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Guns Ownership is a Dangerous Virtue.. and we need to defend it

May 14, 2019

Free speech is dangerous. The right to petition our government and to own guns is dangerous. Those rights are particularly threatening to entrenched politicians and the special interest they represent. Besides being dangerous, those rights are also the safest way to organize a society. It is time we defended them, not because they are safe, but because they are virtues.

Virtues are how we do good things. Defending your community, the right to bear arms in public, is how you ensure public safety when the police aren’t there. The police are rarely there when you’re attacked by a criminal. We’ve lost much of our right to bear arms. We surrendered it to “public safety”. The right to bear arms was never meant to be convenient for politicians.

Your gun might be “safer” if it was under lock and key. It is also less useful that way. You can’t use your gun to protect yourself and your family if it takes you minutes to put to use. We forget that. We forget that in your hands, guns save lives. Making firearms “safer” and less accessible means we save fewer lives.

I see that every day. I study self-defense week after week, year after year. I also study the statistics of armed defense. I report the stories where ordinary people like you stopped a violent assault. You saved your life. You also saved the lives of your family and other innocent parties. I see it. Unfortunately, you can’t protect the people you love once you’ve made your tools of self-defense “safe”.

Like the police, you will probably never need to press the trigger. Unlike the police who see violence every day, your family will probably see violence once in your lifetime. That is what the FBI statistics tell us. There are about 70 million families in the USA, so the numbers add up. We defend ourselves about once every 30 seconds.

You protect yourself when you go buy groceries and when you fill up your car with gas. You protect yourself at work and at home. You protect yourself on your way to the gym, to school and to church. When the attack is over and you’ve defended yourself and others, then you call the police. That is what good people do. The police show up minutes later and take a report. The fact that you go armed, that you have your self-defense tools with you, that makes all of us safer. Thank you.

About 20 million of us have permits to carry a concealed weapon in public. That is about one-in-ten adults. The number of us carrying in public increases to about one-in-five adults when the government gets out of the way. Government fees and licensing requirements disarmed about half of us. That is bad. Disarming the good guys makes us less safe.

Gun-control disarms us by inches. As we’ve seen in the news, there is no such thing as a “gun-free” zone. Politicians said that honest people should be disarmed so that only criminals would be the only ones with guns. Politicians don’t want your gun to be too big or too small, too old or too new.. except for their bodyguards, of course. Politicians want you disarmed. For many reasons, disarming you is safer for them.

Being disarmed is not safer for you and me. Good women with guns and good men with guns make their families safer and their communities safer. You can’t be a force for good if you don’t have your self-defense tools, and the training to use them.

I have to address a comforting myth about owning a gun. The average defense takes place in seconds. That isn’t enough time for you run to your gun safe, get your ammunition that you stored separately, load a magazine, and protect your family or your employees. Time yourself.* You’ll see that I’m right. A gun you can’t use is dangerous.

We defend ourselves a million times a year with a firearm. We also have thousands of firearms accidents each year. Criminals put their guns under the front steps. Thugs leave their guns under the couch cushions in their girlfriends house. That is where children find them and where children get hurt. I want you to own your firearms responsibly, but I also want you to keep them accessible so you can use your “rescue tools” when you need them. For many of us, that means you carry your gun on your body and then put it in a small, quick-access, gun vault. That is careful storage of a dangerous tool. That is what good men and good women do. I thank you.

I mean you, the average citizen of the USA. I want you to exercise your rights. I want you to have dangerous freedom because I trust you. You have more common sense and honesty than the politicians paraded before us on the news. I trust your wisdom and your motives far more than I trust theirs.

*- I asked my listeners to get their guns from “safe storage”. It takes them over half a minute to access a “safe” gun.

I gave you 800 words. Please share them with a friend. RM



Gun Control Failed Again in Denver- mass murderers don’t obey the law

May 13, 2019

I shouldn’t have to remind the media of the obvious, but mass murderers break the law. The 17 and 18 year old murderers broke many laws, both before and during their attack at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This is important because it means that passing more restrictive laws won’t stop the next mass murderers since they too are willing to break the law. We have to wonder why we have these gun laws when they fail all the time. I hope that is glaringly obvious, but let me explain it to those who have doubts.

