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Repost- Do Democrats REALLY Want Socialism!?

August 14, 2018

Go read Dr. Hurd’s full article. Spot on! RM

A Gallup poll released Monday finds that – for the first time in the poll company’s data collection over the past decade – Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism.

So does this mean Democrats want their Starbucks manufactured and distributed by a Coffee Accountability Office? And complaints about the quality of the coffee to be handled by their local post office or DMV?

Does this mean Democrats want their BMWs fixed not by the mechanic of their choice, but by one the Department of Automobile Distribution assigns to them?

Will these same Democrats not mind if their state or federal government office takes over their favorite Trader Joe’s? Or decides what brand of smart phone will next be available for them?

Because that’s what socialism means. It means GOVERNMENT ownership of the means of production.

Democrats love theory. They LOVE being SEEN as favoring socialism. I bet that 80 percent of them don’t even know what the word “socialism” means, that it actually refers to an economic theory with very real-life consequences..

Democrats want to be SEEN as advocating socialism because most Democrats care very much about what others think of them, at least in politics. They feel virtuous by advocating socialism..

But none of it has anything whatsoever to do with reality.

Source: Do Democrats REALLY Want Socialism!?


Before and After Bang: treatment and prevention of celebrity violence in our schools

August 13, 2018

The school safety movement is growing. Parents, school staff, and law enforcement officers are working together. They are slowly solving the complex and interrelated issues of protecting our students from armed murderers in our schools. We see varied solutions from school to school and from state to state. There is much to learn as we protect our children.

The “solutions” to school safety aren’t simple, but they are achievable.

Whether simple or complex, whether easy or difficult, as parents, we demand that the school protect our children when we can’t.

“We want our kids back the same way we gave them to you.” only slightly smarter each day.

There are overlapping layers of protection for our schools the same way we protect our homes. To start, some safety programs try to prevent mass murderers before they reach the schoolhouse door. Other programs try to reduce the damage an attack can cause by changing the physical features and procedures at school. Still others try to quickly stop the attacks, and then to save the lives of those who are injured. Each approach brings important benefits, though some are easier to appreciate than others.

Our view of “school safety” is distorted by the news media. Many of the plans to kill our kids are uncovered and stopped without loss of life. School security gets better every day as more of us see something and say something. Fortunately, local officials often do something when they receive a tip. School districts across the country now have plans to not only report both bullying and threats, but also to act on these reports. Those preventative actions are great news and seldom gets the credit they deserve. These murderers leave clues, and we often detect them.

A mass murderer isn’t born overnight. A violent attack on our schools or churches is the end of a long chain of events.  As we work back to the beginning, we find a regular pattern of what we do right and what we sometimes do wrong. We see a number of causative factors in a series. A person doesn’t become a mass murderer for a single reason. That means each factor contributes to the problem, or the solution, depending on your perspective.

You’ve seen relationships like this before. Lots of things have “causative factors.” Not everyone who smokes develops lung cancer, but smoking is still a strong contributor to cancer. Not everyone who is overweight develops heart disease and diabetes, though obesity is a significant factor in both diseases. We see many factors that contribute to celebrity violence.

  • Keep your marriage intact because most mass murderers come from a broken home.
  • Be an engaged parent and monitor what your child sees and the games they play. Violent entertainment normalizes aggression.
  • Therapists and teachers should report individuals who are obviously disturbed.
  • The media should stop breeding the next generation of celebrity murderers. Our kids and their friends watched the media turn murderers into rock-stars.
  • Report bullying and threats to local officials.
  • Schools, therapists and law enforcement should act on threats to students and the school.
  • Make our schools as secure as our homes and businesses.
  • Harden our classrooms the way we harden our bedrooms and offices. This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
  • Train and equip school staff to stop a physical threat at their school until police arrive.
  • Train school staff to treat the injured until EMTs arrive.
  • Your local school should conduct a safety audit to see if they live up to their safety plan.

Those well accepted recommendations are easy to say, but take effort to accomplish. A frequent objection to each school safety plan is that the proposed plan is imperfect. There is always more we could do to protect our kids. We can always study more options.. forever.

Too often, a plan’s limitations are used as an excuse for inaction. A more realistic approach is to start simply and then improve the plan over time. Adopt a security plan your school can implement in 3 months, then in 6 months, and then revise the plan again each year. Responsible administrators made our schools safer year after year.

