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Sexual Assault and Campus Security- Can Academics Learn Something New?

February 10, 2018

I respect education because it is better to learn from other’s mistakes than to suffer them yourself. That said, it seems particularly hard for academics to incorporate new ideas on campus. A shining example of this shortcoming is violence on campus. College administrators keep doing the same old thing as long as students keep paying to risk rape and robbery.

Let me describe this safety problem in unfamiliar terms.

You manage a large industrial site. People and materials come on and off the site every day. One-out-of-20 of your female employees and customers will be sexually assaulted each year. They will be assaulted on your property as well as nearby as they move on and off your site. Your employees, your customers and your suppliers will also be robbed by fellow employees and by outside criminals who enter your property.


A 5 percent injury rate with multiple days-lost from work would shut down most private job sites. That level of injury due to criminal activity and employer negligence is simply unacceptable for a commercial firm. Unfortunately, this injury rate is treated as the cost of doing business for public colleges and universities.

For perspective, the combined illness and injury rate for all private employers is about half the rate of sexual assault on women as reported by US colleges and universities.

This safety problem persists on campus because of the conflict between ideology and reality. If strangers enter your property to rob your employees, then you establish a secure physical boundary. You would certainly do that at home and you’d do that most other places you work. You’d badge people onto and off of your property. You’d install security cameras.

Those are the sorts of things you do..unless you’re working in the ivory tower and surrounded by ivy covered inertia.

Industry faces risk to their employees on the job every day. In that setting, you require your staff to work in teams when they are in a known hazardous traveling near the college library at night..or walking to their car in the dark parking lot. At an industrial plant, maybe you’ll have to close that section of the facility (the campus) when you don’t have sufficient staff to insure the physical safety of your workers (students and staff).  Said another way, you’d restrict library and lab hours if you don’t have campus cops in place.

Those are the simple safety measures we see when employers are held responsible for injuries on their property.
We don’t see these safety measures adopted on a college campus.

As an employer, you would also encourage your employees to wear personal protection equipment. It would be a term of employment in some work situations. You want your employees to wear eye-protection when they work with power tools at home, but you’d require it on the job site.  You’d hire security personnel to safely escort your employees onto and off of your work site. It happens every day in industry. Universities do it for a football game on the weekend, but they don’t put on extra security staff for the graduate student walking to the parking garage late at night.

On campus, it is entirely acceptable to hand out free condoms to teenage freshman, but it is not “acceptable” to allow licensed adults to carry their legal firearm on campus for their personal protection. On some campuses, even faculty and staff can’t have pepper spray.

Think about that for a minute. We’re telling the future leaders of our country..and their instructors..that we don’t trust them with a can of pressurized spice in their pocket or purse.

Other organizations have solved much harder security problems than the ones faced by colleges and universities, yet academic institutions remain unsafe year after year. This isn’t a problem of technology. It isn’t even a problem of manpower and cost. It is a problem of ideology and will. Administrators will ignore the number of sexual assaults and robberies on campus until students choose to get their education someplace safer.

There was a time when we accepted deaths and injuries when we built large-scale industrial plants or as we worked in mines. We don’t do that any longer. It is time to re-examine our assumptions about unsafe campuses.

The academics need our help when it comes to violence on campus. There are psychological reasons they can’t see the issue clearly. We’ll talk about that in another post.

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Rape on Campus- Learning from the Experience of Others

February 7, 2018

Western culture changed. Compared to 50 years ago, we now encourage women to excel in the workplace. We want women to take all the education they can and then start powerful careers. Unfortunately, college presidents and university regents don’t provide physical safety on campus. In theory, schools can learn from the experiences of others. In fact, most college administrators give lip-service to the psychological damage caused by sexual assault on campus. Until we change the political landscape that keeps honest people disarmed, avoid the colleges that leave you defenseless and vulnerable.

What choices do you have?

Suppose you’re offered an educational experience at a prestigious school. Does the school proved 24-7-365 security? Most don’t. That means students have to provide their own physical security or they are vulnerable to attack. Trading your safety for your education is a very uncomfortable choice. The consequences are real. Sexual assault will change your life forever.

