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Armed Teachers: Their Time Has Come – Laura Carno

July 29, 2017

For years, Colorado allowed local school boards to authorize armed safety staff.  They had permission, and then Laura Carno brought world class training to Colorado to train them.  These teachers and staff are heroes.   Where is the monetary support to fund this training?

This is a natural project for groups like small government groups like libertarians, small-government-conservatives, and groups supporting self-defense.  Talk is cheap.  Where are the donations?  The beauty of volunteer efforts is that you don’t need permission to fund them.  Just do it. RM

“ us train those who are on our waiting list. In Colorado, we have enough on the waiting list to fill two more classes, and we’re currently raising money for partial or full scholarships for those who don’t have the budget for the full $1,000 class cost.

“It’s easy for you to help, and it’s tax deductible.”

Source: Armed Teachers: Their Time Has Come – Laura Carno

Why the Republicans Refused to Cut Obamacare

July 29, 2017

Republican voters feel used.  Republican politicians refused this week to eliminate Obamacare.  How does that make any sense?  The 12 million words of Obamacare and its regulations were a colossal failure for us.  Insurance prices went up a lot.  Coverage went down.  A large minority of us can only find a single provider in the “insurance plan”.  Worse still is that many of us lost our jobs because our employers could not pay for us and our healthcare at the same time.  With that record, why wasn’t Obamacare easily replaced?  Obamacare works for a few people.  It works for the politicians in power.  That is why they won’t replace it.  Here is how Obamacare works in practice.

The job of politicians is to get re-elected.  They do that by concentrating government spending to a few powerful companies or groups.  The dynamics are simple and worth understanding.  You and I won’t make a large political donation if our politician cuts our taxes by a dollar for each of us.  If the politician concentrate all that money in one place, then the 323 million dollars produces tens of millions of dollars in gratitude.  That gratitude is shown in the form of lobbying and campaign donations.  A tax and spending cut could help the economy.  Special interests help the politician.  It isn’t a tough choice once you’re in office.  So who lobbied to keep Obamacare in place?

The old medical system had many insurance programs and many medical providers.  You may not have liked the coverage you had, but you could go to another plan when you thought you found a better deal.  Now, Obamacare is such a bad deal that they had to impose thousand-dollar-penalties on us if we didn’t participate.

The advantage of Obamacare for the politicians is that there are only a few providers.  Only a few insurance companies provide coverage in a given area.  In some regions these companies have a monopoly.  The providers have multi-million dollar incentives to make sure Obamacare doesn’t change.  Their money talks.  They have millions of dollars at stake, so they pay lobbyists and politicians.  There is more.

Your pharmacist used to be able to shop around for the best deal he could find.  Now, there are only a few pharmaceutical companies who are approved for a given drug.  In theory that lowered the costs of drugs.  In practice it concentrated the political kickbacks to politicians.  That adds up to billions of dollars.

Your healthcare used to pay for your doctor and your pharmacist.  Now it pays for your doctor, your pharmacist, and an army of lobbyists.  No wonder your prices went up. Now you know how politics works in practice.

Our politicians know Obamacare is unpopular.  That is why Republican politicians campaigned against Obamacare when they were seeking office.  Now the Republicans are in power.  Now it is their turn to get the campaign contributions from lobbyists.  That is why the Republican controlled Senate wouldn’t kill Obamacare.  Your Senators are betting that the extra campaign cash from special interests will return him to office in the next election.

It is your job to show them they are wrong.  Lobbyists have millions of dollars.  You have millions of voices.  Use what you have.


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Who Are Gun-Phobes Afraid Of?

July 28, 2017

People who don’t like guns warned us of widespread and unprovoked violence once law abiding citizens were allowed to go armed. The gun-phobes were wrong..time after time.  New and old gun owners prove them wrong every month.  We know that gun-phobes are afraid of guns. It bothers me that gun-phobes are afraid of legally armed Americans.  Honest gun owners are supposed to hide so gun-phobes won’t be frightened. Speaking as a licensed gun owner, it is not our obligation to calm their every anxiety. There are never enough “safe spaces” to calm the gun-phobes fears.  Enough is enough.  Let me remind you what it costs.