Looking back at the list of safety recommendations, we’ve made progress across these all of these areas.. with one exception. When it comes to school safety, we’ve largely ignored the murderer’s motives and rewards.

Many disturbed men and women murder our children to receive a billion-dollar media publicity campaign. These murderers may have been anonymous nobodies a few days ago. They may have been disliked and shunned, but once they kill our kids, then everyone knows their name.

Fortunately, we can put that news media celebrity-genie back into the bottle. We have done so several times before. (with a second source here) Our news media is the first to report headline news, but they are the last to learn from these attacks.

Let’s send the media back to school until they get it right.


I gave you 900 words. Please leave a comment and share this story. RM



Parkland shooting investigator says Cruz could have been stopped if there was ‘somebody in there with a gun’ | Fox News

August 10, 2018

The Florida sheriff leading a state commission on the Parkland high school massacre says there were multiple opportunities to stop Nikolas Cruz during the attack – if only someone had confronted him with a gun.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri of Pinellas County, citing surveillance footage taken from inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, told a New York Times reporter Thursday that Cruz had to stop firing his AR-15 rifle several times in order to reload.

Source: Parkland shooting investigator says Cruz could have been stopped if there was ‘somebody in there with a gun’ | Fox News

Guns and Bandages- the changing face of first responders

August 10, 2018

School is about to start. Does your local school have trained first responders? Does your state allow selected and trained school staff to go armed in order to protect your children? I study those trends across the country. One thing I can tell you for sure is that my observations today will be inaccurate next month. I’ve revised this map several times this year. While I can find public announcements in most cases, some states do not require the public to be notified if school staff are armed. That uncertainty skews my research, but too bad. There are excellent reasons not to publicize school security plans. I’ll gladly accept that uncertainty even if the resulting data underestimates the number of states and schools with armed staff.


Some states allow armed school staff and some state governments clearly deny it. The issue of legal permission or prohibition becomes more complex as we look closer. The line is blurred rather than clear-cut. Some states allow armed staff for private schools but deny it to public schools. In addition, some sheriffs go to great lengths to enable selected school staff to be armed.

While that is a good thing, it means it may take extraordinary legal efforts by a sheriff and a local school board to have armed first responders defending their students. That level of effort may not be available to every school board in the state.

Where are we today?
Ohio allows armed school staff at the discretion of local school boards. Most, if not all, of these school boards use the FASTER training program. I contacted the volunteers at FASTER to get a feel of the size of their activities to date. FASTER has trained more than 1000 school staff members to be armed first responder. About a hundred more have been trained in Colorado.

The movement to arm school staff went into high gear after the murder of our students in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. The program has been ongoing for 5 years, and that is long enough for some of the trained staff to retire or change schools. We’ve gained a lot of experience even with those losses from the program. The FASTER program has accumulated thousands of man-years of experience with trained first responders in the classroom. That underestimates what we know. Several states, like Utah and Colorado, allowed armed school staff for years before the attack at Sandy Hook. Utah does not require the concealed carriers who work at schools to notify the school administration if they are carrying.

Looking at the numbers, 82 of the 88 counties in Ohio have programs with armed school staff. 20 percent of the staff in some rural Ohio schools are trained to be armed defenders and medical first responders. We call them “teachers”, but classroom instructors only make up 40 percent of the school staff trained by faster. Those teachers protect our kids even if the teacher in your child’s classroom isn’t armed. A murderer never knows which district, which school building, and which classroom is ready to stop him.

A known product
Districts used to investigate the FASTER program by sending a teacher and an administrator to take the training. These staff members would report back to the school board with their evaluation. We see less of that today. FASTER is now a recognized program and a known commodity. School districts adopt the plan after talking with superintendents and sheriffs from other counties. Today, districts adopt the plan by sending dozens of staff members for training.

FASTER used to collect private funding to pay for the first trained teachers and administrators. That is less common, although it still happens. Districts now budget for and pay to send a full complement of staff. Some districts fill an entire training class; usually two dozen students a time. The program is popular. When new training dates become available, class registration with openings for 24 trainees typically fill up in a day.

That describes the training in Ohio. Statistics from other states are harder to find. FASTER Colorado brought their training program to that state two years ago. 30 out of 181 school districts have a program for armed staff in Colorado today.

School staff come from other states to attend the FASTER classes offered in Ohio and Colorado. I know there are plans to start training classes in other states next year, but that has not happened yet.

