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All House Democrats voted to disarm Social Security Recipients who need help with finances- CPRC

February 5, 2017

I wish the Democrats and their paid spokesmen would stop lying to us.  Democrats are not interested in reducing crime or violence.  Democrats do not want to protect the poor, the old, and the vulnerable.  They want power.  They want us disarmed. And so do the voters who support them.

Disarmed, if you receive Social Security benefits and you ask for help with your finances.  Disarmed, if you are having a medical procedure and will be on pain medications.  Disarmed, if you will receive chemo.  Disarmed, if you are in fine health, but will be enjoying a long trip that takes you away from home and your regular address where you receive your bills.  If you ask someone to manage your finances, then the Democrats voted to have you put on the FBI’s National Instant Background Check list as if you were a convicted felon.  YOU get to hire a lawyer and pry yourself back off that list.. at your expense.  The only reason a politician wants to disarm you, is if they want to do things they could not do to you if you were armed.  Shame on Democrat voters.

The vote failed, and the vulnerable may continue to protect themselves. RM

“Have you ever thought of letting someone else manage your finances? Under finalized new rules released just before Christmas by President Obama, Social Security recipients will be banned from buying a gun if they are deemed “financially incompetent.” Some 4.2 million Social Security recipients — about 10 percent of all people 65 and older — could lose the right to own a gun as a result.”

Source: All 191 House Democrats voted to keep Social Security Regulations that ban guns for those who need help with their finances – Crime Prevention Research Center

House chairman to sanctuary cities: ‘Your money is gone’ | Washington Examiner

February 4, 2017

Well done, and about time. RM

The House chairman who oversees Justice Department spending is telling so-called “sanctuary cities” that funding for police, jails and housing will end under President Trump’s new executive orders tightening immigration control.”It’s real easy, their money disappears. There’s no fight, their money is gone,” said Texas Rep. John Culberson, chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that funds Justice.

Source: House chairman to sanctuary cities: ‘Your money is gone’ | Washington Examiner

Polite Society Podcast Episode 400, Live on Lock and Load Radio with Bill Frady

February 2, 2017

We recorded the 400th episode of Paul Lathrop’s “The Polite Society Podcast.”  We did something different to commemorate the four century mark.  We recorded most of the podcast live on Bill Frady’s “Lock and Load” radio show.  Massad Ayoob and Gail Pepin were our guests.

I’m glad I was there.  Paul asked Massad if we could learn something about self-defense by competing in the shooting sports.  Massad said there was a lot to learn.  “Competition helps us know, “Can I run this gun under pressure?”  A shooting a match is not a gunfight.   Consider the reverse corollary: a gunfight absolutely is a shooting match.  The person with the most time and experience running a gun under pressure will most likely win.”

We asked Gail and Massad if there was something a new competitor should bring to their fist match.  Both are nationally ranked competitors in addition to being use-of-force trainers.  They said to pay attention to what you are doing.  Don’t let your desire to do well distract you from the basics of shooting.  Go with the mindset of task instead of goal.

That approach works in many situations.  Bill Frady asked how Paul got to 400 podcasts.  We got there one story at a time, one episode at a time.

I hope you enjoy it.  Episode 400 should come out later today.  Here are the links-


Lock and Load Radio with Bill Frady

Massad Ayoob Group


The Polite Society Podcast


Watching Their God Die

February 2, 2017

The Socialists have lost their minds.  They went insane for a reason.  Sure, it was funny to hear the Hollywood stars tell us how stupid we were.  It was funny for a a sadly embarrassing way.  It felt like I was watching an alcoholic mourn his empty bottle.  Now, the legacy news media criticizes President Trump, even when Trump implements Obama’s policies that Socialists voted for.  I understand how the Socialists feel.  Their god died last November, and they are out of their minds in mourning.

See it from their perspective.  They know only their god, and their god promised them everything.  Their god paid for them to go to school.  Their god told them what to think, what to feel, and what to do.  Budding Socialists were worthwhile people as long as they followed god’s lessons.  They know this because their god told them so.  Their god told them they were not only good, but superior to unbelievers.

God promised them free food and free housing..if they believed in god.  Their god told them it was their right to have free healthcare.  Their god loved them and would provide.  God even provides lots of people who feel just like they do.  Why, good Socialists have friends at school and on TV.  See, almost everyone they know feels exactly like they do.

Good little Socialists certainly don’t need family.  If god’s love was not enough, then god even promised them free sex..and free abortions when they got pregnant.  God was everything and all-powerful.

There was a catch.  Their god gave all the encouragement the Socialists needed, as long as the good little Socialists followed god’s many commands.  Foremost, they must praise and support their god.  Yes, even god needs their support.

The Socialist’s god died at the ballot box last November.  Now we see how intolerant the Socialists really are.  Socialists say they should “Take it to the streets” and “hit us in the face.”  The “us” they talk about are the atheists like you and me.  We don’t believe in their god of Government.

