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Repost- I’m A Professor, And I Carry A Gun On Campus. Here’s Why

August 16, 2019

“I am an ethics professor, and I carry a concealed handgun in the classroom. In the event of a mass shooting, I am the first line of defense between my students and an attacker. I refuse to let myself and my students be victims.”

Source: I’m A Professor, And I Carry A Gun On Campus. Here’s Why

Gun Control Fails Again in Philadelphia

August 16, 2019

A drug addict in Philadelphia with a very long criminal history was being served with a warrant to appear in court. Several police officers tried to deliver the warrant. The criminal shot these officers and the other officers who responded. The mayor of Philadelphia said this wouldn’t happen if only he had more laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Sober people think that gun control failed again in Philadelphia..and the news media helped.

This addict was a repeat felon. He robbed and stole to feed his drug habit. He carried a gun to protect his drugs, and then to rob people. The addict was returned to the street time after time. The addict was prohibited from buying, owning, or carrying a firearm. When the addict was caught with a gun, the gun charges were dropped by the prosecutor, not once, but almost a dozen times. The addict wanted the security that a firearm provides so he bought more guns on the street.

Under media pressure, the mayor of Philadelphia had to explain why a repeat criminal was on the streets hurting people and trying to kill the cops. Rather than admit this failure of the city to treat the addict or incarcerate the criminal, the mayor blamed the gun. The media went along with the lie as if it were a divine revelation.

As I said, addicts are forbidden to buy guns legally. Convicted felons are prohibited from buying, owning, transporting or carrying a firearm..legally. We have 22 thousand firearms laws across this country. Those laws don’t disarm addicts and felons because they don’t obey our laws.

Philadelphia politicians said that the next gun law
is the one that will make us safe.
Only a drug addled addict,
or the mainstream media, could believe that.

Gun-control laws failed again to stop criminals from getting guns in Philadelphia. These gun laws make it harder for law abiding people to protect themselves. That costs lives.

SAF: Philadelphia Shootout Was Another Massive Failure of Gun Control Laws – The Truth About Guns

August 15, 2019

“The suspect in Philadelphia has done time for drug and gun law violations, and other crimes.. He’s a walking example of gun control failure and considering his background, we’re wondering why he was even on the streets. His presence in the community underscores the argument for judicial reform, and his ability to obtain firearms shows once again that gun control laws do not prevent determined criminals from getting their hands on guns.”

Source: SAF: Philadelphia Shootout Was Another Massive Failure of Gun Control Laws – The Truth About Guns

Red Flag Gun Laws- the obvious problems politicians want to ignore

August 15, 2019

Politicians told us to put up plastic signs that said “no guns allowed”. The results were horrible. Instead of making us safer as they promised, these “gun-free” zones left crowds of unarmed people at the mercy of mass murderers. Gun-control politicians aren’t criticized when their policies fail. Rather than fix their mistakes, they invent a new gun-control law. Criminals don’t follow gun laws, so these new laws are no more effective than the last ones. We’re rightfully disturbed when innocent people are slaughtered. Rather than fix their mistakes, Democrat politicians offered up human sacrifices so we’ll feel safer.

An honest psychiatrist will tell you how difficult it is for him to predict if one of his patients will act violently. It is harder still to predict when an individual will become violent. A history of violence and threats of violence are the best predictor we have of future violence. Anything else is superstition. Unfortunately, politicians are very good at selling superstition.

California had these superstitious gun-laws for years. You can call the police and report your concerns. Florida has laws like this too. People even called the FBI to report their concerns. Unfortunately, law enforcement often fails to act on tips even when there is convincing evidence. A few years ago, an about-to-be mass murderer in California was flagged by his family and his doctor. The murderer in California did exactly the same thing that a mass murderer in Colorado did. He lied to the police and to the doctors who evaluated him. Psychopaths are experts at lying to get what they want. The recent mass murderer in Florida was not arrested and adjudicated as dangerous even after he pointed a gun at his mother’s head.

With these failures on their record, gun-control politicians have given up on the rule-of-law and are now resorting to the rule-of-rumor so the anti-gun politicians can look responsible in front of the news cameras. These anti-rights politicians want to remove the legal burden of bringing evidence into a court of law and to replace evidence with a feeling.

The goal is to give everyone the power to disarm you. The result is that anyone can harass you using the police as their tool.

“Your ex-mother-in-law feels you might be dangerous.
We need to search your apartment for weapons.”

That sanctioned bigotry gets rebranded as a virtue by calling it an extreme risk protection order, also known as a red-flag gun law. The results are entirely predictable. To misquote a long-dead communist propagandist,

‘You show me the man, and I’ll show you the person they offended.’

You’re now in the frightening position of having to show you’re not crazy in a court of law. Your legal defense will cost you about ten thousand dollars, and there is no opportunity to recover your costs after your hearing shows your sane. The predictable result is that poor people are easily disarmed with a simple phone call. That is a bigots dream if there ever were one. Unfortunately, the abuse gets worse.

