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Road Warriors of the Firearms Industry

May 24, 2016

I wound my way back home from the NRA annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky.  So did 80 thousand other NRA members.

It struck me while was unpacking from the trip.  The thousands of vendors now get to move, restock, repair and repack the tons of materials they had on display.

Thank you to all you road warriors who do this month after month.  My side of the counter is way easier.

Source: 2016-nra-meeting-louisville-kentucky.jpg (1680×800)

NRA annual meeting

Failure of a Planned Economy

May 18, 2016

Planned failure


Socialists say our economy would be more “efficient” and “fair” if it were planned by politicians.

Did Venezuelan politicians really plan for breadlines, blackouts and abandoned hospitals?  Why yes they did.  Those catastrophes are exactly the result of “central planning”.


Iran tortured this Marine — but the US government won’t do anything about it | New York Post

May 15, 2016

Iran tortures US Marine for 4 years while Obama makes nice with Teheran.  I’m sorry for the US armed forces Obama has betrayed. RM

It turns out Iran’s government was torturing former Marine Amir Hekmati for much of the 4½ years it held him hostage. The Obama administration apparently doesn’t care, so Hekmati has filed a

Source: Iran tortured this Marine — but the US government won’t do anything about it | New York Post

Study Finds Electric Vehicles Emit Huge Amounts Of Pollution | The Daily Caller

May 15, 2016

Electric cars are the must have accessory for enviro-socialists. These cars kill the environment.. but that hardly matters.

‘We found that non-exhaust emissions, from brakes, tires and the road, are far larger than exhaust emissions in all modern cars’

Source: Study Finds Electric Vehicles Emit Huge Amounts Of Pollution | The Daily Caller

Socialism Suffers a Case of the Feels

May 15, 2016

obama_lol_webIt is called Subjectivism.  It means you’re doing what feels good to you.  Obama and his Socialist Party of Perpetual Offense recently refined the art of victim-hood.  The latest Socialist grasp at feeling good was Obama playing with sexual identification and bathrooms.  I’ll “self-identify” as a tour guide for a minute.  Let me show you where “self-identification” leads.  After all, most of you voted for it.

Sex-  We can get rid of the special privileges given to women and minority owned businesses.  A guy can identify as a lesbian transvestite living as a man.  That way every company can claim to be “female minority owned”.  

An 18-year-old male can now be the “den mother” for brownies and girl scouts depending on how he “self-identifies”.  The Socialist academics say there isn’t really a problem with pedophilia anyway.  

We can get rid of women’s sports teams.  Let the people with XX chromosomes identify as boys for the afternoon.

Men can now demand entry to shelters for battered women.  That whole privacy thing is so politically conservative.

I guess men or women inmates can choose where they want to serve time.pissed off

Age- Your kid can drive and vote if they “self-identify” as being older than 21.

You should be able to retire if you “self-identify” as being 65.

You get to fly for reduced fares on airlines if you “self-identify” as a child.

We can all ask for senior discounts.

Citizenship- Those illegal immigrant gang members now get to vote since they “self-identify” as US citizens.

You don’t need to pay state income tax since you can “self-identify” as a resident from another state.

Licensing- We really don’t need driver’s licenses, passports, or concealed carry permits since we can identify as anyone we want, whenever we want.

Myself, I’ve always wanted to fly a passenger jet, so I might “self-identify” as a licensed commercial pilot.  Any takers?

Laws- Now we all get to break the law like Obama and the Clintons if we “self-identify” as a Socialist politician.

Better yet, we can “self-identify” as being above the law like a foreign diplomat.  Let me tell you, it IS good to be king.

This latest bathroom craziness shouldn’t surprise anyone.  American voters asked for this.  Voters followed their feelings rather than looking for a record of accomplishment.  Barack “self-identified” as telling the truth.  His sycophant media agreed.  Lazy voters believed them both.  You didn’t object then, so why would you object now?

I sense a new feeling coming on.  What will I be next?

Venezuela Economy Close to Collapse

May 15, 2016

The Cubans have trained Venezuela’s president Maduro very well.  Maduro owns the Venezuelan supreme court, so there is no appeal to law.   Shelves are empty.  Businesses close for the smallest of reasons.  Political opposition leaders are murdered.

You run a small business and your employees need toilet paper in the bathroom.  There is no toilet paper because TP is low on the states list of priorities.  The business owner buys TP.. and gets arrested for hording.

Electricity is only available a few hours a day, so refrigerated food is rotting away.  Food and medicine are almost non-existent.

This is Socialism in real life.

World View: Venezuela Economy Close to Collapse as Maduro Orders Jailing of Factory Owners

Source: Venezuela Economy Close to Collapse

Self-Defense Gun Stories- a little side project might work out after all

May 13, 2016

I write.  I’ll leave it to others to make videos and post pictures of food.  Some people write about the subjects they’ve mastered.  I write about the things that move me and make me think.   A polite way of saying that is I’m writing about compelling inquiry.  You could also say I’m bringing you passionate ignorance.

I always wondered how people forget the obvious.

Some people want to legislate away the human right of self-defense.  They can’t do that until gun owners are vilified.  They must have forgotten the many examples where honest civilians saved lives.  I created a podcast that publicizes those events.  I’ll remind them.. and you.. that honest civilians save lives.


I had help.  I have 8 firearms instructors with me.  They share their insights as I report the news.  These instructors bring something special.  They have the heart of a teacher.  They see the things that ordinary civilians did right.. and things they might improve.  Like a good teacher, these instructors make self-defense seem simple and accessible.  They inspire me.

We started this enterprise a few months ago.  We are now on episode 13, with a new episode each week.  We have a rhythm down.  We know what to expect from each other.  That makes each episode easier for me to write, record, edit and publicize.  This adventure might work out after all.  May you be so lucky.

Hmm.  That makes me wonder…

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