The two attackers smashed their way into a locked gun cabinet to steal the guns they used. Yes, safe storage laws failed to stop mass murder. This is the rule rather than the exception, since virtually all criminals get their guns illegally. Why do we have safe-storage requirements if they don’t stop criminals and mass murderers?

It is illegal for a 17 year old be in possession of a handgun. There are exceptions if the teens are accompanied by the gun owners and taking part in prescribed activities. I checked the law in Colorado, and mass murder is not one of the approved exceptions. That means that putting more age restrictions on law abiding gun owners won’t stop mass murderers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since those laws didn’t stop other criminal either.

The murderers took their illegally possessed handguns guns into the 1000 foot gun-free-school-zone that is around school property. They murderers took their guns onto school grounds when they drove into the parking lot. They also took their guns into school buildings. Each of those acts was illegal for them to do. Gun control laws didn’t stop mass murderers any better than the laws stop ordinary criminals from breaking the law.

The murderers hid their guns as they entered the campus. That is illegal without a concealed carry license. Criminals and mass murderers are not willing to sit through classes and pay fees to get a carry permit. Our gun laws stop law-abiding people from carrying guns, but law-abiding people were never the problem in the first place.

The two attackers committed several counts of aggravated assault and battery. They committed murder and several counts of attempted murder. You don’t care about breaking lessor laws when you intend to commit mass murder. Who thought that murderers would obey our gun laws?


These mass murderers stole the guns they used, so they never bothered to apply for a background check. Mandatory purchase-waiting-periods don’t stop murderers. Mandatory safety classes before a gun purchase don’t stop murderers. One-gun-a-month restrictions don’t stop murderers either because murderers don’t buy their guns from gun shops. Only law-abiding gun owners do that. Why do we think mass murderers and criminals will start obeying these laws in the future?

We have to ask the obvious question since these gun-control laws don’t work. Were these laws designed to stop murderers, or to disarm the law abiding? We’ve seen these laws fail time after time. Given that history of failure, I can’t believe the politicians who call for more gun control today.

Some people obey the law and some people break it.
Which type is disarmed by gun control?

Licensed concealed carry holders are the most law abiding and non-violent people on the planet. Gun control politicians want them disarmed and kept out of schools. Our children are too important to be used as pawns by politicians.


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How to Skew the Debate and Get More Kids Killed

May 10, 2019

How should we protect our children at school?

Asking skewed and inappropriate questions leads to inappropriate answers as we work to protect our children. We’ve seen special interests, including government officials, do exactly that. That dishonest inquiry furthers their agenda, rather than ours. Protecting our children is too important a problem to leave to politicians.

Most of us learned something important as we reached adolescence; the answer you got depended on how you asked the question. That is certainly true when we read skewed questions about defending our kids.

I’ve read headlines like these-

Should we give guns to teachers?

Do more guns really belong in schools?

Or worse,

“Do we want the new kindergarten teacher to look like this?”

Is this the new kindergarten teacher?

What do real solutions look like as we work to protect our children in school? Here is a more moderate perspective on protecting our kids.

I’ve taken the training required for armed teachers. I took the armed defense and medical training over several years. I’ve also spoken to staff members who volunteered to be first responders at their school. I met dozens of educators who came from at least a half dozen states. I saw the approved training programs used in both Ohio and Colorado. I also listened to the experts who determined what first responders need to know.

The first point is that our children deserve protection. It is the government’s duty to return our children to us the way they received them. We already protect our politicians and their children. We also protect our children at home. Our kids deserve similar protection at school.

The next perspective is that violent attacks on our schools are rare; school attacks are horrific, but unlikely. That means we shouldn’t go overboard and impose costly solutions to solve improbable problems. Putting little Johnny in an armored box creates more problems than it solves.

Protecting our students isn’t a new problem. We’ve faced it and solved it for years. It has been 19 years since the attack at Columbine High School. It has been six years since the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary. We’ve qualified, trained, and tested thousands of volunteer school staff to be first responders in that time. We accumulated thousands of semesters of experience with armed first responders in our schools. The volunteer staff I met are exactly the sort of people I want to protect my children.

