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Minimum Standard for Fair and Honest Elections — Kootenai County GOP

February 5, 2021

This is worth reading. I trust you more than I trust politicians in Washington D.C. RM

Read the 14 requirements for a fair election here-
Minimum Standard for Fair and Honest Elections — Kootenai County GOP

Liberty Watch Radio, Lock N Load Radio, and Others, January 2021

January 31, 2021

I’ve let myself get distracted from this blog. Sometimes, I talk about self-defense on the radio.

I started week on Bill Frady’s “Lock-N-Load” radio show.

Lock N Load Radio

I participate in several podcasts. “The Polite Society Podcast” usually records on Monday also. They  post video to Youtube as well.

I joined the Second Amendment Foundation’s Armed Society Podcast with guests from Walk the Talk America on Wednesday.

I put out an episode of “Self Defense Gun Stories” on Thursday, though it was recorded on Tuesday. That is my podcast.

I was also on the air with Charles Heller on “America Armed and Free” on Sunday. We talked about the examples of civilian self-defense we see every day. Charles has encyclopedic knowledge of self-defense law in Arizona.

Along the way, I wrote an article for Ammoland where we studied a specific example of armed defense.

There is so much to news to cover. Next week, we’ll do it all again, but there are some blog posts to write for Slowfacts first.

BREAKING: FBI Claims Jurisdiction and Yesterday Took Control of Shredded Ballots Being Analyzed in Georgia – Sends Them Back to Shredder

January 27, 2021

You know the Deep state is corrupt when… RM

The FBI in Georgia stopped the forensic analysis of shredded ballots, took the ballots away from the forensic team and brought them back to the shredder. The Deep State is stealing evidence in Georgia related to the 2020 Election.  Patrick Byrne tweeted moments ago:

Source: BREAKING: FBI Claims Jurisdiction and Yesterday Took Control of Shredded Ballots Being Analyzed in Georgia – Sends Them Back to Shredder

The Deep State Votes to Impeach Trump

January 19, 2021

I was confused after the 2020 election. The results didn’t make sense. The media-world said that Biden won, but the real world that I knew said Trump won. The election was strange. We saw certain voters act in bizarre ways, in ways they never acted before. They acted in ways that were different from similar voters who lived across the street in other counties. It turned out that Biden won the election where Democrats counted the votes. Biden won when Dominion voting machines counted the votes. That seemed strange to me, but not to government officials.  Slowly, the reason became clear.

Biden ballots showed up by the truckload, but the FBI didn’t notice. Dominion voting machines sent and received vote tallies to computers located outside the USA. Somehow, the CIA and NSA didn’t see a thing. Add in the Federal Election Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. It was as if the government agencies that were tasked with protecting the legitimacy of the election were not doing their job. The world seemed ever more strange.

The Trump rally on January 6th made it clear to me. I knew more than a half-dozen people who went to the rally. The came from coast to coast in order to show their support for President Trump and to ask for a trustworthy election. What these observers described was typical of a Trump rally, with a few exceptions. They identified people who were clearly Antifa in the crowd. My friends saw Antifa protesters bussed to the front of the Capital when the rally was already in progress. That isn’t what the mainstream media said and isn’t what the media showed us.

The more I watched the news, the more certain I became. Not only did the media reporting feel like propaganda, it was propaganda! The news reports of the rally had no more connection with the truth than the election results did. That is easy to understand once you change  your perspective.

A Democrat candidate didn’t win,
the Deep State candidate won.. if you can call it an election at all.

Now, other events make sense. We crushed our economy with our over-reaction to Covid 19. That makes it entirely inappropriate to send a trillion dollars to overseas governments. Another clue is that the Covid 19 relief bill ran to over 5 thousand pages. The bill gave US citizens a half-billion dollars in aid while over a trillion dollars went to foreign leaders. These leaders, in turn, gave US politicians billions in kickbacks. Before the so called relief bill, the house didn’t have the votes to impeach President Trump. After the relief bill, it did.

Those kickbacks were the political bribes set up by the Deep State for steeling the 2020 election. It was also the State Department showing the Deep State that it was a useful ally and could be counted on to bring in the cash when needed.

Then, the Deep State voted to impeach Donald Trump. They were out to punish Trump for threatening their hold on power. Biden sought political cover by calling for unity. Rather than getting their hands dirty directly, the Deep State used Soros and Bloomberg. They used Zuckerberg from Facebook, Pichai from Google, Cook from Apple, and Dorsey from Twitter. Meanwhile, the two minute hate went on for hours each night across the mainstream media.

Welcome to a Potemkin country. I give you the DSA, the Deep States of America. The special interests will feed on the corpse.. until we stop them. Remember that Soros made his billions by crashing a country’s currency. Buying farmland is the latest investment for the billionaire elites hedging against the coming collapse.

There is so much more to say. As in the old Soviet Union, you have to read several news sources to tease out the truth. For now, let me say this is not our government. These are not our laws and not our debts.

I gave you 600 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT: A thought from history:

January 12, 2021

A thought from history: “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything,”Attributed to Joseph Stalin.And that’s the rub, isn’t it? Do you trust those who count the votes?I once did. I was saddened and upset that Barry Soetoro won the Presidency back in 2008….and again in 2012. Both times, however,  I believed that he had legitimately won against the Republican challengers. (Both times they were very weak opponents, but no matter). I believed that the American People had spoken and made their choices. Both times were legitimate victories. At the end of it, while he was not “MY” President, he was, legitimately, “OUR” President. Sadly, I cannot say that Joe Biden is “OUR” president. I don’t trust the people who count the votes any longer, nor do I believe the ballots that arrived by mail (and perhaps by other means) were all legitimate. There were too many Red Flags and anomalies and inconsitencies to believe that all the election results are true accounts of the will of the people. And when we objected, there was no realistic attempt to investigate or clarify those oddities…we were just told to accept it. People no longer beieve that their vote counts. Even thinking folks on the side that “won” have to be afraid that next time, their vote will not matter either. Yes, there are enough that will accept that winning this round justifies the means that that victory was assured, but thinking people realize what has happened…and what it means for the future. What do we do now?

Source: In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT: A thought from history:

A Review of Politics in the New Year, 2021

January 12, 2021

It is hard to understand the politics of 2020 and 2021. We know some of the actors but we don’t know who is manipulating them. When you see people act in unexpected ways then you know there are people in the game you have not identified yet.

Think back to four years ago. At the request of both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, we saw the FBI and the CIA claim that Russia helped Trump get elected. The Democrat media used any excuse to blame Trump so they promoted that lie for years. In fact, it was Hilary Clinton who leaked government secrets from her private server. The Department of Justice looked the other way as the Biden family took millions of dollars from a foreign government. No one went to jail for that corruption so the level of corruption in our government is shockingly deep.

We saw the tech giants of Google and Facebook skew their search results. If you typed in Clinton, you thought you were looking for Saint Hilary. You were delivered search options of racist rapist if you typed in Trump. In fact, it was Trump who prosecuted sexual abusers and child traffickers.

In 2020, we saw Democrat politicians take record low unemployment and turn their economy and their budget into a disaster. These blue cities and blue states, supported by a fawning and uncritical media, demanded that the rest of us pay for their horrible policies.

We saw Zuckerberg and Bloomberg give hundreds of millions of dollars to promote democrats in the 2020 election. We saw Soros buy secretaries of state in swing states. We also saw prominent democrats on the board of Dominion Voting Systems.

Time after time, we saw blatant examples where our election laws were violated.. and the US Department of Justice couldn’t see anything wrong. We saw real-time voting information sent to foreign servers.. yet the CIA says they didn’t know a thing about it. That doesn’t make sense and is probably a lie.

The voting results were absurd. We saw Trump get more votes than any sitting president ever. Trump had more small donors than any sitting president ever. Parenthetically, that is all the more remarkable since Trump is a billionaire and we donated anyway. We saw similar groups of people vote very differently.. depending on who counted the votes and what brand of voting machine was used. We saw the presidential vote tally suddenly shift in the middle of the night when election officials had supposedly stopped counting votes.

In hindsight, we saw Dominion voting machines deliver unusual numbers of votes to Biden. How did the Biden voters know to use those machines rather than the other voting machines next to them? The simpler explanation is that the Dominion machines turned ordinary people into Biden voters without their knowledge.

We saw prominent judges look the other way as our election laws were violated. We saw state legislators approve fraudulent elections. That doesn’t make sense, not yet, unless there are other forces at work.

The news media blamed Trump for violence after we saw Antifa demonstrators bussed to the front of a Trump rally. We saw people inside the capitol building open the doors to let Antifa protesters inside. The media blamed Trump and Trump supporters for violence. That lie echoes the Nazi Germany propaganda from 1933.

Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups said we should disarm US citizens because Antfa rioted at a Trump rally. In a spirit of unification and reconciliation, the left demanded that anyone who went to the Trump rally be fired. The radio syndication company Cumulus/Westwood One threatened to fire talk show hosts who questioned Biden’s legitimacy. 

We saw Google, Twitter, and Facebook suppress our freedom of speech if we dared question the election. Facebook closed the independent political group “Walk Away” even though the group had a half million followers. Facebook closed the accounts of the group’s administrators. It is not allowed to say that freedom loving liberals should walk away from the Democrat party. Questioning the actions of Democrat politicians is the new hate speech.

When we spoke out on other forums, we saw Google, Apple and Amazon de-platform Parler. We saw Amazon partner GoDaddy take down second amendment websites. We saw Mailchimp stop email services to conservative groups.

I’m worried and the reasons should be obvious. Honest elections are way to settle our differences peacefully. Political speech is a way to express our concerns and try to change the minds of our opponents. If you want to prevent civil unrest, then you need more transparency and openness, not less. We are seeing the opposite.

We know who is being corrupt, but we don’t know who is pulling the strings and guiding their actions. Someone explained this coup as American politicians and American corporations adopting the Chinese model. There, elite corporations with political backers want markets without free markets. Politicians and their billionaire backers want elections without democracy. What we’re seeing fits that pattern, but there are actors behind the scenes.

I gave you 800 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

Being a New Gun Owner- what I wish I knew when I started

January 11, 2021

These are strange times. Few of us thought we’d ever be here. This year, 8 million new gun owners joined the more than a hundred million existing firearms owners. We’ve all been that new guy at one time or another. Fortunately, there is a place for everyone in the gun culture. Here are some of the things I wish I knew when I chose a firearm and started learning self-defense.

Some of these steps are optional and some are mandatory. Rather than trying to tell you what to do and how to do it, I want to sketch out a broad map so you can find what you’re looking for.

If I had one suggestion for new gun owners, it would be to not rush. Take it step at a time. Go slowly and learn great habits from the beginning. You don’t need to know everything perfectly at each step, but it helps to avoid big mistakes that you have to unlearn later. Fortunately, each new step usually includes a review of the earlier material.

  • The first steps have to start with the four rules of firearms safety. We’ll return to these rules time after time.
  • Practice safe gun handling and muzzle awareness. Gun handling is a skill, not a theory. Your instructor tells you what to do and then shows you the drill. You repeat the exercise and are corrected until you have it right. Now, you practice perfect performance on your own.
  • Learn to load and unload your firearm. Yes, there are easy ways and hard ways, dangerous ways and safe ways. Learn how to tell if your gun is loaded.
  • Here is another aspect of gun safety. Your gun belongs in your hand, in a holster, or stored safely. Learn about safe storage and the safe techniques to put your gun away. Is that gun in your safe empty and in storage, or loaded and “in use?”
  • There are safe ways to move your empty gun between your range bag and the shooting bench at the firing line. Pros will notice and appreciate when you do it right.
  • Learn how to hold a gun. Details matter. Even after decades of training and practice, I continue to receive suggestions from my instructors on how to refine my grip. Think of it this way. Most of the shoes in the shoe store won’t fit you. Most guns in the gun store won’t fit you either. Find the guns that fit you and learn how to hold them.
  • Learn how to shoot. That is built on grip, sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger press. Please listen to your instructor and forget what you saw on TV.
  • Try some holsters and learn to carry a gun on your body. What I use might not fit you. What fits with one set of clothes might not work as you change the way you dress. Gun belts are cool. Did you know there are concealed carry fashion shows?
  • Learn to present your firearm from an exposed holster. We call it an openly carried holster because it isn’t concealed.
  • The next thing you learn is how to put your gun back into your holster. You’ll learn that with an empty gun, and then relearn it with a loaded gun.
  • This is where you want a partner. Learn how to be a safety spotter for your shooting buddy. You want them to do the same for you.
How do you learn about concealed carry?
  • Learn the safe ways to practice with an empty gun. That is called dry practice.
  • Guns are heavy. Learn the compressed ready, low ready, and sul positions.
  • Learn how to pick up a gun one handed. Now, do it one handed with your other hand.
  • I know you think you’re looking at the sights. Learn to call your shots and diagnose your mistakes. Where was the gun pointed when it went bang? 
  • Learn the legal use of lethal force.
  • Study how to defend your family at home. This includes locking your doors, installing motion lights, hurricane glass near your doors, alarms and camera doorbells.
  • Learn how to carry concealed and to present your firearm from a concealed  holster.
  • Learn how to get a concealed carry permit if your state allows it. This probably incudes where you may and may not carry your firearm in public.
  • Learn how to defend yourself. How will you present your concealed firearm in close quarters?
  • Learn how to defend your family in public. You win every fight you avoid. An ounce of prevention is worth much more than an ounce of lead.
  • Learn how to shoot one handed, to move with a gun, and to shoot on the move.
  • Engage multiple targets in one string of fire. Learn to reload, though that is mostly a training exercise.
  • Learn to use cover and concealment to keep from getting shot.
  • Learn more than one gun. Shoot other models of firearms, like revolvers, rifles, and shotguns.
  • Learn to shoot from unusual positions like kneeling, sitting, on your back, on your side, and rice paddy prone.
  • How will you protect your gun, hang onto it, and get it back if someone grabs it? Learn close quarters combat and weapons retention.
  • Learn kinematic shooting at close quarters. This is also called point shooting or shooting by feel.
  • Learn to hit a target that is 50 to 75 feet away. How much time does that take for each shot?
  • Since we want to save a life, learn first aid and carry some basic supplies with you.

Start your education with the Guns 101 videos by the Polite Society Podcast. Watch another episode every week.

You don’t have to take every step in order. The point is to know that there are next steps. You wouldn’t learn to fly by watching some videos and getting into an airplane. Get real training on how to use your gun. Youtube and instagram videos can be brilliant or garbage. Neither will look at what you’re doing and correct your mistakes. That is exactly what instructors do every day and they get good at it. Give yourself a fair chance at success by taking good instruction.

Send the Perfect Gift this Election Season

January 6, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect gift this election season? You thought of chocolates, but she is trying to lose weight. Perfume makes you sneeze, and sending flowers hurts the environment. Try the woke gift that is the choice of billionaires around the world. Show your favorite someone how much she’s loved with these unique gift ideas from the International Vote Registry.*

For only 20 yuan (you-ah-n) we’ll send your loved one an official certificate that she’s received one million votes. An additional million votes cost only 5 yuan (you-ah-n) more.

For that special someone, Show how much you care by having a whole pallet of votes delivered to her office for only 50 yuan (you-ah-n).

Today only, we’re running a seasonal special in the United States. We can deliver online, and certificated votes at no additional charge.

Place your order now. Dial 855-My-Jo-Won, and your gift is on its way in no time.**

*Votes recognized as valid by journalists around the world.
**Allow 6 to 8 eight weeks for international shipping. Additional bribes and kickbacks may apply in your area.

If I made you laugh or think then please share this with a friend. RM

It is Easy to Steal an Election, but Impossible to Hide the Theft

January 2, 2021

Suppose you want to insert fraudulent votes so your favorite candidate wins an election. You can overcount your candidate’s votes. You can delete your opponent’s votes. You can shift votes from your opponent to your candidate. Each of these acts leaves a telltale mark. The fraudsters thought they were safe because we wouldn’t look. They thought the election was over when the mainstream media announced that Biden won. They were wrong. We looked at the strange election results, and there was plenty to find.

You can force election observers to leave the counting area and then you can run your candidate’s votes through the counting machine several times. We think that happened in Fulton County, Georgia. That fraud is easy to discover.

We’re supposed to believe that the voters in one precinct somehow acted very differently from their neighbors who live in an adjacent county. We can correct the expected vote based on party affiliation. We can take income, race, and sex into account. When we do all of that, we find that we get very different election results in counties where Democrats counted the votes.

We looked, and we saw an unusually high voter turnout for Joe Biden in this one county, but not in others. For some strange reason, people in this county voted in unusual numbers by absentee ballots, even though Democrats in other counties didn’t vote that way. Black men and women in other counties didn’t vote that way. Poor people in other counties didn’t vote that way. Women in other counties didn’t vote that way. Your neighbors who live right across the street voted differently than you did. The only thing that changed was who counted the votes.

You can commit the fraud at 3AM after the election, but you can’t hide it. Many of these Biden voters only exist at 3 in the morning and disappear in the light of day. Do imaginary people get to vote too?

