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Repost- More than $30 million in five years swept from gun owner ID fees | Illinois | 

December 12, 2019

You didn’t expect corrupt politicians to pay off their friends out of their own pockets, did you? Elections have consequences. RM

“About 2.3 million Illinoisans hold a Firearm Owners’ Identification Card that allows them to buy and own firearms. The card costs $10 for 10 years

“Lawmakers diverted nearly $30 million over the past five years from Illinois State Police funds to cover other government spending, something a statewide gun-rights group said was unacceptable.

“ fiscal years 2015 through 2019 more than $13 million was swept from the State Police Firearm Services Fund for other purposes.”


Source: More than $30 million in five years swept from gun owner ID fees | Illinois |

NAS Pensacola shooting leads Navy instructor pilots to tell top brass: ‘Arm us’ | Fox News

December 11, 2019

Demote and reassign the base commander. That will get their attention.- RM

‘Two flight instructors said the Saudi murderer had 10 minutes to carry out his deadly assault at Naval Air Station Pensacola. In a gunfight, that’s an eternity. It’s so stupid that the shooter was allowed to roam free for so long on a military base. The navy outsourced base security to private contractors. Base security is fat and out of shape. I have zero confidence the guy I show my ID card to at the gate could save me. Navy brass denied  the pilots request to arm themselves on base.’

Read it all: NAS Pensacola shooting leads Navy instructor pilots to tell top brass: ‘Arm us’ | Fox News”

Bloomberg’s Campaign Changes Politics Across the US

December 9, 2019

Bloomberg’s money changes everything.. or does it?

As Trump did before him, the Bloomberg presidential campaign is going to shake up the Democrat establishment. That is true no matter what happens on election day. Mayor Mike will disrupt the establishment even if he tries to work with the Democrats, just as Trump did with the Republicans. That outcome lies in the very nature of politics. Politicians sell government power to special interests. Candidates promise to deliver later, if elected, in return for campaign contributions today. In contrast, Bloomberg is buying political interests directly and cutting out the democrat money men in the middle, and also cutting out some of the democrat special interests.

Bloomberg is buying political power wholesale rather than at retail political rates.

Forget what you were told in high school about how politics is supposed to work. We were told that government is supposed to do the things that are too difficult for groups of individuals to do on their own. If you think government works that way then you probably live in a Democrat controlled big city and have not been paying attention to the potholes in the roads. The only time “the public good” makes an appearance is when a political spokesman writes a press release.

The real business of politics is to get a bureaucrat between progress and someone with money. Politicians write legislation to concentrate benefits and distribute the costs.  That maximizes the size of the political payoff. The public good is nowhere to be seen. Let me briefly explain since that is a new idea to many.

You’re willing to spend thousand of dollars in to repair your driveway because you receive most of the benefit. You’re not willing to spend even one evening every month at the county board of supervisors meeting asking for better roads. The road contractors are willing to be at those meetings because the contract will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have an incentive that you don’t have.. and that is why local contractors donate thousands and thousands of dollars to their favorite politicians.

Magnify that situation a thousand fold, and that is how Obama earned his millions, Pelosi and Biden earned their tens of millions, and Clinton earned her hundreds of millions. No matter what he does, Bloomberg will upset the existing network of kickbacks, and hundreds of millions of dollars are in play.

What will the special interests do if, like Trump, Bloomberg isn’t for sale? Billionaire Mayor Mike is used to having his way. Woe be unto you if you want to defend your family while you’re holding a large sugary soda. Those choices don’t fit with Mike’s world view. Even if Bloomberg says that he supports your cause, there is no promise of campaign contributions to make him keep his word. And Bloomberg is a politician.

You might not like Bloomberg, but his greatest opposition will come from the leaders of the Democrat party, and they already have their millions. Money talks, and the people who’ve been screwing is out of hundreds of millions of dollars a year are not easy to charm.

Bloomberg may be rich, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy all the people all the time. Given Bloomberg’s money, he has already bought ALL the advertising time for the next several years. Political candidates in every state might have to ask Bloomberg if they can run a political advertisement.. please, sir.

This election is going to be fascinating.

