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Socialists Elites Play the Blame Game

December 11, 2017

The human condition is that we’re broken. We should plan on staying that way. The problem begins with human nature itself. We not only expect our ideas to work, we want our ideas to work. We are reluctant to face the facts when our ideas fail. Instead of embracing that failure as vital information, we see evidence of our failure as biased and unfair criticism. We, and I include myself, we go so far as to blame the messenger..or the victim. The solution is to think small since we are fallible.

This came to mind as I watched several of our social institutions fail this week. We learned that many prominent politicians and media elites are sexual abusers. What is shocking is that so many of these serial abusers claimed to be for women’s empowerment while they had abusive affairs outside their marriages. Many other politicians and business executives went along with hiding the evidence. These co-conspirators helped set up slush funds. They made cash payouts and silenced the victims with non-disclosure agreements. We also had prominent black politicians embezzle money from scholarship funds set up to help minority students. That politician blamed her prosecution on racism.

When pressed, the abusers issued carefully worded non-apology apologies. They said that what they did wasn’t really something bad. (Like drugging and sodomizing 14 year old girls is really OK. (sarcasm)) These elites, or their spokesmen, said it wasn’t really abuse or embezzlement. Instead, these abusers were really the victims of an unsympathetic public, persistent racism, or overly rigid social norms.

When giving their non-apology, the abusers reminded their Socialist tribe how united they were against their common enemy.  That enemy would be us out here in flyover country. They mean the red states where we still expect honesty, fidelity, and believe there is a difference between right and wrong.

The lesson is clear; don’t put your faith in politicians or media executives. That means we need smaller government. We need politicians and bureaucrats to do less. We also need a healthy skepticism about the “news” we get from the mainstream news.

Moving on from DC and Hollywood, I want to leap overseas for a moment because I want to talk about our academic elites here at home. We saw starvation accelerate in Venezuela. The corrupt socialists government of Venezuela is propped up by its army and by the Cuban military. What makes this so galling is that American Socialists look the other way and pretend the humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela isn’t happening.

Another country ended up  on the socialists ash heap, but our Socialist elites pretend that big-government works..if only they are in charge. Rather than admit that Socialism fails, our socialist elites blame the Venezuelans. The country with the worlds largest oil reserves can’t make socialism work..but we can.

Sure you can.

There are two obvious lessons. The first is that our academic elites will lie to us. Second, I hope the United States Government throws open our immigration system and lets in Venezuelan immigrants.  That would produce a generation of non-socialists immigrants here in the US.

For your daily dose of irony, the mere prospect of a flood of conservative immigrants has US Socialists talking about closing our borders.

Back here in the US, we saw politicians use government as a political weapon. We saw Obama’s IRS target the tea party and other conservative groups. The government had to pay fines for the abuse. Note the date and time when the IRS had to pay fines rather than levying fines on taxpayers.

We also saw a Wisconsin state funded slush fund board use state funds to collect opposition research on Conservatives. I expect that corrupt behavior from the FBI, the CIA and the State Department. We can now expect it from our state governments as well. The members of the corrupt Wisconsin “government accountability board” were unapologetic because conservatives deserved it. The solution is to make government smaller.

We hear the same thing from crime in Chicago to wildfires in California. Government officials blame someone else for their failings.

I don’t need to pay a politician or government bureaucrat for excuses when I can get the excuses for free.

Government will be abused so the long term solution is to make government smaller. The evidence is in the news every week.



Repost- Texas stats prove that 1.2+ million concealed carry permit holders seldom murder anyone, by Richard Rider

December 11, 2017

Richard and I met when I lived in California. He has long been the voice of sanity, but even Richard doubts California progressives can hear the truth about concealed carry. That doesn’t stop him from presenting the facts. RM

“With the concealed weapon permit reciprocity agreement now approved by the House of Representatives, California liberals are apoplectic in their concerns about the consequences.  Again and again we hear the usual laments from such uninformed gun haters about concealed carry — how it would transform — DOES transform — a civilized society into the Wild West. You know the mantra — shootouts at fender-benders, bars ablaze with gunfights, etc.”

Read the rest here-

Repost from Eugene Volokh- Delaware Supreme Court strikes down broad restrictions on gun possession in state parks and forests

December 9, 2017

The right to bear arms is restored to Delaware parks and forests. A judicial opinion that says..’when all else fails try following the law.’ The decision runs some 143 pages so the legal arguments are not as straight forward as one might think..or as one might hope.

“ its core, this case raises straightforward questions of Delaware constitutional and administrative law. We are asked whether unelected officials from the State’s parks and forest departments, whose power is expressly limited, can ban (except for a narrow exception for hunting) the possession of guns in state parks and forests in contravention of Delawareans’ rights under the State’s
constitution. Clearly they cannot. They lack such authority because they may not pass unconstitutional laws, and the regulations completely eviscerate a core right to keep and bear arms for defense of self and family outside the home — a right this Court has already recognized.”

You can read more of Volokh (and you should) here=>

I’m Fed Up with Bigotry Against Concealed Carriers

December 8, 2017

I am tired of being treated like a second-class citizen. Anti-gun Democrat politicians claim licensed concealed carry holders are dangerous. These bigoted politicians even say recognizing concealed carry permits will give criminals guns. These politicians said licensed gun owners should be put in prison for years.

The Democrat elites are wrong about us. Concealed carriers are the safest segment of society. People licensed to carry a concealed firearm in public are more law abiding than the very law enforcement officers that politicians and celebrities use as personal security.

