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Sacrificing Public Safety to Please Special Interests- Their Death has Already Been Paid For

April 18, 2018

Nothing happens by accident in politics. I talked about the appealing superstition of gun control. Now let’s look why bad ideas get so much political traction from elected officials. Politician say they want to do the right thing. Unfortunately, what is right for them isn’t necessarily right for us. Politicians frequently say one thing in front of a camera and then do another. Politicians vote for their best interest rather than for ours. Look at the issue of murders in school. Experts told us what to do to protect our children, yet progress is painfully slow. We want our children protected while the politician needs to get credit and kickbacks for the solution. That leaves ours children at risk. We see that time after time.

Mental Health vs state employee unions- Many mass murderers have a history of mental illness. Now that we’ve closed our mental hospitals, your local sheriff is often the largest provider of mental health services in your county. That is one of the larger expenses on  the sheriff’s budget. Mental health evaluation and treatment consume lots of time from law enforcement officers, corrections officers, nurses, doctors and lawyers. Notice the varied backgrounds of the providers. Some of them might be contract providers rather than state employees. In general, they are not as well connected, as politically organized, as unionized teachers and prison guards.  In fact, every dollar a politician spends keeping the mentally ill out of jail is a dollar that could go towards the bloated pensions of state employees. That is why politicos would rather give money to state employees and statewide unions rather than to local providers. Is it more politically profitable to put someone in prison than to treat the mentally ill before they commit a crime? It often is. Could that explain why we see, what we see in our deteriorating mental health system?

Incarceration vs state employee unions- It seems that law enforcement is reluctant to take repeat offenders off the street. For example, California recently went so far as to release large numbers of prisoners. The legislature and the parole board redefined the term “violent criminal” so that repeat offenders are sent to county jails or released rather than housed in state prisons.

Is it more politically profitable to release someone from prison than to keep them there? Could it be? Could that explain why we see, what we see in our prisons and jails?

Deregulation of schools versus state employee unions- The professionals who study mass murders said we need armed defenders in schools. I’ve reviewed their research and I have to agree. Cops are expensive and conspicuous. Teachers and other school staff volunteered to protect our kids. These school staff who work in the school every day were willing to take on extra obligations for free so that “their kids” would be protected from armed murderers. Unfortunately, teachers’ unions don’t want teachers providing unpaid services..even if those teachers would save their ow means saving their own life.

Police unions versus teachers’ unions- Those volunteer teachers can also jeopardize the jobs of unionized school resource officers. No wonder the union representatives want our schools disarmed and vulnerable.

Is it more politically profitable to hold out for extra pay for the school personnel who carry concealed, than to provide protection for children against a rampaging mass murderer? Could it be? Could that explain why we see, what we see?

Marriage vs Planned Parenthood- Almost all our mass murders grew up without a father. Many political interests conspire against lifelong married love and against a child growing up knowing his married parents. At its simplest, the state penalizes marriage for the poorest people, through programs, such as TANF, WIC, SNAP, Medicaid, and the Earned Income Credit. The state also promotes abortion and cheap sex. Those state funded programs undermine fathers. In divorce cases, the government sides with whichever partner wants the marriage the least.

Law enforcement and political correctness- The “Ferguson effect”, the perceived requirement that officers have explicitly quantifiable cause before they engage a minority citizen, is only the tip of the iceberg. In this age of political correctness, we ignore minority members who commit crimes since we don’t want minorities overrepresented in crime statistics. That policy put the murderer at the Parkwood, Florida high school off limits for law enforcement. The murderer wasn’t removed from school even though he’d been expelled six times and the police had been called to his house 39 times in the last seven years. We paid for those politically approved statistics with the blood of our children.

We’re going to have to upset the political status quo if we want our children protected in schools. Some states and counties might be willing to change because of the structure of law enforcement unions in that state. Other states with strongly unionized and politicized special interests will oppose any change that threatens their established political interests. They will simply use the next murder as a cause to demand more of the state and county budget.

Don’t expect the politicians to defend us or our children. That is our job, not theirs.


Let’s Burn Another Witch to Stop Armed Murder!

April 9, 2018

There was a time when children cried so we burned witches. Today, we have some 23 thousand gun control regulations. We pass new regulations each time a celebrity gets shot or some white kids get attacked. We’ve burned that witch before.