We think the voting machines in Nevada and Arizona were rigged. Votes were taken away from the Trump votes and given to Biden. You have to be very careful as you do this, particularly if you’re cheating several ways at the same time. You can convert a 50-50 vote to a 45-55 vote for Biden, but maybe that isn’t enough to win the election. Imagine you put in 100 votes and every single one was for Biden. Now the machine counts 105 votes for Biden and -5 votes for Trump. That is easy to hide if it only happens on one machine. We saw Biden’s vote totals jump up in the early morning. The fraud became evident when the fraudsters subtracted votes from Trump and his accumulated votes actually went down.

We’ve never seen real voters act like that and cast negative votes. You can commit the fraud, but you can’t hide it.

Paper ballots are supposed to be a guard against voter fraud. They are.. if you look at them. We saw an unusual number of absentee voters who had the same name. We saw an unusual number of absentee voters who had a unique name. These voters had fictitious addresses. Some of these votes were cast by people who had died years ago. We saw many of these absentee ballots that had never been folded, put into an envelope, and dropped into a post office box. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see that those ballots had been pre-printed for Biden and never mailed.

We saw vote counting machines that were deliberately set up to not read the ballots. Rather than getting one ballot wrong our of a quarter million, the machine misread a quarter of a million ballots. That broke the chain of accountability for those ballots. Now, the ballot review committee could tell us what the ballots said. That is planned fraud.. once you look.

It is always a giveaway when election officials shred ballots because that looks a lot like hiding the evidence, but that is exactly what we saw.. and a lot of us noticed. We are smarter and more determined than they thought.

Judges told us that we had to have absentee ballots so everyone could vote. Judges said that showing a picture ID infringed on the right to vote. In fact, the steps taken to have the perfect election gave us a result that was worse than any theoretical disenfranchisement. In pursuit of perfect democracy, judges were willing to ignore the fact that voter fraud robs everyone of their vote.

We know that you can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Sure, you can commit election fraud, but you can’t hide it from everyone. The evidence is there if you look, and we looked.

The only question remaining is if you and I want to see the fraud and fix it. Some of us want a free and fair election, and some of us want to look the other way and pretend there is no fraud to see. Democracy dies when we kill it to have our way.

I gave you 800 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

“Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling | Spectator USA

Joe Biden’s Actions Tell Me the 2020 Election was Stolen

December 22, 2020

You might have been uncertain at first. You thought you saw the election stolen in the early hours on Wednesday morning. Given what you’ve seen since, now you’re pretty sure the election was decided through fraud. Even Joe Biden thinks the election was stolen based on the way he is acting today. This is what we saw. 

We saw president Trump get 11 million more votes than any sitting president. Trump received at least one-and-a-half million more votes than President Obama received before his first term. Trump won more counties than Obama. While black support for Biden fell below 90 percent, Trump increased the number of votes he received from black voters by 50 percent compared to Trump’s election of 2016. In addition, Trump won a record 35 percent of the Hispanic vote. Trump had a record number of small campaign contributors. While each of those factors doesn’t determine an election, those factors in combination have indicated the result of every previous election. Every. Single. One. Until now. That is why we should question the results of this “election”.

We saw Trump lose the “election” when voting was officially stopped. We saw major urban cities controlled by Democrat politicians stop the tally before all the votes were counted and reported. The vote wasn’t stopped in red states or in blue states, but only in a few large cities controlled by Democrat politicians in battleground states. That is unusual. Poll watchers were forced from the tally rooms, yet some counting officials remained behind. Suddenly, there were hundreds of thousands of new mail-in ballots that appeared at 3AM. We were told that these votes were cast by black voters in these particular cities. 

That is bizarre in a number of ways. We didn’t see black voters who cast their votes in person elect Biden. We didn’t see black voters from other cities in the same state elect Biden with either walk in votes or with mail in votes. We didn’t see black voters from similar states suddenly become Biden voters this year. Also, these black voters across the country didn’t vote for Democrat congressmen as they normally would. They voted for Joe Biden, but not for other Democrat candidates.

These were Biden voters, not Democrat voters,
and we’ve only seen them at 3AM the day after the election.

We didn’t see these strange Biden voters everywhere. We only saw them in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and a few counties in Arizona.. at 3AM. Pennsylvania and Michigan usually vote like Ohio, Indiana and Florida. These demographic groups look similar and have the same interests. They vote the same way year after year. Most of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia did vote the way they usually do.. except in a few cities at 3AM the day after the election.

We were told to ignore these strange results and accept the election. If you ask about that unusual voting behavior then you’re called a racist who wants to disenfranchise black people. That is what Democrat spokesmen said on the mainstream media.

Something else happened that was strange. By some miracle, Biden voters in this election knew which voting machines to use. When there were several brands of voting machines from which to choose, these Biden voters chose voting machines by Dominion or Hart. That is an amazing coincidence. I didn’t notice which voting machine I used. I doubt you did either. Somehow, these Biden voters knew which voting booth to walk into so they could use a particular voting machine.. or so the media would have us believe.

Those votes only makes sense if it was the voting machine determining the candidate rather than the voter expressing his choice. When the machine makes the selection for us, then more of us suddenly become Biden voters no matter which party we belong to and which button we push.

That was enough evidence for most of us. 47 percent of us think the election was a fraud. 61 percent of Republican voters, 29 percent of Independents, and 30 percent of Democrats think that the election was stolen through fraud.

We thought that even though the mainstream media called the election on Tuesday night. We think that way despite the media cutting away from Republicans presenting the evidence for fraud. We feel that even though Youtube and social media censor posts that question the election. Imagine how we’d feel if we were given all the competing information that is out there and were allowed to decide for ourselves.

This must be a great election for Joe Biden. He didn’t campaign very hard. His campaign rallies didn’t attract large crowds. His Vice Presidential choice never got more than a few percent of the vote in the primaries. He didn’t work very hard yet Joe got more votes than any candidate ever. Who knew that Joe and his ideas were amazingly attractive. I sure didn’t.

If I were Joe, then I’d want a recount to prove how popular I am and to remove the stink of a stolen election. Instead, Biden wants us to accept the vote the way the Democrats counted it. That seems strange for someone who claims to be the most popular presidential candidate we’ve ever had. Unless he isn’t.

Maybe Joe Biden only looks like a good candidate at 3AM when everyone else has gone home.

Now you understand why Biden is not my President and why this is not my government. We didn’t vote for them and they don’t speak for us. Someone who seizes power illegitimately is a tyrant. Removing a tyrant is never against the law.

I gave you a lot of thought and 800 words. Please share them with a friend. RM


Why Should One State Accept the Election Results from Another State?

December 16, 2020

We are not all the same. These United States were formed on the idea that power comes from the people and is given to the government. For some of us, an election delivers the voice of the citizens. It is a referendum on who and how to govern. For others, an election is a political instrument designed to secure their power over others. We are not all the same. Some people want a government so large that it will dictate everything. Others want a government so small that it fits inside the constitution and protects the rights of life, liberty, and enterprise. Some people see political power as a way to extort hundreds of millions of dollars for them and their children. We are not all the same. We are not a union.

Is an election formed by one citizen one vote? Perhaps an election is one citizen of another state or country who can cast their vote in your election, or in many elections? That seems closer to the truth since we’ve seen fake identification and fake ballots turn up by the truckload to sway an election in swing states.

Judging by recent events, our elections are really one programmer delivering all the votes that billionaire political backers need to seize power. That election doesn’t represent the will of the people. The election doesn’t speak for me.

The underlying issue isn’t the political ambitions of billionaires. We’ve always had rich people who wanted more wealth and power. The issue isn’t the corruption of government officials. Men have always been weak and morally flawed. The issue is the degree of power we’ve surrendered to unaccountable politicians and bureaucrats, power that those politicians then sold to the highest bidder.

The government can now dictate how we live, how we work, what we eat, and how our children are educated. Our life and our money, is theirs, not ours. Given that level of control, no wonder that corrupt and ambitious men want to steal an election. The prize is worth the gamble; the risk is worth the reward.

We’re used to being controlled. For some of us, freedom is frightening without a bureaucrat to tell us what to do. Without government, we have to find the right place to live. We have to find the right schools to use. We have to find the right job and the right place to store our money. We even have to manage our own medical care. Many of us have forgotten how to live without a government regulator at our shoulder every second of the day and night. Uncertainty is frightening.

Here is why that risk of freedom is worth facing. Business owners need to buy the right to run their company. Farmers and ranchers need to buy the right to grow food on their own land. Bankers buy permission to store and lend money. Government has become so politicized that some people are above the law. The question we face is this. Has our job, our food, and our wealth really really been safer in the hands of a politician?

