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Exclusive Video: Woman removed from gun control hearing for threatening to shoot lawmaker

March 11, 2019

Those anti-gun extremists are dangerous. RM

A gun control activist was reportedly kicked out of a hearing in Hartford, Connecticut today after threatening to shoot a number of people, including a lawmaker.“If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA,” said the text that led to to the woman’s removal from the hearing.

Source: Exclusive Video: Woman removed from gun control hearing for threatening to shoot lawmaker

I Can’t Trust Socialists When They Keep Lying to Me

March 11, 2019

Lying to the public is both easier and harder than it used to be. Politicians used to say one thing to one voting block and then say the opposite to another. Now we can uncover those lies in a few seconds on the net. Unfortunately, the mainstream media makes it easier for politicians to lie. The media tells us not to believe our eyes and ears, that a politician didn’t say what they said. To some degree we want to believe the lies and pretend we can have something for nothing. That works for a while. I can’t believe Socialist politicians any longer because I’ve heard too many self-serving lies. They twist the truth on a regular basis. Here is what they say, what we hear, and what they mean.

  • Socialist politicians said we need to know if foreigners interfered in our elections. We thought that meant that elections should be fair and honest. Socialists meant that they can conduct a witch hunt against political Conservatives, but the Socialists then voted to let foreigners vote in our elections.
  • Socialists said walls don’t work. We heard that everyone has human rights. What Socialists politicians meant is that walls work around their mansions, but a secure border keeps out the new voters that Socialists need to stay in power.
  • Socialist politicians said everyone deserves free healthcare. We thought that meant cheap insurance. Socialists meant babies can be killed at any time before or after birth. Socialists healthcare doesn’t include medical aid to sick people in Venezuela.. aid which the Socialists Venezuelan government burned at the border.
  • Socialists said we need open immigration. We heard that America is the land of opportunity. Socialists meant that Socialist Hondurans are welcome, but not Venezuelan refugees who hate communism, and definitely not German homeschooling families who want a government small enough to leave them alone.
  • Socialists said that education should be free. We heard that student loans would be interest-free. What the Socialists meant is that we’d have to go to government-controlled schools.
  • Socialists said they support the first amendment, the right to assemble, to petition the government, and right of free speech. We heard that they support the right of open debate. Socialists meant that they get to decide who may speak on campus, in the news, and on social media. Hate speech is anything the Socialists don’t like. The victims of illegal immigrants were threatened with arrest when then gathered in the halls of Congress.
  • Socialists said everyone should have a voice. We heard their support for free expression. What they meant is that they can demonize anyone they want.. like a kid wearing a red hat at a pro life rally.
  • Socialist politicians said they respect the Second Amendment. We heard that our rights were safe. Socialists politicians meant they want guns for them, but not for ordinary citizens.
  • Socialists politicians said we need more gun control. We heard that criminals wouldn’t get firearms. Socialists meant that a government employee could confiscate your guns, but that a gun shop owner couldn’t call the cops when an illegal alien tried to buy a gun illegally. Funny that the feds will prosecute us for a paperwork error, but the feds ignore tens of thousands of felons who try and buy guns illegally.
  • Socialists said we need to confiscate guns to stop the “national emergency” of violence. We heard that all guns would go away. Socialist politicians meant they’d take away our firearms, but would have guns to protect them and their families. No one talked about how we’d get guns away from criminals.

Socialism says it is for “the people”.. except when it starves them and then burns relief trucks carrying food and medicine. In fact, Socialism means political elites use government power to rule everyone else. Unfortunately, too many millenials think they are the elite.

I’ve heard too many lies to believe Socialists now.

I gave you 600 words for free. Please share them with a friend. RM

Socialists Lie Because the News Media Lies with Them

March 7, 2019

Hate crimes pull at our heartstrings. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a growing number of well publicized hate crime hoaxes since the beginning of the Trump campaign. What those stories don’t tell us is why we see the surge of fake victims now. The motivation for false accusation isn’t new. Socialists have always been willing to lie about political conservatives. The first thing that changed is that the major media stopped reporting the news. Today, the major news media sells the socialist narrative without regard for facts. The networks lie for the socialists and the rash of hate hoaxes is the tell-tale proof of media corruption. Second, we have changed too. We spend more time watching people on our TV and phones than we spend with real people.