You didn’t notice these armed defenders on campus because we don’t want you to see them. An armed man wearing a uniform on campus acts as a visible deterrent.. until the moment he isn’t. The uniformed school resource officer is often the first target of an attack. Alternatively, the attackers simply wait until the SRO is off campus.

Trained volunteers have significant advantages over uniformed police. Unlike the police, these volunteers are anonymous. Any adult staff member could be an armed defender. An attacker doesn’t know who is and who isn’t an armed and trained first responder. Unfortunately, we’ve seen School Resource Officers run away from an attack. We have not seen trained volunteers do that.

Many defenders are better than fewer. Quantity has a quality of its own. It is better to have two adequate defenders on each hallway than to have a super-ninja at the other end of campus. The closer the first responders are to the problem, the sooner the threat will end and we can treat the injured. We can train the volunteers in a school district for the price of a single school resource officer.

We now have classes for medical first responders in our school. Lots of school staff can be trained to stop bleeding and make sure the injured are still breathing when EMTs reach them. Oddly enough, some teachers unions wanted to fire school staff who receive trauma training. That shows the politics I talked about earlier. We can’t afford it.

Less is more when it comes to training. The people who set the curriculum for first responders in our schools know what they are doing. They have decades of experience working with law enforcement agencies across the country. They have a very good idea of what first responders need, and what they don’t.

Beware a politician who says that first responders “need” weeks or months of training. If they need that much time, then they are either the wrong candidate or they are being trained for the wrong job. I’ve seen what these volunteer defenders can do after 30 hours of training, and they are very impressive. Imposing inappropriate training requirements means more of our children will die.

I understand the concern we have for our kids safety. I hope this helps us ask the right questions. I think this is a more real perspective, and our children deserve that clarity.

I gave you 700 words. Please share them with a friend. RM


School Shootings- Plastic Signs and Synthetic Emotions

May 8, 2019

Two armed murderers entered a school south of Denver yesterday.  I’m sure that a number of special interests will place the blame for these attacks. They never let an atrocity go to waste. I’ve seen everything from global warming to the political party in office used as a scapegoat to promote assorted causes. I want to be careful about what we know, what is probably true, and what we should expect. One thing we know is that this attack doesn’t come as a surprise.

One of the murderers was a trans-sexual female who preferred to be called a boy. The other murderer was an 18 year old male. Preliminary reports indicate the male student felt bullied. Both murderers used handguns to attack students and staff.

We can speculate about their motive. If they were at all like the vast majority of mass murderers in recent years, these murderers counted on the mass media to turn them into instant celebrities. If our media treats these murders as they treated earlier murderers, then the attackers will receive a billion dollars of free publicity. Time after time, that media promotional campaign pays for the next narcissistic murderer who wants to see his name in the news.

That isn’t speculation; it is a conclusion reached by both psychological research and by investigating previous mass murderers. This media campaign earns the news organization big bucks by delivering new viewers. It is paid for with the blood of our children.

We know that the police response at this Highlands Ranch school was extraordinary. The police arrived in a few minutes. In those two minutes, these murderers shot eight people and one of them died. Some of the victims remain at risk. The usual response time is more than 5 minutes.

That brings us to the reality that most parents want to evade. Even two minutes is too long to wait for help. Any armed individual can shoot many people if the murderer is unopposed for several minutes.

That isn’t because of the particular characteristics of the weapon that makes the attack so deadly, but the fact that the murderers were attacking victims who could neither run to safety nor fight back. As we’ve seen before, the murderers carefully chose their victims and the location of the attack. The murderers wanted easy victims and that is what we delivered. We consciously chose to protect our children with plastic signs that said no-guns allowed.


I’ve trained with school staff who volunteered to be armed first responders. They trained to stop an armed threat and to stop the bleeding until EMTs arrive. I took this training in central Colorado alongside teachers from Colorado. As far as I know, none of my classmates were from the Highlands School District where the attack occurred. The teachers I met were passionate about saving lives. I suspect that there are many school staff in the Highlands district who feel the same way as the teachers I saw.

