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Why We Were Offended by Obama and Clinton

July 12, 2018

There was a time when kings ruled their subjects. We reject that idea today, but we remained influenced by our history. That is why we are so repelled by the obvious corruption of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Our disgust today is divinely inspired, and from an ancient tradition.

July 27, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young – RTSK0KX

We can look back in history to a time when only kings had rights. The rest of us were “subject” to the king’s commands. That idea was slowly replaced by the Judeo-Christian ethic. Those new religious beliefs said our life and our rights come from God. That revolutionary idea held that each of us contains a spark of divinity, that we are made in God’s image. That changed everything.

For one, it meant the eventual end to slavery since one child of God shouldn’t enslave another. It also expanded the rule of law to cover everyone. Each of us contains a divine spark, and all of us are equal under the law since all of us have rights. No one is above the law, no matter how powerful or wealthy they may be.

Over the years, the Christian churches have made a lot of enemies by telling people in power to behave.  From the Roman Emperor (who wanted to be treated as a divinity,) down to today’s hedonists (who want sex without the responsibility of babies,) Christianity offends the elites.

Saint John Chrysostom confronting Empress Aelia Eudoxia in approximately 400 AD

Kings are limited today. We don’t have royalty here in the US, though we have some political dynasties which are above the law. Those extra legal privileges offend our fundamental sense of justice.

  • Eric Holder, Obama’s attorney general, broke the law by deliberately sending guns to Mexican drug lords.
  • Obama lied about Obamacare.
  • Obama turned the IRS and the FBI into political instruments used against honest ordinary citizens to advance Obama’s political ends.
  • Obama bribed the Iranian mullahs with billions in US cash.
  • Obama lied about EPA regulations and “shovel ready jobs”. Both were political kickback schemes.
  • The Clintons skimmed millions of dollars from the charity relief efforts after the earthquake in Haiti.
  • The Clintons ran a pay-to-do-business scheme through the US State Department.
  • Hillary Clinton used private email accounts and her own insecure computer server to keep her communications separate from government IT systems.
  • Bill Clinton promised the US Attorney General that she would be nominated for a seat on the US Supreme Court as long as Hillary Clinton was not prosecuted.

We’re offended that there is one set of rules for us common subjects and another set of rules for the elites. We’re disgusted that our senior law enforcement officials go along with this corruption. US Attorney General, take note.

You’re right. These actions are unjust and illegal.

Stay offended. It is part of a noble tradition.




Repost- Gun Owners of America Hires Rachel Malone in Austin, Texas

July 11, 2018

Rachel Malone is passionate about the right to bear arms. If Texas Republican officials thought Malone was hard to control while they paid her, wait until they see what she accomplishes now that she works for Gun Owners of America. RM

Gun Owners of America (GOA) announced the hiring of Rachel Malone as Texas Director. This signifies a new focus as GOA establishes a permanent presence within Texas to preserve and defend the right to keep and bear arms.

GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt stated, “I’m thrilled that Rachel Malone is serving as Texas Director for GOA. She has a strong background of fighting for firearms freedom, connecting with grassroots, and advocating within the Texas Legislature. I am confident in her ability to represent Texas gun owners in protecting the essential freedom of the right to keep and bear arms.”

Source: Gun Owners of America Hires Staffer in Austin | Op-ed Articles

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Yes, Armed Citizens Defend Themselves and Others..despite what Giffords and NPR say

July 11, 2018

An anti-rights group said that we don’t use firearms to defend ourselves. Let’s replace fiction with fact.


The good news is that violent crime is relatively rare for each of us on any given day. On average, only one member of our family will be raped, robbed, assaulted or murdered in our lifetime. That means it probably won’t happen to you or me. That also means that violence will probably touch every family in the United States. Those are the numbers provided by the FBI. That is reality, not myth.

Criminal violence might destroy the life of someone you love. The odds of that happening are far higher if you live in one of our failed cities or on the US border where drug gangs rule the night.  Tens of millions of us are not willing to face those odds unarmed. We’re motivated by the severity of the incident, not its likelihood on any given day.

