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Killing You Softly with His Words- Judge Approves Seattle Gun Storage Law

November 17, 2018

A judge in Washington State wants us to lock up our guns. That sounds like it could be a good idea, but facts matter when it comes to self-defense. Most of these untested “gun-safety” ideas actually make things worse rather than better. The goal is to save lives, and it isn’t easy.

One of the reasons we’re blind to the risks of “gun-control” is that we forget that guns save so many lives every day. Armed criminals and firearms accidents make headlines. In contrast, the armed woman who stopped a sexual assault barely makes it into the back of the newspaper. Unless you look for those examples, it is easy to miss that guns save lives.

I’ll give you an example with real numbers before we dive deeper into the judge’s decision. We have about 74 children younger than 14 killed in gun accidents each year. You hate that as much as I do. One “gun safety” proposal could be to scoop up half the guns in the USA. That should save half of the 74 children and give us 37 lives saved. That certainly sounds good.

We also have to consider how many lives the half-confiscation will cost. Honest citizens used a firearm to stop a lethal threat by killing their attacker over 1500 times a year. As a low estimate, we also have at least a half-million times where law abiding gun owners used their gun in self-defense but did not kill the criminal attacking them. Honest citizens used a gun to stop sexual assaults more than 38 thousand times a year.

In the case of the half-confiscation, we would have had thousands more innocent victims dead and raped..while we might have saved 37 children from firearms accidents. Even if we’re wildly conservative, we see that gun confiscation costs lives rather than saves them. That is true if we scoop up 1 percent of the guns or 99 percent of them. We want to save children from gun accidents, but we don’t want to leave them at risk from violent criminals either.

Now we have to look at the Washington judge’s opinion in depth. Seattle Washington said a gun has to be locked up when the gun is not in the owner’s hands. We know that safe storage will save lives in some cases. I’m a firearms instructor. I lock up my guns. I’ve bought small gun safes for family, friends, and students, but that isn’t the whole story. How many people will die or be injured because of safe storage laws?

In some cases, a stalking victim can’t afford to buy both a gun and a gun safe when she’s threatened. Will the Seattle provide free guns safes for anyone who asks? Perhaps a victim of domestic violence can’t move her large gun safe with her on the day she flees to a safe house. That leaves her disarmed if she follows the law.

By obeying a well intentioned safe storage law, we’ve disarmed these innocent citizens when they most need a gun for self-defense.

Even if these safe storage laws work as intended, there will be cases when the delay in getting a firearm costs lives. Some of the million examples of armed self-defense will turn into assault and battery as the robber attacks the unarmed victim. Some of those 1500 cases where the robber was killed will end with the defender and the defender’s family being injured or killed. Aren’t there other ways to stop firearms accidents?

Unfortunately, we don’t see a clear decrease in firearms accidents in states that have strict gun control. The reason is that many “accidents” happen when criminals hide their guns where children can get them. Gangs stuff their guns under the steps. Criminals hide their gun under the couch cushion or under the bed. That is where children find them and then hurt themselves or others. I teach firearms safety, but we won’t end firearms accidents even if every honest gun owner locks up his guns. It is a sad truth that criminals don’t obey gun-storage laws any more than they obey the laws prohibiting violent crime. We live in an imperfect world.

We have to do more than read the headlines in order to craft good laws. We live in a country where there are over a million violent crimes every year. Honest citizens use a firearm to defend themselves and their family.

One of the reasons it is so hard to write good gun-safety laws..
is that guns in the hands of honest citizens save so many lives.

It is hard to write a law that will reduce crime and accidents without also restricting the ordinary people who use a gun to defend themselves every day. Without study, it is hard to know if a gun-safety proposal makes us safer or leaves us in greater danger. Fortunately, there is a simple test we can use.

Look at where the law applies. Almost every gun control law has carve-outs, exceptions and exclusions. Is there is an exemption in the law for politicians, for law enforcement, or for judges? Is there an exception for police stations, for government buildings, or for courthouses? If there is an exception in the law for government employees, then it is a bad law for all of us.

How strange that judges know a law is bad if it applies to them, yet they are willing to apply it to us.

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Are Mainstream Media Promoting Murder or Working to Stop It?

November 16, 2018

The news media is a business. It makes money by delivering our eyes to its commercial advertisements. The media will show us anything that keeps us watching. That is bad news for all of us, because some people want to be the news rather than watch it. Some of us will go so far as to kill to be on the news, and the media is fine with that. We have data that mass murders have increased due to the news coverage given to the mass murderers. Is celebrity violence real, and how do we fix it?

Let’s see how this plays out step at a time. Narcissists are mad at the world because they want more attention. They want to be famous, and some of them will do anything to get that attention. For their part, the news media delivers fame to mass murderers. This seems like a fair trade to a depressed and socially isolated narcissists. The media gets the sensational story they want from a mass murder while the murderer gets the public recognition he craves. We’re left to clean up the bloody mess mess of dead bodies.