Each gun regulation is sold to us in glowing terms as it’s being debated. Each new regulation is breathlessly described as-

urgently saving..essential reform..violence prevention..common sense..crime control..limit armed terrorists.. controlling dangerous weapons..firearms safety..controlling unprecedented weapons of war..public safety legislation..

..and it sounds so wonderful.

You have to ask yourself some questions if you don’t believe the overhyped press briefing. If each of the 23 thousand gun control regulations were all that we were told, then why do these regulations fail every few minutes and we have another violent crime? I thought all those earlier laws fixed that.

Gun control laws don’t stop criminals because criminals don’t obey our laws. (We can document that obvious point if you need.) Gun control fails because we don’t prosecute criminals with the laws we already have. Gun control fails because background checks look backwards at a person’s history. That gives criminals  and crazies one free mass murder before they become prohibited persons.

At best, gun control isn’t much of a solution.

We’ve looked very hard at the data. Gun control does nothing to reduce violent crimes like mass murder, armed murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. (And here, here too.)  Some data says that gun control disarms the honest people so crime actually goes up after gun control is passed. And before you ask, the police collect crime information, mostly for insurance purposes. The police rarely stop violent crimes in progress.

If the stacks and stacks of gun control legislation failed before, then why do we expect the next bit of legislative-ink-on-paper to stop the next violent criminal? The truth is, we don’t. Neither do the politicians who pass these laws.

Why do politicians keep calling for more gun control when it is such an obvious failure?

That is an important question. We have to ask what gun control actually accomplishes in order to answer it. Violence is both complicated and simple. Unfortunately, armed criminal violence gets further complicated by politics and personal agendas. It turns out that the important work of passing gun control isn’t about stopping violent crime at all.

  • Gun control legislation makes us feel safer and in control. We might notice that there are violent people in the world..but a few well chosen words on paper will fix that so we can go back to watching videos on our cell phone.
  • Gun control provides personal absolution. We can pretend to change the world rather than change ourselves. We don’t have to protect our children, lock our doors, or treat the mentally ill. All we have to do is regulate a piece of metal and plastic.
  • Gun control lets politicians appear competent and capable of controlling violence. That is why politicians keep saying, “We have to do something.” The something they have to do is to appear relevant and electable.
  • Gun control lets the politicians distract us from his real political failures that actually produce violence in society. You’ll notice that long term democrat control almost always results in a violent city. That isn’t an accident. Violence is strongly associated with fatherlessness, unemployment, gangs and addiction.
  • Gun control lets preachers sell compassion. Lots of activists make money by selling gun control. Come virtue-signal, and join today! All major credit cards accepted.
  • Gun control lets newscaster sell soap. (News editors love a disaster because it means we’ll watch more news.) If the media really wanted to stop violent mass murder, then they wouldn’t turn the murderer into a celebrity. The media wouldn’t name the murderer and would not put his face on the television for days on end. This matters a lot. There were over 70 copycat crimes after the Columbine High School murders..and they were preventable.
  • Gun control lets socialist billionaires expand big government. They want us disarmed. That is for their benefit, not ours. And they are willing to pay tens of millions of dollars to get what they want.

Those are very powerful forces at work. No wonder we try the same failed idea time after time. Until we are willing to dig past the headlines, we simply burn another witch and pass another gun control law. After all, it made us feel better last time.

I don’t have all the answers. I’m not even sure which will come first. Will we stop distracting ourselves with gun control, and then look at the real causes and solutions to public violence? Will we implement a few effective measures and then stop wasting time with gun control legislation? Either would be fine, and not a minute too soon.

Protecting Our Children, One School District at a Time

April 6, 2018

When it comes to defending our children, there are the states that should, the states that can, and the states that do. I’ve posted a similar map before. I suspect I’ll have to update it again. The map keeps changing, and fortunately the change is for the better. In this case, change doesn’t come easily. Some states have to work around existing laws to put trained and armed staff in place to protect our children. For example, state law might say that only law enforcement officers or hired security guards may be armed on campus. That may require the local sheriff to designate school staff as reserve, auxiliary, or special deputies. They may have to get a security guard license. That solution wouldn’t let the usual mall-cop carry at school, but it allows designated and trained school staff to carry concealed on campus. Other states have insurance and regulatory issues for armed staff. Those are the work-arounds we use until our laws catch up with our needs. Any minute now would be soon enough.

In this recent map, Arizona and Pennsylvania changed status. Arizona allowed school staff to be armed, but it now has programs in place. Pennsylvania forbids school staff from being armed, but some sheriffs worked around the law and deputizes selected school staff.

