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Trojan Horse – Black Man With A Gun ™

September 20, 2016

From my friend, David Cole- Senator Marco Rubio has a gift for us. Senator Rubio proposed legislation which introduces due process into any denial of a firearms sale based on the secret no-fly list. Were Rubio’s bill to pass, anyone who had been investigated federally for terrorism within the last ten years could have their firearms transfer delayed for up to three days, and it could only be stopped by an emergency petition granted in court. The Government would have to put up or shut up…sounds great, right?

It does, until you consider a few realities of the legal process.

Give David a read here==> Trojan Horse – Black Man With A Gun ™

Horrifying photos show how children are dying of hunger in socialist Venezuela | Daily Mail Online

September 17, 2016

Here are several things you need to know. First, Socialism is killing people in Venezuela.  Second, the socialist news media in the US won’t talk about this because it doesn’t support their political ideology.  Three, governments would rather kill their citizens than relinquish power.

According to freelance journalist María Emilia Jorge, writing for Fox News Latino, 66 per cent of the children admitted this year to J. M. de los Ríos are nursing babies, according to hospital records. And the consequences of this are not only dire, but irreversible.Dr Soto said: ‘If an adult suffers from malnutrition, it will not affect his brain and development so much as it would a kid in the first 1,000 days of life, then they will have issues with memory, concentration, school problems’

Source: Horrifying photos show how children are dying of hunger in socialist Venezuela | Daily Mail Online

Punishing the Good Guys is Always a Bad Idea

September 14, 2016

We have high unemployment and our governments are deeply in debt.  Some politicians want us to forget all that during this election.  This is the election season when politicians will say anything to get more campaign cash.  A particularly revolting example of legislating for dollars is coming from California.  A California legislator wants to force gun owners to pay for government regulations.  The legislation requires sheriffs and police chiefs charge for their expenses when they issue a concealed carry permit.  This proposed law teaches us a lot about what is wrong with our present politics, and what is wrong with our politicians.

You pay for what?
You heard that right.  Armed citizens will be forced to pay for the “reasonable costs of issuing and enforcement” as they get a license to carry a concealed weapon.  Think about that for a minute.  Gun owners will pay the costs incurred by a government monopoly to issue a government mandated permission slip.  California industry already knows this to be a bottomless expense.

But California is special.
Let’s see what other states do in the same situation.  In other states, a state trooper runs a check on you when he pulls you over for a broken tail light.  That check looks for prior violations and existing warrants.  That check takes seconds and costs pennies.  Some states charge $10 to $20 for a concealed carry permit that is good for 4 years or more.  Some sheriffs have waved the charges entirely so that honest citizens will go armed.  Some states have constitutional carry that lets legal gun owners carry concealed without a permit.

Who is a danger?
Permitless carry doesn’t put the public at risk.  Citizens with a concealed carry permit are the most law abiding segment of society.. even more so than police.  The police, despite their training and certification, are many times more likely to shoot the wrong person than are armed civilians.  A concealed carry license and background check isn’t an issue of public safety.

How much is enough?
California will charge concealed carry holders hundreds of dollars simply because they can.  California is taxing the human right to self-defense.  The burden falls hardest on the poor.  Inner city minorities are already used as a source of fines and fees to fill the city treasury.  At the same time, police are unable to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate violent criminals in our inner cities.  Poor urban women are the fasted growing segment of civilian gun owners.  They learned that they are the first responders while the police are still minutes away.

Should others pay too?
California judges will let the legislators pass such laws. While we’re abusing rights, should we make voters pay for the cost of elections and the cost of prosecuting cases of voter fraud?  Should we charge couples getting married for the cost of divorce courts and child protective services?  Of course not.  We don’t want to penalize the innocent for the actions of the guilty few.

What really happens?
You can paste any title you want on the bill, but from a practical viewpoint, this law will increase crime rather than reduce it.  Criminals won’t pay this tax, but honest gun owners will.  This bill takes guns away from honest people, particularly the poor.  The bill leaves guns in the hands of criminals.  Life gets easier for California criminals as more of their victims are disarmed.  Crime in California will continue to go up. That isn’t a fault that the California legislature overlooked.  Making civilians defenselessness is a key feature of this bill.

Campaign money talks.
This law is simply bigoted oppression of a political minority.   In this case, California gun owners are the minority group  The bill was passed so a few politicians could secure campaign contributions from rich, anti-rights, gun hating donors.  Journalists will repeat the issued press releases.  Journalists will praise gun control while they ignore the rising crime rate.

