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Charges Dropped Against Paul Lathrop. His Story-

August 25, 2016

Paul at the parkA friend of mine was arrested at a truck stop.  The incident happened last February.  Paul Lathrop was accused of brandishing a firearm and making terroristic threats.  All charges were dropped earlier this week.  Here is what we can learn.

Paul drives a truck for a living.  He was instructing when this happened.  His student driver was behind the wheel as they moved through a truck stop.  An irate driver who was parked in the lot climbed onto Paul’s truck to yell at Paul’s student.  Paul diffused the situation rather than call 911.  That was a mistake, though no one knew it at the time.

It was a mistake because the irate driver later called police and claimed that Paul threatened him and “waved a silver glock revolver out the window of the truck”.  The irate driver won the race to the phone.  The police therefore considered the irate driver to be the victim.  Video showed otherwise.  The testimony of Paul and his student matched the video and indicated otherwise.  The police only dropped the charges after Paul spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer and being dragged through the legal system.  The lawyer had the truck stop video to exonerate Paul.  Here is the important lesson.

The prosecuting attorney in Nebraska would have happily prosecuted and convicted an innocent man.  The only way that justice was done was because a few hundred of us helped Paul pay for his defense.  You only get the justice you pay for.

Thank you to the many people who supported Paul.  We need to have 20 to 30 thousand dollars sitting in the bank to pay for our defense.  If you don’t have those assets, then you should buy “insurance” plans that will pay for your bail and your legal defense.  It is important that you choose a plan that will pay for your defense rather than reimburse you after your trial.  The point being that you’ll have to come up with the $20k out of your own pocket before you would be reimbursed.

Please learn from other peoples’ experience since you probably can’t afford this lesson.  Thank you to the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network for helping Paul.  The ACLDN did everything they could to help.  They could not write a check because Paul was not a member at the time of the incident.  Paul is a member now.. as am I.

Here are the lessons in brief-

  • Win the race to the phone.
  • Have self-defense “insurance”.
  • Don’t expect “justice” from our legal system.

Here are the podcasts where Paul described the incident, his arrest, his imprisonment, and his defense.

I will link to other interviews as they are released.


You Might be a Modern Liberal if…

August 22, 2016
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Today, our Government intrudes into too many areas of our lives. The reason is simple. It is a cornerstone of Socialists dogma that the government knows best. That doesn’t make sense and doesn’t work.  The contradictions should cause our modern liberals heads to explode. For example-

If you think that all police are racist, but you think that only the police should have guns, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think that we need a high minimum wage or else we all would work for free, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think that blacks need the government to get fair treatment, but you would rather face extradition than move your family to a Democrat controlled city like Chicago, Philadelphia or Baltimore, then you might be a modern liberal.

You hate big companies like Walmart because they drive out competition, but you don’t mind forcing children to attend government run schools, then you might be a modern liberal.

You trust the government even though we have not voted a big city politician out of office in years, but you don’t trust companies where you can stop buying their products in a second, then you might be a modern liberal.

You respect an individual’s “right to choose” when a young woman wants to kill her baby, but you’re not “pro-choice” when a young woman wants to protect her children with a gun, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think that you can’t afford to pay your doctor, but you think you can afford to pay a government bureaucrat, pay political bribes and special interests, and still pay your doctor, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think business are corrupt.. until they give your candidate a few hundred million dollars, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think that there are not enough jobs, so we need more laws regulating companies to hire more people, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think we should legalized marijuana because prohibition fails, but you want to make guns illegal because gun prohibition will work, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think taxing gasoline, cigarettes, and alcohol reduces consumption, but you think taxing the rich doesn’t have any effect on starting companies and making jobs, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think you have a right to an abortion because you are in control of your body, but you think it is good policy to force other people to pay for your abortion because other people don’t have control of their body, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think we need a law that forces honest people to register guns, because that way criminals, who break the law for a living, won’t get guns, then you might be a modern liberal.

You are “pro-choice” about vaccinating your children, but are against other parents teaching their children at home, then you might be a modern liberal.

You think ordinary people succumb to temptation. That is why we need the government to run our lives.. and because we’ve never seen politicians succumb to temptation.. then you might be a modern liberal.. and probably didn’t read this far.

