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Bigotry Against Gun Owners, and why guns are not like cars

December 4, 2016

Big city socialists are waging a propaganda war against honest gun owners.  One of the myths they frequently roll out is that “We don’t regulate guns.”  The person who makes a statement like that either has never been anywhere near the firearms industry, or they are a paid liar.  I’ve owned both cars and guns, so let’s compare and see if we really regulate guns anywhere like the way we regulate motor vehicles.  Is this responsible regulation, or is it anti-rights bigotry?  I use this humorous comparison to illustrate the serious discrimination faced by firearms owners today.  car-vs-gun

  • Without asking for government permission, you can own a car you keep on your property.  In contrast, big city politicians regulate the guns you keep in your locked closet.
  • You can buy a car from your neighbor without a background check, but you might have to wait a 14 day cooling off period before your neighbor could sell you another gun.
  • You can buy car parts without a permit, but some states require you to obtain permission before you may even touch a gun in a gun shop.  Socialist politicians abuse the human right of self-defense.
  • You can buy gasoline without a permit, but some states require a special permit to buy ammunition.  Don’t expect to buy ammunition if you are from out of state.  So much for “..shall not be infringed.”
  • You can let a friend sit in your car without a background check, but it is a felony in some states if your friend holds your firearm.  Criminals certainly don’t obey these gun laws, so the laws are passed to oppress honest gun owners.
  • We have public parking places for cars, but the government doesn’t provide free gun storage outside “gun-free” zones.
  • Child Protective Services won’t knock on my door if I post a picture of my child with my car, but some gun owners get a government official knocking at their door if they post a picture of their child holding a gun.
  • My wife can park her car in front of our house.  No one blames her if her car is stolen, but big city socialists blame a gun owner if her gun is stolen from inside her house.
  • We don’t shut down highways because cars are too noisy, but we shut down gun ranges for any excuse at all.
  • We don’t send cops and tow trucks to your house if your spouse looses his drivers license.  We send cops to gun owners houses if their spouse fails to renew his firearms owners registration card.
  • In contrast, you can buy a car in a few hours, but innocent citizens die while they wait for state permission to buy a gun for self-defense.  They are not rights if politicians can vote them away.
  • The news media and big city socialists don’t call to ban of cars when a muslim terrorist uses his car to run over university students, but the media and politicians will eagerly blame honest gun owners and call for more gun control..even when a gun wasn’t used in the attack.

We routinely see our big city politicians exempt themselves from the gun laws that apply to everyone else.  That hypocrisy doesn’t get much coverage in the news. I’m not surprised since the media lies about gun owners.  The result is worse than hypocrisy.  We’ve lost the ability for honest citizens to protect themselves.  Our rights have been infringed and it costs lives.

The rest of the United States sees falling crime rates, but our Socialists controlled cities are increasingly violent places to live.  Big city socialists blame gun owners for their failed social experiments.

Well here is a news flash for them.  Stop the bigotry.  Bigotry is blaming an innocent group for a perceived wrong, and honest gun owners didn’t break the socialist’s gun-free fantasy.  Their big city fantasy doesn’t work, and gun owners are not to blame.

I’m tired of the anti-rights bigotry spread by big city Socialists and trumpeted across the publicly traded media.  Let’s hear them advocate for the real human right of self-defense instead.

Stop anti-rights bigotry now.

A. Barton Hinkle column: The liberal postmortem is not going well – Bart Hinkle – Richmond, Va.

November 28, 2016

Six months of fake news stories about Hillary Clinton didn’t doom her election chances; two decades of real news stories did. But the fake-news meme provides Democrats with an excuse to avoid self-reflection; it clears Clinton (and them) of any responsibility for the loss. Unfortunately for Democrats, assuming there are no lessons to be learned only increases the odds that Democrats will nominate another flawed candidate next time.

Source: A. Barton Hinkle column: The liberal postmortem is not going well – Bart Hinkle – Richmond, Va., News, Entertainment, Events, Food, Dining, Sports, Business and Commentary

Voodoo Gun Owners and Superstitious Self-Defense

November 26, 2016

firearmsclassinstructionWe make two large mistakes about self-defense. Some of us think guns are good, and some of us think guns are bad. Both viewpoints, as I’ll describe them here, are wrong.

There is no place for superstition in self-defense. The people who think guns are bad don’t read this blog, so let’s talk about our superstitious friends who think guns are good. It sounds silly when I describe our actions in such unflattering terms, but we all know many of these voodoo gun owners.

These gun owners think guns will protect them. These guys go buy another gun if an anti-gun politician says guns are bad, yet they won’t join the NRA to support pro-gun politicians. They go buy another gun if there is a violent crime in their neighborhood, yet they never stop to take a training class.  They don’t know how much they don’t know.