Hundreds of millions of us voted no. In contrast, some people can’t imagine living any other way than the way they live today.

The issue is urgent. A few centuries ago, we came together to form a police department. Now we hear calls by politicians to disband the police. We hear calls to disarm law abiding citizens while political power groups have bought the right to smash and burn cities. Are we really safer in the streets now that billionaires own both politicians and their own thugs?

We were promised safety if we gave power to the government. Now, we have neither freedom nor safety. Maybe it is time we let some states and cities live the way they want without dictating how others should live. Let’s embrace our differences. I propose an amendment that any state, or city, can leave these so called United States. 

We are not all the same. Let the laboratory of freedom run the experiment of history. Let us see again which way is better. I think you are better at running your life than the politicians. My vote is on you.

I gave you 700 words for free. Please share them with a friend and leave a comment. RM

A Corrupt Election.. and They Knew It

December 6, 2020

This is a sad day. We saw President Donald Trump receive more votes than any other president.. ever. Somehow, in the middle of the night when vote counting had been mysteriously stopped, Vice President Biden took the lead because of mail-in votes that mysteriously appeared from backroom briefcases. The election was stolen. That was the swamp’s plan all along. The sad thing is how far the corruption extends. Perhaps half of us lost an election, but all of us lost our trust in our institutions.

The mainstream media and social media hid stories of corruption in the Biden family. No longer are they ‘the most trusted names in news.’

If there was significant voter fraud in several swing states, then wouldn’t the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Election Commission know about vote tampering? Yes, they would, and they did. They knew, and they did nothing. We’ve seen voter fraud before when precincts came in with near 100 percent votes for Democrats. We saw fraud where homeless shelters and mental health facilities strangely reported large turnout from voters that didn’t match the voter rolls.

We hear crickets when that level of corruption is found in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

Eric Coomer from Dominion Voting Systems announced on a phone meeting with Antifa activists that he had Trump all taken care of in the election. “I made f***ing sure of that!” It is important that we believe people when they admit to corruption. Unfortunately, Democrat Attorneys General seldom prosecute voter fraud. Federal officials seldom prosecute corrupt election officials from deep blue cities and put them in jail.

Nothing was said because the fix was in. That is why I trust neither the FBI nor the FEC. Neither should you.

That wasn’t always the case. We used to respect the FBI. We saw the FBI tamper with laboratory evidence. We saw the FBI ignore the blatant security violations, and probable blackmail evidence, from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her staff. We saw them ignore political murder.

I knew honest men who worked at the FBI. I can only imagine how these men feel to see the FBI so corrupted by political influence. Sadly, that is what happens when you want your paycheck or power more than your honor.

We let politicians choose our voting machines. That has to be a recipe for disaster if there ever were one. Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic sent voter data to overseas servers. I’d bet that the NSA and CIA could track that internet traffic. Given that Trump criticized US intelligence agencies, I doubt they would raise an alarm if those agencies found evidence of voter fraud. We let the CIA and NSA act as if they are above the law. So far, they are, and that is both a cause of this election theft and also a symptom of how far the corruption spreads.

Voter fraud explains why President Trump campaigned so long and so hard. That strategy worked in that Trump received massive support from the voters. Trump also made it harder to steal the election since it is harder to forge a few million votes than a few thousand. We will see if our legal and political institutions will turn from corruption, tell the truth, and regain our respect.

I can’t fix that level of corruption overnight. Neither can you. Democrats might steal the election, but my acceptance of a lie is not for sale. They are not my president and vice-president until they win a fair election.. if we’re allowed to have fair elections any more.

I gave you 400 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

“FBI laboratory fraud cases- “

We Gave up Our Freedom for Politicians with the Flu

November 22, 2020

The seasonal flue kills between 12 thousand to 61 thousand people in the US each year. This year we added the unwelcome contribution from the Chinese Communist Party, the Wuhan flu, a.k.a. Covid-19. It has killed between ten thousand to a quarter million of us so far. Unfortunately, our politicians and our media made their cure worse than the disease. Unlike the flu, we can’t easily recover from the harm our elites have done.

About ten thousand of us died from Covid in the US. Up to a quarter million of us died from pre-existing health problems while we had Covid. The numbers are confusing since those tables show more of us dying from contributing diseases than there were actual deaths with Covid. The numbers only make sense once we realize that the vast majority of people who die from Covid had not one, but several preexisting illnesses. Respiratory disease, high blood, and heart disease were the top contributing factors. Those were also the contributing factors for the almost three million of us who will die this year.

The seasonal flu behaves like Covid in that the flu is the final illness that overtakes those in fragile health.

Many states in the US forced their schools to close due to Covid. Politicians got that response wildly wrong. Unlike the regular flu, Covid-19 hardly bothers children at all. In contrast with the seasonal flu, the fatality numbers from Covid don’t climb until we look at those over the age of 64. In short, Covid is dangerous to those who are already in poor health.

New epidemiological models of Covid showed that keeping children out of school actually cost lives rather than saved them. Yes, countries around the world and some states here in the US that allowed children to stay in school actually saved lives. The underlying method is easy to understand.

Those children went to school, got the flu, and then were no longer available as a vector to spread the disease. The way to stop Covid-19 was to let the segment of the population that was not at risk from the disease to get sick. The kids had the sniffles for a day and became immune. In contrast, keeping kids out of school meant that young people continued to spread the disease to vulnerable adults for a much longer period of time. More of the elderly eventually caught Covid and died.

Let me emphasize that point. Different groups respond differently to the disease. Letting people who are not vulnerable get the disease protected the vulnerable segment of our population. That distinction is too subtle for our politicians to grasp. That public policy is too nuanced for our journalists to explain in 20 seconds.. and they didn’t take the extra minute to explain it to us.

The Politicians who claimed they wanted to help actually cost us tens-of-thousands of lives, particularly among the elderly. In addition, those children who were forced out of school can’t get their year back. Nor can the parents who stayed home to take care of their younger children. That cost all of us.

Politicians closed our businesses. Tens of millions of employees lost their source of income. Millions of business owners lost their income and their investment. Politicians made us permanently poorer since millions of us lost our homes and many of those businesses can’t come back. For many of us, politicians promised protection and delivered a lifetime of poverty.

That is important. Poverty has a huge impact on our lives and our children’s lives. We saw increased rates of alcoholism and addiction. We saw, and will see, increased rates of divorce. Politicians made us poorer, not just today, but for generations. Other effects are immediate.

Politicians told addicts that it was too dangerous to their health to attend sobriety meetings. Deaths from overdose and suicide soared during the Covid lockdown.

Those deaths should not come as a surprise. Almost twice as many of us die from suicide than from the flu. Any public policy that makes us more vulnerable to suicide while saving us from the flu is a prescription for disaster. Unfortunately, the media let politicians hide behind their good intentions.

Addicts have something to teach us;
stay away from politician who are drunk on power.

Our communities were hurting, both financially and spiritually. That is when politicians closed our churches.. unless a politician wanted an audience for a campaign speech. The news media seldom objected.

The media never dug behind the politicians simplistic answers. We told sick people to stay away from the hospital unless they had Covid-19. Their heart conditions, their diabetes, and their cancers went undiagnosed and untreated so we could make room for a wave of Covid patients that in most location never came.

The bureaucrat’s solution was simplistic
and made things worse.

In hindsight, we told those who were physically sick to stay away from doctors and those who were sick at heart to stay away from our churches. That proves one thing very clearly, and doctors learned it long ago.

First, do no harm.

The human body is complex. It is easy to treat one condition and kill the patient as you try to cure the disease. Similarly, our society works as a marvelously interrelated engine of prosperity. It is far easier for a government edict to cause problems than to improve our overall condition. In this case, the politian’s cure was worse than the government-created disease.

I have a newfound respect for the politicians who withstood media pressure. They said that we the people were wiser than they were. They said it was up to us to protect the vulnerable elderly, and to protect ourselves as we saw fit. Those politicians were brave and insightful.

The other politicians saw a crisis they could exploit. In too many cases, we let them get away with it.

Liberty is dangerous, but it is the safest choice we have.

This time, we gave up our freedom over the flu.. and people died.

I gave you 900 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

Feeling the Weight of the Gun

November 20, 2020

I recently took a handgun class. I was there to renew my concealed carry license, but the rest of my classmates were applying for their carry license for the first time. Several of them had only shot a gun a few times. You could see it in their eyes. They were there to learn how to handle a handgun, a lethal tool. There is a lot to learn. 