I gave you 400 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

Repost-Warriors Disarmed — DBC

December 9, 2019

Read what David said. RM

“If you would disarm your troops…making them more vulnerable…increasing their risk… in order to reduce the risk to your career, you are a coward.”- DBC

Source: Warriors Disarmed — DBC

Repost from ABC News- 4 dead in shooting incident at Pensacola naval base; suspect was Saudi national

December 6, 2019

The US government can not tell a Saudi Second Lieutenant from a Jihadi. Therefore, the US government cannot protect us. We are on our own. You stay safe. RM

The shooter was identified as Mohammed Alshamrani, a Saudi national and member of the country’s air force who was in the U.S. for flight training, law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation told ABC News. Investigators are trying to determine whether the shooting was terror-related, the officials said.

Source: 4 dead in shooting incident at Pensacola naval base; suspect was Saudi national, officials say – ABC News

Gun Control in Florida Costs Lives

December 6, 2019

I re-watched the news coverage of a murderer’s attack on a Florida High School. I also read about an armed store clerk in Florida who saved his life by stopping an armed robber. I read about the attack on a Florida homeowner who saved her life because she was armed. One event is seen, and the others go unseen. The media floods us with horrible images of murder but doesn’t show us the thousands of examples of armed defense. We need to know the whole truth before we can make good choices about gun ownership and gun-control. Once we look at both sides, we see that disarming honest citizens in Florida will cost more lives than it could possibly save.

Parkland High School- Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Florida was once called “the gunshine state”. It earned that nickname back in 1987 when it became a “shall issue” state. That reversed a century of gun-control laws where local officials denied gun ownership to racial and political minorities. Our gun-control laws always made it illegal for criminals to have guns, but since criminals don’t obey the law, these gun-control laws only disarmed law abiding citizens who asked the government for permission. The regulations passed two decades ago in Florida meant that local officials “shall issue” firearms permits unless the applicant has a criminal record. There are legendary stories among Florida law enforcement about the falling rate of sexual assault once women could again carry a concealed firearm.

That was twenty years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Florida now has a number of gun-control laws and some politicians want to pass many more. Do these laws save lives or cost lives? Is the question of life-and-death even a concern as long as the proposed legislation earns the politicians a few minutes in front of the news cameras and brings in campaign donations? We have to dig past the headlines to find the truth.

Does gun-control work for the politicians.. or does gun-control work for us?

The rate of concealed carry in Florida is higher than the average rate for states that issue permits to the public. To be specific, about one-out-of-seven eligible adults have their permit in Florida (13.4%). While above average, Florida’s carry rate isn’t close to the states with the highest  rates of concealed carry. Alabama is closer to one-in-three (30.3%) eligible adults, and even Pennsylvania is about one-in-six (15.3%). While there are several counties in Pennsylvania where the carry rate is closer to 50%, some sixteen states do not require any state permit for law abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm in public. What does that mean for the citizens of Florida?

Those carry rates tell us what people want and the impact of our restrictive firearms laws. We think of Florida as having permissive firearms regulations, but compared to Alabama, those concealed carry restrictions disarmed over two and a quarter million Floridians who wanted to carry. Those regulations touched a lot of lives. You can imagine what happens when you disarm the honest people in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Orlando combined. The results are shocking.

Using the FBI’s rates of violent crime, each year over 8,400 victims of violent crime were disarmed by Florida’s concealed carry laws. Over 700 of these victims were rape victims.. each year. That is an additional two rape victims per day. Florida’s restrictive gun laws cost its citizens their property, their dignity, and their lives. Unfortunately, the news gets worse. Those estimates are calculated by using the average US crime rate. The bad news is that the rate of violent crime in several Florida cities is far above average.

Let me leave you with some good news that is buried deep in old Department of Justice reports; armed victims of sexual assault are not raped. That good great news seldom makes the news.

For me, these are more than statistics. The victims have faces and names. I know people who were sexually assaulted and now choose to go armed for their defense. Some of them live in Florida. Those victims are someone’s family and friends. If you think about it, you probably know a victim of sexual assault who was disarmed.

Florida also made its firearms laws more restrictive by raising the minimum age for firearms ownership. That means a young woman can get married, have children, drive a huge commercial truck for a living, or fly an airplane, but she wouldn’t be allowed to protect her family at home with a firearm. In Florida, the bad guys know that the 20 year old clerk working nights at a convenience store is disarmed. Disarming the good guys doesn’t disarm the bad guys..despite what the politicians and the press tell us. Mass murderers and other criminals break our gun laws, so these firearms regulations cost lives rather than save them.