You’ve seen your old neighbor, Mrs. Grundy, who goes to the store late and night and thinks she is safe because the dusty gun in her purse will protect her. She hasn’t fired her gun in years and never took a training class. Sigh. The gun stored up on your closet shelf won’t protect you either. It can’t.

I’m going to be blunt: a gun isn’t magic. An inert lump of metal doesn’t project an invisible force field that repels criminals. Only your training and its application turns a firearm into a tool for self-defense. Only your ingrained habits can help you when you need to defend those you love. Have you built those habits through study and practice?

Marksmanship and gun handling teaches you what to do with your hands. Protecting your family means going to class. Practice means exercising the drills you were taught. It means carrying every day so you know how to live with your gun. You need to get some firearms training, but that isn’t all you need.

Self-defense training teaches you what to do with your mind. You won’t see potential risks unfold unless you know where to look. Developing a library of habits that help you see and avoid danger is the most important training you can get. If you’ve been attacked, then please tell me if I’m wrong.

Let’s go one step further. You won’t be able to defend your family if the police take away your firearms and arrest you. You have to learn about your local laws so you can obey them. You don’t want to give the government an excuse to disarm you.

Like playing an instrument, you can’t learn this in an hour. It takes time and consistent practice.

Let me set the level of expectations for you. Developing self-defense skills is a long-term process. First, you’re told what to do by an instructor. Next, you’re shown what to do. You watch other students trying to put their new skills into practice. A skilled instructor watches your performance and gives you feedback.

Now you know what it feels like to do the right thing. Now you can practice on your own and eventually make it a procedural skill you don’t have to think about. Fortunately for all of us, there are great teachers out there and learning new skills is fun.

Let’s get rid of the excuses. The hunter’s safety course you had when you were a teenager isn’t what you need for self-defense. The military training you had 10 years ago isn’t second nature any longer. The course you took three years ago — and haven’t touched your firearm since — well, that course isn’t doing you much good today.

We won’t know the time and place when danger decides to hunt us. Let’s prepare now so you we can surprise danger, rather than the other way around.

This article was first published at Second Call Defense

Daily News scared shiftless about National Reciprocity.  – Gun Free Zone

November 26, 2016

Miguel at Gun Free Zone takes the media elites to task for their half-truths lies about gun-control.  The anti-rights media do not deserve the benefit of doubt.  They are in full-on propaganda mode before Trump takes office.

“I do believe that we need strict licensing to issue permits to perform any type of journalism. And the police or state or local office should make sure that only people with the proper character are allowed to publish articles or issue editorials. I mean, we cannot allow barely-there examples of poor journalism like the New York Times or the NY Daily News to publish stuff irresponsibly, right?”

Give Miguel a read- Daily News scared shiftless about National Reciprocity.  – Gun Free Zone

Are Guns Legal in Your Town, but Not Next Door?

November 24, 2016

ConcealedCarryNew York won’t recognize the licenses from Connecticut or Massachusetts.  New Jersey won’t recognize New York or Pennsylvania.  California cops won’t recognize your license from Arizona, Nevada or Oregon.

I’m talking about the license to carry a concealed weapon in public, and with over 15 million licensed concealed carriers in the U.S., recognition between states is a study in contrasts.  Some 15 states say a law-abiding adult can legally carry a loaded firearm in public without any permit at all.  In contrast, a visitor carrying without a recognized license in California is usually charged with a felony and faces years in jail.  Welcome to the bizarre nightmare endured by honest gun owners every day.

Recognizing the permits and licenses issued by other states is broadly called reciprocity.  Politicians say a number of factors are involved.  The decision to recognize your carry permit from another state isn’t a matter of public safety.  Concealed carry holders are the most law abiding segment of society.  Concealed carry holders are more law abiding and less likely to commit a legal violation with a firearm than are the police.

Permit reciprocity isn’t a an issue of protecting the public from risks.  For comparison, we recognize drivers licenses between states and territories.  The licenses vary widely in the training, the age, and the levels of insurance required before you may legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads.  The public risks are real since automobile accidents injure far more people than firearms accidents.

Recognizing out-of-state legal documents is nothing new.  We recognize the legal certificates and decrees issued by other states every day.  For example, we recognize death certificates, divorce decrees, and adoption certificates even though those laws vary widely from state to state.  Federal judges mandated the recognition of marriage between states even though the states have significantly different marriage laws.

Denying reciprocity isn’t a matter of state laws lagging behind public practice.  Legally carrying a firearm in public is increasingly common, and has been legal since before the country was founded.  The restrictions on firearms owners are not based on safety or legal philosophy at all.  These restrictions are about money and political power.

Firearms restrictions are rooted in racism.  Southern Democrats wrote racist gun laws as part of the Jim Crow laws imposing segregation after the Civil War.  Firearms restrictions spread as minorities moved across the country.  These laws were a way for wealthy local majorities to oppress poor minorities, particularly transient minorities who lacked local political representation.