Today, the media is part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

The media might claim that their sensational coverage of mass murder is merely “the public’s right to be informed”. I’ll remind you that the public’s right to be informed is so the public can make good political decisions. I am all for free speech, but we have several examples where the news media deliberately restricts the information they make public..and we’re better for it.

The most obvious example is that we no longer publicise the name of rape victims. There is a clear public purpose to that restraint. We want rapists prosecuted, and we found that victims were less likely to come forward and press charges if they were pushed into the public eye. Keeping the victim out of the news led to more prosecutions and fewer rapes in the future. The news media stayed in business even with fewer rapes to report.

We no longer publicise the name of young suicides. We used to do so, but then we noticed that youth-suicides would cluster after the first suicide was given widespread news coverage. Other at-risk teens would kill themselves in copycat suicides in order to get their name in the paper. Today, we don’t publish the name and face of the suicide in order to stop copycat “celebrity suicides”. The media has plenty of news to report without showing us the face and name of the dead youngster.

There were no mass murders at schools in 2017. We’ve seen several for them in 2018. The media coverage is now feeding an accelerating cycle of “celebrity violence”. Oddly enough, we knew this would happen. A report several years ago by the American Psychological Association estimated that we’ve doubled the rate of mass murders due to the extensive news coverage the media gives these celebrity violence events. The public has the right to know, but when does news coverage become a casting call for the next mass murderer?

It is easy to separate the public’s need for information from the media’s lust for advertising revenue. We already have the examples of the coverage of rape and suicide where the media does not show names and faces. We seem to be able to report on those events very well given that small restriction. In the case of celebrity violence, the media should neither show the murderer’s face and nore mention his name. How do we stop the media from prostituting itself for profit?

If I were an advertizer, I wouldn’t want my company promoted next to a mass murderer. Advertisers could demand that their promotions not be placed next to coverage of celebrity violence.

I’d like the government to help this movement. We could demand that the media stop all advertising within one hour of when the media shows the face or mentions the name of the murderer. That would take the profit motive out of celebrity violence. We could also call the advertizer and ask them to pull their ads if the station mentions the murderer’s name.

I hope that isn’t necessary. All it really takes is for us to change the channel or turn off the TV.






Perspective on Violence

November 15, 2018

How big a problem is violence in the USA? We have answers, but the answers are not easy to explain. It is difficult to compare a violent crime that occurs millions of times a year with ones that happen once every few months. Here is some of the US crime data from the FBI for 2017. It surprised me, and it might surprise you. How do we improve one area without making another area worse?


  • On average, a violent crime was committed every 25 seconds.
  • A firearm was used in legal self-defense every 31 seconds.
  • A firearm was used to stop sexual assault every 2.7 minutes.
  • On average, one individual was killed in a mass murder every 4 days.
  • A child under 13 years old was killed in a firearms related accident every 5 days.
  • Someone was murdered at school with a firearm every 52 days.
  • There were no mass murders on school grounds in 2017.

I bet you had to read that last point again. There were no mass murders on school grounds in 2017. I was surprised as well, and our surprise tells us something really important.

Given all the news we’ve seen, I assumed that the media would inform us about basic facts, and also put those facts into perspective. You might assume that too, and then we’d both be wrong.

The media operates with two competing tensions. First, we will change the channel if there is no exciting news. We also change the channel when we see that the media is making up exaggerations to make things look exciting. The media compromises on their degree of sensational reporting to balance between those two factors. The media gets their maximum number of eyeballs when the same number of people turn away out of boredom as turn away out of offended disbelief. Now that is an interesting perspective on the news.

That tension means the media has a huge incentive to spin the news. Their bias towards sensationalism is inherent in their product. We have to find the facts for ourselves. We have to do our own work to fit those facts into perspective because the media can’t do it for us.

Perspective is vitally important when we’re dealing with something as emotional as violence. How do we store guns safely while we keep guns available for self-defense? With millions of self-defense events a year, would gun control make us safer or put us at a greater risk from violent criminal attack? How many more rapes should we allow if we implement stricter gun-control? Should the relatively infrequent school shooting drive our social policy?

That is where perspective becomes vital. Sure, you’re welcome to your own opinion, but only an informed opinion will save lives.

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Election 2018 in Four Memes

November 15, 2018

I was disappointed by the election results. I was more surprised by the media coverage than by the vote tallies. Here is my take in four memes.


Democrats candidates outspent Republicans by 300 million dollars. That is what happens when Republicans retire in place and ignore conservative issues. We keep our wallets in our pockets.


The media spun the results. This wasn’t a popularly funded movement to remove do-nothing republicans. Most of the democrat money came from outside sources like billionaires Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer and Sussman. Buying congressmen is simply another investment. These billionaires want to control government for the money and power it brings.


