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If We Really Cared About the Poor..

June 27, 2017

I can understand progressives and their virtue signally.  What I hate is the anti-gun progressives puffing themselves up with virtue-pride while simultaneously disarming poor minorities.  Not everyone lives in a guarded and gated community.  Spare me the empathy while you leave the poor unprotected and defenseless.  There are too many examples to list, but this lets you see what I mean.

  • Many large city police departments refuse to investigate and prosecute crimes in poor areas.  There is a low chance of successfully arresting and convicting the criminal.  There is a high chance of the police themselves getting harmed. Cops take a report and move on.
  • The same crime can have a very different impact on a poor person and a limousine progressive. What if a beat-up bike is your only transportation?  A petty-theft to a rich liberal living in a gated community is a devastating loss to a teen living paycheck to paycheck and riding his bike to work.  
  • Deep blue states imposed training requirements to even touch a gun.  If training makes us so much safer, then why doesn’t the state teach everyone about gun safety?  Mandatory training disarms those of us who are most likely to be victims.  Mandatory training is a tax on those who are least able to pay.  Schools used to teach hunters education in school along with drivers education, so we’ve promoted firearms safety before..but not now.
  • Anti-gun politicians say they want gun owners to handle firearms responsibly. These same politicians outlaw or tax gun ranges, the very places where honest gun owners get safety training and stay proficient.  This means a longer drive for gun owners in the suburbs..and no chance to practice for the urban poor.
  • Anti-gun politicians restrict the guns poor people are most likely to buy. This makes guns more expensive and amounts to a poll-tax for guns. Anti-gun judges look the other way and pretend not to see this bigotry.
  • Perhaps the most abusive regulation is the “time tax” that anti-gun politicians imposed on poor gun owners.  Blue states impose training regulations mandating a minimum number of hours required before an honest citizen may touch a gun.  You have to pay this fee before you may own a gun in private, and then pay another fee-of-time before you may carry a gun in public.
  • Anti-gun politicians impose taxes on ammunition.  Some states even require a state ID card to buy ammunition. (I wonder if they have voter ID. But I digress.)   Anti-gun politicians say they want gun owners to remain proficient. Then they turn around and tax our means of staying in practice.  
  • When an innocent person uses a firearm to protect himself, he must run the legal gauntlet to prove himself innocent of wrongdoing.  In theory, a public defender would be appointed for a poor person’s legal defense.  But honestly, do you really want the legal advice that the state offers you for free?  

I’ve barely scratched the surface, but you can see that the right of self-defense is not an obscure human right.  Men and women who value freedom and autonomy have understood the right to self-defense, going all the way back to the Magna Carta.  Nor is this a right people are unlikely to ever need. A poor family living in our deep-blue cites will very likely be a victim of violent crime during their lifetime.  This is the right to protect yourself and your family we’re talking about, the right to provide for your own safety until the help arrives.

The government has systematically infringed on the rights of poor people to defend themselves.  We see the sad price they pay.  It’s time to put a stop to this blatant discrimination against poor citizens.  Maybe liberals could agree if only the social justice warriors weren’t so easily triggered by triggers.

Newsweek Writer Uses Phony Statistics to Support Gun Violence Report

June 26, 2017

I’m just a blogger with a day job.  As “new media”, bloggers are accused of making things up.  In contrast, we see the publicly traded media make things up to suit their political bias.  I don’t do that, and that is why we stopped believing the mainstream press.

Thank you to all my readers, and thank you to the honest writers out there. Give theGatewayPundit a read. RM

Writer Ryan Bort has been caught red handed promoting phony “gun violence” statistics in a recent #FakeNews story for (the failing) Newsweek.. There’s just one problem for Mr. Bort; His numbers are all wrong. And it’s not even close.

