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We Changed.  Islam Stayed the Same

February 28, 2015

The lies we’ve heard
Our president recently lectured us about Islam.  President Obama said,

“Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

True enough, Mister President.  Muslim pirates were an impetus for the growth of the United States Navy and the US Marine Corp.  The Corp got its nick name as “Leathernecks” when they fought Muslim pirates with pistol and cutlass.  President Obama implied a different relationship.  The use of an un-named implication is part of the current newspeak that seeks to hide the truth rather than reveal it.  The truth is we’ve fought Muslim slavers and pirates since the United States was formed.  Islam has not been reformed.  That was the nature of Islam then.  That remains the nature of Islam now.  We changed, not Islam.

Recent events
This year, devout Muslims murdered editors in Paris, murdered Jews in Copenhagen, and murdered Egyptian Christians in Libya.  The imams who attended the murderer’s funerals praised the murderers as devout Muslims.  I’m sorry, Mister President, but Muslims are who they say they are, not who you want them to be.cil

Our Recent reactions
After the first attack in Paris, President Obama lectured the American people and the UN.  He said

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Way to go, Mister President.  That sure showed the world your stern resolve.. or not.  Evidently the president’s comments were too nuanced to stop the terrorist.. as was his suggestion that the US should provide jobs for terrorists.  We should not expect more from President Obama.  Once a community organizer.. always a community organizer.

The reactions of terrorists
The terrorists heard our Community Organizer in Chief.  Obama told Muslim terrorists he will do nothing.. until the terrorists attack is at OUR door.  Then Obama will blame right wing extremists and wait six months for a government report to officially identify the attackers.. or not.  Hey, that delay and deny approach has worked repeatedly for the Obama Administration.  The Muslim attack in Benghazi is only one example.  You’ve probably forgotten the others. :-p  Hashtag diplomacy is so five minutes ago.

Our response
Our Community Organizer in Chief is out of his league fighting Islam.  The terrorists can’t be bribed with midnight basketball.  Islamic terrorists don’t need Obama money since they already get millions a day from middle-east petro dollars.  What is a Chicago politician to do when he can’t bribe his way out of trouble?

The Muslim agenda
Islam is at war with the west.  I know that is inconvenient for the political donors who want Obama to continue to rob the US treasury for them.  They don’t have to worry too much.  I can’t imagine Obama saying ‘Sorry, old boys, but this little existential threat has come up and your usual graft will have to wait.’

isis destroysJihad won’t wait.  Islam does not need our permission or our recognition to continue their war against the west.  While the western media plays games with newspeak, Muslim soldiers destroyed the Mosul library which held over 8 thousand ancient manuscripts.  That is no loss to Islam.  For those of you who forgot, the name of the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, literally means “western education is forbidden.”  The prophet tells them all they need to know.. just as MSNBC tells the party faithful in the US all they need to know.

Our nation’s capabilities
Islam has remained the same.  Our Community Organizer in the White House wants to play politics rather than face the threat of Islam.  Our partisan media will encourage him.  We should not be surprised at either Islam or at Obama.  We hired our current president for the color of his skin and his ability to read convincingly from a teleprompter.  We did not hire him for the strength of his intellect or the strength of his character.

President Obama did not change his character any more in the last six years than Islam has changed in the last six hundred.  The news media can deny that Islam hates the west.  The media can deny the character of our president.  The media AND Obama can pretend that ordinary Presbyterians are really right wing radicals.  Mission accomplished: a sensational headline like that will keep the average channel surfer from flipping to the next program during the commercials.

Some things never change
Yes, Mister President, we’ve always had Islam.  The “Religion of Peace” continues to murder and destroy at will.  Our Community Organizer doesn’t want to recognize Islam for what it is and has been.  Our president employs “strategic patience” instead.  Obama negotiates Iran getting atomic weapons while he continues to hand out political favors at home.  Obama know politics, and all political graft is local.

I hope the people of the United States are strong enough to withstand this president.. and Islam.


Connect the Dots

February 24, 2015

This chain of logic is simple.  The Obama administration said that healthy economic activity was necessary to stop violent terrorists.  Add to this fact the recent report that a record 100 million Americans are now out of work.

The conclusion is clear.  By their own admission, the Obama administration both hurts the economy and can’t stop terrorism.


TED talks on Self-Defense?

February 23, 2015

TED defense
An acquaintance asked about a series of professionally presented talks discussing armed self-defense.   I’d never thought of that, so I started a list of self-defense talks I’d like to hear.  Each talk requires someone who is both knowledgeable and persuasive in their presentation.

This is an exercise in fantasy at this point.  I’ve neither the talk, the speaker, nor the venue.  Right now I’m interested in an audience survey.   I’m curious what topics you would add or remove.  Please share your thoughts.
Rob Morse

Title- Self-defense, madam.. if you can keep it.
Subject- the American experiment and the historical roots of self-defense (Why here? Why now?)
Author- Clayton Cramer?