The larger the state, the smaller the citizen.2000px-Gadsden_flag.svg

Let’s call it Socialist Violence

August 15, 2016


Drug gangs shot 110 people in Chicago last week.  Black men burned parts of Milwaukee after a black thug pointed a stolen gun at a black police officer and the officer shot him.

The Socialists blame the gun.  They call it gun crime and gun violence.  I’ve a better idea.  Let’s blame the politicians who destroyed their cities.  Instead of gun violence, let’s be more accurate.  Let’s call it what it is.  Call it Socialist violence.

Look at our deep blue cities.  Blaming the gun hides their failed economy and the surge in drug use.  True, drug gangs pull the trigger.  It is true that gangs shoot each other and innocent victims.  We have gangs because of our failed welfare policy and our failed drug policy.  We have gangs because of our failed immigration policy.  Drug gangs flourish when we’ve destroyed the family and the local economy.  Those faults lie with our Socialists politicians.

Fixing those faults is hard.  It is far easier for a Socialist politician to go in front of a camera and blame the gun.  Our socialist media doesn’t bother to ask politicians the hard questions.  Journalists don’t ask why violent crime is ten times higher in Saint Louis, Missouri than in comparably sized Mesa, Arizona.  They don’t ask why violent crime is ten times higher in Baltimore, Maryland than in comparably sized El Paso, Texas.  Compare Milwaukee to El Paso while you are at it.  Philadelphia is seven times worse than San Diego.  I’ll tell you why.  The difference is in our laws.  Socialist politicians build these failed cities.  Socialists voters elected their politicians.

Socialist politicians in our deep blue cities blame the gun.  That hides their failed families and failed government schools.  Look at Chicago.  Chicago politicians drove out businesses with their taxes, regulations and corrupt kickback schemes.  Chicago politicians drove the middle class out of Chicago and imported an  underclass.  Chicago politicians destroyed the black family and the black culture.  The policies of Socialist politicians gave us generations of fatherless boys who grow up in body, but not in spirit.  These misfit men join gangs.

I blame the politicians.  Their Socialist social policy destroyed Chicago, one broken life at a time.  Chicago thugs set a new record with 110 people shot in one week.  The shallow Chicago politicians proposed to raise the level of crushing taxation.. again.

We elected these problem politicians into office.  It is easier for Socialist voters to blame the gun than themselves.

Call it Socialist violence.

I gave you 800 words.  Please leave a like, share, or a comment.

Former CalPERS chief sentenced to prison in bribery scandal- Sac Bee

August 15, 2016

Calpers is the state agency that invests the pensions of California State Employees.  The pensions are hugely underfunded.  The pension managers would all be jailed if Calpers were a private pension organization.  California tax payers will pay the shortfall. RM


Fred Buenrostro, the former chief executive of CalPERS, was sentenced Tuesday by a federal judge who called his actions “a spectacular breach of trust.”

Buenrostro, 66, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge nearly two years ago, admitting he took more than $250,000 in cash and other bribes from his friend and former CalPERS board member Alfred Villalobos. Prosecutors said Villalobos was attempting to steer pension fund investments to the private equity firms he represented.

Read more here:

Save the Children in Your Neighborhood with Five Minutes a Day.

August 14, 2016

Online trainingDear school board member,
(Dear state legislator,)

I was lied to.  We were promised that students would be safer once we made it illegal for honest adults to carry guns on, or near, a school campus.  Well that promise sure didn’t work.  The US Department of Justice reports that almost all the active shooter incidents took place in “gun-free” zones.  A quarter of those incidents took place in our schools.  That is unacceptable.

Now we know better.  We learned that police usually arrive too late. The police are involved in stopping mass murderers at schools only 30 percent of the time.

Other states took real steps to solve this problem.  What is your safety plan to protect our children at school?

I hope you will address this issue when the board meets.
(I hope you will address this issues when the legislature reconvenes next year.)

Awaiting your reply,

(contact information)

It is a nice letter, but it is meaningless without you.  You can make it powerful.  It takes one letter and a week, but you can change lives.  Here is what you do with five minutes a day.