People with a concealed carry license have passed an FBI background check. In contrast, you could fail that background check and still be a congressman, a Hollyweird celebrity, or a newscaster. Licensed concealed carry holders have not been convicted of domestic abuse.  I know I’d much rather have my daughter escorted by a concealed carry holder than have her behind closed doors with either a politician or movie mogul.

Sure, I understand why these political and social elitists want ordinary people like us disarmed..particularly when we consider how many of these elitists stand accused of sexual assault. Their guilty consciences are no reason to disarm the rest of us.

I’m tired of this bigotry. For me, this stopped being an intellectual disagreement and became personal the minute these politicians put friends of mine in jail. No, I’m not kidding or exaggerating. 

I realize that not everyone in anti-rights states is out to persecute us. But why take chances? I make it my policy to avoid vacationing in anti-rights states. I dodge these anti-rights states as I travel across the country. To the degree I can, I don’t take continuing education in anti-rights states. When given the option, I try not to buy from companies in anti-gun states. (For the record, the ten worst places for legal gun owners are Washington DC, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware.)

I’m tired of anti-gun owner bigotry. I’ve become bigoted right back.

Sexual Abuse Even After Democrat Congressmen Leave Office

December 7, 2017

This is a three-fer. Harold Ford Jr. was both a politician, a news commentator, and a liberal academic. I’m noticing a pattern here. RM

“Former Democratic congressman and MSNBC mainstay Harold Ford Jr. was fired on Thursday by Morgan Stanley after he was accused of “harassment, intimidation, and forcibly” grabbing a woman several years ago, according to HuffPost.

“The accuser was “not a Morgan Stanley employee but interacted with Ford in a professional capacity,” according to the report. The investment bank launched a human resources investigation after the woman accused Ford Jr. of harassment. The results, the bank said, led to his dismissal. Ford was a managing director at Morgan Stanley.

“Ford was also a professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Policy.”

Read more here==>


Gun Control- the Same Old Bigotry with a Different Name

December 6, 2017

It is all done in the name of Public Safety. That is why elite white males get to have guns for self-defense and you don’t. We saw the data in California where the racial and sexual bigotry was obvious. Now, civil rights lawyer Dwight Pettit asks some tough questions about concealed carry permits in Maryland..and by extension, about who is allowed to carry a gun in the other may-issue states like New Jersey and New York. The political corruption is obvious, and the excuses are as thin as those coming from Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer. It is socially and politically acceptable to disarm women and minorities.

Most states either don’t require carry permits, or they issue permits to carry a concealed weapon in public on a “shall issue” basis. Shall-issue means you’re issued a permit unless you have a criminal record that makes you a prohibited person. In contrast, “may issue” states leave that decision to the discretion of bureaucrats and politicians. When given that power, the temptation for bigotry is evidently irresistible. There is always an excuse. These excuses cost lives.

Look at the victims of violent crime today. Women are a disproportionately large fraction of assault victims because criminals think they are easy prey. Minorities also make up a disproportionate number of crime victims. Because of this actual vulnerability, women and minorities should be more likely than white men to receive concealed carry permits. In fact, women and minorities are underrepresented as concealed carriers in may issue states.

The reason is obvious. Carry permits are issued as political spoils in may-issue states. Permits go to rich white men who have power rather than to the citizens with the greatest need. The excuses are endless, and public safety is the chief rationalization. We would never accept the excuse of academic safety to deny women entry into schools, or financial safety to deny blacks a home loan.

We have made progress in the last 50 years. We integrated our churches and our clubs..unless you’re a gun owner who carries for self-defense. Politicians say this modern discrimination is for public safety.. even though concealed carry holders are more law abiding than the police. Disarming women and racial minorities is bigotry even though it is widespread and legally approved. I don’t believe that disarming the victims makes us all safer..even if it is socially fashionable.

The very politician who claim to represent women are the same politicians who want women disarmed. Their claim of “public safety” goes unquestioned by mainstream journalists..which tells us a lot about the poor state of journalism today. When we read about the recent sexual scandals that embroil so many Democrat legislators, maybe the reason they want women disarmed is obvious. We read about the sexual abuse in Hollywood and the news room, and we understand why they want the victims disarmed.

A national concealed carry reciprocity bill is now in the Senate.  Listen for the usual excuses as to why you should be disarmed.

More Bad Excuses for More Taxes

December 5, 2017

The proposed federal tax plan eliminates deductions for state and local taxes. I think that is a great idea, but I’ve heard some amazing rationalizations to the contrary.

So, I have to pay my state taxes, and I can’t deduct them.  That means the federal government is taxing me to pay for schools and roads.
You want schools and roads and police.  Pay for them just like anything else you want. Why is that hard or unfair?

But my state also does crazy stuff, like offer free education and subsidies to illegal immigrants.  I don’t want to pay for that. I want that to be deductible too.
I agree that is crazy, but I don’t want to pay for it either.  Why do you think that I should? You live in crazy land.  You fix your own state spending.

But the lack of deductions will harm high-tax states. That isn’t fair.
Why is it fair to ask other people to pay for all those government “services” you receive in high tax states? You’d have people moving to high tax states if the services were really such a great deal.  In fact, we see more and more people vote with their feet as they leave high-tax big-government states.

This will hurt poor people.
In fact, it is the rich and upper middle class who pay the majority of the taxes.

This is a hidden tax increase.
The tax plan also lowers the tax rates.

Well, it is still a tax increase.
Liberals are complaining that the tax rates are not high enough.  It seems you want high tax rates as long as someone else pays them.

Grumble mumble !!@%&!

What have you heard? RM

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