Source: GatewayPundit- Newsweek Writer Uses Phony Statistics to Support Gun Violence Report

3 Reasons Australian Gun Control Is A Failure

June 24, 2017

A thug in Australia killed a constable. Someone finally said the king has no clothes..and Australian gun control doesn’t work.  Read it in their own words.  RM

1. Law Makers Fail to Differentiate Between Criminals & Law Abiding Firearms Owners

2. Current Gun Laws Create A False Sense Of Security

3. There Is No Consistent Correlation Between Legal Guns & Gun Crimes

It might come as a surprise to some, but there are over 1.9 million firearms licenses in Australia and over 5.5 million legally owned firearms

Source: 3 Reasons Australian Gun Control Is A Failure

FASTER gives gun training to Colorado teachers, administrators

June 23, 2017

Amen.  RM

“Something like this is nothing you want to do,” Muller said during a break from the active-shooter training course he took this week. “But anybody who wants to protect kids, they will take something like this on.”

Source: FASTER gives gun training to Colorado teachers, administrators

What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln – Chicago Tribune

June 22, 2017

I agree.  Partition Illinois.  Divide Chicago along the Chicago River.  This is a good model for other bankrupt states and territories. RM


“Illinois is like Venezuela now, a fiscally broken state that has lost its will to live, although for the moment, we still have enough toilet paper. But before we run out of the essentials, let’s finally admit that after decade upon decade of taxing and spending and borrowing, Illinois has finally run out of other people’s money. Those “other people” include taxpayers who’ve abandoned the state. And now Illinois faces doomsday.

Read more here- Source: What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln – Chicago Tribune

Lessons from the Attempted Murder of Republican Politicians

June 22, 2017

Republican politicians were attacked by a Democrat with a rifle.  There is a lot they can learn.

  • Public figures are targets of violence.  Sadly, so are the rest of us.  You’re more likely to be a victim of violent crime if you’re a poor person living in DC than if you’re a congressman.  It sucks to be us.
  • A good man and woman with handguns stopped a murderer with a rifle.  Now we know what a “good person with a gun can do against an armed attacker”.  They can stop mass murder.
  • The only reason the armed detail was on scene was because senior political officials were there.  Ordinary congressmen are not given armed security details.  Staff are not protected either.  The politicians and staff were lucky.  It could have been a bloodbath.
  • You will be disarmed if you work in, or regularly pass through, Washington, DC.  That is true for all gun-free zones.  Ask the doctors who work in hospitals and the soldiers who work on base.  We’ve told the politicians this for years.
  • You won’t be armed when you’re playing baseball or other sports.  This is true even if you have your concealed carry permit and congress passes universal reciprocity.  The simple truth is that we are safer because we have friends with guns.  I want enough of us armed so that the good guys win every time.
  • 23 thousand gun laws did not stop this murderer.  He bought his guns legally.  He was charged with domestic abuse..but never prosecuted.  The laws we have don’t work if we don’t use them.
  • Expect the usual complaints that “guns are not the answer.”  That argument will fall on deaf ears.  We have a dozen congressmen who were reminded of the truth.

I’m sorry these elected officials were attacked.  If the congressmen had been paying attention, then they could have recognized their risks before they had their recent learning experience.  We’ve been trying to tell them.  Maybe they will listen now.  I hope so.  Welcome to our world.

School faculty, administrators hone shooting skills, medical response for active shooter situations – Denver7

June 22, 2017

My friend brought FASTER training to Colorado.  Laura Carno took the FASTER class in Ohio like I did.  She saw the dedication that these school staff bring with them.  These extraordinary teachers will again become students for a few days.  They want to stop an attack in school and to treat the injured until the second responders arrive.  They will put their bodies between bullets and our children.  This training lets them, and our children, survive.

There are more teachers who want training than public money to train them.  I supported a scholarship with my donations.  Please join me and do the same.  Donate here at Coloradans for Civil Liberties.

“It’s an awesome responsibility to carry a gun,” he said, “but it’s even more of an awesome responsibility to carry a gun within a school.”

Source: School faculty, administrators hone shooting skills, medical response for active shooter situations – Denver7

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