This is a time of unprecedented demand for firearms. Given the limited selection in most gun shops, it is harder than ever to find the gun that is right for you. Before you buy it, you want to handle it, load it, and shoot it to see how it feels. After the classroom lecture in the concealed carry class, the instructor let students handle their unloaded firearms which were arrayed on a table. This was the first chance for some students to put their hands on popular models.

If you only have the toy guns of your youth to compare them to, then real guns are surprisingly heavy. Subconsciously, you’re comparing a working piece of steel with a fantasy molded in plastic.

I saw another look of surprise when the students went out to the firing line. There, they loaded magazines and inserted them into their pistols. The gun becomes noticeably heavier in a physical sense. The loaded magazine makes the gun heavier by about a third. The gun is heavier in a spiritual sense as well. The unloaded gun is relatively safe whereas a loaded gun in your hand could is a lethal weapon. The student’s attention was focused on the instructor as he guided them through loading and unloading their firearms.

The loaded gun is heavier in a spiritual sense.

A gun is loud. Shooting is like uncorking a bottle with hundreds of atmospheres of pressure inside. The sound alone is surprising. The sharp edge of the sound strikes you even if you’re wearing ear protection, sometimes earplugs and earmuffs. Ignoring the recoil for a moment, you close your eyes involuntarily as the gun fires. Experienced shooters expect it. The movies overplay it, but the sound comes as a surprise to new shooters.

Image from “

In fact, you can’t ignore the way the gun moves on its own. The contained explosion in your hands is violent. It doesn’t knock you over, but we’re not used to an object twisting in our hands as we try to hold it still. The frustration is like someone slapping you on the shoulder as you’re trying to thread a needle. The gun moves when you fire it, and the skill is in controlling that movement. The students gain insights shot by shot. Often, they have to set the gun down.

Even when you’re not shooting it, holding a gun is hard work. We are never completely still, and yet we’re trying to hold the gun perfectly steady. With the exception of a few tradesmen in the construction industry, most of us don’t spend a lot of time with our arms extended in front of us for minutes at a time. Predictably, the students get tired and have to rest. Setting the gun down comes as a relief.

The students looked at the target and something else has changed. The target is a human silhouette. Now, there are holes through the center of the target, and they put them there. A gun puts a weight on your heart because you realize what you can do. If necessary, you can kill. Shot by shot, the students learn to wrap their hands, and their head, around a firearm.

There is a lot to learn. Setting aside the Hollywood romance with guns and violence, a gun is indifferent about what you do with it. We are responsible for where we point the gun. We have that responsibility from the second we touch the gun until we empty it and put it down. Pointing a gun at the sky may seem innocent, but a negligent shot will fall to earth somewhere. It is physically and mentally tiring to focus on where the barrel is pointed every instant. That may be the most important lesson of the day.

The unloaded gun on the shooting bench is considered relatively safe. So is the loaded gun in a holster. Students move with conscientious concern when the gun is in their hands.

They unload their guns. They clear the bench of ammunition. Now they have their firearms re-inspected by the student next to them and by the instructor to make sure they are unloaded. Only then do they put their guns away in a range bag. Now that the range is safe, they can put away their eye and ear protection.

For reasons both obvious and subtle, the range bag feels different than it did this morning. A gun is significant. Using lethal force to save a life is deadly serious.

The heaviest loads are the ones we assume voluntarily. I saw the students pick up that burden and carry it with them. They learned the weight of the gun.

It was a good class.

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Hindsight, and the obvious truth about the 2020 elections

November 14, 2020

History is clearer than the present. Now that we’ve examined the record, we found targeted fraud in the 2020 elections. The Democrats clearly planned on stealing the election from the voters. The facts we learned about this election put our recent history into hard-edged focus. Those facts tell us about our possible future as well.

The election took place during the Covid-19 lockdown. Blue state governors crushed local businesses and caused widespread unemployment. They told us it was safe to go to the store, safe to go out and protest, but unsafe to work. It was unsafe to go vote at the polls, so we’d have to vote by mail.

In hindsight, was that for our safety or for theirs?

Now that we’ve looked at the facts, we saw that media organizations put out wildly skewed polling data. Post Office workers were ordered to dump Republican campaign mail in the trash. Google sent voting reminders to liberals but not to conservatives. We saw mail in ballots from the military deliberately discarded. We saw the vote rigged when mentally handicapped people who are not allowed to be voters suddenly voted democrat. We saw forged votes, including votes from dead people. 

We saw blue cities report votes that didn’t make sense. In an election year where democrats lost seats in the house, we saw thousands and thousands of votes suddenly appear where Joe Biden was the only candidate marked on the ballot. Real voters seldom act that way, and we’ve never seen an entire district vote that way all at once. The voting results didn’t make sense considering the elections we’ve seen in the past, or what we’ve seen from voters this year.

Then we found out about the company called Dominion Voting Systems which made the voting machines and the vote tallying software used in several swing states. We found out that heavily democrat districts were counted several times during the tally. We saw rigged voting machines that switched Trump votes to Biden votes. How could that happen?

Then we found out that new software was installed in the voting machines immediately before the election.

All of this makes sense after we learn that the company has strong ties to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We saw the vote tally put on hold in districts that voted for Trump. We didn’t see these problems once or twice, but over and over in swing states. We are talking about millions of votes being in doubt. Is that a surprising glitch, or the evidence of a long term plan to sway the election? Now, hold those facts in mind.

We saw multi-billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Xi Jinping spend sizeable fortunes on this election. Donations of that magnitude, hundreds of millions of dollars each, aren’t campaign contributions: they are corporate acquisitions, and entered into with the same corporate diligence. These “campaign donors” placed their billion dollar bets because they were assured these political investments were secure.

These men knew that Biden couldn’t draw a crowd large enough to make up a volleyball team. Biden’s pick for Vice President didn’t get more than a few percent of the vote during the primary races. For some unpublished reason, these shrewd billionaires invested in the Democrat candidates anyway.

I think they had been convinced that the outcome of the election was already determined before the first vote was cast. It is clear that the democrat’s path to victory was through the secretary of state who certifies the election in each battleground state rather than trying to win at the ballot box.

These billionaires, and many of the media elites, were not worried about Biden and Harris’s lack of voter enthusiasm. Democrats knew they could leave Biden in his basement. All the democrats needed from the voters was for the election to be within the margin of fraud. Few of us realized how extensive the fraud would be.

The Democrate establishment needed enough votes to declare a plausible victory. The Democrat media would do the heavy propaganda from that point on.

Now, the hype about the covid epidemic seems clear. Now, the lack of concern for Biden’s failed campaign rallies is easy to explain. The fix was in and the fraudulent victory was widely anticipated. The democrat establishment knew the vote was rigged. This time, the vote was rigged against the american people as surely as the outcome was rigged against Senator Sanders in 2016, and probably by the same people. This corruption is the face of socialism we’ve seen around the world, and now in the US.

I’m furious, and you, republican or democrat, should be too.

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What Democracy Does

November 9, 2020

Most of us are disappointed in this election. Some of that disappointment is the inevitable difference between political promises and the unfolding reality after the campaign. Part of our disappointment is because we misunderstand what democracy offers us.

We never elect our ideal man. Democracy doesn’t give us a candidate with the perfect attributes we want. Far from it. Instead, democracy allows us to choose between candidates with the attributes they have. Democracy is a chance to reject the most flawed candidate. That is important.

I ask you to look back and see what caused you to vote for a particular person or party. We complain that the candidates are for sale, but too often, so are we. Frequently, we take the easy course of action. We let each candidate and the media define himself and his opponent. We reject the hard work of studying the candidate until we see how his actions revealed his character.

Did we vote for the man or the media myth? To whom does the politician owe his allegiance, to the voters or to his campaign donors? Is the elected politician morally bound to fulfill the promises he made to us, or does the candidate owe the special interests and the media elites who sold the candidate to the voters? The answer us up to us.

Ho ho?

Turning away from the faults of our system of government, let’s turn to the human heart. Why did you as an individual vote for a particular candidate? Was it after careful study, deliberation, and consultation with people you respect? Did you vote for the candidate who would let you and your neighbors work hard and prosper? Perhaps you voted for the candidate your friends liked. Perhaps you did the calculus and voted for the candidate who promised you something for nothing. When the government becomes Santa Clause, then whose livelihood was robbed to make the fat man so rich? Whose blood is on the fat man’s suit?

You have those answers on the tip of your tongue. Your choices guide how you feel today as the election hangs on a thread.

Did you chose your candidate
or did you fall for the sales pitch?

Many of our elites wanted to elect someone like themselves. They want a friendly candidate who wears a knowing smile as he lies to us. The elites think a dishonest politician is easily manipulated and most likely to give them what they want. History is on their side.