Part of a plan
This tax is another small part of a long term plan to eliminate gun ownership in socialist California.  The politicians first passed laws that disarm the poor. Gun ownership is both expensive and time consuming in California. Later, the politicians can ban guns without political opposition because firearms are only owned by the rich.  Those who are financially well off can buy the physical security they want. The Rich won’t complain until California politicians finally put a tax on armed bodyguards.  I predict that legislators and law enforcement officers will be exempt from all these firearm laws.. as they have been in the past.

Ask permission first.
These puritan socialists want to regulate anything they have not approved.  Firearms regulation is simply the latest example.  Everyone must live the lifestyle of their target voting blocks.. or else suffer their oppressive regulations.  This is the socialist version of the Muslim jizya.  This is a tax on those who do not conform to socialist ways.

Will California gun owners say no, or will they submit again?
That chapter is being written at the ballot box.

Yes, Hillary Clinton Means You

September 11, 2016

old-hillaryHillary Clinton was talking about us.  Clinton meant us unwashed voters who live in flyover country.   We live between the big campaign donation centers of Manhattan and Hollywood.  Clinton addressed a Clinton told a Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender fundraiser and said,

” ..just to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”

We are anything but.  We resent Secretary Clinton’s condemnation.  More to the point we resent her lying about us.  

Now that mainstream America is in one basket, can we work together and throw Sec. Clinton on the scrap heap of history?

My cousin had these comments-

If you work for a living, save for the future, and pay your taxes.. might be a deplorable.

If you were viewed by the political elite as a fat goose waiting to be plucked.. might be a deplorable.

If you realize that Hillary’s description of you as a “deplorable” is the first honest utterance that she has made since the campaign started.. might be a deplorable.

If you resent the creeping oppression…the death of liberty by a million teeny cuts just might be a deplorable.

Then I saw this on Facebook-the-deplorables

“Do you hear the people sing?

Singing the song of angry men?

It is the music of the people..

who will not be slaves again…”

Another friend said, “It is better to be despised by the despicable than to be admired by the admirable.” – Kurt Hoffman

“The fact that she hates me tells me I’m doing something right. Proud to be a deplorable.”

Ah.  To misquote another dishonest president, “We are all Deplorables now.”







How to Destroy Another American City

September 8, 2016

Who you gon’na call when there is no superman?

Chicago is dying, and we are the first responders. Honest citizens are the first people at the scene of the crime.  They are the first people to defend the innocent.  Ordinary citizens like us are also there as the intended victims, as witnesses or defenders.  Think about it.  There is no superman who arrives faster than a speeding bullet.  We ask the police to protect us, but it is only once the crime is over that the police are even notified.  That is when the clock starts ticking.. and the police then take minutes of hours to arrive.  The results are entirely predictable.  We don’t need superman because we are already at the wrong place and the wrong time.  We are there, and it is up to

President Obama’s home town is the best example.  Chicago gangs wounded or killed three thousand people this year. They shot another 52 people over Labor Day weekend.  Chicago police make arrests in only 16 percent of the fatal gun-related homicides. The Chicago PD makes arrests in only 4 percent of the non-fatal shootings.  As shocking as that may seem, the arrest rates for armed robbery and aggravated assault are even lower.  Let me unfold those numbers for you.  On average, Chicago thugs will murder 6 people before being arrested by police.  Chicago gang members will shoot and wound 25 people before being arrested.  Being arrested does not guarantee that the criminal will be convicted and taken off the street.  The police are doing all they can.  I’m sorry, but the painful truth is we are the first responders and the only solution left.



AP photo

That isn’t what Chicago politicians say.  Political hacks have a bag full of excuses when they talk to the press.  Chicago politicians and city leaders blame everyone but themselves for their failing city and its soaring crime rate.  The politicians blame the economy.  The press never asks why the economy causes the extreme levels of crime in Illinois, but not in other states.  Chicago politicians blame global warming, but global warming doesn’t cause violent crime in a similarly sized city like Houston, Texas.  Chicago politicians blame guns, but guns in nearby states don’t cause crime like they do in Chicago.  The problem is Chicago itself.

The problem is Chicago politicians who drove out businesses, where unemployment has soared, where fatherless boys are the rule, and where drug gangs have grown in number and wealth.   Chicago politicians built these problems with their failed policies.  Chicago citizens keep those politicians in office and keep the thugs on the street.