  • On day one, look up the contact information of your local school board and state representatives.
  • On day two, fill in the letters and e-mail a copy to your school board and your state representatives.  You’re not done yet.  In fact, you are only getting started.
  • On day three, print a few copies and sign them.
  • On day four, fax them a copy of your letter.  You can fax from you computer if you don’t have a scanner at home or at work.
  • On day five, go get envelopes and stamps.  Mail each of them a copy of your letter.
  • On day six, call them.  Politely ask what they plan to do to keep our children safe from armed murderers.  That is a hard question to answer over the phone.  Offer to meet with them.
  • On day seven, send a copy to your local newspaper.

I offer you the words, but your actions make it politically powerful.
Go save lives.

Liberal Bigotry Against Conservatives is the New Normal

August 10, 2016

It is socially acceptable for liberals to say they want to kill conservatives, but it is not acceptable for political conservatives to say the same thing.  Welcome to the new social norm of approved liberal bigotry.  I see a broad and consistent pattern.  Liberal academics and their trolls have asked for the death of people who have a political idea with which they disagree.  Here is what they said and what you should do about it.

David W. Guth is a tenured professor of journalism in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas.  After the mass murder by a psychotic individual at the DC Navy Yard, Guth wrote “#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.”

I gave you the complete quote.  The murderer wasn’t an NRA member.  The murderer was a government contractor who was off his meds and murdered people in a gun free zone.  Consider how long and loud the the media would shout if professor Guth had called for the death of Obama’s children after those deaths.  We now have a standard where some lives are more equal than others… where only liberally approved lives matter.

James Pearce is an adjunct professor at Southern State Community College in Hillsboro, Ohio.   Pearce wrote “Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors. This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists. Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons. Have a nice day.”

Again, I gave you the complete quote.  The college said they would take no action until a federal investigation is concluded.  I doubt the school would they have said the same thing if the professor said to kill our recently favored and protected classes such as muslims or immigrants.. and to “make sure there are no survivors.”  It is okay to threaten gun owners who are stereotyped as old white men.  Southern States Community College has let its bigotry show.

The double standard extends beyond liberal white male university professors.  Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo is the  interim director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Cincinnati.  DiSalvo said, “Want to help this country?  Kill the NRA.”


Really?  The solution to our nation’s problems is to kill the NRA?  The NRA is one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the United States.  The National Rifle Association was formed in 1871, immediately after the US civil war.  The NRA was teaching blacks to shoot while the Democrat inspired Klu Klux Klan was disarming and lynching them.  DiSalvo was a journalism professor at Ohio Wesleyan University.  DiSalvo is also a vocal supporter for Hillary Clinton.

That tells us why the media is so quiet on these stories.  Ask yourself what you’d hear from the media if a prominent conservative publicly suggested bombing abortion clinics and killing Hillary Clinton.  The flood of condemnation would go on for days.  Welcome to the double standard practiced in academia.. and by the socialist media.

This is more than a war of words directed towards political conservatives.  A man named Mir Islam called police and pretended to be someone else.  Islam claimed he was NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre.  Islam claimed that LaPierre had killed his wife, and that LaPierre would kill police as they responded to the LaPierre home.  Police in Virginia sent an armed Special Weapons And Tactics team to La Pierre’s house where LaPierre was briefly detained.  Fortunately, La Pierre was not injured.  Mir Islam was sentenced to two years in jail.  He received a year off his sentence due to time served.  I’m relieved there was finally some sort of punishment.

I’ve shown that this bigotry is not an isolated event.  It goes beyond that, and is official policy for some organizations.  The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence thinks civilians should be disarmed.. violently if necessary.  The CSGV publicly urged their supporters to call the police on anyone their supporters think might have a gun.  “If you see someone carrying a firearm in public—openly or concealed—and have ANY doubts about their intent, call 911 immediately and ask police to come to the scene.”

Evidently our rights end where liberal emotions begin.  That is the heart of the matter.  We are not allowed free speech or freedom of action if it could possibly offend delicate Socialists sensitivities.

That isn’t free speech.  That isn’t protecting our right to go peacefully about our own business without hurting someone.  The moral message from socialists is that they can and should stop anything with which they disagree.  We’ve seen this from the news media and from Socialist politicians.  They advocate for positions they clearly don’t understand.  Too often, socialists dogma and campaign contributions determine their positions.

Notice what this bigotry does to our freedom of action.  Rather than being free to do anything that does not injure others, the new double standard is that we can’t do or say anything the Socialists have not approved.. lest it offend.  What offends Socialists is considered important.  What offends people who love liberty is unimportant.  There you have the double standard fully exposed.