The bigger our government gets, the more money and power is at stake. Members of the elite ruling class like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Xi Jinping spent tens of millions of dollars on a candidate because they expect a return on their investment. That means our vote counts less and less. That means our freedom and our taxes are sold to the highest bidder.

It is a bitter truth, that democracy gives the voters what they asked for.. good and hard. I hope we can bear it.

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Inspiration for this post from the Todd family and how they study candidates. RM

How Politicians Taught Us to Fear Each Other

November 5, 2020

It is hard to believe, but we have not changed. Human nature remains the same, and the people we read about in the history books are us. For all of history, politicians pursued their own ends and told us it was for our benefit. That remains true today, though the invention of writing let us record the events more accurately. We have only to look at the news to see history repeat itself. The antidote for a lying politician is knowing the truth and speaking the truth.

Covid- Politicians and high level bureaucrats told us to wear a mask to flatten the curve. That was thirty four weeks ago, and some blue state governors say they will not release their restrictions until covid-19 is eradicated. The lust for power is timeless, and the nightly news simply provides the latest excuse for an ageless impulse. Did you recognize tyranny when it was presented as public safety?

Freedom of assembly- You can amass by the thousands for the nightly “spontaneous and mostly peaceful” protest (read riot). Meanwhile, blue city mayors said that no more than seven people can go to a church at one time. We gave away the right of freedom of assembly while the politicians said it was for our own good.

Taxing the poor- We’re told that Trump’s economy hurts the poor, while blue state legislators raise taxes on gasoline. You were told that the freedom to travel is “selfish”, and many of us believed it.. for a while.

Political privilege- We were told that drag-queen-story-hour, no matter how risque, is protected by our freedom of expression. But you recording a registered offender twerking in front of children in your public library is an infringement on human rights. Political correctness means some people are more equal than others.. and you are not the favored class.

Disarming ordinary citizens- We’re told that you and I shouldn’t own “weapons of war”. The exception is when those tools are used to guard politicians or their children. So much for equality. Clearly, some of our lives are more important than others.

Representative democracy- We’re told that every vote should count, unless we want to look closely at the people counting the votes. We are also told that we should throw open the borders so that illegal immigrants can enter the country and vote. That nullifies my vote, so clearly some votes are more important than others.

The cost of “free” services- We’re told that we must provide “free healthcare”, except that “free” stuff is really expensive. I can’t afford “free healthcare” and “free education” when the increased taxes force my job overseas. After they destroy job after job, politicians blame “capitalism”. I blame them.

The truth of “Social justice” is that it rewards politically favored groups. Those in power are above the law, while you and I are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. With our overly complex legal system, the prosecution is the punishment even if you are, and always were, innocent of the crime.

Politicians won’t say it outloud. They won’t admit it before the camera, but the more that politicians reward their followers, the more we citizens resent each other and fear each other. That is a timeless truth.

If you love your neighbor, then leave him alone.


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Polling Question for the 2020 Election

October 30, 2020
Who owns our politicians?

Stolen from social media. RM

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Episode 3 of the Armed Society

October 29, 2020

I joined Paul Lathrop, Lloyd Bailey and Charlie Cook in an experiment. Each of us has a podcast and we tried a freeform roundtable discussion. As you would expect, the major topic was the election. Welcome to “the Armed Society.”

The audio version is here-

The video version is here-

Black Robes Matter.. and the 2020 election

October 28, 2020

Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as people are getting ready to vote. Democrats called Judge Barrett professionally unqualified, an extremist, and corrupt. The personal attacks on Judge Barrett’s character and family were cutting. Let me translate those criticisms for you. They mean she isn’t a progressive judge who will legislate from the bench.

Calling Judge Barrett names may motivate the Socialists base in this election, but it may also alienate independents who are picking their candidates. Just for fun, remember that Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claim to be practicing Catholics, just like Associate Judge Barrett. The news forgot to mention that.

Democrats already claimed that the rules of the Senate were violated during this confirmation. They forgot to mention that Democrat Harry Reid, as the former majority leader of the senate, established those rules. Democrats tried to deny Judge Barrett a seat on the court the same way they did to Judge Robert Bork, Judge Thomas, and Judge Kavanaugh. Judges matter more now than ever.

Public violence has increased these last few months, and we don’t know when or where that violence might find us. Millions of us decided to get a firearm and to learn to use it. A strict reading of the law is important for gun owners; for Republican gun owners, for Independent gun owners, and for Democrat gun owners.

Time is critically important, and how we act when we have minutes to respond is very different than how we can act when we have seconds, or less. We call the police when we have time, whereas we undertake self-defense while we have no time for escape.

Sure, we want the police to come, but we anticipate that they may arrive too late to protect us. These days, we don’t know if the police will come at all. We don’t know if they are available, if they are equipped, or if the police are even allowed to respond to our call to 911. For many of us, the police are there simply to take a report while our safety remains up to us.

Self-defense isn’t necessary for everyone. Rich people buy their security the way they buy any other domestic servant. In contrast, the vast majority of us must, and do, provide for our own protection. This election isn’t between Republicans or Democrats, or between Trump and Biden as much as it is between the elites who want to control us, and the rest of us who want to retain control of our lives.

The question we face is if the media, and the people who own it, will determine our political future.

Will you be allowed to protect yourself, or will you be forced to depend on the local government for your physical safety? Will you be allowed to go to work, start a new job, or start a new enterprise? Do you trust your local politicians, both today and tomorrow, to protect your family economically and physically. Will these politicians protect your family as you would protect them? Many new gun owners decided that they want to provide for their own safety rather than depending on the politicians and their police. Buying a gun is only a first step.

Will you protect your family at the ballot box?

Being a firearm owner doesn’t make you safer until you learn how to defend yourself and the people you love. Are you willing to vote to protect that right, or do you pretend that your government will protect you? Please look at the nightly news, and see if government protection is working.

We’re not safe in our major cities like New York, Baltimore, Austin, Saint Louis, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle. Those cities said they would disarm criminals and make us safer, but instead, violent crime has soared. If you are unsafe in those cities, then what will keep you safe where you live?

A handful of billionaires want to control our media, our legal system, and they want us disarmed. Some of these elites are from China and some are from the USA. Let’s be clear. Seizing power may make the world safer for them, but that doesn’t make it safe for me.

I doubt it is safer for you either. That is why, and how, I chose my candidates. That is why I went to vote. I hope you will too.

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The Hurricane is Coming Again

October 9, 2020

Now we wait for hurricane Delta. We wait for the internet connection to go down and the lights to go out. We wait for the wind and rain to peak and then subside.

Tomorrow we will break out the generators and air conditioners and start to put the world back together. Piece by piece, and neighbor by neighbor, we’ll pick up the debris and rebuild our lives.

For now, we wait.

Manipulating Your Compassion for Political Victory

October 7, 2020

I rode through a hurricane and I’m about to ride through another one. That experience changed my perspective. Some people say we should tear down our civilization and culture so we can start over. I suspect they have not seen what I have seen where everything people have built has been wiped away. Seeing widespread destruction renewed my commitment to help my neighbors in need. Most of us share that impulse. Unfortunately, our compassion also means we can be manipulated by politicians and the mainstream media. Would socialists in the US try to influence the election by committing acts of violence and blaming President Trump? Let me remind you about some unpleasant truths.

We are not all the same and we don’t all think the same way. During the recent hurricane, there was some looting, burglary, and robbery. Because we don’t see violence every day, we forget how easy it is for people to justify their stealing from others.

We believe different things. Most of us believe that individuals have rights. In contrast, committed leftists believe in the rights of groups rather than the rights of individuals. Leftists are all for diversity until an individual’s choice comes in conflict with the goals of a politically favored group. That is when individual lives are sacrificed to the goals of the Democrat bosses.

Recently, the left says they support women’s rights, but it is more important that a mother and child be left to the mob than for the mayor of Fredericksburg, Virginia to oppose BLM protesters. Mayor Mary Greenlaw apologized to the rioters rather than to the mom who was mobbed in her car.

Remember when US diplomats and embassy guards were left to die in order to cover up the failings of a politically powerful secretary of state. Hillary Clinton was considered more important than the people on the ground in Benghazi.

The recent political violence makes sense after we look at our political history. The bosses of the Democrat party were desperate after the Trump economy eliminated minority unemployment. Trump lifted blacks out of poverty better than decades of liberal welfare programs. That success story had to be erased from the history books and from our memories before the election.

Socialists used BLM to rewrite the story of black poverty in the US. BLM attacked local businesses. They blamed “systemic racism” for poverty and shifted the blame away from corrupt politicians in our Democrat controlled cities. The mainstream media parrots the BLM political talking points. That media narrative is essential to brand the socialist brownshirts as sympathetic figures rather than as violent thugs with a criminal history. Saying these riots are mostly peaceful is like saying the media is mostly honest. This media manipulation worries me the most.