The gun-phobes said that our streets and shops would run with blood as more law abiding citizens got their permits and carried legally in public. The opposite happened. We saw our homicide rates drop as the number of concealed permit holders soared.  This is less remarkable than it seems.  We’ve already lived with guns for a long time. We have many millions of man-years of experience with legal gun owners. We found out that license gun owners are probably the most law abiding segment of society.

First, you had to pass a background check if you bought your gun at a gun store or from a dealer at a gun show. You’ve had another background check when you received your concealed carry license. That license in your pocket means you had a clean criminal record as the FBI looked across the US and perhaps around the world. Your state probably ran a search to see if one of their license holders committed a crime out-of-state since the license was issued. That card in your wallet or purse says you’re a card carrying honest citizen.

That is only the beginning.  Where we have data, licensed gun owners are many times more law abiding than the average person. Licensed gun owners are more law abiding than law enforcement, though both numbers are very small.

At first the gun-phobes said they want gun owners to get a license, but now they want to ignore the results.

  • You’re a card carrying good guy or gal. Why should you need another background check to buy another gun or more ammunition. You’ve already been cleared.
  • You’re a card carrying good guy or gal. Why can’t you carry your legally owned gun with you as you travel across the country? The FBI already examined your criminal record from coast to coast.
  • You’re a card carrying good guy or gal. Why are you legally barred from some churches, public schools, public parks, public housing and public transportation? I thought we were past that sort of bigotry, but I was wrong.
  • You’re a card carrying good guy or gal. Why are you told you can’t enter a restaurant that serves alcohol?

Maybe those regulations sounded like a good idea at the time.  It is clear that the legislators were more interested in feeling good than in doing good.  Honest gun owners pay the price for these crazy laws every day.  I wish society were getting something in return for our sacrifice.

Please understand the insanity that politicians are selling.

‘These gun-free zones would keep us all safe if only criminals obeyed the law.’

The so called “safety regulations” are that crazy, and gun-phobes are becoming more anxious as their prohibitions fail.  Pandering legislators shouldn’t tell us how to live. We shouldn’t pass bigoted laws to soothe baseless fears.

Legally armed Americans are great neighbors.  Armed Americans don’t act like criminals, and criminals don’t obey gun laws and gun-free zones.  Are the gun-phobes sane enough to recognize that criminals won’t respect their “safe spaces”?

That doesn’t explain why the gun-phobes are afraid of the rest of us. It isn’t possible to soothe their irrational anxieties. We shouldn’t try.


Chaos Erupts At City Hall At Committee Hearing For Proposed Gun Bill « CBS Baltimore

July 27, 2017

So let me get this straight.  You’ve driven industry out of Baltimore.  Your schools are terrible.  You disarmed honest citizens.  And you think guns are the problem?

If guns were the problem then why is Virginia so peaceful and Maryland so violent? RM

“..those found guilty of carrying an illegal gun will be given a mandatory year-long sentence.

“To say this is going to make a difference, I hope so,” says councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

“I hope it will, because we have the votes here.”

Source: Chaos Erupts At City Hall At Committee Hearing For Proposed Gun Bill « CBS Baltimore

(15) How a Hacker Fired a Locked Smart Gun | WIRED – YouTube

July 24, 2017

Hackers are smarter than politicians. $15 of magnets hack the $1500 smart gun. Some states like New Jersey want to require “smart” guns.  Let’s make sure the New Jersey state police use these guns before we do. RM

Another Fantasy to Feel Better- July 2017

July 22, 2017

I remember watching Disney as a child. As an adult I find reality far more interesting and entertaining than fantasy.  Not everyone feels that way. Today, lots of us ask for 144 character solutions.  That is too bad.  These faux answers might sooth our conscience, but they seldom work out well.  For example, this week I read some crime reports where we disarmed the victims rather than the bad guys.

Look at these examples and put yourself in this situation.

You and your wife arrive home just before midnight. You park in your driveway and start to get out of your car. A man runs out of the darkness and says, “give it up.” Your attacker has a gun pointed at your wife. You’re on the driver’s side of the car and you reach for your gun. The attacker shoots you, and then grabs your wife’s purse. You shoot your attacker. He runs and you call the police. Your attacker was a convicted felon.