Are all schools the same?

10 states explicitly allow licensed concealed carry of a firearm on campus. 16 states forbid it on public campuses. In practice, public and private schools have a wide range of regulations for self defense. Some schools treat their students and staff who are over 21 years of age as adults. Other schools have extensive regulations. Some won’t allow pepper spray on campus even for faculty. Let’s look at both sides of the issue.

Here are arguments against your defense.

-Many of the academics who run universities don’t want to deal with the messy details of physical security..unless the physical security is for them. These administrators cling to a fantasy ideology that “violence has no place at our university.” Unfortunately, the thugs aren’t listening. We see that rapists and robbers think there are lots of opportunities on campus when we look at crime statistics.

We don’t want to give guns to kids. That pat answer ignores the fact that licensed concealed carriers are usually over the age of 21 and can carry a legally concealed firearm off campus. How does disarming the cafeteria delivery driver make the 17 year old coed any safer? Have words on paper been effective at stopping crazy attackers?

We don’t want untrained gun owners on campus. This is another false alternative. We know how licensed gun owners behave. Licensed concealed carriers have a lower crime rate than the police. Compared to the police, licensed concealed carriers are much less likely to shoot an innocent bystander.

Armed students and armed staff restrict the educational mission of the school. If you’ve looked at the #metoo hash tags, then you have to wonder if the mission of some colleges is to provide opportunities for sexual assault. Let’s stop sexual assault on campus so that everyone can focus on classwork.


Here are arguments for your defense.

– The risk of sexual assault and rape is unusually high for college students. 23 percent of women on campus say they have been the victim of sexual assault. Providing “safe spaces” and giving freshman girls a rape-whistle hasn’t done much to change the rate of sexual assault. You will be your first responder if you are attacked.

-Administrators claim that force and violence don’t belong on campus. Their magic words and gun-free-zone signs are not working. School should teach us to make distinctions. University administrators can’t discriminate between dangerous attackers and dangerous defenders. Higher education failed to give these administrators the discernment that so many of us gained from real life. Tens of millions of responsibly armed civilians carry concealed every day. Concealed means concealed, so you never knew they were there. Meanwhile, the criminals ignore the no-guns signs and come on campus looking for easy victims on a “gun-free” campus.

-Sexual assault has serious consequences. It will be harder to trust people for the rest of your life after you’re attacked. Many victims seek counseling, suffer from post traumatic stress, and need medications to recover.

-Colleges frequently ignore or undertreat rape victims. Some student health centers simply tell the injured student to seek treatment at home.

-Sexual assaults almost never becomes rape if the intended victim uses a firearm for self-defense. Fortunately, most of the intended victims don’t have to shoot their attacker.

-Colleges do not provide a safe location for legal gun owners to store their firearms as they travel onto and off of campus. For that reason, disarming you on campus often disarms you off campus as well. Friends of mine were assaulted as they left campus.

As you can tell, this is not an academic discussion for me. I know too many students who were sexually assaulted or violently robbed. That is why I want you to consider your physical safety when you’re choosing your school. I want you decide if the promise is worth the risk.

You have choices. Your opinion counts if you’re a student because it is your future that is at stake. I want you to decide for yourself rather than have some board of regents make the decision for you.

Please stay safe.


Using “National Security” to Hide Your Sins

February 6, 2018

I read the Nunes memo that details how Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee used the FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign. I missed something important and John Fund caught it. Democrats and their allies in the deep state tried to bury their sins by claiming “national security” concerns to keep the memo hidden. They are unworthy of our trust.

The FBI said releasing the memo could lead to “grave consequences”. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, both Democrats, said that releasing the memo would be dangerous and illegitimate when they wrote to their legislative leaders opposing the release. Democrats also made public statements saying that releasing the memo would harm our security.

Read the memo for yourself. Nothing has been redacted. There are no items of national security put on display. Not one!

What we have here is the FBI and leading Democrats trying to hide their sins under the veil of “national security”. That is a disgusting deceit worthy of Richard Nixon. John Fund caught it, and I missed it. Please read him here and decide for yourself.