Consider that the CIA and FBI started a groundless investigation of the Trump campaign to cover up illegal acts by Hillary Clinton. Remember that criminal investigators die unexpectedly when they dig into elite pedophile rings. Too many people have died around the Clinton campaign to expect compunction now, and Epstein didn’t kill himself. The media bought the leftist talking points.

What does this mean for BLM and Antifa? It means the media is ready to blame Trump if someone physically attacks a BLM riot. Our moral outrage would sway this election. If someone shoots into the riot, the blame on Trump will be halfway around the world before the EMTs arrive.

I can’t trust the Clintons because of the many mysterious deaths that surround them. I wouldn’t put an outrage like this past the people controlling Biden and Harris either.

I hope we don’t see violence and deceit used to sway this election. I hope the media is honest. I hope voters are wiser than the party bosses.


Recovering from Hurricane Laura

September 20, 2020

We live on the south edge of the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana. We stayed at home for the storm and were a few miles west of the eye of Hurricane Laura. I don’t recommend it, and won’t do it again if I have the choice. The airport recorded winds over a minute in length of greater than 98 mph. Gusts that lasted less than a minute were as great as 138 miles per hour. It is those gusts that did the damage.

We lost power the evening of the storm and were without power for 17 days. The storm moved out of the area by daybreak. We lost things that can be replaced like shingles, fences, gutters, screens, and branches. The roof was intact. About every fourth power pole and tree were knocked down. Most were damaged. Line crews from the central and eastern US came to help rebuild our power system. They are not done yet.

We checked on friends and then went to my wife’s office. Her office building lost its roof, so we started recovering what we could as water dripped in through the ceiling. We moved her office into our home, as well as moving a friend whose apartment was damaged. We cooked on a camp stove and drank water we’d stored for months.

We had battery powered LED lanterns. We got up with the sun and went to bed when the sun set. We carried tons of storm debris to the curb. My wife moved her office to Baton Rouge where she could find a room and internet.

Back at home, we bought a generator in Houston and electrical parts in Baton Rouge. We bought two window air conditioning units in Kentwood, Louisiana because of my brother in California. He acted as a buyer and found them for us by searching online. Texts would get through to me eventually.

Powering my home was wonderful. A generator gave me water from our well, air conditioning, lights, and refrigeration, thought not all at the same time. Having support from people outside the storm damaged area was invaluable. Once we were stable with food and shelter, we helped other people gut their houses and clear their yards. I lost ten pounds since the hurricane.

We also found out that bad stuff keeps happening despite the hurricane. Roofing nails were everywhere because roofs were destroyed. My local mechanic fixed my flat tire. Driving over debris is tough. One of the struts failed on my car. The car mechanic replaced the strut, but I had to drive outside the damage area to get the wheels realigned. A pipe leaked in the kitchen. Laundry piles up. All of that would be easy to take care of under usual conditions. These are not usual conditions, and technology is fragile. Also, it is harder to solve problems when communications are disrupted and people are busy taking care of basic necessities like food, water, and shelter.

About half the homes and businesses could be safely reoccupied after the storm. About a quarter of the buildings were in need of immediate repairs. About an eighth were totaled. Municipal water was back online in a few days.

Cell-service went out the night of the hurricane. After a week, we could get some calls if we drove into town. By then, some stores were open. Grocery stores and gas stations were critical, but we made it work.  Cell-service from T-Mobile hasn’t improved much in the three weeks after the storm.

Contractors picked up most of the debris at the curb after three weeks. We got internet back after 24 days, though both power and internet are interrupted a few times a day.

This storm stripped about half the trees in southwest Louisiana. In Lake Charles, they converted a school sports field into a storage area for shredded debris from trees because they simply needed space to put it all.

We were lucky-

  • We were supposed to have a giant storm surge inland, but the unexpectedly strong north winds blew the water out of the river. My friend at the marina said his boat was on the bottom when the storm hit.
  • We should have left and gotten out of the path of the storm. Leaving also means we would have lost more of my wife’s office to water damage.
  • A strong tree will be knocked down after it picks up a load of siding and becomes a sail. I recovered siding and signage from a gas station that is hundreds of yards away. I saw metal light poles snapped, and brick columns toppled.
  • A roof rated for 140 miles per hour won’t stop a tree limb moving at 30 mile per hour. Having a place to live after a storm like this is partly a matter of luck.

If someone says we should “Burn it all down and start over,” then send them down here so they can see what that means for the people who have to pick up the pieces. Some people who live closer to the heart of the city don’t have power even yet. Some of them can limp along on generator power. Others can’t.

Some businesses quickly repaired their roof and were open for business while running on generator-power in days. Other businesses look unimproved after a month. Active on-site management makes a huge difference. The tall office building downtown will take a long time to repair.

Delayed by Hurricane Laura

September 10, 2020

I was in the direct path of hurricane Laura. We rode out the storm huddled in our bathroom. My family came through it in good health. The house sustained minor damage, but remained habitable. We have been without power for two weeks.

I can see progress each day. We’re living in the house and have some power from a generator. Crews put up new power poles and lines. Internet may take a while longer.

Rob Morse

10 September, 2020

Covid-19 in Perspective- The ordinary news that doesn’t sell soap

August 26, 2020

People die from many causes. Trying to reduce one risk often drives up others.  For example, the common cold is often a coronavirus. The common cold spreads until enough of us become immune and the disease runs out of potential hosts. We don’t huddle at home in fear of the common cold because we’re familiar with the risk it represents. Unfortunately, the news media was more interested in frightening us than in putting the the coronavirus of 2019-2020 into perspective. We are not all the same when it comes to these risks. Young people hardly know they have Covid-19. In contrast, elderly people who have other chronic illnesses are at extreme risk from Covid-19, just as they are at extreme risk from the seasonal flu.

I looked at the number of people who died of Covid-19. I was also able to find out how many people, by age, die from other causes. We’re not all the same. Here are the things that actually kill us compared to Covid-19. You decide what, if anything, is a risk to you.

People under 24- The people in this age group have a one-in-100 chance of dying this year. Their chance of dying from Covid-19 is one-in-32-thousand. They are more likely to die from car accidents, suicide, poisoning, homicide, drowning, cancer, heart disease, congenital defects, the seasonal flu, pneumonia, and chronic respiratory disease. Deaths from Covid is comparable to the risk from fires.

People 25 to 44- The people in this age group have a one-in-21 chance of dying this year. Their chance of dying from Covid-19 is one-in-20-thousand. They are more likely to die from poisoning, auto accidents, suicide, cancer, heart disease, and homicide. Covid is comparable to the number of deaths from liver disease or from diabetes.

People 45 to 64- The people in this age group have a one-in-11 chance of dying this year. Their chance of dying from Covid-19 is one-in-3-thousand. They are more likely to die from cancer, heart disease, poisoning, auto accidents, and chronic lung disease. Covid is comparable to the risk from liver disease and diabetes.

People over 65- The people in this age group have a one-in-10 chance of dying this year. Their chance of dying from Covid-19 is one-in-400. They are more likely to die from heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and strokes. Deaths from Covid-19 are comparable to the number of deaths from Alzheimer’s.

Older people are at greater risk from Covid-19 just as they are at greater risk from falls and the from the seasonal flu. What is equally clear is that young people are not at great risk from Covid. In fact, the sooner that young people recover from Covid, the sooner the disease will recede and the elderly will not be at risk. That is probably why the current death rates in the USA are 15 times high than in some countries that didn’t impose a quarantine for young people.

Perspective is everything. But, perspective lets you turn off the news.

Covid death rate per 100 thousand. US data in red. Sweden in purple.


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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot bans protesters on her block- ‘I have a right to make sure that my home is secure.’

August 22, 2020

“I have a right to make sure that my home is secure,” Lightfoot said.

Clearly, some of us are more equal than others. The full article is here.

The Nationwide Poll we Believe- You Must Protect Yourself

August 19, 2020

Pollsters call me and ask me leading questions. More than ever, I refuse to answer. I leave them guessing because this is an election year. I don’t want to be targeted by political advertisements from now until the election. In contrast, there is a massive public poll that I do believe. This poll takes hours to answer and the participants actually have to pay to register their vote. The results of that poll are fascinating as millions of us chose to buy a gun for the first time.

We saw BLM destroy businesses and people’s homes. Millions of us decided we don’t feel safe and that the police won’t be there to protect us. We couldn’t protect our family at home nor protect our colleagues at work. We recognized that we are our own first responder and we decided to buy a firearm for self defense.

