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Lies Hillary Said About Me

October 20, 2016

I listened to Hillary Clinton.   I’m not a politician, so maybe that is why I can still tell the truth from a lie.  Hillary lied about me.  If Clinton would lie about me, what would she say about you?

You see, I am an ordinary gun owner.  Hillary said that the government has the right to have guns, but ordinary citizens don’t.  That is really strange, because I thought ordinary citizens like you and me were the source of rights.. rights like free speech and freedom to worship.  It doesn’t make sense that when it comes to guns, the government claims to have “rights” that the people themselves don’t have.  I’m sure Hillary can bribe and blackmail judges to say almost anything, but that doesn’t make it the truth.

Hillary said that we would be safer if we had to seek government permission for me to let a boy scout or girl scout touch my firearms.  I’m sorry, but Hillary lied again.  The deliberate ignorance about guns that is pushed on our children has gotten them killed, not made them safer.  We should teach firearms safety in every school if we really wanted to “save just one child.”  That makes sense to me, but I’ve never been a fan of willful ignorance.

Hillary said that in order to keep our communities safe, we need honest gun owners to stop giving guns to criminals.  “We need to close the ‘gun show loophole.’”  Unless you live in Manhattan or Los Angeles, then you know that every gun law that applies outside a gun show also applies inside a gun show.  Hillary has to know that criminals don’t go to gun shows.  Instead, criminals break our 23 thousand existing gun laws every day.  Criminals get their guns illegally rather than from honest gun owners and gun dealers.  Honest gun owners can’t buy a gun online.  Hillary had to know that, so why did she lie about me again?

Clinton said that guns are killing young black men.  Let’s be clear about that tragedy.  Young men are dying in our democrat controlled cities.   They are dying because democrat politicians killed businesses, destroyed families, and ruined schools.  I live in the south, and both blacks and whites have guns down here.  We don’t kill each other with them.  In fact, our sheriffs ask for help during a flood, a hurricane or a tornado.  Doesn’t your sheriffs do the same?  Why is Hillary blaming ordinary citizens for the problems created by Democrat politicians?

Again, Hillary blames “the gun”.  She said that urban violence in democrat controlled cities is caused by “military style weapons”.   Even the FBI disagrees.  The FBI says military weapons, meaning rifles, are almost never used in crimes.  True, our inner cities have huge problems with Mexican drug gangs, but that is because of prohibition and our open-borders policies.  Why did Hillary lie about me and excuse her own failed policies?

I’ve heard Hillary say we should take guns from people on the TSA “no fly” list. Fewer than 2 percent of the people on the “no fly” list are actually terrorists.  To me, the “no fly, no buy” list sounds like a way to disarm poor minorities who are already abandoned by police in our inner cities.  That really bothers me because the poor can’t hire a lawyer to the government and get their rights back.  Why would Clinton treat poor people so badly?

Hillary said we should disarm terrorists, but we’ve seen recent terrorists sail right through Hillary’s background checks.  Hillary said there should be a 25 percent tax on guns.  We’ve seen terrorists receive lots of money from Clinton’s donors like Saudi Arabia.  Why is Clinton trying to disarm us while she and her supporters arms terrorists?

Hillary said that gun manufacturers should be liable for how stolen guns are misused by criminals.  I’m trying to understand that.  Sure, Clinton was a lawyer, and maybe that makes sense to her.  I’m pretty sure we don’t treat any other product that way, but I am not a lawyer.  Clinton said she’d issue new gun laws by executive order.  Those are the actions of an emperor, not a president.  Clinton wants to fine us for stolen guns.  Instead, we should prosecute politicians for our stolen freedoms.

The next think you know, Hillary will blame us for her corrupt campaign donations and voter fraud.

I’m tired of her lies.  I’m tired of being blamed for her failures.  I wish Hillary Clinton would stop lying, but if Hillary only spoke the truth, then she might not have anything to say.