We believe in liberty.  We want smaller government and more freedom.  I do.  You do.

Remember how it felt as Their god killed liberty bit by bit?  Now, the Socialists are watching Their god diminish.  Each executive order drives them crazy.  Line item by line item.  Court decision by court decision.  They mourn the loss of each regulation and tax and penalty.

Their Socialist dream of unconditional love from their all-powerful god is crumbling.  Their dream of ultimate security in god’s hands is fading away.  They know only their god, and now they are lost.  If their high priests say protest, then they protest.  If they high priests say riot, then they riot.todaysbaalworship

Their god is a false god.  Their god always eats his children, no matter how many lives they sacrifice on their god’s altar.

I understand their loss, but don’t share it.  I hope my children live free.  I have hope.

The Brain Cramp from Liberal Journalists

January 31, 2017

My god it is hard to be a liberal/progressive/socialist/democrat journalist these days.  The approved talking points are getting narrower and more contradictory.  It is getting harder to spin the news as more of us turn off the “two minute hate” and look for information elsewhere.  For example-

We’re supposed to believe that women hate President Trump.  After all, George Soros bused lots of white women to DC, and lots of the legacy media talked about it.

White women dressed like genitals prove that women hate Trump.

Or not.  The media forgot to tell us that the majority of white women voted for Donald Trump in November.

Ouch.  That makes my head hurt.

Such a simple obvious fact that a majority of white women voted for Donald Trump causes discriminating citizens to react to the legacy news as if the viewers suffered a brain cramp from eating ice cream too fast.  In fact, the legacy media is not allowed to mention the obvious facts as they perform their partisan spin-fest.

But. But.. President Trump will poison us all by bringing back affordable electrical power.. and.. and by bringing more industrial jobs back to the US.  #notmypresident

So that means that liberal environmentalists must be furious at George Soros after Soros bought so many coal companies?  You see, those energy companies were available for bargain prices after Soros’ political activists in the White House and the deep state crushed the coal industry.

Stop it.  It hurts.egspag5zca-2

I know.  I’m sorry.  It isn’t fair that we bring up such unpleasant truths.  We must be full of hate for mentioning the simple facts that make the liberal/progressive/democrat/social-justice-warrior’s head feel like its going to explode.

I could go on, but so can you.  There are lots of liberal/progressive/socialist/democrat icons hanging by a thin thread.  Ask the questions yourself.

Why was the earth warmer than today if man-made carbon dioxide controls our temperature?

Brain cramp. #stopclimateweirding

Sure.  Whatever.

Why are so few of us at work, and why can so few of us finding affordable medical insurance after the progressive/socialist/democrats passed Obamacare?

You hate the poor and want them all to die.


Why do liberals want to register every gun owner with the police.. unless the gun owner is a recent muslim emigre?

Wince.  Um, you’re racist..and Hitler.

Sigh.  Well that didn’t take long.

You and I are not crazy.  They are.  Keep asking those inconvenient questions.  A free people want to know.  There is a reason you won’t settle for their lies.  The reason is integrity.  Don’t give it up for anyone.

Why Chicago is Dying, and Other Cities Aren’t

January 30, 2017


Someone is shot and wounded every couple of hours in Chicago.  Chicago gangs murder about two people a day.  Chicago politicians blame everyone else for their city’s problems.  Chicago politicians say guns are the problem.  They say that these guns come from other states and cause crime in Chicago.  For some strange reason, other states don’t see the kind of carnage we see in Chicago each night.  Other states don’t see it even though they have guns there too.  In Chicago, the middle class grows thinner every day.  The unlucky ones are shot.  The lucky ones move away.  The middle class working family is called greedy and racist as they pick up and leave, yet these same citizens don’t act greedy or racist once they finally escape Chicago.  The problem is that Chicago can’t escape itself.

America is still a world-class manufacturer, though you wouldn’t know it if you asked the politicians.  Chicago used to be filled with manufacturing businesses, both large and small.  Politicians fixed that.  You see, small shops couldn’t pay enough protection money to the Socialists party.  For a long time, larger employers could, and did.  The politicians passed regulations that penalized the small shops in favor of the larger unionized businesses.  Politicians didn’t care if the small shops were driven away, so long as the large unionized shops stayed and continued to make their political payoffs.  That was a winning scheme for the Democrat politicians.  We saw the same scheme in Detroit and other deep blue cities.

Big businesses and unions competed for inside contracts with the city and state rather than competing to satisfy customers around the world.  Small business couldn’t tolerate the high taxes, extensive regulation and political graft.  Smaller employers moved out of crooked Cook County.  Since they were moving, many of them simply kept going and moved out of Illinois entirely.  I don’t blame them.

The corrupt scheme was a successful model for Democrat politicians, but is stole the entry level jobs that young people needed to get started on their own.  Corruption leached away the high paying jobs that young couples needed to start a family.  The middle class followed the jobs.