Life Lessons in a Sea of Uncertainty

February 5, 2018

I helped a friend recover a burnt sailboat. He wanted the boat, and friends help friends. He bought the 41 foot boat for under two thousand dollars..and he might have paid too much. Here is what I learned. Some of this is about sailing and some is about life.

Sailing may be simple, but there are lot of interrelated parts on a 41 foot boat. We motored this entire trip..and had to. First, the sails were either missing or in rags. Second, you can’t sail up and down the Louisiana rivers and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Remember, I said this boat had been recovered from a fire. Surprising things happen when you assemble a lot of unreliable parts.

Even the best charts include surprizes. We found that out as we ran aground several times. One GPS system showed us in a marsh as we motored along a 15 foot deep canal. Reality is what you see when you look outside. Reality is the depth you measure with a lead-line as you work your way around the boat. Sometimes that is all you need.

In theory, it is easy to feel your way around and find a good place to anchor in a poorly charted body of shallow water. It isn’t easy to do that with a 20 thousand pound sailboat. It is made harder by trying it on a moonless night. I respect the people who can.  I also respect the people who choose not to. You’re easily disoriented in the dark. Also, you may not recognize when you’ve got the boat stuck.. or unstuck.

When you have questionable gear, it is great to have good people aboard. We knew we had to repair the depth-sounder before we started this trip. We did, and we repaired several other systems enroute, sometimes several times. I don’t have a lot of experience at electrical repairs so I straightened up loose lines and studied the boat. I also made up two anchors to be ready in the rollers.

We spent one night aground. I spent the night worrying about how to get us free. We were never in danger. We were warm, fed, and dry. I should have been counting my blessings and enjoying the sound of rain on the cabin roof while we waited for morning light.

Sometimes you get lucky. The wind and tide lifted us off the bottom in the middle of the night. It helps when you take advantage of good fortune. Remember those anchors and anchor rodes I talked about? Having them at the right place and the right time was invaluable.

We had learned our lesson about exploring the shallows. After dawn, we crept back through a small canal at a walking pace. It is better to find problems slowly than at full speed.

The big guys were nice to us. Pushboats move barges along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Controlling these lashed-together 10,000 ton vessels isn’t easy, but the captains do it every day. They push their barges up against the bank and wait for traffic to clear or for the fog to lift. We stayed out of their way. If we did the right thing, they would never have to act as if we were there. They were nice enough to throttle-down as we passed behind them.

There is a reason that quality marine parts are overbuilt and extremely reliable. The reason is that failure can be costly. We had no options if our engine died. Stay out of situations where your life depends on everything working right, like being too close in front of a loaded barge. We didn’t depend on luck, but we had our share.

A thirty year old boat is worn and a previous fire sure doesn’t help. We had to run a diesel generator because of an unknown problem in the main battery charging system. That means we were dependent on two engines, though losing the diesel generator wouldn’t have been an immediate problem once the batteries were charged. We had charts, but we knew we needed radio to get through locks and bridges. We wanted GPS and radar. We had them..most of the time.

The depth sounder and main engine transmission failed as we neared the dock. We pulled the 20 thousand pound boat for the last 30 feet of its voyage. Now it is in the slip where it belongs, but sometimes you just have to get out and push to get the job finished. Other than a few bandaids and some bottom paint, we made the trip unscaithed.

Like I said, I helped my friend, but I’m not sure I did him a favor. Boat owners will understand.






Democrats Make War While Republicans Make Nice

January 30, 2018

The battles for these United States are all around us. The Republicans are losing because they have not begun to fight. When Democrats are elected, then the media and bureaucrats tell us we should follow the decisions of our elected leaders. When Republicans are elected, then the media and bureaucrats say that the office holders are illegitimate. The claim is that all Democrats are virtuous, even when they are rapists, while all Republicans are evil, even if they are enforcing laws the Democrats passed. It is time to fight back.

Trump helped cut taxes. Suddenly the democrats discovered fiscal restraint. It was called a sin against humanity if we kept more of our money.  Both the Progressive pols and their media forgot that Obama doubled the US debt. I didn’t hear a Republican point out their hypocrisy.

