts Connecticut Children at Risk

July 22, 2016

Public policies matter.  There is a real cost when public officials get it wrong.  Sometimes the price is paid with our children’s blood.  Politicians say that young lives matter.  Talk is cheap, particularly a politician’s promise.  In fact, the pensions of unionized government employees matter.  Political correctness leaves our children at risk.  Sadly, politics kills.

This is how we paid the price for bad policies.  Four years ago, a mass murderer at Sandy Hook Elementary School killed 26 people.  Some of the first victims were the school principal and guidance counselor who were shot and killed as they charged the murderer with their bare hands.  Connecticut state legislators and the local school boards made sure these defenders were unarmed.  Today, Connecticut politicians say that young lives matter, but actions speak louder than words.  In fact, the pensions of unionized government employees take priority in local budgets.  The Bridgeport, Connecticut School Board stopped paying for armed school safety officers.  That is only half the union members testify.  Image from CTpost

Politicians protect their children with armed guards and trained EMTs, but not our children.  It simply costs too much money to protect our children from harm while the politicians have other promises to keep.  Our children are politically expendable.  They needn’t be.

We need to put risks into context to make good decisions.  It is unlikely that our local school will be attacked.  Rather than fill the school with armed police, some states chose to let teachers fill the shoes of first responders.  That is a good choice because trained school staff have an invaluable advantage in an emergency.  Time is everything in an emergency.  Seconds count in the race to save lives, and other first responders are many minutes away from campus.  School staff can respond in seconds.  School staff are really the preferred responders once you sweep political correctness aside.  Not in Connecticut.

Other states made different political decisions.  They sent school staff who already have their concealed carry permits to take additional training.  The teachers received additional firearms instruction and training in emergency trauma care.  These first responders learned to end the physical threat so they could treat the injured and save lives.  Today, these teachers go about their everyday jobs as they carry firearms and medical supplies on school grounds.  Not in Connecticut.

Connecticut school boards are empowered to make that choice as well, but they didn’t.  The school board in Sandy Hook, Connecticut could have made that choice before the mass murder four years ago.  Connecticut school boards could have made that decision yesterday.  Instead, the Bridgeport School board left our children unprotected.  Money talks, so let’s hear what budgets have to say.

Connecticut is a high tax state.  In theory, those tax funded government benefits are so valuable that people rush to live in Connecticut.  That is the theory.  That isn’t true in practice.  In practice, politicians use tax money to pay off their political contributors.  In practice, we make better choices with our money than politicians make with our tax money.  Highly taxed and highly regulated Connecticut is losing companies, losing jobs and losing people.  In 2012, Connecticut literally lost some young people as they were killed in an undefended public school.  Law enforcement and school boards put armed police in schools immediately after the Sandy Hook attack.  Now, with the Obama economy layering job losses on top of Connecticut regulations, there isn’t enough money budgeted to pay for armed school safety officers.  The Bridgeport School Board said the police department could fund armed school safety officers, but they wouldn’t.  School safety isn’t a political priority.

There are alternatives, but not for Connecticut politicians.  Political correctness stops armed adults from protecting Connecticut children.  It is a matter of time until politics kills again.  It doesn’t have to be that way, but, sadly, doing the same thing time after time will deliver the same result.

Connecticut citizens can change their politicians and their school boards.  If that doesn’t work, Connecticut citizens can move their children to the private schools that take safety seriously.   Connecticut families can join thousands of others and leave Connecticut for a better place to live.

I know that isn’t convenient.  It is only a matter of life and death.  Our children will pay with their lives.

I gave you 700 words.  Please leave a comment.

Hillary Clinton Delegate From Pennsylvania Shoots Her Husband, National Media Ignores Story

July 22, 2016

A Democrat from Pennsylvania who is a delegate and would have attended the Democrat convention next week to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton won’t be making the trip because she shot her husband this week.Curiously, the national media has ignored the story. Strange, huh?

Source: Hillary Clinton Delegate From Pennsylvania Shoots Her Husband, National Media Ignores Story


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