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Virginia Democrats Double Down on Failed Gun Control Plans

January 1, 2020

Democrats won the recent elections in Virginia. They have not taken office yet, but they announced their legislative plans. I guess they have to do that since out-of-state special interests funded so many of their campaigns and the newly-minted legislators have to quickly prove their fealty. Their chief target has been the honest gun owners of Virginia. This has been amazing to watch.

Some of the first announcements were plans to outlaw “assault weapons”. “Assault weapon” is a well-tested catch phrase that means any gun that looks scary to potential voters. The color black is scary. Something that looks like it came out of a video game is scary. Paint the same gun pink and put a wood stock on it, and it is suddenly acceptable. The politicians don’t have to fool all the people all the time with their mislabeled claims. Democrat politicians only have to fool the press, and that is remarkably easy to do. The press never bothers to check if previous “assault weapon” bans actually lowered the crime rate. To the surprise of the Democrat politicians and their donors, the gun owners in Virginia were not buying the media spin.

The official evil black rifle is the AR-15. Lost in the headlines is the fact that the AR was developed 63 years ago. It was designed as an easy to shoot firearm that is adjustable to fit people of varying stature. It shoots one bullet each time the trigger is pressed, a suddenly novel feature that is over 130 years old. The AR is significantly lighter in weight, and easier shooting, than a main battle rifle. Despite the media hysterics, in some states, the AR was not allowed for deer hunting because it was initially considered an underpowered cartridge.

We’re not talking about a fringe segment of the firearms market. The AR and its clones are the most popular and widely sold long-guns in the US. After the lightweight .22s, the AR is often the gateway rifle for new shooters. The AR has also been called a girl’s gun, and that may be the real reason it is vilified by Virginia Democrats.

As we saw in other states, the Virginia Democrats first demanded confiscation of existing guns. When the public defiantly answered with, “Come and take them,” the Virginia Democrats proposed to outlaw the sales of ARs while demanding the registration of existing guns. In their dictatorial exuberance, the gun-banning Democrats also said they’d scoop up some shotguns and rifles that weren’t ARs.

What strikes me as strange is that the Democrats don’t want to ban all the ARs. These guns are called weapons of war when the Democrats want to disarm civilians. The same hardware is called “a patrol rifle” or a “personal defense weapon” if the police or government agents carry them. What the Democrats are saying with their wordplay is that select government employees can be armed, but the rest of us must be helpless. Recent events showed us the tragic results.

Democrats are not against guns. They are only against us having them.

Time and again we’re told that the police will protect us, so it is ok if we’re disarmed at church, at school, or in some contrived “gun free zone”. Note that the people making these rules don’t have to follow them. The elites have their own security service at the capital, and even at church. Government officials get a security team, but you don’t.

The past Republican State Attorney General in Virginia said that self defense was sufficient cause to carry a concealed firearm in church. I expect the present Democrat State Attorney General in Virginia to reverse that ruling. The Democrat montra is that the more of us are defenseless, the safer we will be. Ask yourself this question; if we’re so safe, then why do the Democrat Brahmins need a security detail everywhere they go?

Democrats often restrict the right of citizens to go armed in public. When that happens, judges and elite politicians will receive carry permits, while you are denied them. You are also disarmed in many “gun-free zones” where they may carry. Concealed carry laws are for the little people.

98% of mass murders are in so called “gun free zones”,
yet Democrat politicians in Virginia propose to disarmed more victims
in the name of public safety.

I expect the cost of concealed carry permits to rise now that Democrats are in power. The excuse will be the cost of state regulation. In fact, the armed citizen is the most economically efficient form of crime control. What other states can do for a few dollars, the State of Virginia will soon charge much more.

Armed civilians stopped a church shooting in six seconds.
Disarmed military personnel were attacked in a “gun-free zone” for over 50 minutes.
Which is safer?

Taking a page from Alinsky, any feature of a firearm can be isolated, demonized, and outlawed. For example, semi-automatic firearms shoot too fast. Magazines carry too many cartridges. Guns anywhere are invariably too close to schools and playgrounds. The universal exception is when the same firearm is issued to a law enforcement officer. What the media then ignores is that licensed concealed carry holders are more law abiding and more accurate than cops. The takeaway is that facts don’t matter when you’re selling propaganda.

I have a simple test for gun-control proposals. Call me once you’ve imposed those same regulations on the police and security services protecting the capital and county buildings. Democrats are not hypocrites who break the rules. Virginia Democrats are supremacists who think they are above the rules that apply to the rest of us. We won’t change their minds, but we can reveal their character.