Like many other school districts, the school staff with whom I trained were there because their school board and school superintendents decided to protect their students. These volunteer school staff were not willing to wait as their students were murdered. They were not willing to blame someone else, when instead, they could protect their students and save lives until police and EMTs arrived.

Every mass murder is unique, but each ones follows a general pattern. We have never seen a plastic “no-gun sign” stop a mass murderer. In contrast, we have yet to see a murderer attack a school where armed school staff were present. Earlier I’d claimed that plastic signs are ineffective, but the plastic sign that says “armed staff” seems to work so far. We have accumulated millions of school days with armed staff on campus. So far they have been both safe and effective.

Staff May be Armed

That shouldn’t surprise anyone. We wouldn’t turn off the fire alarms, remove fire extinguishers and first aid boxes at our schools and replace them with a plastic sign that says “No Fire Allowed”. That would be ridiculous, yet we did that when it came to protecting our children from violence on campus.

We expect adults at the scene to be first responders until professionals arrive. We expect adults to stop small fires and treat injuries if they can.. even if it doesn’t say that in their union contract. In my experience, teachers are protectors who want to take care of “their kids.”

Our luck won’t last. At some point, an attacker will choose a school with armed staff. You and I pray that never happens. Thank god there are a few teachers who pray they are there in time to stop the murderer. I thank them every day. More school staff wish they could be defenders. I know this because I’ve met many of them and they told me so.

I’ve listened to law enforcement officials from across the country who want school staff to be trained and armed. Law enforcement officers see violence every day. I suspect that makes many of us uncomfortable. Rather than take the advice of professionals who deal with violence, we want to pretend that violence doesn’t exist. We want to pretend that a sign will keep us safe and keep our children safe.

It wasn’t the plastic “no-guns” sign that failed in Highland, but the adults who believed it. We can fix that tomorrow.. and we should.

I gave you 900 words and a piece of my heart. Please share them with a friend. RM


Political Lies and the Aging Revolution

May 8, 2019

The Venezuelan government is murdering its people. The government took over education and now the schools are closed. The government took over the Venezuelan oil industry and now there is no oil or gas. The government took over hospitals and the power grid, and patients die in the dark. The government took over the news media, and now the Venezuelan people only receive propaganda.. on the rare occasion when there is power to run their radios and TVs. How is this possible?

The Venezuelan government said they would protect the people. The government confiscated private guns.. and then gave guns to gangs of thugs loyal to the Venezuelan government. Now, the Venezuelan military and its Cuban advisors shoot unarmed civilians. The army uses their armored cars to run over protesters.

I could shake my head and feel superior.. except US politicians today say to us the same things that Chavez and Maduro said years ago. This isn’t the slippery slope of politics leading good men to political corruption. This is a well worn path of Socialist lies. Do you recognize these campaign talking-points.. and the subsequent excuses? Have you been paying attention?


  • We need to make education free to everyone.
  • So everyone feels included on campus, we need to impose a few common sense restrictions on free speech.
  • Conservative speech is violence.
  • The student body has to reflect our country’s new future. Conservative ideals are outmoded in their insistence on morality and truth.. said the Socialist candidates.

Energy Policy-

  • The county is finally independent of foreign sources of oil and gas.. so Socialists propose eliminating fossil fuels and taking over the oil companies.
  • These new restrictions on energy will soon payoff in lower healthcare costs and greater employment as we retool our economy.
  • These economic ups-and-downs happen to everyone. We have a few shovel ready projects that will get the economy rolling again.
  • Fossil and nuclear power plants are unsustainable. Besides, you should walk more.
  • Of course government officials can use cars even when you can’t.. said the Socialist politician everywhere.

Open Borders-

  • Heaven doesn’t have borders.
  • Immigrants only take the jobs our citizens won’t do.
  • Those are not criminals since you really can’t compare the justice system in one country to the justice system in another country.
  • Didn’t you listen? Of course illegal immigrants have the right to vote and go on welfare.. said the Socialists candidates.