That pattern started before Obama use the IRS to wage a campaign of intimidation and harassment on conservative political groups.  Liberals didn’t complain then, and they don’t complain now.  It is now approved behavior to silence you.

What should we do?  The antidote is to speak up.  Conservative commentator Dana Loesch received texts and phone calls threatening her and her family after she spoke up about armed self-defense.  The caller is a fool.  You can’t silence or even slow down Dana Loesch with attempted intimidation.  Threats reinforce her belief that the topics of free speech and free expression are important.  Dana Loesch is a brave woman and threats make her want to speak louder.  Follow her example.

What did you say?  I can’t hear you.  It is time you got involved and spoke up.

A Review of “Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage” by Chris Bird

August 5, 2016

The world is filled with better men and women than I am. Some probably live next door to us. Unfortunately, there are monsters living next door as well. Author Chris Bird tells us about them both in his new book “Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count, Police Are Still Minutes Away”.  We’ve lived with violence for a long time, but recently we’ve studied it in greater detail.  Chris summarizes what works and what doesn’t.  The book tells us how we should change our daily activities, and change our politicians.  There are both heroes and villains in this story.

chris bird smkrThe book is easy to read. Chris Bird doesn’t sensationalize the story at all, but I still felt as if I were reading a multi-chapter monster-thriller.  The frightening part wasn’t that evil murderers exists.  The painful part was that we didn’t learn from past examples.  It felt like I was watching the innocent hero walk into the monster’s trap again.  That makes for great theater, but makes for horrible public policy.  We’ve seen both the general public, and public officials, fail to learn these violent lessons paid for with blood.  Chris Bird’s book helps change that. Now we know our violent history.  Now the heroes can win.

Mass murderers attack people in so called “gun-free” zones. “Gun-free” zones are not “gun-free” once a murderer decides to break the law.  And a plastic sign does nothing to stop them.  The history is clear. Our schools, our churches, and our hospitals have been targeted and attacked before.  They will be again.  Just because we don’t know about the history of violence doesn’t make these sanctuaries a safe place. Now we know.  Now we can make them safe.

Scholars in law enforcement studied these violent attacks.  They learned a lot.  They uncovered what would stop the killing and save the injured. We have the prescription for safety. We have the antidote to mass murder.  The cure isn’t painful or expensive, so why isn’t it routine?

It hurts to see public officials deliberately ignore best practice.  These public officials know that a foreseeable mass murder will be a media event.. and that they can hide their poor governance behind their grief for the victims.  They can hide their guilt behind their tears.  I am not putting words in politician’s mouths when I say that.  They told us so, and Chris Bird quotes them.  That should make your skin flush with rage.  Those craven bureaucrats are the real monsters in this story.

This book is full of heroes as well.  Some men and women decided that public violence would stop with them.  School board presidents and school board superintendents decided to protect their students.   Pastors decided to protect their congregations.  Their solutions exceeded the cosmetic features that would shield them from liability. They educated their PTA, their school boards, and the media.  They trained their staff. These were real leaders. They are my heroes.

Simply giving the attacker what he wants doesn’t work.  We don’t do that any more.  Armed and trained volunteer staff are now protecting many of our schools and our churches.  Though this change has been recent, we’ve already amassed thousands of man-years of experience.  That is a lot of solid evidence to draw on.  We don’t read about that experience in the news because anonymous defenders do their job without fanfare and press releases.  We don’t hear about it.. because it works.  We need to build on that success.  There are still too many so called “gun-free” zones.

If I have any fault with the book it is that the author did not lay enough blame with the politicians. Politicians created the very”gun-free”zones that put us at risk in the first place.  Politicians did that for very transparent reasons.  Politicians created “gun-free” zones in exchange for campaign contributions.  Politicians also created “gun-free” zones for another reason. They did it to perpetuate the cycle of violence, of media coverage, and of ineffective regulation that brings politicians the media exposure they need. Politicians supported a failed public policy because it worked to keep them in office.

Uninformed voters and abetting news media feed that cycle.  Now, Chris Bird’s book lays out the facts for us. He gives us the information to chose between real solutions that make us safer.. or empty political sound-bites that sound good on the news.

Now we know. The good guys can win this time.



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