The problem with this story is that convicted felons cannot legally possess guns. In theory, that gun law stopped armed criminals. In practice, gun laws only disarmed law abiding citizens.  That is the difference between fantasy and reality.  Fortunately, this man had a gun to protect himself and his wife.

What would have happened if he lived in a state that disarmed law abiding citizens? I saw a different example last week that gives us a likely answer.

You’re making a Youtube video.  You and your crew, one man and three young women, stop for pizza in Oakland, California. It is 10 at night.  All of you get out of your car and start across the parking lot. Two men approach you.  They draw their weapons and point their pistols at your head.  They take your cameras, cellphones, and a laptop computer.

The director of the film said he wouldn’t work in Oakland again without private security.

How did it feel to hope for mercy from the merciless? Ask the residents of Oakland.  They live with violence every day, and they can’t take personal bodyguards as a tax deduction.  The honest citizens in California have to go through extraordinary lengths to buy a gun. The law abiding citizens in Oakland can’t get permits to legally carry a concealed firearm in public.  Do you think those firearm restrictions bother criminals at all?

If you wonder, here is your proof. Oakland was the 9th most violent city in the United States last year despite the labyrinth of strict California gun laws.

Did California’s gun laws protect these four people and the residents of Oakland, or did the laws disarm them and leave them vulnerable? It is an important distinction, yet most of us will never consider that question. We are in love with simplistic answers.

Ask a blue state politician and he’ll offer to pass another gun law for you. Ink on paper is cheap, and it makes everyone feel better.

‘This new regulation would do wonders if criminals obeyed the law!’

Shame on them..and shame on us for living in fantasy land.


Stop Bigotry Against Armed America

July 20, 2017

We have a name for it when the majority of us blame an innocent minority.  It is called bigotry.  The non-gun owning majority of US adults blames legal gun owners for wrongs that armed america didn’t commit.  Armed america is blamed for social ills they didn’t cause, and for which they may, in fact, be part of the solution.  Recent polls show how bigoted the majority of us are.  I wrote about these differences and the source of the misperception between disarmed and armed america.  How should we stop this bigotry against legal gun owners?

We must first recognize that this is not an argument about facts and figures.  Licensed gun owners are the most law abiding and non-violent segment of our population. This argument is about how gun-owners are perceived by unarmed america.  The defense of armed america must start with those who create the false perception of gun owners.  We have to stop the stream of lies.

Zero tolerance in the news

The majority of unarmed urban americans don’t own guns and don’t have friends who do.  They get their impressions from the news. They see a series of crime reports and think legal gun ownership leads to criminal violence and mass murder.   Ask your local paper to run articles that accurately report some of the thousands of justified self-defense events that happen every day.

Zero tolerance in entertainment

There are a lot of cop shows and crime dramas.  They portray competent and attractive government agents using guns.  Armed citizens are usually shown as unattractive and incompetent. Write in to the shows and tell them they are promoting bigotry against armed america.  Repost your comment on social media.

Zero tolerance in the courts

We maliciously prosecute non-violent gun owners who have inadvertently and non-violently violated one of our 23 thousand gun laws.  Vote against judges and attorneys who prosecute these innocent gun owners.  Acquit these gun owners when you’re called onto a jury.  More than one-out-of-12 of us have a gun in the home.

Zero tolerance from our legislators

Eliminate the laws that treat gun owners as second class citizens.  Why do we have to pay a tax to exercise a human right?  This bigotry deliberately disarms the poor.  Ask your legislators why are we deliberately excluded from schools, churches, and some lunch counters?

Zero tolerance for commerce and culture

Avoid “gun-free” zones.  You wouldn’t do business with a store that excluded blacks, Catholics or Jews, so why are you doing business with someone who excludes armed Americans?  Go to another store, theater, or sports complex.  Also, find a new merchant if your bank, grocery store or credit card company donates to bigoted organizations.

There are a thousand ways to end this bigotry.

I’ve given you my ideas, but you are many and I am one.  What should we do to change hearts and minds?

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