Health Care-

  • Everyone deserves free health care.
  • Illegal immigrants have the right to social security benefits. Sign up right here where you register to vote.
  • Your medical care is now provided by the same people who run the DMV and Social Security. They will determine when you’re eligible for treatment. Just take a number and wait.
  • Of course government officials can have their own healthcare system.. said the Socialist candidates everywhere.

Economic Freedom-

  • How can you protest paying taxes when some people are still in need?
  • We need to control rents since people can no longer afford their own homes.
  • Taxes need to increase so we can meet government pensions because breaking our promises would be unfair to workers.
  • We’re not trying to control you. We only need you to file this certificate so we can plan for the changing economy.
  • Everything that is not permitted is not allowed.. said the Socialists politicians.

Armed Defense-

  • I’m a gun owner too. We’d never take your guns.
  • Rape is not a violent crime, so guns and pepper spray are not allowed on campus. Disarming you is for your own good.
  • Safety comes first. That is why anyone can demand you be disarmed so that someone else feels safe.
  • You must be a terrible shot if you need an AR rifle for defense. The police will protect you and only government employees should be armed.. with AR rifles of course.
  • Anyone who doesn’t turn in their guns is a violent revolutionary and should be jailed or shot for the public good.. said the Socialists politicians everywhere.

These quotes are straight from the campaign speeches of our current crop of Socialists candidates.. and from the news coverage of the Venezuelan “revolution”.  They overlap, and I can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

It turns out that our Socialist candidates are not as modern and cutting edge as they claim. Their campaign proposals are the same old something-for-nothing promises that lured people to socialism before. I’m hearing the same old “revolution” wrapped in well-worn lies. Those lies don’t age well.

They call it a political “campaign” for a reason. Will the same old lies work this time?

I gave you 700 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

The Truth of Socialism on the Little Screen

May 1, 2019

We know socialism fails. The question remains if citizens will believe the lying politicians and vote for socialism anyway. The media won’t tell you these truths, so here is the truth about socialism laid bare before us in Venezuela.

-Venezuela was one of the world’s largest oil producers with enormous oil reserves. (1999)

World Oil Reserves- OPEC 2017


-When legislators determine what can be bought and sold, the first thing to be purchased are legislators.. and voters.

Chavez wins again 2010. Granted new powers


-Free speech and the rule of law are a threat to government power.

Judge Arrested After Ruling Against Socialists New York Times- 2010


-A government disarms its populace so the rich and powerful can do things they couldn’t do to armed citizens. (2012)

Hint- If both parties in the exchange didn’t agree, then it wasn’t capitalism. Socialism is imposed at the point of a gun.

Venezuelan Government Destroys Private Arms


-Modern infrastructure is constantly under repair. A society can’t survive when politicians steal supplies for the water supply, electrical supply, the local hospital, and oil production. (2012)

Venezuelan Oil Production Falls by 60 Percent

-Democratic Socialism includes shooting and running over protesters. The government does not need to listen when they are armed and citizens are disarmed. 2014

Beauty Queen Among Protestors Killed by Police (2014)


Protestors Killed by Venezuelan Police (2017)


Venezuelan Police Run Over Protestors with Armored Car (2019)



-You can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out of it.


What did I give you if a picture is worth a thousand words? RM

No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: SCOTUS To New York City – Motion Denied

April 30, 2019

The city of New York has terrible gun laws. Those laws infringe on the rights of honest citizens. The city was sued and the lawsuit appealed to the US Supreme court. The city said, ‘Fine, we’ll change our laws so there is no case.’ The US Supreme court disagreed and said there is a case as long as the infringements continue. RM

From my friend John Richardson- “The City of New York had filed a motion to hold the briefing schedule in NY State Rifle and Pistol Association v. City of New York in abeyance. Their argument was that since the NYPD were proposing to modify regulations on transport for those with premises permits that the briefing schedule should be suspended. In other words, we say we are going to change the regulations in question which might moot the case so don’t make us go to all the work necessary to respond to the plaintiffs.”

Source: No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: SCOTUS To New York City – Motion Denied

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