When it comes to gun control, all I ask is that Democrat politicians go first. I’ll watch from here and see how it works for you.. and I’ll keep my guns.

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Lies Cost Lives in Virginia Politics

December 25, 2019

This is the holiday season. We lie to ourselves and gain weight. We say we’ll exercise to make up for what we ate and drank. Good luck with that. I know those extra pounds will have to come off sometime. That extra glass of wine and that little piece of pie are the small lies I tell myself.

The big lies I notice are broadcast on the news, and those lies are getting us killed. Democrat politicians in Virginia said we would be safer if we were disarmed. That isn’t true, and what is worse is that the gun-control laws in place today are already too severe and are getting us hurt. This is where we are, where we should go, and where the Virginia Democrats will take us.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam
(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

You might not have noticed, but you save lives until the police arrive. You defend yourself at home, you do it as you’re walking across the grocery store parking lot, and you do it every day and every night. On rare occasions those lifesaving events might make it into the news, but the vast majority of them don’t. These self-defense cases don’t get reported because you didn’t have to shoot anyone. The criminal ran away because you were not the disarmed victim he thought you were. You made all of us safer, so thank you.

You didn’t press the trigger, so the stories never made it onto the back page of the newspaper. These invisible examples of armed defense happen a lot in Virginia. Honest citizens like you defend themselves with a firearm about once every 16 minutes in the Commonwealth. That may not sound very often until you add them all up to over 33 thousand times a year. That number may sound like an unimportant statistic.. unless it happened to you or someone you love.

The rate of concealed carry in Virginia is slightly above the national average. Unfortunately, so is the crime rate. If you think about it, you probably know someone who was a victim of violent crime. Virginia Democrats want you disarmed, and that is dangerous.

We think of Virginia as being a pro-gun state. Today, we can buy a gun without asking the state for permission, and we can apply for a concealed carry license. That sounds good, but let’s compare Virginia to other states. Some states have a concealed carry licensing program that is as easy as registering a car, getting a driver’s license, or registering to vote. In those states, the concealed carry rate is between three and four times higher than in Virginia. That is an important difference.

Combine the number of people we disarmed in Virginia with the rate of crime. When we do that, we find that we disarmed about a 100 thousand victims each year in Virginia. We disarmed the good guys who needed to defend themselves. We did that, because elections have consequences.. and those consequences are going to get worse.

Young women are disproportionately targeted for sexual assault. When you stop to think about it, you probably know someone who was sexually assaulted. Virginia Democrats want to deny the right of self-defense to young people under the age of 21. Virginia Democrats want to make it illegal for young adults to buy a gun, and these anti-rights politicians want to make it illegal for your daughter or niece or your roommate to have access to your firearms if they are under 21.

We’re talking about 140 thousand young adults in Virginia the politicians want to disarm. Criminals prey on young people because criminals don’t want a fair fight. Unfortunately, you won’t be there to protect them and neither will the police. Our sons and daughters have to protect themselves until the police arrive. If allowed, those 140 thousand young adults would defend themselves about 500 times a year. About 40 of those examples of armed defense would be to stop a sexual assault. Virginia Democrats promise we’ll safer if they disarm the victims. I disagree. We’d be safer if more of us had tools of self-defense.

We’d be safer if more of us carried the tools of self-defense.

Look at these young adults from another perspective. These young adults can pilot an airplane, drive a commercial truck, get married and have children, and become police officers, but Virginia Democrats say these young adults shouldn’t defend their family at home. I don’t believe it, and the facts back me up.

Perhaps Virginia Democrats don’t know that concealed carry license holders are more law-abiding than the police. Perhaps the politicians don’t know that honest citizens who legally carry a firearm in public are much less likely to shoot innocent people than the police. This makes sense when you think about it. Like you, your neighbors feel the moral weight of armed defense. Maybe Virginia Democrats are ignorant, or maybe they don’t care.

The politicians don’t have to care. After all, the media doesn’t hold these politicians accountable for their failed political policies like “gun-free zones”. The politician only needs a good press release and another campaign contribution from New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. What works for these politicians doesn’t work so well for us.

It is up to us to make them care. Start with your local gun club, with your local political organizations, and with your county board of supervisors. Talk to your sheriff.

Getting off the couch will save lives.. particularly after we ate too much over the holidays. You know what to do, so go do the work.