I understand that the mainstream news media has a liberal bias, but even that bias should have limits. Since when are rich special interests “the voice of the people”?


We saw more vote-rigging in California, Arizona and Florida. The first political office that George Soros targets in a state is the Secretary of State. In case you slept through your high school civics class, it is the Secretary of State who certifies the election process in each state. It is more important for a politician to count the votes than to earn them.

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Raconteur Report: I’m Here, At This Point

November 15, 2018

Democrats think they hold us for ransom, but breaking the social contract cuts both ways. If you think civilization is fragile, then consider the vulnerability of city hall in Tucson or county offices in Broward.

Give Raconteur a read. RM

“Before we get to “massive social unrest”, what does it take for people to start dropping wrenches in the gears of everyday life?

“Think about it: How many stop lights a day can crews replace? What happens to traffic when all the lights within two miles of Douchebag City Central get shot out, one at a time, and every intersection in all directions is now a 4-way stop?

Source: Raconteur Report: I’m Here, At This Point

APA Study Shows Irresponsible Media Coverage Doubles Mass Shootings

November 14, 2018

From my friend, Dean Weingarten.

“A paper presented to the American Psychological Association found the number of mass killings, rampage killings or “mass shootings”, may be doubled by irresponsible media aggrandizement of mass killers. The desire for fame was found to be one of the main motivators of these rampage killers.”


Source: APA Study Shows Irresponsible Media Coverage Doubles Mass Shootings

Republican Politicians are Sicker than We Thought.. and it Matters

November 14, 2018

I went to Spain to see european socialism up close. I returned home with new friends and a new appreciation for the freedoms we have in these United States of America. This trip also gave me a fresh perspective on our recent election. As a spanish businessman said when talking about the United States,

“It isn’t just the laws or the taxes; it is the freedom.”

The Republican leadership in Congress lost this election. Trump saved the economy for them, but that wasn’t enough. Team Ryan failed to deliver to the conservative base. Before you disagree, please consider that we still have Obamacare, open borders, government funded abortion, and gun regulations that infringe on our rights. Actions, or inactions, speak louder than campaign promises. Ryan represents the RINO party, and his inaction will sink the Republicans for years. Sadly, I don’t expect things to change even though the republicans remain in power for the next two months.

Maybe Speaker Ryan is holding the Republican party hostage.
If so, then the GOP needs a rescue team..and fast.

It shocked me to see this unfold, but my spanish friends were not surprised.  They said, ‘You are becoming like us.’ Through their strong spanish accent, it was easy to hear the deep sadness in their voices.

Because they were gun owners, these spaniards told me about the restrictions they face. It takes six months to buy your first gun. Ammunition is controlled. Target scopes and airsoft guns are also regulated. Shooting is out of reach for most spaniards and is a rich man’s sport. Spain should be a non-violent paradise if gun-control worked.

It doesn’t. There are no-go areas controlled by the mafia and the muslims in some of Spain’s southern cities. There are plenty of unregistered military arms left over from the spanish civil war of the 1930s. There are new guns as well, and spanish gun owners talk about finding new AK-47s on the beach and on the side of the road where smugglers move contraband and illegal immigrants. Criminals have all the guns they want, but there is no right of self-defense for honest spanish citizens. This sounded all too familiar.

My friends at the spanish shooting range were also businessmen, so we had to talk about the spanish economy. Spain is socialist, though the mayor of Madrid is a communist. The official unemployment rate is now over 15 percent, but that is down from a recent high of over 26 percent. Tax rates and government debt are frighteningly high. If that wasn’t bad enough, there is the inquisition of the spanish bureaucracy.

The shooting ranges I visited, and others I heard about, may take months or even years to get approval to open or to change how they operate. These are the shooting ranges used by the police to train their officers, so I assume it is worse for the smaller ranges used mostly by civilians.

Spain, the country that once produced great artists and cathedrals, now exports its young people as they leave the country to find jobs. One of the best preparations your children can have in school is a foreign language. Mature businesses in Spain also have an exit strategy to leave the country. These businesses invest here in the USA.

Perhaps that is why spanish businessmen follow US politics. They know the states that are bad for business; California’s bad reputation is international. I sympathized since I fled California myself. Florida’s reputation is in decline since their incoming senate president took a bribe from a liberal billionaire. These businessmen mentioned Texas as being good for business, but they follow our political intrigues.

We held similar views of the mass media. These sophisticated spaniards know their government-regulated media in Spain slants the news. We shared our contempt for the biased mainstream media.

Their perspective influenced my reaction to this last election. We saw politicians and rich billionaires follow their interests as they sacrificed ours. Only a biased media could call that a victory for the people.

It sounds cliche, but the US is a beacon of freedom to the world. We don’t need an invasion of Honduran leftists to work here in the US. The US could have the best minds in the world..if we act right. They too are yearning to breathe free.


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