These regulations certainly don’t stop crime.  The cities with the strictest regulations have among the highest rates for violent crime.  Even the police say honest citizens should carry guns for public safety.  So, why are guns over-regulated today?

It is called “Policing for Profit”.   I’ve seen California cops deliberately ticket out of state drivers.  This is easy robbery for the local government.  The cops know the out-of-towners will pay the bogus tickets.  Few of us can afford the time and expense to return to California simply to go to court to fight the trumped up charges.  How do we stop this corruption, be it against drivers or against over-regulated gun owners?

We don’t have to guess at the answer.  Economists who studied the incentives of government actions have modeled how power is applied to politicians.  Politicians act to maximize their political “profit”.  They concentrate benefits and spread the costs.  Special interests give campaign donations to anti-rights politicians.  The politicians incrementally disarm the entire populace, including visitors from out of state.

Economists learned that pro-rights states should play a legal game of “tit-for-tat”; “We’ll treat your citizens the way you treat ours.”  That puts the pressure back on the anti-rights politicians.  In economic terms, it makes their anti-rights bigotry politically expensive.  In practical terms, pro-rights states could associate their concealed carry permits as part of their driver’s licenses.  Then the politicians say, “If you won’t recognize our “driver’s licenses”, then we won’t recognize yours.”

Ultimately we need a political solution to a political problem.  Government officials in big-government states do more than harass gun owners for non-violent violations.  These officials also grant concealed carry permits to their political supporters. These politicians grant licenses in return for kickbacks and political favors.  They view the kickback system as part of their personal benefit package that comes with their government position.  Graft is right there next to their vacation pay and lifetime pension.

A federal judge can put a stop to that corruption once and for all, but local officials will never go willingly.

The federal government can use a political hammer to force reciprocity, the same way Obama forced us to accept refugees and unisex bathrooms.  Concealed carry licenses in anti-gun states are issued by county sheriffs.  In a battle of political attrition, the feds have more lawyers and money than a county.

Please carry where you legally can do so.

US Voters Were Tired of the Lies

November 24, 2016

voting ballotThank you.  The average US citizen was smarter than the elites.  We proved it at the polling place.  We didn’t like the choices we faced, but that doesn’t mean the candidates were the same.  We didn’t like the lies.  We voted and we improved our future despite the lies we faced.

We were lied to by the US media.  They told us that Trump was a loser.  We believed our own eyes.  In contrast, the “publicly traded media” told us Hillary never lied.  We believed our own ears and knew better.

Establishment Republicans said we needed more graft and political kickbacks, just like the Socialists, only slower, and with big-government Republicans in the White House getting the kickbacks.  We didn’t believe them.  For the average guy and gal earning a living and paying their bills, that future seemed about as attractive as a second bite on a crap sandwich.  We said “Hell no.”

The socialists said we needed more illegal immigrants to make the US great.  We noticed that the poor peasants streaming across our border hadn’t made their country great, so they wouldn’t make the US great either.  Well, duh.  Sorry, Huff Po, but we’re not that stupid.

We were told we couldn’t let the market make jobs.  Those of us who bothered to look noticed the high unemployment in deep blue California and New York.  It is now a small world, and we knew people who left that non-workers paradise.

We were told we couldn’t drill our way to low energy prices, but instead we needed more government grants for solar-windmill-ethanol farms.  Excuse me, but we know people who actually have jobs in Texas and South Dakota.

We were told that free abortions and same-sex bathrooms were the key to lasting happiness at home.  That isn’t true in the real world where we live, work, and raise a family.  We would have laughed, except we were tired of hearing the lies over and over.

Politicians and celebrities in their private jets told us we consume too much.  We were told that global warming would turn South Dakota into south Florida.  Politicians saw opportunities for new regulations and new kickbacks.  We learned that well-schooled academics will say whatever a federal research grant pays them to say.  We didn’t believe them.

Political elites said we needed them.  That was true of both Republicans and Democrats.  We had to support Hillary, or we had to support Jeb, or the world would end.  We knew better.  These elite politicians need us, or they are simply another overweight hack wearing a suit.

The media were as partisan as they could be.  No sugar-coated lie was left untold.  We sorted it out and decided we’d believe our eyes rather than believe their lies.  Pity those celebrity-journalists; nothing is as useless as a slightly-used propaganda minister.

Here is my plea.  Please don’t stop.  The politicians hope and pray this last election was an accident.  Please keep paying attention.  Call BS when politicians lie to us.  Every. Time.

Thank you for believing in your own judgement and seeing through the fog of lies.

A Proposal to Limit the Regulatory State | Prince Law Offices, P.C.

November 22, 2016

require that major rules be enacted by Congress itself, treating the output of a federal agency’s notice-and-comment rulemaking effort as the equivalent of a bill for the consideration

Source: A Proposal to Limit the Regulatory State | Prince Law Offices, P.C.

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