Some counties and school districts in Florida announced a similar work-around program. I’ll wait for the program to be implemented before I change Florida from red to green. Please let me know as you notice programs in your area.

Hat tip to Laura Carno for this tip. The law in Wyoming changed last year, and a Wyoming school board authorized armed staff. Again, I’ll wait until they put the program in place.


Gun Freedom Radio Episode 104- Musicals, Marches, and Manipulation

April 4, 2018
I got to join Dan and Cheryl Todd on their radio program, Gun Freedom Radio. I was on between guests Charles Heller and US Congressman Paul Gosar. I’m lucky they could give me 13 minutes.
Charles Heller discussed Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s proposed “Safe Arizona Schools Plan.”
I talked about my article, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Gun Control.”
Congressman Gosar discussed how the new Omnibus Spending Bill is impacting the FixNICS background check issue.
Give them a listen.

Government Failure and Political Malpractice Kill our Kids..Again

April 3, 2018

Who is at fault for 17 dead children and staff in the Parkland, Florida high school? I assume you feel the same way I do and want to keep our children safe. That means we have to look at what worked to save lives at Parkland. We also have to see what failed in this latest murder. Without that examination, we’re likely to repeat our old mistakes. It sounds shocking, but we’ve done that before and I don’t want to repeat our mistakes again. I want to be an intelligent consumers of politics. We have to be smart and informed because politicians will try to sell us their latest agenda even if their proposal doesn’t work. I don’t want political theater to get in the way of our children’s safety. That is why we have to ask some tough questions. What worked, what failed this time, and what fails over and over?

What failed at Parkland?

Politically correct politicians were elected to the Broward County School Board. They told school staff and law enforcement officers to ignore crimes that would put students in jail. In particular, school staff were ordered to ignore threatening behavior that would have put this violent murder in a psychiatric hospital. On the one hand we were told to say something if we see something, but then the bureaucrats get involved and ignore the threats that are politically troublesome. We can save lives by removing that politically motivated willful ignorance.

Broward County Social Services knew there was a problem. They had numerous contacts with the murderer, his brother, and his family. Social services looked the other way. Reporting the murderer as psychologically unfit would have made him a prohibited person. A record of psychological problems would have made it illegal for him to buy a firearm. Let’s report those who need treatment.

Broward County Public Schools ignored years of bullying. They also knew that the murderer had problems. The murderer had been expelled from school six times for violent behavior and threats. Let our public schools expel violent students and report mental illness.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department had been to the murderers home over three dozen times. The murderer made threats and pointed firearms at family members. Reports from the Deputies suggested that the murderer should be detained for a mental health evaluation. Then never acted on those recommendations. Let’s pay attention to the smaller threats so they don’t grow into mass murders.

Magazine capacity restrictions are proposed as a solution to stop mass murders. Magazines hold a certain number of cartridges. In theory, a smaller magazine limits the lethality of a firearm. That doesn’t work in practice. We’ve seen mass murderers who used illegal magazines, and we’ve had mass murderers who used small magazines, or none at all. All firearms, like all rental trucks, are lethal. Both were used by mass murderers to kill numbers of people.

Background checks are also proposed as a solution to stop mass murders. In theory we could stop criminals and crazies from getting a firearm by making it illegal for them to buy one. That fails in two very predictable ways. By definition, a background check looks backward at a person’s history. A background check always fails to stop the first crime.  It also fails to stop criminals who get their firearms illegally. A recent study looked at criminals charged with violent crimes. They found that most criminals were repeat offenders and they got their guns illegally. We know that criminals don’t bother to obey firearms laws, so let’s not waste time with background checks that don’t work.

The FBI failed..again. The murderer at Parkland had posted threatening videos on Youtube. He bragged of being a mass murderer in a school. Several people reported those threats to the FBI. The FBI concluded that the videos themselves were not illegal, and the FBI closed the investigation. So much for the effectiveness of “See something, say something.” We saw. We reported..and the FBI did nothing. This makes several times that the FBI was warned of a mass murderer and then the FBI failed to stop the attacks. To the best of my knowledge, no one has been fired at the FBI for their failures.

Broward County School Resource Officers failed to stop the attack. These particular school resource officers knew the murderer by sight and reported him when he arrived on campus. They and other deputies then drove away and waited for the killing to stop. Unfortunately, the Florida legislature proposed adding more school resource officers as a solution. Doubling down on failure evidently works for Florida politicians..and Florida voters.

