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Do We Need a Few New United States?

January 18, 2018

Many people leave California every day. This time, a group has proposed to leave California and take the land with them. This New California is made from the red counties away from the deep blue coast. They are not asking to leave the United States, but rather to return to them. Yes, there are conservatives in California. Millions of them.

To get a sense of size, there are enough registered republicans and libertarians in California to replace every registered voter in Georgia, or in North Carolina, or in Michigan. That makes these registered republicans about the tenth largest state in the union. Not all of them would live in New California of course. Many would still live in Old California, but many of them would form a new conservative state that is tired of living under the thumb of the socialists elites in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


This illustrates a larger point. Look how the socialists are concentrated onto isolated democrat islands. That means there are lots of New United States that can be discovered.


How about a New (and improved) New York, one that leaves NYC and Albany to themselves. We can discover a New Pennsylvania that sheds Philly. A New Illinois would be red and a New Washington would leave SeaTac to drink coffee by themselves. A New Florida released from the Miami area would be bright red indeed, as would a New Colorado.

This exposes a larger issue that both underlies and powers the seperationist movement. Today’s liberals rejected a live-and-let-live attitude. Yesterdays hippies became today’s authoritarians. The “do your own thing” attitude was replaced by the heavy hand of government dicta.

Blue state legislators dictate what to eat, what to drive, where to go, and what to think. The politicians making those decisions are far removed from the people who actually grow food, build products, and supply energy for the rest of us. Those of us in fly-over country also raise our own families and we live under a budget. That is something we haven’t seen from a blue state in a very long time.

This is not an academic disagreement or a matter of opinion over fashion trends. For all their “enlightenment” these blue-state-busy-bodies demand that people live just like them..or go to jail. I know people who’ve served time. Of course there is push back. It is long overdue.

The outcome is in doubt. Will we see the so-called republican/conservatives in office actually conserve liberty, or will they support the status quo that got them campaign contributions? I don’t know. It is up to us.

These are interesting times.


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Venezuelan Socialists Murder More of Their Political Enemies

January 17, 2018

Meanwhile, American Socialists refuse to see the truth of their beliefs. Here it is laid out raw for those of us who can learn. RM

The order is to kill you,’ Venezuelan soldiers reportedly told rebel cop before firing.

Venezuelan special forces who launched a deadly attack using rocket launchers and assault rifles against a former cop-turned-rebel had orders not to take anyone alive, the insurgent told an ally by telephone shortly before he was killed Monday with six of his followers.
Fearing for the lives of his fellow rebels and those of an innocent family also in the house where the shootout occurred, Óscar Pérez tried to negotiate his surrender.. ‘We are not going to negotiate; the order is to kill you.’

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Repost- ‘Swatting’ and Police Accountability

January 14, 2018

I wrote about police procedure killing civilians, and at least a thousand of you read it. Thank you.

Cato weighs in as well. ‘Swatting’ and Police Accountability




Repost- The Impact of Illegal aliens on Crime Rates

January 12, 2018

Doctor John Lott did the math. Immigrants in Arizona cause crime. RM

“Using newly released detailed data on all prisoners who entered the Arizona state prison from January 1985 through June 2017, we are able to separate non-U.S. citizens by whether they are illegal or legal residents.. Undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans. They also tend to commit more serious crimes and serve 10.5% longer sentences, more likely to be classified as dangerous, and 45% more likely to be gang members than U.S. citizens.”

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Unacceptable Police Procedure- the Deadly Game of Simon Says

January 11, 2018

Innocent civilians are at risk from the police. We’ve had egregious examples in recent months. This is how we can fix these broken police policies, and this is why it’s urgent.

-The police receive a report of a crime in progress. The report is a lie. The person on the phone with the police has made about 20 false reports. The police arrive at your home. It is the middle of the night and you hear yelling from outside. You walk outside to see what is going on. Voices from the darkness say they are the police. Multiple police officers give commands. The police are approximately 35 yards from you. You can’t see them or the police cars.  All you see are bright lights and you hear voices. One policeman loses sight of one of your hands. Since you might be going for a weapon, you’re shot dead by police. This happened in Kansas.

-You hear a knock at the door in the middle of the night. You aren’t expecting anyone. You are a law abiding gun owner without a criminal record. You walk to the door armed. That is what self-defense experts, and even some police officers, suggest you do in this situation.  A policeman sees you through the sidelights.  He is outside your home and you are inside. The policeman sees your gun and shoots you dead. You never made it to the door. This happened in Florida.

These and similar incidents illustrate a dangerous pattern. The police treat possible threats as lethal threats. They then kill unarmed and innocent civilians without warning. The murder is often preceded by a lethal game of simon-says where the police issue commands until the innocent civilian makes a mistake and is killed. In several fatal examples, there were no actual threats of any kind to the police officers involved.