Law abiding US civilians use a firearm for self-defense 6500 times a day. These victims are usually able to stop their attacker without having to fire a shot. Most criminals want what you have, and they look for easier victims once they see you’re armed.

Unfortunately, some criminals want more than your possessions. 7.7 percent of those self-defense cases are sexual assaults. That means a gun is used to stop a sexual assault over 500 times a day. Fortunately, a firearm is particularly effective at stopping rape.

Those are not numbers invented by the NRA. This is data collected by an anti-gun agency of the US government, the US Center for Disease Control.

Something that happens 6 thousand times times a day could be called “rare” when compared to our population of 330 million. It is hardly worth thinking about..unless you or someone you know is one of the victims. Think about it. I know several victims of violent attacks. You probably do too. I wish my friends were armed when they were attacked. Don’t you feel the same way?

That doesn’t seem rare to me at all. I talk about it every week. Thank you for defending the people you love.


I gave you 300 words. Please leave a comment or share this article with a friend. RM

Another Year of Campus Carry..Yawn

July 5, 2018

Yawn. Well, that was dull. We had another year of campus carry, and no one noticed. Yes, another year went by and legally licensed concealed carry holders were armed on post-secondary campuses across the country. We were told that drunk and drugged-up students who had a carry permit would kill each other over parking places. Critics said that faculty would be shot down for teaching unpopular courses. It never happened. It turns out that your shockingly responsible gun owner remains extraordinarily level-headed even when he comes on campus. Who knew?!

Georgia’s campus carry law took effect in July of last year. I checked, and the fresh wave of aggravated murder on campus by licensed concealed carry holders didn’t put an uptick in the budget for emergency medical services. Nothing happened, and newspaper editors across Georgia were shocked.

Kansas started last year as well. Given how flat Kansas is, we were told that the river of blood would overflow the state’s borders. Turns out the rivers never turned red..or even pink.

Campus carry was legal for junior colleges in Texas as of August of last year. It has been two years for Texas Universities and Colleges. You remember reading about all that death and destruction at post secondary schools? Texas has hundreds of technical schools, junior colleges, colleges and universities.  Texas also has 1.2 million permit holders who have been on campus.. and we never noticed.

Maybe a few years isn’t enough time for us to see meaningful results. Perhaps the tidal wave of on-campus carnage simply takes years to build up. We can look at real results rather than spin fantasies. 10 states allow licensed concealed carry on campus, though some states require additional training. An additional 23 states let the governing board of each institution set their own policy. That gives us many lifetimes of experience so we should have seen something by now. Colorado and Utah had campus carry for the last 14 years.. and nothing.

You noticed which states banned concealed carry because of the constant flow of blood and news articles documenting attacks by licensed gun owners on campus? No, me neither.

It wasn’t blood spilled on campus, but ink spilled by newspapers predicting a holocaust. The only thing murdered was the truth as the news media deliberately ignored that mass-murderers choose gun-free zones.

Please remember the media’s terrible record the next time a reporter offers up his fantasy about armed america..

   ..and happy anniversary to campus carry.

Class Review- Fighting Pistol at Tactical Response

July 4, 2018

Style versus substance-

Some self-defense classes try to impress you with attitude. This two-day fighting pistol class at Tactical Response impressed me with its content. The instructors treated us as adults. That was true if you were a beginner or a police academy graduate, and we had both in our class. There are always compromises in a large group class. The focus was on quality rather than convenience. The course focused on self-defense with a handgun rather than on subjects that are easier to teach in the group setting. I recommend the course, and I don’t think the class can be refined much more in its present format.


There was a lecture session each day that covered the simple mechanics of the course.  It also introduced the legal and psychological aspects of defense with a lethal weapon. Most of the class was spent on the firing range. After all, we are learning and refining a physical skill that involves hands-on manipulation.  The range work was done efficiently and safely. They also ran a hot range. That means your gun was loaded and had a cartridge in the chamber at all times. That is another example of treating the students as responsible adults.