Socialist politicians even blame honest gun owners, though gun owners walking the public streets with concealed carry licenses are more law abiding than the police.  Chicago politicians pass laws that make it harder for a poor single mom to defend herself while the thugs still have their guns.  It isn’t the honest gun owners who are shooting up the hood.  Unlike the political hacks in Chicago, I trust my neighbors as they drive down the street in their car, and also my neighbors with a gun.

Let me say what the socialist politicians are afraid to say.  You are not the problem.  Honest citizens are the vast majority even in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago.  You are the solution.  Honest citizens are the solution and always have been.  Chicago will continue to hollow out and sink into decay unless these honest citizens act.  They can’t change Chicago by doing what they’ve always done.  They can turn out the corrupt politicians who have destroyed jobs in Chicago.  They can turn their backs on corrupt political business as usual.  They can save their families, their children and their neighborhoods.  Ordinary citizens can make their neighborhood safe again.. even in Chicago.

It is up to them.  It is up to us.  There is no one else.

Watch How We Vote With Our Feet

September 5, 2016

We move for better opportunities.  Sometimes the difference is between a good job and a great job.  Sometimes the difference is between a mediocre job and no job at all.  The difference between good and better is hard to measure, but picking up and moving to a better situation is easy to notice.  It also scares politicians to death.

Michigan Central Train Station in Detroit

Abandoned Michigan-Central Train Station in Detroit

Socialist politicians ignored the economic message of Detroit.  Detroit once had the highest average wage of any city in the US.  The average was higher than New York.  It was higher than Los Angeles.  Unions and Democratic politicians killed Detroit.  The car companies were driven out of town.  The auto industry took their jobs with them.  Workers left to find work instead of permanently going on unemployment.  Detroit is an empty shell today.  Its factories and train stations are abandoned.  Now the city can’t pay its debts.  Socialist politicians ignored the economic message of Detroit, but they learned Detroit’s political message.

Abandoned Mark Twain Library in Detroit

Abandoned Mark Twain Library in Detroit

California politicians paid off their green donors by shutting off the water used for farming in the California central valley.  The excuse was to save fish.  Cutting off the water destroyed agriculture.  Farmers wrote off groves that had taken a decade to develop.  Unemployment soared.  Rather than face ghost towns, the California welfare agencies flooded the area with both welfare benefits and illegal immigrant welfare recipients.  That kept the political gravy train on the tracks.  It also ballooned state spending and California’s debts.

Chicago’s political corruption and high taxes did the same thing.  I used to live and work in the “Windy City”.  Chicago used to be the city that worked.. the city with broad shoulders.  There were thousands of small manufacturers in the Chicago suburbs.  These manufacturers and the middle class they supported are mostly gone today.  Down state, there were also huge manufacturers like Caterpillar who contributed to the Illinois budget.  Caterpillar moved production to other states and to smaller sub-contractors rather than be held for ransom by the unions and Illinois politicians.  Companies can vote with their feet too.

Chicago learned the political lessons from Detroit.  Chicago imported new immigrants to replace the middle class minorities who left in search of work and a future.  Illinois government can’t pay its bills, but Chicago politicians say they are in great shape.

California is in debt as well.  Like Illinois, California once had vibrant manufacturing sector.  Now the state’s budget is buoyed by a few tech firms like Google and Facebook.  Governor Jerry Brown says California is a model for the rest of these United States.  I know how to lie with statistics too, Governor.  The Silicon Valley economy is great for the luxury car salesmen, but the lottery economy doesn’t buy new shoes for many growing families.  Note that these politicians are eager to let illegal immigrants vote in order to pad their wilting political power.

Who should we believe?  Watch their feet!  Carefully contrived economic reports don’t cut it.  People follow real opportunity and perform the real test of wages versus costs.  Notice how people move.  We saw the middle class leave California and Illinois in order to build their future.  Those dying bureaucracies have to bait their welfare rolls with expanding benefits.  They have to pad their voter rolls with illegal immigrants.  Politicians say all is well.

Watch what people do, not what politicians say.

The Irony of Dead Presidents

September 3, 2016
Please read this quote in light of current politics of the social justice warriors on our elite campuses.  I offer it up to you in case your irony supply runs low this weekend-
“For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived, and dishonest—but the myth—persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
President John F. Kennedy speaking at the Commencement Address at Yale University, June 11, 1962
Here are some links in case you fail to see the context of contemporary liberal thought-
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