We are in this situation because of qualified immunity. Qualified Immunity is a legal defense where government officials are held harmless if they followed established procedures. Ordinary citizens do not have this legal immunity. You and I would be held criminally negligent if we did what the police do. We are lucky to have a cure.

We use simulators to train law enforcement when to shoot and when not to shoot. This reality based training is extremely useful in exposing weaknesses in police policy and in officer training. Now we can use these simulators to fix broken police procedures, but with a twist. We need to put a few civilians through the simulators, not the police.

We have many recordings of officers arresting civilians. We know what they say. We want to expose ordinary citizens to these simulations and capture the results as the citizens respond.

By ordinary citizens I mean Walmart shoppers. We want to test the people most likely to come in contact with the police. Let’s record how they respond with flashing lights, loud noise and conflicting unexpected commands. There are many use-of-force instructors who can look at the multiple videos and tally-up the number of times these innocent citizens would have been shot by police who were “just following procedures”. How many innocent civilians should we sacrifice? One out of a million, or one out of five?

“Just following procedures” sounds too much like “just following orders” to me, but I could be wrong. The reality based simulations will show us. They will establish how many civilians are shot while officers are “just following accepted police procedures”. Police agencies might not generate and release this data but you can be sure that lawyers representing the dead person’s family certainly will.

We don’t have to guess if police procedures are safe and effective. We can measure them.

If your city council thought that training and testing is expensive, wait until they see what jury verdicts cost. Although “procedures” are the basis for qualified immunity, those procedures can, are, and will be challenged in court by plaintiffs’ lawyers through expert testimony.

Lawyers will try to show that the police didn’t follow their own procedures and that the  procedures as taught are not best practice. Police training departments MUST keep up with any new trends, from “non/less-lethal weapons to new verbal techniques in dealing with suspects, bystanders, and even pet dogs.

Thanks to my friends Greg Hopkins and David Cole for their comments. All opinions and errors are mine and may not reflect their beliefs. RM

Why Warning Shots Are Such a Bad Idea

January 2, 2018

You’ve heard the saying a thousand times. You will never need a gun until the moment when you need one immediately. Like a parachute or a fire extinguisher, a gun is a life saving tool and not a toy. We use a firearm to stop an immediate and lethal threat. That is why we don’t fire warning shots.

You probably heard this in your concealed carry class, but here are the key factors that need to be present to justify using lethal force:

  • You (or another person being attacked) are innocent. You did not start this fight.
  • You are in immediate danger. You don’t have time to do anything else but defend yourself.
  • The threat is credible. Your attacker has the means, intent, and the ability to kill you or cause great bodily injury or harm.
  • The threat is unavoidable. You can’t step back and lock the door. You can’t step on the gas and drive away.
  • Your response is proportional or “reasonable.” Is a more moderate response sufficient to save your life?

That reasonable factor gets us into trouble, and I’m going to use a tough example. Suppose a bunch of drunk family members start pushing each other and throwing insults. Your drunken in-laws are threatening everyone. Can you call the cops and walk away, or do you need to kill someone right now to prevent even greater injury? You fire a warning shot to show them you’re serious … and then you get hauled off to jail.

“But I didn’t want to kill my brother-in-law,” you say. That reaction makes great sense, but either you misunderstood the threat, or a gun was the wrong tool for the job. You used a lethal tool when lethal force was not justified. Putting your hand on your gun, or even threatening to do so, isn’t justified either. By doing so, you’ve threatened to use lethal force. Was your life in danger, or was it really your wallet or your pride?

What you cannot do is use a gun to intimidate someone. That is what criminals do.

That is why warning shots are such a bad idea. You fired a shot and did not mean to kill your attacker. A warning shot says that your life was not in immediate and unavoidable danger. The bullet hole you made is the period at the end of your confession. Don’t do it!

Suppose you’re at an event that has turned ugly. You may have to grab your family and run to your car. That is the best solution because there will be a lethal instrument in any fight where you are involved. You know there will be, because you brought it. That has serious implications.

If you knew your friends or relatives could get out of control, then the prosecutor will tell the jury that you brought your gun and walked into trouble even when you could have avoided the situation. After all, you are the one who brought the gun to the family fight on purpose. The prosecutor has a point. We don’t use a gun to intimidate, but only to stop a lethal and unavoidable attack.

Your gun is a physical tool, not a psychological one.

When should you shoot? Now is the time to think about it. Consider what you should do before the insults or fists are flying. Knowing when to shoot is as important as knowing how to shoot. Just like the physical skill of shooting your target, your judgment training also takes practice.

If you are going somewhere and you think you might need your gun, then don’t go … and don’t use a warning shot!


This article was first published at Second Call Defense in 2017.

The Good News Review of 2017 for Gun Owners

January 2, 2018

For the last several years, I’ve posted a year in review for gun owners. These are the events that changed thousands of lives.