The media sponsored lies existed before the Trump campaign. I remember when Dan Rather and CBS News published the false reports of a derogatory military service evaluation of George W. Bush. The documents were an obvious fraud, but CBS News never felt the need to authenticate them. They ran with the story unencumbered by corroboration. CBS News hoped that their lies would stay hidden until after the election.. and they almost succeeded.

The media almost succeeded in creating several fake sexual scandals around Donald Trump, though the truth is sad enough. Gloria Allred can always procure the necessary victims when a socialist candidate needs a media attack on their political opponent. I’m saddened by what this does to real victims who want to be heard and believed.

The socialist-media collaboration succeeded in defeating Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. The charges against Judge Moore evaporated after the campaign. By then, the damage was done. The Socialists had gained another seat in the US Senate.

The surge of fake victims took off with the Trump campaign. I summarized this list from a New York Post article linked here.

  • We’ve had black Baptists deface their own church and blame racist Trump supporters.
  • A black college student painted anti-black graffiti on his college campus in Michigan.
  • We’ve had gay Episcopalians deface their own church and blame homophobic conservatives.
  • A muslim woman in New York City falsely claim that Trump supporters tried to steal her hijab.
  • An Israeli jew sent bomb threats to synagogues in the US.
  • A black journalist in New York City sent threats to Jewish community centers in an attempt to frame his ex-girlfriend.
  • Five black cadets posted hate speech to their own message boards at an Air Force prep school.
  • A black woman in Long Island said four conservative teens cut her tires and shouted pro-trump slogans.. except the woman made it all up.
  • A gay black man who once worked for the New York city council wrote anti-semitic slogans on a Brooklyn Temple.  There was an outcry over anti-semitism.. but the black man is bipolar and was off his meds.
  • A hundred students at a Baltimore college protested after racist graffiti appeared in the college bathroom. The graffiti was written by a biracial student.
  • This past New Year’s Eve, three Savannah churches and a civil rights museum were vandalized. The man who threw bricks through the doors was black.

The fabrications continued. The media narrative against some kids from Covington High School at the March for Life was invented from the start. It was the socialist agitators who were at fault, and fortunately the truth was caught on camera.

A black-gay actor in Chicago paid two black men to attack him. The “victim”claimed the attacks were by white Trump supporters who put a noose around his neck.

A transgender activist’s house burned down two years ago. Last week the activist was arrested for arson that burned down the home he rented.

We need to get real. Socialism sells itself as a savior to the “oppressed”. Where there aren’t enough oppressed, then it fabricates them in front of the cameras. The news media is busy defending the Socialist fantasy from attack by the facts. We would not have had the Tawana Brawley scandal without the help of Al Sharpton.

In fact, it is socialists cities and states who destroy jobs and put minorities on welfare. The corrupt news media is right there with them reporting each fabricated outrage.

The antidote is to be sceptical, inquisitive and judgemental. Look past the pretty talking heads who are selling you breathless outrage. Qualify your news sources. Ask yourself if the news is consistent with what you’ve seen with your own eyes.  Turn off the propagandists who betray your trust.

That is what I do time after time and day after day.

I work to bring the truth to Slowfacts because it is an honor to have earned your trust. Please share this article with a friend if you think I’ve brought you the truth. RM

Government Fails at Parenting

March 3, 2019

88 percent of the children who are found in sex-trafficking rings came out of the foster care system. That has many implications but none of them are good. We know these children were sold for sex and we know that is bad. I was a foster parent to eight children. I’ve seen how the government treats the children under its care. We’ve been told that it takes a socialist village to raise a child. From my own experience and from the statistics on sex trafficking, you don’t want your children, or your neighbor’s children, to be raised by the government. I don’t think more government can fix this problem.

Seven out of eight children is a frightening fraction of trafficked kids. That one statistic doesn’t tell us where or how the system failed.. We need to know more to have the shocking situation in proper perspective. Hold onto your heart, because only 0.6 percent of US children are in the foster care system at any one time. The shocking statistic is this-

Children in foster care are about 150 times more likely to be sexually trafficked
than children outside the child welfare system.