Gun control by age or by type of firearm has also been proposed. Murderers come in all ages, sex, and races. They use any or all of the tools they can get. Since a crazy nut used a gun to kill children, we’ve been told that we should all be disarmed so we couldn’t stop the next crazy nut that comes to kill children. That idea is a placebo, but not a solution. If young people under 21 are not old enough to protect themselves then it is our duty to protect them. Too often, politicians would rather look the other way.

The News Media failed horribly. There were dozens of attempted copycat crimes after the murders at Columbine High School. These copycat attacks usually occur four to six weeks after the previous event. These copycat murderers decided that they can make a name for themselves if they kill others. Our new media is all too happy to oblige. A responsible media would refuse to broadcast the name and face of the murderer. We don’t have a responsible media. We’ve already seen a secondary surge in attempted school murders due to the extensive media coverage at Parkland.

What saved lives at Parkland High School?

Students saved other students. They pulled barriers between the murderer and their friends. Sometimes students used their body as a barrier to protect others. It is important to remember these young men and women because these are the same people we propose to disarm in the name of student safety.

Teachers attacked the murderer. Teachers saved students by shielding them with their body. At the same time, we’ve been told that teachers are incapable of defending students and teachers must be disarmed.

Local law enforcement who happened to be on campus helped save lives. One officer was married to a PE teacher at Parkland. The officer was on campus and immediately moved toward the sound of the attack. He moved injured students to safety and then joined other officers who entered the school.

Emergency Medical Personnel did a great job. They did not wait a safe distance away and wait until the scene was declared safe and secure. Instead, they positioned their trucks between the murderer and wounded victims. The trucks gave them cover as they loaded up the injured. That saved countless lives. In contrast, it took almost an hour before medics treated the wounded inside the elementary school at Sandy Hook, Connecticut. It looks like these Parkland EMTs learned valuable lessons from past attacks.

Coral Springs police entered the school while Broward County Deputies remained outside. Time is the enemy and several people will be killed each minute in one of these attacks. Unfortunately, it took 11 minutes for Coral Springs police to arrive at the school and enter the correct building. The murderer had already grown tired of killing and had left the campus.

Two SWAT team members from Miramar, Florida happened to be training near the Parkland High School. They responded to the scene. They were later reprimanded for acting without orders.

Hurricane glass had been installed on the school windows. The glass would normally shield students form hurricane debris and murderers shooting into the school. In this case, the shatterproof glass kept the murderer from shooting at students who ran outside the school while the murderer was still inside. This probably helped the EMTs get to the wounded students who manged to escape.

We know some of the failures that contributed to the murders in this case. We know some of the actions and decisions that saved lives. We saw that the police were ineffective in stopping the murderer. Other police training agencies concluded that defenders must be at the school before the attack starts. Sadly, we’ve seen politicians propose things that will be ineffective in stopping the next murderer.

We know that there have been, and will be, violent people among us. We don’t have all the answers. We don’t know everything that could have been, or should have been, put in place to make our students safer. We know that time is the enemy. Murderers plan for years. We need to respond to an attack in seconds.

Let me ask you. What works to save our children’s lives? Take all the time you need.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gun Control

March 31, 2018

The Socialists and their donors decided to push gun control and firearms confiscation. That didn’t turn out quite the way they planned. Our culture is changing faster than our politics and our politicians can follow. Public perception is changing more rapidly than polls can record opinions and faster than the media can spin their agenda.

There was a lot of spin. Leftists groups put on a very large public relations presentation. MoveOn and Bloomberg helped pay for it. About 10 percent of the marchers in DC were actually were under 18 years old. Most of those teens were bussed in from Democrat controlled cities. In contrast, 70 percent of the marchers were women recycled from the Women’s march against Trump. Their average age was 49 years old. 89 percent reported voting for Hillary. Firearms were a secondary issue after their disdain for Trump.

What was sold as a youth movement against violence was really a plastic surgery facelift for old leftists causes. Of course, you didn’t hear that from the mainstream news.

We heard quite a change in tone from the gun prohibitionists. Gone was the veil of “sensible gun-safety regulation”.  Marchers held signs saying “Fuck the NRA” while politicians called the NRA a terrorists organization, (though a unique terrorist organization since crime falls when the NRA convention comes to town.)