The perception of armed staff has changed among school boards and teachers. Volunteers used to be selected from the staff who already had their concealed carry permits. Today, we’re seeing more teachers who will get their carry permits specifically so they may become armed school staff. That was unheard of a few years ago.

Medical first responders
The decision to arm school staff may make it into the local news. In contrast, the decision to train and equip school staff to perform emergency trauma care often goes unreported. School districts usually wait for summer vacation to train teachers to go armed. Rather than taking months, school districts can train medical first responders by next week.

A growing trend in the last few years is for districts to sponsor local medical training classes. That way, many staff members are available to treat the injured in an emergency. State government in Ohio provided matching funds for medical first responder training and for trauma kits. The goal was to have several trauma kits along every hallway.

Programs in churches
The progress in church security is several years behind what we see in schools. Fortunately, there are fewer legal restrictions on religious institutions. Church governing boards have greater latitude in adopting a first responder program. That freedom is both a blessing and a curse. There is a trend for churches to over-customize their security plans whereas most schools tend to adopt existing plans with a minimum of changes.

Disturbing issues
Political concerns are always with us. We see this in schools, churches and hospitals. Politicians and administrators reinvent the first responder training curriculum for their own political purposes. Administrators signal their virtue by demanding higher training standards for their staff. This reduces the number of first responders who are available and drives up costs. More importantly, it drives up the response time until a good guy can stop a bad buy. When seconds count, the injured will have to wait longer to receive treatment.

We’ve run enough exercises to separate fact from theory. It is better to have 10 staff members who each have 10 hours of medical training than to have a single responder who has 100 hours of training.

Some school administrators approved an armed responder program but dictated that firearms must be kept in a locked safe located in the classroom. That raises several questions. Why should students be unprotected in the parking lot, the amphitheater, the cafeteria, the gymnasium or the administrative offices? If a locked safe is a bad solution for police and uniformed school resource officers, then why is it a good solution for teachers? The experts say that on-body carry is best. If school staff must keep their guns in a school safe, then give them a carbine and body armor as well.

Political concerns are real. Maybe an incremental approach is all that the community will tolerate today.

Very few parents had ever heard of a school safety plan five years ago. Today, more parents are attending school board meetings and asking if their school safety plan is up to date. They ask when their school had their last safety audit and if the audit recommendations were fully implemented. I expect that trend to continue.

Community involvement is a driving force to make our schools and churches safer. More parents, teachers, administrators and sheriffs are determined to protect our children. More ministers say, “I will protect my flock.”

Through the miracle of this American experiment, these concerned people find each other and act. I’ve seen these citizen-volunteers collect the best solutions from around the world. That fills me with hope and with pride. I expect that trend to continue.

I hope you are part of it.

Media Can’t Report on Muslim Terrorist Camp in New Mexico

August 9, 2018

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj built a small terrorists training compound in New Mexico. He was initially arrested because 11 children were being abused in the compound. Wahhaj trained these children to attack schools in the US.

Wahhaj compound- from Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

Wahhaj is muslim. His father is an Imam in Brooklyn, NY, and an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

-Siraj Wahhaj Sr. (1st on L)
-Nihad Awad of CAIR (4th from R)
-Linda Sarsour (2nd from R) organizer of Women’s March and recipient of millions of dollars from communist New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio

I write about school security. It is public knowledge that muslims want to target our schools. Those are not my words, but theirs. We told you. I’m begging you to listen.

Only Fox News would mention that this was a muslim terrorist training camp. Prove it to yourself with the web-search here.


Talking About Armed School Staff

August 9, 2018

I’m fascinated by ordinary events. For example, parents want to protect their children, and teachers want to protect their students. I spoke about the FASTER training I took last week. This program trains school staff to stop an attack and to treat the injured until help arrives.

I joined Dan and Cheryl Todd on their Gun Freedom Radio podcast. My segment starts in hour 2 at 15:52.
I also spoke about FASTER with Bill Frady on his Lock N Load Radio show. The link is here.

Thank you for your interest in armed school staff. I’ll release the links as other interviews are posted.

Democrat Mayor pleads guilty to corruption charges – Story | KDFW

August 9, 2018

Without government, who would skim money from school bus safety cameras? RM

Democrat Dwaine Caraway pled guilty to corruption charges. The Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas Texas admitted to conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and tax evasion.

He is charged with accepting more than $450,000 in bribes and kickback payments from a vendor who puts stop-arm cameras on Dallas County Schools school buses.

Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US.

Source: Dwaine Caraway pleads guilty to corruption charges – Story | KDFW

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