Hosting the Lock and Load Radio Show, Episode 1003

October 18, 2016

Bill Frady  Lock and Load

Bill Frady built and runs Lock and Load radio.  I am a regular listener, and I contribute material when I can.  I think Bill wanted to let his listeners hear something a little different.  Bill invited Paul Lathrop and I to host his show.  Recording a two hour podcast is very different from performing a three hour live broadcast.  I hope Bill’s listeners were entertained and informed.

You can listen to Bill on his website as well as on Stitcher and I-tunes.  Paul and I recorded episode 1003 if you’d like to hear us.

I had fun.  Thank you Bill.  Thank you Paul.

O’Keefe Reveals ‘Bird-Dogging’ to Incite Violence at Trump Events

October 17, 2016

We knew the lame-stream media were in the tank for Hillary Clinton.  Now we see the Hillary campaign use undercover provocateurs to incite violence and generate unfavorable news at Trump events.  Clinton knew the media would never dig to find the truth.  The New Media did.  Thank you, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

Clinton is corrupt, but do the voters care?

Democrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,” according to a new video investigation released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.The goal of “bird-dogging”: to create a sense of “anarchy” around Donald Trump that would undermine his political support. Often, the tactic uses the most vulnerable people — including the elderly and disabled — to maximize shock value.

Source: O’Keefe Reveals ‘Bird-Dogging’ to Incite Violence at Trump Events

Guns & Kids: Should you be armed around children?

October 13, 2016

Should you put away your guns when special people come to visit?  This is the gun-control debate in miniature.

A young couple needed a break. I’d agreed to babysit their children in my home. Looking around the room, most of the things I wanted to keep intact were above munchkin height. You see, I’d watched over these two small children before. I love them, but there are complications. I carry a concealed firearm all the time. Now, I had second thoughts. With the kids under foot, should I carry the gun or put it away? What if the children bumped into the gun? What if they noticed my gun and asked about it? What should I do? Those feelings were a miniature version of the arguments for gun control.. and the argument for why we carry. See if you reach the same conclusions.

I had second thoughts. Should I put away my gun when special people arrive?

My first impulse, given the rough and tumble play of these kids, was to put my gun away. Would I end up on the floor again, crawling around to retrieve a stuck toy or freeing a child’s leg that slipped behind the couch? I’d never forgive myself if they were hurt in a negligent discharge of my firearm. Is my equipment safe?

I carry in a holster with a hard outer shell. The gun fits snugly in the holster and the trigger is well covered. The gun is reliable and unmodified. Yes, the hardware was safe. If the gun was safe, then what was I worried about?

Was I safe? I thought back. One thing that new carriers do is touch the gun to be sure it is still there and in place. Maybe I did that.. at first. Now I can leave the gun alone. I’ve trained and practiced so I can safely handle a gun safely if that is necessary. Yes, I was safe, but something else was bothering me.

Those second thoughts are the entire gun-control debate in miniature.

What about the kids? What if they asked about the gun? I wasn’t embarrassed that I carried. I didn’t think guns were evil things that should only be whispered about once children were in bed. Fortunately, the children’s parents felt the same way. If the children had questions, then I’d answer them or ask their parents to explain it to them. I bookmarked the Eddie Eagle website so I could show those videos sometime when the children were over. Then it hit me.

They are the reason I carry!

These children were the reason I carry in the first place. I love these kids. Who will protect them if not me? Being armed changes the outcome of an attack, but it can’t change the probability of a criminal choosing us as his intended victims. I locked the back windows and the doors we weren’t using. They knocked at the garage door and I let them in.

I carried. They colored paper with crayons and colored the driveway with chalk. We blew bubbles and chased frogs. We watched Eddie Eagle so these two small children know not to touch a found gun. Life is simple and boring, and that is a beautiful thing.

You probably had a similar internal debate as you carry in new locations and circumstances. You’re going through the gun-control debate in miniature.

A gun is a dangerous tool. Gun ownership has been stigmatized. People we love are worth protecting. Guns save lives.

What made you review that debate?

A later version of this article was published by Second Call Defense.