The political advocates for gun-control say they want to get rid of guns, but their actions say otherwise. They have armed guards who protect them at work. Many have security services to protect them at home and as they travel. Some of the loudest political advocates for gun control own guns for their personal protection. They want us disarmed while they are protected by men with guns. We deserve better.

You deserve better. The right of self-defense saves lives every day.. even if that story is deliberately buried on the back page. Gun-control politicians claim “it is for the children”, but in reality, more gun-control in Florida will cost more lives. It could be the lives of those you love.

Protect them now.

I gave you 900 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

Have You Seen “Real” Gun Control?

December 4, 2019

I watched them on the news. I saw rich politicians with security details tell me to give up my money and my guns. Some politicians promoted gun control after they accepted campaign donations from rich billionaires. These people are saying one thing while they do another. These politicians, and the people who donate millions of dollars to fund gun-control, have no need to go armed. They hire people to protect them. They have their own security services, while we have to protect ourselves. They aren’t anti-gun. They are for corporate and government gun ownership, while they speak against private and personal gun ownership.

Government security

Here is what real gun-control would look like without hypocrisy, and, frankly, I haven’t real examples of gun-control. Please use the comment section to tell me if you’ve seen what I’ve missed.

-Billionaires and rich politicians will never walk into a store and shop for groceries or Christmas presents on a rainy night. They have cooks and personal shoppers who do that for them. I bring this up because parking lots are one of the favorite places where criminals hunt for victims. Billionaires and elite politicians certainly won’t walk across a dark parking lot at night by themselves. You, on the other hand, live a different life than they do. You probably walk across a dark lot by yourself several times a week. You face risks every day that billionaires and rich politicians will never see again. You deserve the right of self-defense.

-The billionaire may own a bank, but he doesn’t have to walk up to an ATM at night to get cash. Billionaires and rich politicians hire people to do that for them. You are the one who has to go dangerous places alone in the dark. So does your family. You deserve protection, just like the rich billionaire.

-Billionaires and rich politicians seldom drive themselves. They hire chauffeurs and limousine services to take them where they want to go. In contrast, you walk into a gas station/convenience store at night. You watch the news and you know that isn’t safe. Who is there to protect you? Elite politicians have bodyguards with them, but for us, the police are 11 minutes away. You have the right to protect yourself.

-We face risks every day. We are the ones working behind the counter at fast food jobs, at convenience stores, and at a small retail businesses. Most of us don’t have armed security guards at the buildings where we work. Elite politicians do. Most of us have to protect ourselves at work as well as at home.

-We are the ones who drop off our soiled clothes at a dry cleaners after work. We cross a dark street to get to public transportation.

Our lives are different than the people who make our laws and who report our news.

Billionaires and rich politicians have armed security details to protect them. They have servants who drive them, who feed them, and who clean their clothes. Even the spokesmen for gun control have security guards.

Security guards for anti-gun protesters

Billionaires and rich politicians don’t need to provide for their own defense. They want corporate security while outlawing the private security that you provide for yourself and your family. They want you disarmed so that they are the only ones with guns. Unfortunately, they are willing to contribute millions of dollars to get what they want.

Bloomberg with security detail

That kind of money buys an awful lot of politicians and votes, but I have a modest proposal.

Let him who is without a security detail cast the first vote.

If you want me disarmed, then lead by example. If our streets are so safe, then give up your bodyguards. If you want my family disarmed, then fire your security staff at home and at work. Send your protective detail home if you’re a politician. Fire your bodyguards and personal staff if you are one of the billionaires funding the gun-control movement. Show me that the world is safe for my family.

Let your family walk alone at night the way my family does.

I haven’t seen that sort of leadership from the people who speak for gun-control. I can’t take gun-control advocates seriously until they walk the walk. Rather than hear what they say, I learn from what they do. If the world is too dangerous for the elites to be unarmed, then I want my family protected too. I want my family to defend themselves until the police arrive. Isn’t that what you want for your family and friends?

There may be an honest advocate of gun-control out there. Please leave a comment with your examples if you see one.

I gave you 700 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

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