There was something strange that didn’t happen, and it was conspicuous by its absence. The FBI failed in many of our recent mass murders, yet I couldn’t find a single sign at the march telling the FBI to do its job. Today, the big-state gun prohibitionists are calling to abolish the Second Amendment. They want to ban firearms and take them, “Yes, I’ll take them from your cold dead hands.” Big government fascists don’t need to be kind anymore. Not with billionaire bucks funding their media events. They want only the government to have guns, a government that they control.

The rest of us drew very different conclusions after these last mass murders. We noticed the string of government failures.

The Air Force failed before the murders in a Southland, Texas church. They failed to report a domestic abuser, a man jailed for assault and battery. The USAF didn’t report him to the federal background check system even though he should have been a prohibited person and unable to buy a firearm. Their failure contributed to the avoidable deaths of 26 men, women, and children.

We saw the police and FBI fail again in Parkland, Florida. They ignored repeated reports of criminal activity. Law enforcement officers and schools officials are required to report crimes they see. Instead, they turned their back and refused to turn in the young man who became a violent murder. Political correctness was more important than people’s lives. Political correctness lead to the deaths of another 17 people. These officials turned their back on all of us..just as the school resource officers turned their back on Parkland students once the shooting started. Broward County, you voted for that.

The rest of us got engaged rather than walk away. We changed our minds and we changed our behavior. We protect ourselves regardless of what our thought leaders say. We supported the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation..a lot. Donations to the NRA tripled. I have unconfirmed reports that NRA membership jumped up by about 25 percent, though some of those memberships may be from former members who let their membership lapse. I can confirm that 18 to 21 year olds joined the Second Amendment Foundation at 10 times their usual rate. Even CNN reported on the increased support for the NRA. Let that fact sink in for a minute.

You and I didn’t stop there. We saw that gun free churches can be a killing ground. We chose to defend churches. Church safety teams were often started or reinforced after parrisioners pointedly asked church leaders what they were doing to protect the flock. Churches sent their members to receive safety training.

We saw that schools can be easy targets for madmen. We asked our school boards to protect our children. We didn’t ask for another government program and budget appropriation. Instead, we asked the government to get out of our way. In some cases, it wasn’t as much of a request as a statement of fact.

Teachers unions said that teachers don’t want to be armed at school. Teachers actions said quite the opposite. Teachers flocked to take firearms and self-defense training where it was offered. The results to those training opportunities were literally overwhelming. A Michigan firearms instructor opened up part of his class for teachers. He offered free firearms safety instruction and some self-defense training. More than 300 teachers came into his shop and signed up in person. His classes are booked for months. An Ohio sheriff offered a similar course of instruction. His class is usually 30 to 50 students. The sheriff received hundreds of requests.

We saw similar results across the US. Interested teachers came from states that already allow armed staff in schools. We also saw strong interest from teachers in states that expressly deny arming school staff.

Classes in 10 states where armed staff are allowed or with programs already in place
Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Butler County Ohio, Licking County Ohio, Oregon, blue mountain school district Pennsylvania, Cranberry Pennsylvania, North Whitehall Township Pennsylvania, Orem Utah, Saint George Utah, Sandy Utah,

Classes in 6 states where armed staff are prohibited
Florida, Crystal Lake Illinois, Godfrey Illinois, Nebraska, Perry Township New Jersey, Rio Grande New Jersey, South Carolina, Wyoming

We are working around the law to protect ourselves when our laws make self-defense difficult. Some of these states prohibit armed school staff. Honest sheriffs know that they can’t have as many armed resource officers as they want on campus. Some sheriffs appointed select school staff as special, reserve, or auxiliary deputies so the staff could legally carry arms at school. Unlike the Sheriff in Broward County Florida, these sheriffs were determined to do what they could so our children were protected.

I gave you 900 words. Please leave a comment. RM

I’m a superintendent. My school district decided to arm teachers. – The Washington Post

March 27, 2018

This educator gets it(!)..and the Washington Post printed it?

As the superintendent of a small, rural district with only one campus, I recognized that .. those killed could have been my students — my kids..we decided to do something about it. We allowed certain faculty and staff to carry concealed firearms on school grounds, during school hours. Our students are safer for it. School shootings aren’t new..but I believe one reason that schools remain vulnerable is the misguided Gun-Free School Zones Act.. Our most valued asset – our children – have been left unprotected in their own schools.

Source: I’m a superintendent. My school district decided to arm teachers. – The Washington Post

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