The Republican Politicians Want Power and Don’t Want Trump

October 13, 2016
From left, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and Vice President Joe Biden applaud during a ceremony to dedicate the statue of Frederick Douglass, seen behind them, Wednesday, June 19, 2013, in the Emancipation Hall of the United States Visitor Center on Capitol Hill in Washington. The bronze statue of Douglass is by Maryland artist Steve Weitzman. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Why is the Republican establishment badmouthing Donald Trump?

The elite republican politicians dislike Trump.  They are not afraid that Trump will lose the election, but that Trump will win.  The Republican’s disdain is no more about Trump saying the word “Pussy” than Hillary’s private email server was about her needing to have one e-mail address on one personal electronic device.  It is about power in both cases.  The Republican elite hates Trump for the same reasons the Democrats hate him.  Trump threatens the political elite’s kickback schemes.  Trump might slow down the gravy train that pumps hundreds of millions of dollars to establishment politicians each year.  That is why we support him, and we are not alone.

Go along to get along in DC?

Look at the so called Tea Party Republicans.  We voted them into office to reform DC.  Most of them then voted for Speaker Paul Ryan’s bloated budget.  The freshman legislators were told to go along or they would be challenged in their next primary back home.  Many of these so called reformers are now on board the political gravy train.  Political kickbacks are more important to them than America’s future.  The gravy train is full.  Corporations and foreign countries gave Hillary Clinton hundreds of millions of dollars because she sold access that paid off to the tune of billions of dollars.

Are the parties the same?

There is a difference between the parties, though both parties want power.  The difference is slight, but important.  We watched the Republicans rake in lobbying money.  We’ve seen the Socialists weaponize the government to get and keep power.  We’ve also seen the Socialists increase the scale of corruption well beyond the usual political action committees.  The Clinton Foundation was a watershed innovation in corruption.  We now see corruption worthy of a third world country here in the US.

What is the difference?

You might say that one party is more corrupt than the other.  That is splitting hairs.  Republicans are whores chasing a dollar.  Democrats are crack whores chasing power.  Government power is their drug of choice.  The democrats’ god is government.  Socialist politicians will rationalize anything that centralizes power.  They ignore the ugly history of Socialism.

Do we like their lies?

The socialists and their media supporters promote the fantasy that socialists  speak “for the people”.  They don’t.  They speak for big money and bigger government.  It isn’t even close.  Let me qualify that statement.  Many voters prefer a diet of comfortable lies, and the socialists give them that.

Do we want a priest or a president?

Trump talked about treating women crudely.  Bill Clinton raped women time after time.  There is a difference, but you need to be an adult to understand it.  Some of us can’t.. and some of us won’t make the effort to understand the difference between words and actions.

Will the media tell us the truth?

Don’t look to the media for help.  The media looks away if a socialist politician rapes someone.  The media uses the rationalization that rape is in the politician’s personal life rather than their public life.  In contrast, the corrupt media claims that it shows irredeemably bad character for a Republican to say the word “pussy”.  (Media empires are on the political gravy train too.  Check the record if you don’t believe me.)  If words like that really shock you then stay the hell away from a construction site or a bar near a military base.  You need to stay in your safe space until you grow up.

Are the media AND politicians from both parties corrupt?

Yes, and this should both frighten and shock you.  The future of the United States is very much in doubt.

Why do voters like Trump?

Trump said he won’t play the corrupt political game.  That is easy for him to say because Trump doesn’t need politics to earn money.  He made his millions outside of politics.  That threatens the corrupt business as usual in D.C.  Trump said F*ck You to the corrupt political establishment.  That is why we voted for Trump and not for the corrupt party politicians.  Of course they don’t like it.

What should we do now?

We went to the voting booth and said FU to the establishment who wanted to continue selling us down the river as political business as usual.  I have not changed my mind since the last election.  It frightens the politicians to death that we chose an untested loud mouth billionaire over the vetted Republican Elite.  Now the politicians want to punish us.  The Democrats are not listening and the Republicans have ignored our message.  I say we throw the bums out.  That means we vote rather than act prissy and stay home.  Vote against the incumbent in every primary until the government gets smaller.  There is a difference between the candidates at all levels of government.  I have some great choices down the ticket.

Have you gotten politically active or are you playing offended?