The first good news was what you did during 2016. Time after time honest gun owners saved lives. Sometimes you saved yourself. Sometimes you saved many others. You stopped mass murder in December of 2016. Sorry that it took us a month to notice, but good job and thank you for carrying concealed when you can.

On January 3rd, Representative Richard Hudson introduced the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill into congress. Paul Ryan kept it bottled up in committee to die. The bill passed the House on December 6th.

The 7th circuit court ruled that Chicago can’t outlaw firing ranges. The reason this is such a stinging issue to gun owners, is that Chicago also required live-fire testing before you can receive a concealed carry permit. As of today, there are no ranges open to the public in Chicago.

New Hampshire became a constitutional carry state. That means you don’t need a government permission slip to carry your legal gun in public. New Hampshire is the 16th state that has some form of unrestricted carry.

Some social security recipients got their rights back. President Obama turned many socials security recipients into prohibited persons. Obama said they were mentally defective if these social security recipients had a financial advisor manage their social security payments. The Republican Majority rescinded President Obama’s reclassification.

Ryan Zinke was confirmed as secretary at the US Department of the Interior. Zinke quickly rescinded the ban on lead bullets.  He also opened more federal lands to hiking, shooting and hunting.

Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Gorsuch replaced the late Antonin Scalia.

Georgia passed campus carry..finally, after several tries.

And speaking of campus carry, we want to remind you about the big news in Tennessee. Certainly you read about it in the news? We were told that campuses would run red with blood. That is what the advocates for disarming innocent victims said would happen. That is what the uncritical media reported. Tennessee completed its first full year of having armed staff on college campuses..and the results never made the news..because nothing bad happened.

Texas allowed concealed carry holders to carry on college campuses last year. This year, junior colleges were no longer gun-free zones for licensed concealed carriers. There were no incidents. Good news is no news when it comes to guns and the mainstream media.

In Colorado, it has been legal for school administrators to arm school staff for some time. This year, formal training for that staff came to Colorado with the FASTER program. The training was well publicized and well received. It was amazing to hear the disarmament advocates say that we would all be safer if teachers were untrained.

Montana decriminalized carrying a knife unless you’re an otherwise a prohibited person.

Public transportation in Oklahoma is no longer a prohibited place to carry for licensed gun owners. Now honest gun owners who ride the bus are on the same footing as the criminals.

Florida changed its criminal code so that if you claim self-defense, the burden of proof is on the state to show that your actions were not self-defense.

Gun ownership gained broader acceptance across the country.  More than 16 million people have carry permits in mid-2017. That does not count the people who can carry without a permit because they live in a constitutional carry state. We also saw a record number of women and racial minorities become gun owners and instructors. That is great news for everyone since women and minorities are disproportionately targeted as victims of violent crime.

The Friday after thanksgiving is usually a busy shopping day. When it comes to firearms, it is an extraordinary busy day. It was the busiest day ever for the FBI instant background check system that vets gun owners. Ordinary citizens purchased more than a fifth of a million firearms that day.   Those are enough guns to re-equip the US Marine Corps with light weapons..and merry Christmas too.

The mainstream media lied about gun owners. They accepted lies from anti-gun sources and published them as truth. For example, a terrorist runs over people with a rented truck, and the media repeats the need for gun control. The mainstream media ignored the thousands of self-defense stories that make local newspapers every day. Today, we know that the media sells a political point of view. The good news for gun owners is that most of the public now recognizes how biased the mainstream media is, and has been.

The Arizona Supreme Court put some teeth into state preemption laws. They said that Tucson could violate state law and destroy firearms, but the city would then lose state funding. When are we going to see preemption for the right to keep and bear arms rather than against it?

In theory you can get a concealed carry license in states like California and New Jersey. In fact, judges and politicians are the only ones who get their licenses in these “may-issue” states where the sheriff and police chief are allowed to pick and choose.  Old white men get protection..and you don’t. So why is this good news? Now we know. Corruption is an old story, but in 2017 we documented the extent that our human rights were abused in these deep blue states.

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia struck down Washington DC’s existing requirements to receive a carry permit. DC required applicants to show good cause. An ongoing pattern or violent threats or attacks was considered good cause if they were backed up by police reports. That standard was overthrown since the vast majority of DC citizens could never qualify. DC refused to appeal since the court ruling would be binding on a larger district if the case was upheld.

We saw the growth and acceptance of concealed carry fashion shows this year. New gun owners don’t know who carries and how they carry. These fashion shows let the public see  us and how we carry. The fashion shows also demonstrated that normal people carry guns, all the time, and everywhere.

A murderer entered a church in Sutherland, Texas. He had a history of mental health issues and convictions for assault and battery. The murderer was prohibited from owning a firearm. He murdered 26 people before he was stopped. That is horrible news. Fortunately the murderer stopped his attacks when he was shot by a neighbor who lived next door to the church. Thank god for that good guy with a gun. Millions of you decided you needed to carry concealed at church.  Thank you too.


What would you add? RM

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