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What We Learned from the Bloomberg Effect in Virginia

December 24, 2019

There is a lot we can learn from the recent elections in Virginia. Democrats now hold the majority in both houses of the legislature, the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of state.

To touch the obvious highpoints-

  • Money talks. When your local representative is elected to office because billionaire Michael Bloomberg bought his victory, then the representative doesn’t speak for you. He speaks for Bloomberg.
  • Politicians who take large campaign contributions can propose disastrous laws so long as the contributions continue. Bloomberg’s political contributions becomes essential while the local results of legislation becomes superfluous.
  • News outlets accept money to run campaign advertisements. Beyond their personal biases, the media’s commercial incentives further distort their ability to report honestly on an election.
  • Big-government politicians in both parties want more government so that political payoffs continue. These politicians have no use for limited government and free citizens.

All elections have consequences. Unusual elections have unusual consequences. Even before they took office, the Virginia Democrats advanced Bloomberg’s agenda.

  • Virginia Democrats proposed to outlaw zoning for new single-family homes and thus to punish the people who live outside the dense urban centers that make up the core Democrat constituency. Living in your own home is now racist.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to disarm honest citizens in and near the state capital. Democrats don’t trust the people who elected them.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to disarm adults under 21 years of age. That means you could be a young police officer and carry a gun when you’re on duty, you could also be old enough to be married and have children, but you wouldn’t be old enough to buy a gun to protect your family when you’re off duty. Only a true believer thinks that makes sense.
  • Democrats proposed to outlaw firearms in common use for the last hundred years. In the name of “freedom and democracy”, they want to outlaw the tools that gave us our freedom and democracy. Honest gun owners across the state said they would not comply. Police officers and Sheriff’s deputies also said they would not comply.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to illegally use the National Guard to go door to door and forcibly confiscate firearms from honest gun owners. That is how you start a civil war.

If gun control laws in other states are a guide, then these gun prohibition laws would not apply to the legislators themselves. If I’m wrong and the laws apply equally to our rulers, then Bloomberg’s money can buy a full time security detail for every Democrat legislature and their family.

You, on the other hand, are on your own.

The publicly stated rationale is that these power-grabs are for “the public good” and to reduce “gun violence”. If this bigotry against gun owners runs true to form, then in the name of public safety we’ll ask the police to disarm honest citizens who are less danger to the public than the police. In the name of public safety, we’ll establish more “gun free zones” where criminals hunt for disarmed victims. The mainstream media will publish the gun-prohibition talking-points but ignore that crime has fallen while gun ownership has soared.

There is some good news as well. Today, we have the alternative media and it is harder than ever to fool all the people all the time. Unfortunately, you still have to get off the couch to vote once you’re informed about the issues.

Today, we have the alternative media and it is harder than ever to fool all the people all the time.

Talking points are easy and progress is hard. Actions to reduce urban violence would be to reverse Democrat regulation and let industry make more jobs. We’d stop the government programs that destroy our families. We’d end the disastrous drug-prohibition laws that turn our Democrat-controlled cities into war zones as immigrant drug gangs fight for turf. That won’t happen because this contest is about political power rather than being about violence or prosperity.

Prohibition is a foolish and dangerous quest. I’d respect billionaire Bloomberg if he tackled our ruinous drug prohibition scheme, but instead, Bloomberg chose to assaults our individual right of self defense. Drug lords would probably attack Bloomberg if he tried to make drugs legal. I think Bloomberg judged that honest gun owners in the US were safer scapegoats for failed Democrat policies. I hope a wise judge will stop Bloomberg’s foolishness before too many of us are hurt or killed.

On the plus side for liberty, billionaire Bloomberg created a hundred thousand activists who might change the next elections in Virginia. Looking across the state, there were over 90 meetings to establish second-amendment sanctuaries in December. 112 local governments voted to ignore unconstitutional infringements on the right to bear arms.

2A Sanctuary in Virginia

We’ve seen the second-amendment sanctuary movement spread into other states. Why don’t you go to your county board and start a sanctuary county where you live.

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Link- Time to be David and defeat Goliath! – The Pew Pew Jew

December 13, 2019

“Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America.  Shootings and stabbings, swastikas painted on buildings and sidewalks, and a Democrat Party that condones anti-Semitic views, are the new norm in what once was an incredibly safe country for Jews.  This time, a targeted shooting in the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey has claimed the lives of two innocent Jews, as well as police Detective Joseph Seals and another innocent man.