You can be charged repeatedly for the same “crime” of making someone feeling uncomfortable. Since this isn’t a court of law, nothing prevents your ex-husband from calling the police again next month..and the month after that. Divorce lawyers love this.

So do Socialist politicians. We eliminated the rule of law. You can’t know if your innocent or guilty since any action might eventually offend someone somewhere. This is the perfect tool for mob rule and for enforced conformity.

The politicians who give lip service to diversity want to make it a crime to think, feel, and act differently than the mob. Gun owners are the first sacrifice.

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The 2nd Amendment: What Our Founding Fathers Really Feared- by Richard Douglas

August 13, 2019

Why did our Founding Fathers write the 2nd amendment?
They feared something. And it’s that same fear that exists today…

By Richard Douglas, Guest Contributor. July 12th, 2019

What he was about to do was illegal. If he was caught, he and his army (the 13th legion) would be sentenced to death…immediately.

Caesar looked back at his army and back at Rome one last time. He knew what he had to do, supposedly screaming “The Die is Cast!” which means there’s no turning back now.

He was right.

Julius Caesar had only ONE chance to become the supreme leader of Rome. If he succeeded, he’d have access to power that very few men in history ever possessed — the infinite power of a dictator.

Caesar smiled at the potential possibilities and crossed the river, marching onto the innocent plains of Rome.

And what came next was surprising:

Caesar succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations, assuming control of the government and establishing himself as Rome’s dictator for life.

This same sequence of events repeated itself COUNTLESS times over the course of history. The result is a loss of freedom for everyone. The cause?

A standing army.

And it’s those same standing armies that our Founding Fathers tried to protect us from when they created…

The 2nd Amendment

The amendment was simple:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

What did they originally mean?

That the best defense we had against standing armies was a state militia run by the PEOPLE.

So in the rare case our own standing army ever betrayed the people (just like it did with Caesar), the people would be able to defend their own rights.

For some time the idea of the militia worked. But then, as the United States grew, we moved away from militias and moved over to a…

Permanent Standing Army

This is the thing our founding fathers feared most but…it was inevitable.

As the United States grew, so did its adversaries. We needed to combine forces and build a standing army if we wanted to survive the next century.

Because of this, we dissolved the local militias in favor of the world’s most powerful standing army today equipped with AR-15s (or M-16s if you want to be technical), rifle scopes, kevlar armor, and other military goods.

Sure, we still have the National Guard, but it doesn’t count any longer. Why?

After the 2007 National Defense Authorization Act, the president now has COMPLETE autonomy over the National Guard WITHOUT the consent of state governors.

In other words: the National Guard is a smaller standing army.

That said, we are now left with two problems:

First, the people now have nothing to protect ourselves against our own military (in the case they went rogue).

And second, our personal rights to firearms also went with it. In fact: it wasn’t until the 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller case that individual guns rights finally got recognized.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. It turns out that the demolition of the militia actually is…

A Good Thing

Here’s why:

The problem with militias is the people.

Imagine this for a moment: you’ve just been recruited to fight for a state militia. And just recently, the government passed a law that you and your buddies absolutely hate.

In fact: EVERYONE in the militia hates the new government law.

So, what do you guys do?

You decide to start a revolution with your buddies.

And it’s easy, too. After all, you and your buddies have the only firepower the state’s got. You rally the troops into action.

With your army rallied up, the next part is easy: pay the governor a visit.

And there you go, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you start a revolution using the tax payer’s hard earned dollars

Jokes aside, this same scenario actually played out a few times in our early American history. Once in Shay’s Rebellion of 1787 and in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791.

A debtor chokes a tax collector as people watch.

By now, I think you get the point…

…the militia has the SAME problem as a standing army.

So if militias aren’t the solution, what is?

The People

Every instance in history that the government stripped away weapons from its citizens — it led to losses of freedom and liberty.

Let’s not repeat that mistake.

Our founding fathers were smart. They learned from history and set up safeguards for our own protection. In this case, it’s the second amendment protecting militias’ gun rights.

Their ultimate goal?

They wanted to ensure the citizens had the means to defend themselves from oppressive tyrants — whether foreign or domestic.

Times have changed. We no longer need state militias, but the duty to protect our individual rights remains. And there’s no better way to do than to ensure our individual gun rights are protected.

Yes, it’s true:

Bad people misuse guns and kill innocent people. That happens with ANY weapon. But that doesn’t mean to ban the weapons from law abiding, good people.

After all, individual gun rights might be the ONLY defense we have against tyranny. Our Founding Fathers would most likely agree.