A motion to move is always in order-

Let me talk about the compromises that you have to make in this class setting. In class, you can’t run away from a threat. That would not be safe with 20 armed people on the firing line at one time. The instructors do require that you move. You can shout as you move. You can present your firearm as you move, but you must move..even if it is only a few steps as constrained by your fellow classmates on the firing line.

When you’re shopping for a self-defense class, ask how much movement they include. In the real world, the bad guys shoot back, and often shoot first. Plan and practice to get of the way.

You fight with your mind-

The course is as much about what you do with your head as what you do with your hands and feet. That means you have to think about conflict before it happens. You’re planning to avoid the fight. Once the fight is unavoidable, then you are planning to win. The person with the best plan wins. The class is not timed, so people who are unfamiliar with the material have time to consciously think it through step by step. I like that. It is better to practice the drills perfectly than to stumble through them. No one was criticized for being deliberate, nor did I see anyone wasting time on the firing line.

Getting down and dirty-

Instructors helped beginners master the basics, but they were teaching us to fight with a gun rather than to shoot bullseye targets. I’ve had classes that taught different stances and grips. Tactical Response did not. Those classic poses go out the window as you shoot on the move. You won’t have a classic stance as you crouch behind a car, kneel behind a bench, or lie down behind a concrete planter. I appreciate that focus, and I got to practice those positions on the range.

Look behind you-

We were told to fight one attacker and then scan the environment. Take that a step further. We were trained to turn all the way around and examine our surroundings. Is there another threat? Is there a safer location? Those practical skills will save your life. Please learn them, and learn them the right way.

When you’re shopping for a self-defense class, ask if you will turn all the way around with a loaded gun in your hands.

Up close and personal-

The classic range-drill is to draw and shoot at a target that is 3 to 7 yards away. Since many self-defense encounters start with a physical assault, some of these drills should start in contact with the target as you then shoot your way clear. That is exactly what we did. A few drills started with us leaning against the target and shooting from a compressed position.

We also had drills where the target was to your side or behind us. This is another real-world skill you probably won’t find in other classes, and probably won’t get to practice on your local range.

It is easier to manage a class when all the students start the drill facing the target, but that isn’t how the the real world works. Tactical Response did not compromise quality for convenience. They taught real-world skills their students might need.

Their motto could be “simple but effective”.

Where should we go from here-

This is a well thought out and professionally presented class. This was also the first class a beginner would take even if the student had never held a handgun before. Plan to be overwhelmed and not learn all the material the first time you see it. That isn’t the fault of the students, the course, or the instructors. It is simply a practical limitation of 16+ hours of material presented in two days. You come away with a course book, and you need it. You have to take notes and re-teach yourself over a longer period of time. That is the real shortcoming of any two-day class.

If we really wanted to learn armed self-defense, then we’d teach the material the same way we teach piano, singing, dance, or judo. We’d go once a week for a 45 minute lesson. We wouldn’t go on until we’d mastered the basics. I’d sign up in a moment if I could find a local studio that taught that way. We’re not there yet.

The two day class at Tactical Response is as good as it can get in this multi-day format. Imperfect or not, I’ll be back.

Thank You, Steve Pauwels Striker Radio- Failed Cities Repost

July 3, 2018

My friend and editor Steve Pauwels invited me onto his radio program. Steve’s show, Striker Radio, is part the of Red State Radio network. 

Steve and I talked about our failed American cities, an article that I posted here–>


You can download the MP3 file here. Our discussion starts at 19:55.

Thank you, Steve.

Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk reports SlowFacts Article

July 1, 2018

Tom Gresham was nice enough to quote from my article “Stop Paying Mass Murderers to Kill Our Kids.” Tom’s radio show, Gun Talk, is nationally syndicated on over 200 stations.

If you missed it, then you can listen to that segment online. The conversation starts with a caller saying the media turns murderers into celebrities.. so, of course, we get more murderers. Tom’s quote starts at 20:10 into the hour.

Thank you for listening. RM



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