“American Jewry, as a whole, has become exactly what they were described as following the Holocaust:  “sheep” waiting to be led to the slaughter; they are waiting for the wolves to strike.

“..when did we become sheep? What happened to our David vs. Goliath mentality?”

Read it all here==> Time to be David and defeat Goliath! – The Pew Pew Jew

Repost- More than $30 million in five years swept from gun owner ID fees | Illinois | 

December 12, 2019

You didn’t expect corrupt politicians to pay off their friends out of their own pockets, did you? Elections have consequences. RM

“About 2.3 million Illinoisans hold a Firearm Owners’ Identification Card that allows them to buy and own firearms. The card costs $10 for 10 years

“Lawmakers diverted nearly $30 million over the past five years from Illinois State Police funds to cover other government spending, something a statewide gun-rights group said was unacceptable.

“ fiscal years 2015 through 2019 more than $13 million was swept from the State Police Firearm Services Fund for other purposes.”


Source: More than $30 million in five years swept from gun owner ID fees | Illinois |

NAS Pensacola shooting leads Navy instructor pilots to tell top brass: ‘Arm us’ | Fox News

December 11, 2019

Demote and reassign the base commander. That will get their attention.- RM

‘Two flight instructors said the Saudi murderer had 10 minutes to carry out his deadly assault at Naval Air Station Pensacola. In a gunfight, that’s an eternity. It’s so stupid that the shooter was allowed to roam free for so long on a military base. The navy outsourced base security to private contractors. Base security is fat and out of shape. I have zero confidence the guy I show my ID card to at the gate could save me. Navy brass denied  the pilots request to arm themselves on base.’

Read it all: NAS Pensacola shooting leads Navy instructor pilots to tell top brass: ‘Arm us’ | Fox News”

Bloomberg’s Campaign Changes Politics Across the US

December 9, 2019

Bloomberg’s money changes everything.. or does it?

As Trump did before him, the Bloomberg presidential campaign is going to shake up the Democrat establishment. That is true no matter what happens on election day. Mayor Mike will disrupt the establishment even if he tries to work with the Democrats, just as Trump did with the Republicans. That outcome lies in the very nature of politics. Politicians sell government power to special interests. Candidates promise to deliver later, if elected, in return for campaign contributions today. In contrast, Bloomberg is buying political interests directly and cutting out the democrat money men in the middle, and also cutting out some of the democrat special interests.

Bloomberg is buying political power wholesale rather than at retail political rates.

Forget what you were told in high school about how politics is supposed to work. We were told that government is supposed to do the things that are too difficult for groups of individuals to do on their own. If you think government works that way then you probably live in a Democrat controlled big city and have not been paying attention to the potholes in the roads. The only time “the public good” makes an appearance is when a political spokesman writes a press release.

The real business of politics is to get a bureaucrat between progress and someone with money. Politicians write legislation to concentrate benefits and distribute the costs.  That maximizes the size of the political payoff. The public good is nowhere to be seen. Let me briefly explain since that is a new idea to many.

You’re willing to spend thousand of dollars in to repair your driveway because you receive most of the benefit. You’re not willing to spend even one evening every month at the county board of supervisors meeting asking for better roads. The road contractors are willing to be at those meetings because the contract will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have an incentive that you don’t have.. and that is why local contractors donate thousands and thousands of dollars to their favorite politicians.

Magnify that situation a thousand fold, and that is how Obama earned his millions, Pelosi and Biden earned their tens of millions, and Clinton earned her hundreds of millions. No matter what he does, Bloomberg will upset the existing network of kickbacks, and hundreds of millions of dollars are in play.

What will the special interests do if, like Trump, Bloomberg isn’t for sale? Billionaire Mayor Mike is used to having his way. Woe be unto you if you want to defend your family while you’re holding a large sugary soda. Those choices don’t fit with Mike’s world view. Even if Bloomberg says that he supports your cause, there is no promise of campaign contributions to make him keep his word. And Bloomberg is a politician.

You might not like Bloomberg, but his greatest opposition will come from the leaders of the Democrat party, and they already have their millions. Money talks, and the people who’ve been screwing is out of hundreds of millions of dollars a year are not easy to charm.

Bloomberg may be rich, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy all the people all the time. Given Bloomberg’s money, he has already bought ALL the advertising time for the next several years. Political candidates in every state might have to ask Bloomberg if they can run a political advertisement.. please, sir.

This election is going to be fascinating.

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