The politicians increased their demands, and so did the union bosses.  Eventually the large unionized shops were driven out of business or were forced slim down and buy from out-of-state suppliers to try and stay competitive.  Even large employers were forced to leave once they were one of the few firms left alive.  Each year it got harder and harder to pay for all the promises made by Illinois politicians back through the decades.

What is a corrupt progressive/socialist/democrat politician to do as his city thins out and dies?  Today,  the socialist politicians in our deep blue cities have to import illegal immigrants to keep their legislative districts from hollowing out and collapsing.  The politicians follow the California model and promise higher welfare benefits so the imported poor won’t leave when faced with rising poverty and rising crime.

Chicago politicians blame racism for their cities failure.  Chicago politicians blame guns for the firefights that claim a dozen a night.  Those are the symptoms, not the cause.

The problem is Chicago.  This is the same problem we see in Socialists governments everywhere.  They did it to themselves, and never take the blame.  Chicago, you built that.

Did California Jump, or Were They Pushed Out of the Union

January 28, 2017


California has a referendum process.  Citizens can change state laws, and they just might collect enough signatures to put secession on the ballot.  That raises a few questions.  Would all of California leave the union, or could they leave county by county, or city by city?  Said another way, would LA and San Francisco get to take red California with them?

It is doubtful that they can leave with all of California.  Federal park lands, national forests, and areas controlled by the United States Bureau of Land Management never belonged to California in the first place.  Federal lands cover some 45.8 percent of the California landmass.  Don’t forget the vast areas  of tide lands and the oceans that lie just off the California coast.  They are currently claimed as federal property.  The California watermelons loved it when Democrat politicians took more and more of California and put it out of reach for development.  Now, much of California is out of reach for secession.


What could Californian’s take with them if they left?  Those federal lands also cover most of California’s watershed.  The water to drink and the water for agriculture is imported from the United States.  In some cases, it is taken all the way from the Colorado river.  Don’t worry.  Socialist California has all the water it needs once it desalinates the pacific ocean.  That takes energy.

The tech giants of silicon valley also have a thirst for energy.  California imports over a third of its electricity.  The large majority of those imports come from states in the southwest United States.

It isn’t only the thirst for water that could be cut back by secession.  Kern County, California lies directly north of Los Angeles.  Kern County accounts for 70 percent of California’s oil and gas production.  Kern county voted for Trump by 53 percent to 40 percent.  Where would California get its oil?

Then there are the political factors of leaving the US.  The average federal debt per US resident is some 62 thousand dollars.  Would Californians pay their share of the federal debt before the state was allowed to leave the union?  Social Security and Medicaid are pay-as-you-go programs.  Would citizens revoke their claim as they revoked their US citizenship?  Some Californians could remain US citizens.  I guess they could pay US taxes just as US citizens do if they work abroad.  Would Californians pay back their US student loans, if they moved “overseas?”  They certainly could face arrest at the border if they stopped paying their loans and wanted to visit Reno or Las Vegas.

Who-owes-what isn’t a small issue.  More Californian’s receive welfare, and they receive larger average payments, than the US average.  You could say that California is the welfare capital of the US.  California has a state debt of some 11 thousand dollars per resident.  Would any bonding agency underwrite those debts, or the municipal debts of California cities, in an independent California?  I doubt it.

Let’s ignore the debt issue for a moment and look at how the issue would be decided.  As Clinton supporters showed us in the last political convention, votes are subject to interpretation.  We already know the referendum would not be decided by a majority vote of verified US citizens living in California.  I wonder how many super-delegates the secessionists would get before the first vote was counted?  I’d expect voter fraud in the election just as we saw in the last presidential election.

When you look at the fine details, there isn’t much of California that actually voted Democrat.  California Democrats predominantly live in a few densely populated socialist islands along the coast.  (Graphic taken from “The Clinton Archipelago”.)

Socialist Islands in California

Socialist Islands in California

It is true that a few California politicians are eager to spend other people’s money as they leave the union.  There won’t be much for the California politicians to spend.  Sure, they will denounce President Trump in order to get their 15 seconds of screen time.  That is little more than political theater designed to distract Californians from California’s budget problems.  California politics has been determined, and will be determined by one thing.  California is controlled by the political donations from California state employees.  They will determine California’s political decisions.  Their dislike of Trump could outweigh their fiscal sanity.

The departure of California would have wide ranging political implications across the United States.  Democrats would become a regional minority party across the US.  They would hold office in a few large cities.  The House and Senate majorities held by the Republicans would eliminate any chance of a filibuster, or even much of a debate.  Without California, it would take several generations for a Democrat politician to ever again achieve a majority vote for president.

I’m for secession, but I don’t think it will happen.  I want to see how the Socialist experiment in California works on its own.  I want the rest of the United States to learn from California’s failure.

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