So what are you waiting for? Take out your firearm and put on a scope. Exercise your 2nd amendment rights. And if you want to read more about the 2nd amendment and protect your liberty and freedom, start with these resources below:

Additional Resources:
The Second Amendment: A Primer
Why Does the Second Amendment Refer to “The People”?
Second-Amendment Setup: What They Say Isn’t What You Get

Author Bio:
Richard Douglas is the founder of Scopes Field, a website where he personally reviews the best scopes on the market. He’s a strong 2nd amendment advocate and believes in science-backed gun solutions to our nation’s biggest problems.

Don’t Make Things Worse with Bad Laws by Kerry Slone

August 12, 2019

We learn by making mistakes, but we’re neither smart enough nor rich enough to make every mistake. We should learn from others. My friend Kerry Slone was stalked. She saw the legal system fail her time after time. Now, she defends herself, and also helps other women defend themselves. This is her insightful perspective on “red-flag gun laws” also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).

Politicians say we have to do something, but these ill considered red flag laws will get women killed. RM

“As a domestic violence victim, I am deeply concerned about the ERPOs/Red Flag laws that Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX) and President Donald Trump are supporting. Abusers use these laws, not only to disarm their victims, but also to force them into unnecessary psychiatric evaluations without due process. This can put them in a legal position where they are permanently disarmed.

“If ever you wondered what you could do to make a difference, you now have a chance. Speak up. Speak out. Help domestic violence victims be heard.”

Kerry Slone

Contact your representatives here-

Follow Kerry Slone here-






Is Mass Murder a Fault or a Feature of Gun-Control?

August 7, 2019

We had three mass murders here in the US during the last two weeks. The victims were attacked in “gun-free” zones where they could not defend themselves. With frightening consistency, gun-control advocates called for more of the same. ‘Gun-control failed, so we need more gun-control,’ they said. Are these failures of gun-control accidental, or are these mass murders useful tools for Democrat politicians and the mass media? The facts speak for themselves.

One of these attacks was in Gilroy, California. Gilroy is the pinnacle of gun-control in the United States. California is given an “A” rating for gun-control laws by the Giffords gun-control group. California is also ranked first in the nation for gun-control, so nobody does it better. California imposed magazine capacity limits that were supposed to keep us safe from mass murderers. California has one-gun-a-month laws that we were told would keep us safe from crazy murderers. California has red-flag-laws and age restrictions on honest gun owners. In fact, most of the people at the festival in Gilroy are routinely disarmed in public since concealed carry licenses aren’t routinely issued in Santa Clara County. In addition, the Gilroy Garlic Festival was a “gun free” zone, so the few concealed carry license holders in California were turned away. Visitors were even wanded, so there were no knives allowed at the festival. We were told that the police would keep us safe now that we are disarmed.

The murderer entered the festival by cutting through a chain-link fence. An $8 bolt cutter defeated the best security that California politicians can provide. With three people dead and 15 disarmed people wounded, California politicians immediately called for more of the same. The same state that has open borders and open drug markets says that gun-prohibition laws will keep criminals from having guns and hurting us. Evidence says otherwise.

With the failure of 22 thousand firearms regulations,
the best the gun-control politicians could do
was say the next line of ink on paper would somehow be different.

California politicians proposed to outlaw semi-automatic firearms. Well..sort of. There will be exceptions for police and the security details who protect the families of politicians. This ban is also a bad idea for other reasons. Note that the ban would disarm licensed concealed carry holders. These gun owners are some six times more law abiding than the police. When they do have to use their gun in self-defense, these licensed gun owners are about five times more accurate than the police. Politicians say we’ll be safer once they are disarmed and only the police have guns..just like we were in Gilroy, California.

The mass media and anti-rights politicians use mass murder
as an excuse to call for more of the policies that failed.
Those failures get us killed.

The murderer in El Paso attacked a gun-free mall. The murderer in Dayton attacked a nightclub area where many gun owners go disarmed. When the murderer’s politics are unknown, the media speculates and blames President Trump and the honest gun owners. When the murder actually puts out a Socialist manifesto, then the media says they don’t have enough facts to reach a conclusion about the murderer’s motive. The media blindness goes so far as to ignore the “mass murder” that happens every weekend in our Democrat controlled cities. The media also remains silent about the virtue of armed defense despite the millions of cases in the US every year where honest gun owners save lives. No wonder we don’t trust CNN.

With its sensationalized reporting of mass murders,
the media does more harm than good.

We had to coin a new term called “celebrity murderers”. These mass murderers kill to get their name in the paper. Unfortunately, it works, and a billion dollars of publicity brought us more murderers time after time. We’ve had over 88 attempted and actual murder cases where we know the attackers modeled their behavior on the murderers at Columbine High School. These crazy murderers want recognition, and the media is their tool to become an instant rock star. Rather than blame themselves for the next murders, the media and gun-control politicians blame honest gun owners.

Shame on the dishonest media and politicians for telling such lies. Shame on us for believing them.

I gave you 700 words. Please leave a comment and share this article with a friend. RM

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