Democrats claim that sanctuary cities are simply ignoring unjust laws. I love this approach to violating federal law. I want to do the same thing. This way, un-sanctuary cities can ignore birth-right citizenship. While we’re at it, un-sanctuary cities can ignore that laws that give illegal immigrants government funded schooling, housing, food and medical care. Let’s also disallow the labor expenses paid by companies that hire illegals. (The wages paid to illegals are company charity, not a deductible business expenses.) Democrats only want the rule of law when Republicans are willing to play hardball.

The Obama Administration fought against the interstate sale of handguns. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration continued to pursue some of these unresolved cases. I blame Attorney General Jeff Sessions for continuing to pursue the case and ruling against gun owners. If the roles were reversed, then the Obama Administration would have deliberately killed the case.  Refusing to use the political powers abused by your predecessor isn’t about fairness, justice, legality or “good sportsmanship”: it is unilateral surrender.  Ash yourself WWOD. (What would Obama do.)  That rule doesn’t impose much moral restraint. I’d have a long lists of plaintiffs who would sue and settle.

Democrats are out for power while the Republicans are hoping for approval. Trump understands these political contests. The President knows that Democrats and their media will dump hate on him no matter what he does or doesn’t do. Meanwhile, the RINOs are uncertain.

These gutless republicans can’t withstand the criticism thrown at them by the Dems and their media. These republican politicians-for-life would rather lose than fight. Get them out of office before we lose our country.


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Do We Need a Few New United States?

January 18, 2018

Many people leave California every day. This time, a group has proposed to leave California and take the land with them. This New California is made from the red counties that comprise most of California..and leave the deep blue coast behind. They are not asking to leave the United States, but rather to return to them. Yes, there are conservatives in California. Millions of them.

To get a sense of size, there are enough registered republicans and libertarians in California to replace every registered voter in Georgia, or in North Carolina, or in Michigan. That makes these registered republicans about the tenth largest state in the union. Not all of them would live in New California of course. Many would still live in Old California, but many of them would form a new conservative state that is tired of living under the thumb of the socialists elites in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


This illustrates a larger point. Look how the socialists are concentrated onto isolated democrat islands. That means there are lots of New United States that can be discovered.


How about a New (and improved) New York, one that leaves NYC and Albany to themselves. We can discover a New Pennsylvania that sheds Philly. A New Illinois would be red and a New Washington would leave SeaTac to drink coffee by themselves. A New Florida released from the Miami area would be bright red indeed, as would a New Colorado.

This exposes a larger issue that both underlies and powers the seperationist movement. Today’s liberals rejected a live-and-let-live attitude. Yesterdays hippies became today’s authoritarians. The “do your own thing” attitude was replaced by the heavy hand of government dicta.

Blue state legislators dictate what to eat, what to drive, where to go, and what to think. The politicians making those decisions are far removed from the people who actually grow food, build products, and supply energy for the rest of us. Those of us in fly-over country also raise our own families and we live under a budget. That is something we haven’t seen from a blue state in a very long time.

This is not an academic disagreement or a matter of opinion over fashion trends. For all their “enlightenment” these blue-state-busy-bodies demand that people live just like them..or go to jail. I mean that literally and I know people who’ve served time. Of course there is push back. It is long overdue.

The outcome is in doubt. Will we see the so-called republican/conservatives in office actually conserve liberty, or will they support the status quo that got them campaign contributions? I don’t know. It is up to us.

These are interesting times.


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Venezuelan Socialists Murder More of Their Political Enemies

January 17, 2018

Meanwhile, American Socialists refuse to see the truth of their beliefs. Here it is laid out raw for those of us who can learn. RM

The order is to kill you,’ Venezuelan soldiers reportedly told rebel cop before firing.

Venezuelan special forces who launched a deadly attack using rocket launchers and assault rifles against a former cop-turned-rebel had orders not to take anyone alive, the insurgent told an ally by telephone shortly before he was killed Monday with six of his followers.
Fearing for the lives of his fellow rebels and those of an innocent family also in the house where the shootout occurred, Óscar Pérez tried to negotiate his surrender.. ‘We are not going to negotiate; the order is to kill you.’

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