Politics isn’t pretty.  Most of the politicians are corrupt liars.  Don’t blame them.  We liked their lies and put them in office.  It is up to us to replace them.  I’ve found candidates at all levels that I support.

How about you?

NFL Blames ‘Confluence of Events’ for Ratings Declines –

October 9, 2016

Electing to do stupid things on camera has consequences.  Sure, you are free to take a knee during the national anthem.. even if you’re a professional entertainer paid millions of dollars.  You are NOT free to escape the consequences.  Yes, there can be consequences even for entertainers.

I have this question for the players.

Welcome to the adult world.  Have you been here before?

Image from

Image from

“Through the first four weeks of the season, NFL viewership has declined 11%, and among the crucial adults 18-49 demographic that advertisers covet, ratings are down 12%.”  Source: NFL Blames ‘Confluence of Events’ for Ratings Declines –

Billionaires Buying the Laws They Want- They’ve done it before!

October 7, 2016

Rich people ARE different.  When public opinion is against them, they simply buy the public policy they want.  These people will make the rules for us if gun owners don’t speak up.

A longer version of this article, originally appeared in The Blaze under the title, “Not your Momma’s Free Market and is reprinted with their permission. By Jennifer Roback Morse.

I recently attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference with my husband. I learned that the gun rights movement is dealing with the same problem I’ve dealt with as a social conservative. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is the Sugar Daddy of the campaign to disarm law-abiding citizens. In social conservatism, we have Warren Buffett and George Soros and others to deal with. Maybe the pro-Second Amendment, pro-citizen self-defense movement should team up with the pro-life, pro-family movement.

I got into the conservative movement as a 19-year-old economics undergraduate at Ohio State University.  My OSU professors were all recent graduates of the University of Chicago and were true believers in the free market. As a young free marketeer, I developed a sensibility that I should not automatically be suspicious of wealthy people, (even though I didn’t actually know any.) An honest person could do well in an economy like ours. As long as they came by their wealth honestly, I hold them no ill will. Income inequality doesn’t much bother me.

But now, I have come to see that some rich people are doing something I really do resent. They use their wealth to manipulate the political system. They want to change the rules for everyone.

I first noticed it in my work for social conservative issues. I saw people like Paul Singer passing out money to get “marriage equality” enacted in New York State. People like George Soros form organizations to manipulate public opinion and lobby the government. (See the his 2014 Tax Form, Part XV, Line 3, here.) Rob Reiner and his Hollywood friends formed an organization to overturn Proposition 8, which had been duly elected by the largest grass roots campaign in history. Warren Buffett has spent over a billion dollars promoting abortion, “comprehensive sexual education,” and “peer counseling,” (read: propaganda) for promoting the early sexualization of children. This same handful of rich people financed the research that overturned the Texas abortion clinic regulations, which were duly enacted by the duly elected representatives of the people.

You all in the gun rights movement face the same problem. Rich guys like Michael Bloomberg throw their money around to enact the laws that will bring their fantasy ideology into being.

The fantasy ideology of gun control is: “If we only had enough new gun laws, criminals would all obey those laws and firearm violence would disappear.”

This fantasy requires a lot of propaganda. “We will never run a news story in which an armed and trained citizen interrupts a crime. We will make a “documentary” that we edit to make supporters of citizen self-defense appear foolish. Those dopes in fly-over country will never notice.”

The fantasy ideology in my line of work is: “Kids don’t really need their own parents.” This fantasy also needs a lot of propaganda. “If we just “educate” everyone early enough and often enough, kids won’t miss their missing parents.”

Perhaps some of you agree with “marriage equality.” Maybe you agree with abortion on demand and sexually explicit sex education in the schools and highly unregulated abortion clinics. But do you really want to be manipulated by a handful of unelected, unaccountable wealthy people? I sure don’t.

Maybe we should talk.

Jennifer Roback Morse Ph.D. is Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization, dedicated to creating a Christ-like solution to family breakdown. Visit at or To hear more from Dr. Morse, sign up for her e-newsletter here and receive a free gift. She is married to Rob Morse. 


Rob Morse

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