Title- Women and Children First
Subject- Individual security for vulnerable people in the era of growing government regulation
Author- Kathy Jackson and Lance Hill

Title- Concealed carry and illegal pocket knives
Subject- contemporary law and its conflict with self-defense
Author- Evan Nappen, Doug Ritter and David Jensen

Title- The limits of self-protection
Subject- what can the average man and woman do to protect themselves (the limits of civilian training and trainers)
Author- Tom Givens?

Title- the rough legal landscape of self-defense
Subject- why small details make a huge difference in court, inscrutable laws and political rent-seeking by politicians
Author- Andrew Branca and.. someone who knows the public-choice history of gun control.. That is probably some old head at the NRA-ILA.

Title- facts versus figures
Subject- what the media won’t know about self-defense
Author- Emily Miller, Alan Korwin and Guy Smith

Title- Trends in Liberty, Did the Women’s Movement create Gun Culture 2.0?
Subject- Is gun culture 2.0 simply the democratization of the women’s movement. I’ll take care of myself, thank you.
Author- Laura Carno, David Yamane and Michael Bane


Please comment.

Comfortable Control, by Frank Jack Fiamingo

February 22, 2015

Although it may be a hard pill to swallow, the majority of people PREFER to have a strong, powerful government “protecting” them. Understanding this fact is essential if we wish to successfully navigate the sea of discord we currently sail. It is naïve to think that this natural tendency of people to seek the path of least resistance will ever change. Most people will always believe that it is too difficult for them to determine who they can trust.   Can they trust the banks, corporate America, the food manufacturers, the FDA, and so on?

One of the reasons that governments arise, is to fill the gap that exists between the people and the other people and intuitions with which they must interact. We can all take a course in comparative governments in our spare time, but here in the United States of America, our founders and framers chose a form of government known as a Constitutional Republic. Most of us know this, and yet we have (for the most part) silently watched as the principles upon which the nation was founded have eroded to a barely identifiable distortion of its original intent. That intent was a government *OF*, *BY* and *FOR* the people (OBF).

Perhaps this was too lofty a goal. Perhaps the reality is closer to a government of, by and for the people who actually GIVE A DAMN! Unfortunately, the people who LEAST deserve our trust turn out to be those people who (for reasons of their own) have gained KONTROL of the mechanisms of our government. Again, the majority of people appear to prefer a horrible, dysfunctional government, over one in which they have to be personally engaged. I suppose it doesn’t matter HOW sad this is, if it is true. The point is, expecting “the people” to suddenly awaken from their blissful ignorance, is simply wishful thinking.

What all this means to me is that it is probably way PAST time to give up on the idea of encouraging the majority of people to act in their own best interest. That is the equivalent of shoveling “stuff” against the tide. Since people seem to prefer to be LED rather than to THINK, we need to concentrate our efforts on leadership. I would like to encourage people who are interested in this subject to brainstorm with me on just exactly HOW we can give “the people” what they will accept, while we work on guiding the nation back closer to its original principles. In case you are wondering, I do not labor under any delusions that I have the answers.

Frank wrote this a few weeks ago. It is my fault I did not post it sooner.

Petition · Pardon Gordon Van Gilder ·

February 19, 2015

How ironic that anti-rights bigots insists the second amendment was “meant for muskets”.. and then arrest an old man for transporting an antique flintlock pistol.  Petition · Pardon Gordon Van Gilder · Van Gilder

Top 10 Victims of Stupid Gun Laws

February 19, 2015

From my friend Brian Aitken.. who knows all too well.
The top ten victims of stupid gun laws.


Top 10 Victims of Stupid Gun Laws.

Keep a Sense of Perspective on Islam

February 18, 2015


By all means, Mr. President, let’s keep a sense of perspective on the actions of Islam.

  • Muslims destroyed the World Trade Towers killing 2900 people in 2001.
  • A Muslim attacked soldiers in Fort Hood and murdered 32 people in 2009.
  • Boko Haram which means “western education is forbidden” killed 1500 Christians in northern Africa during 2014.
  • Muslims bombed a girl’s school in Pakistan and killed 141 students in December of 2014.
  • There were over 4 thousand rocket attacks and mortar attacks against Israel in 2014.  President Obama was misinformed.  The rockets were launched by Muslims, not Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Muslims shot and killed 67 shoppers in a Nairobi mall in 2014, and 164 in Mumbai hotels in 2008.
  • The Islamic State sold children as sex slaves late in 2014.  They published a price list.
  • Muslims murdered 12 people during an attack against a humor/satire magazine in Paris last month.
  • Muslims burned a pilot alive.
  • This week, African Muslims posted videos showing scores of Egyptian Christians being beheaded.


How many terror attacks have Christians committed against Muslims?  I’ll make it easy for you and let you count the attacks by Christians in the last 10 years.  Here is a hint; there were riots between Christians and Muslims in Africa last year.

So how many Christians asked for help selling Muslim children into sexual slavery this year?  Hmm.

I noticed the difference between the violence committed by Christians and by Muslims.  So did you.  President Obama couldn’t see the difference.  His blindness is dangerous to the United States and the entire world.

Could you tell if they were Christians or Muslims selling young girls into slavery?  American feminists can’t see the difference either.

Do not follow the blind.



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