Poll question- Can the government protect you at home or at work?

We read about convicted criminals being released from prison due to covid. We saw armed antifa stop traffic on the public streets and kill the motorists. Millions of us decided we don’t feel safe in public. We recognized that it is up to us to defend the people we love. Record numbers of us applied for our concealed carry permits so we could carry firearms in public.

Poll question- Can the government protect you in public?

We saw prosecutors refuse to charge looters. We saw the murder rate soar in Democrat controlled cities. Millions of new gun owners wanted training so they could use their new tools of self-defense. At the same time that firearms trainers had record demand, they had to reduce their class sizes due to covid restrictions. The instructors I know are so busy with private instruction that they can’t schedule their usual public clases.

This isn’t an online poll that promises instant rewards. In many Democrat controlled states, it takes months to buy a gun. It costs hundreds of dollars as you apply for the required permits and take the required training. Millions of new gun owners invested their time to find a gun they wanted and payed the required fees to the government.

The entry fee to exercise the “right” of self-defense is time and money, and millions of new gun owners decided to pay it. I put the word “right” in quotes because the government shouldn’t be able to tax us before we exercise our human rights. Political reality says otherwise.

We came out of this poll wiser than we went in. Millions of new gun owners found out how expensive and inconvenient the government made it to be an honest gun owner. Their personal experience contradicts what the news media and Democrat politicians said. The Democrat national convention is running as I write this, and the Democrat party platform is strongly biased against honest gun owners. Both the presumed Democrat presidential candidate and the vice presidential candidate have come out for mandatory gun confiscation. How will that play with these new gun owners, particularly the many minority women living in our inner cities?

That leads me to wonder about the next nationwide poll we will take. On the first Tuesday in November, will these new gun owners remember what they’ve learned?

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Dan Todd, Cheryl Todd, and Rob Morse on Gun Freedom Radio

August 16, 2020

I spoke with my friends Dan (the other guy) Todd and Cheryl Todd. That was back in early August, and the interview would be released later when the Todds and the Morses would both be on vacation. The Todds own AZ Firearms in the Phoenix area. In addition to self-defense, they are great advocates for personal liberty. That is evident in the many fascinating guests they have on their Gun Freedom Radio show.

In this episode, we talked about the articles that first appeared here on the Slowfacts blog and some additional information I collect when I’m on Bill Frady’s Lock-N-Load radio show every week. (Bill’s live feed is here.) I listen to both programs on a regular basis.

The interview with Dan and Cheryl is here on YouTube and on GunStreamer. Here is the link to the audio-only version.

Please consider subscribing to their podcasts.

Gun Freedom Radio Episode 236 (Click image for link)

Things I Learned During the 2020 Epidemic

August 7, 2020

I’ve learned a lot from the Coronavirus. I’m slightly more informed about epidemics and immunology than I was six months ago. One thing is certain, we’ve learned a lot about the politicians we put in office. This might not apply to you, but see if some of it does.

  • We might have elected the wrong person if the local bar and liquor store is open, but the local AA meeting was forced to shut down.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if we’ll will be arrested for opening our business, but not for burning one down.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if we’ll will be arrested for going back to work, but convicted criminals are released from jail.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if we can be arrested for walking in the park, but our politician flew his family to a beach in Florida.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if people can gather to protest on the street, but we cannot come together to praise in church.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our politician moves people who are contagious with Covid 19 into nursing homes filled with old people.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if the local abortion clinic is open, but the pro-life pregnancy clinic is padlocked.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our politicians praised a black man who fought with the police, but ignored the death of a black store owner who was murdered by looters.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if we can file for divorce, but can’t apply for a permit to buy a gun.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if armed protesters can threaten us, but an honest homeowner or business man was charged for being armed in public.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our barber will be arrested for cutting hair.. unless he is cutting the politician’s hair.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our gym is closed.. except for the times when a politician wants to exercise.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our politician with his law degree is telling our doctor which drugs to use.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our neighbors die because they can’t get hospital treatment, while our hospitals have empty beds waiting for the flood of Covid patients that never came.
  • We might have elected the wrong person when school teachers try to burn down federal buildings, and then complain that we’re not respecting teacher-safety because we want to open schools.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our community has a higher death rate from Covid 19 than the rates we see in countries which never imposed a quarantine or social distancing.
  • We might have elected the wrong person if our city wants to defund the police, and then hires private security guards to protect city executives.

All this is understandable since all of us make mistakes. Some of us learn from our mistakes rather than repeat them over and over.

Let’s learn from this epidemic and not repeat our old mistakes at the ballot box in November.



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Gun-Control Fails Again, same lie, different day

August 5, 2020

The propaganda of gun-control just got harder. Millions of honest citizens in the USA saw pictures of our inner cities in flames. They heard rioters say they wanted to spread that violence across the country. We read stories of the police being ambushed and killed while Democrat politicians called to defund the police. Millions of us went out and bought a gun for the first time. That makes it harder than ever to sell the fantasy of gun-control.

Gun Control is a fantasy-
Gun-control sells the utopian idea that we can stop criminal behavior by taking tools from law abiding citizens. We’ve passed 23 thousand firearms regulations in the USA so far. With each outrageous crime that is splashed across the news media, we’re told that the next gun regulation will finally make criminals obey the law. We’ve never seen gun-control work before, but this next law is sure to be different.

As you can imagine, that rationale gets harder to sell.

Gun-control takes power from honest citizens and gives it to politicians-
That utopian ideal of gun-control is only the frosting on the cake. What lies beneath is equally important. In the United States, gun-control significantly infringes the right for honest people to bear arms. That, in turn, increases our dependence on the police and local government for our protection. We have to ask permission to defend ourselves with tools. Politicians benefit as they to sell our rights back to us.

We’ve seen politicians withdraw police patrols in some areas, and provide extra patrols to favored political constituents. We’ve seen judges, lawyers, and political donors get the right to carry concealed firearms, while that right is denied to the rest of the public. People who are well known and well monied stay protected. The elites alway have the money and connections to hire armed security. Your family, in contrast, not so much.

In politics, money talks and politicians listen. The business of gun-control means rich political donors can disarm you while the elites stay protected and politicians get rich.

When politicians legislate what can be bought and sold,
the first things to be bought and sold are politicians.

It takes a lot of propaganda to sell the myth of gun-control-
You’ve seen how the world works. We’ve all seen mass-murder and criminal violence in countries that have extreme gun-control laws. Think about the armed drug-wars across Mexico and the armed terrorist attacks across France that weren’t stopped by gun-control. Here in the US, we can look at Socialists controlled cities where it is extremely difficult to purchase and carry a personal firearm. Those cities have record setting rates of violent crime. Rich gun-control donors have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the gun-control propaganda machine to spread the opposing narrative that criminals obey our laws and that a few more gun laws is all we need to achieve peace.

Gun-control groups bought schools of public health. They bought media outlets. They influenced the scripts of our TV and movie entertainment. Gun-control groups brag about buying politicians each election cycle. This propaganda machine tell us the news that fits what their rich donors want us to believe.

Lately, we were told that the terrible police procedures we saw in Minneapolis were caused by the police having guns, that “police violence is gun violence”. Gun-control advocates said the police need to go door to door and take guns from honest citizens. We’re also told that only the police should have guns, and that the police should be disarmed and disbanded.

No one said that propaganda has to make sense.

We’re told it is our fault that gun-control fails and violent criminals use guns-
Utopian fantasies fail to deliver the perfection they promise, and gun-control is no exception. We saw alcohol prohibition fail. We are seeing drug prohibition fail today, yet we’re told that gun prohibition will succeed tomorrow. Rather than examine their failed fantasy, gun-control advocates need a scapegoat to blame. They said it is your fault, that honest gun owners are really violent criminals in waiting.

Gun-control advocates ignore that licensed concealed carry holders are more law-abiding and non-violent than the police. They ignore that armed citizens shoot fewer innocent bystanders than the police, but that is the truth.

The gun-control propagandists ignore how criminals get their guns. Organizations that move billions of dollars worth of drugs, millions of illegal immigrants, and thousand of victims of human trafficking can move a few pounds of steel, brass, and lead with ease. Instead, the gun-control advocates blame you. We’re told, ‘If we disarm the honest citizens in the US, then criminals won’t have guns.’

You are the cure, not the disease-
You might have to dig, but the truth is out there. Honest citizens in the US defend themselves and their neighbors with a legally owned firearm millions of times each year. You protect your families and your communities. Ask your politicians and your news papers to do the same.

Register to vote. Speak up in the public square. All you have to do is speak the truth, and your voice is louder than the propagandist’s.

The original article is here.

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