If you thought your flawed and ordinary family didn’t matter, then please reconsider. Intact families are essential to the welfare of their children.

This is what happens when families fail and kids enter the foster care system.

  • The children might run away from their foster parents.
  • They might be delivered to traffickers/drug dealers who knew the parents.
  • The children might age out of the foster care system and have no place to live.

If these are the root problems, then there might be a solution to reduce child sex trafficking. If these are the problems then maybe we could improve the child welfare system and keep the kids away from pimps. I’m afraid that the problem goes deeper than a badly managed government program.

The problem I saw among my foster children was that these kids didn’t know what it was like to have a responsible mom and dad. My foster kids didn’t know how adults and children should behave towards each other. My foster children didn’t see responsible adults love each other in committed life-long married love.. until they came to our home. They were hungry for love.

If you doubt that a good family matters to children,
then look at what happens when kids don’t have one.
88 percent of trafficked children had been in the foster care system!

I think that foster care arrives too late for some of these kids. The unfixable problem is that being trafficked fulfills a need for some of these children. Their pimp treats them well.. at least for a while. What does it say about their life that being sold for sex is an improvement for these kids?

To me, it says that the social welfare system intervened too late and the children were trying to make up for a childhood they never had. It says that the foster care system we’re using today isn’t working. I hate that conclusion, but I can’t avoid it.

I know that government is a blunt instrument. I know that there are abusive situations when Child Protective Services needs to gets involved.. and that CPS abuses some good families. I get that. I want these kids in good homes as much as anyone. Believe me that I’m familiar with problems in the foster care system and CPS.

Unfortunately, I saw screwed up parents hang onto their kids when everyone but the judge knew that the parents were a disaster today and would be a disaster tomorrow. Some of the birth parents did turn their lives around, but it is easier for the judicial system to treat the failed parents as if they had a realistic chance of recovery. It is hard to separate parental rights.. and it should be. If you think addiction is a victimless crime then go look again at the foster care system.

I understand the problem. I also understand what happens when we don’t make those tough decisions. Failure to make those tough calls about failed parents means we condemn children to the sex market. That is horrible and I don’t’ have any easy answers. The only idea I have is to avoid the problem when we can.

Lots of the good moms and dads I know don’t give themself enough credit. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do. There is no realistic substitute for a mom and a dad living together in a loving home. You do an amazing job even if it doesn’t feel like it. You can’t be replaced.. no matter how much money the government spends.


I gave you 700 word and a couple of tough and wonderful years. Please leave a comment. RM




CBS News Wants Guns for Them, but Not for You.

March 2, 2019

I missed these details at first. A TV news crew was the victim of a recent robbery attempt. This was a video crew from the local CBS affiliate in San Francisco. The crew was protected by an armed guard. This is interesting because CBS condemned ordinary citizens for being armed. The network said it is unwise for you or me to have a gun for self-defense of our family while CBS protected their camera equipment with armed guards. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

The camera crew was from the “gun free” bay area. The area is gun free in the sense that honest citizens living in the San Francisco bay area can’t get a license to carry a concealed firearm in public. When I checked, there were no concealed carry permits issued in San Francisco.. unless you were a judge or a politician. There is no concealed carry for you as you carry out the garbage or get your mail at the curb. No concealed carry as you work in your garage or in your garden. There are a few exceptions.

You can carry in your garden if you live like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and your garden is inside your multi-million dollar walled mansion in San Francisco. In San Francisco, you’re not supposed to have a loaded gun in your home unless it is strapped to your side. Hollow point ammunition is only for the police, but not for you when you’re protecting the people you love.

Your armed guards can be armed, but you may not be. Federal guards protect Speaker Pelosi. Hired guards protect the CBS News camera equipment.

I can’t help but notice that CBS didn’t send armed guards to protect their individual reporters and staff when they traveled to gather reports with a notepad. They sent guards to protect their crews when they traveled with expensive camera equipment. News crews get robbed in the bay area fairly frequently. Too bad that the network’s concern didn’t extend to ordinary citizens getting robbed on the street every day.

CBS is biased in the stories they select.

  • CBS News said guns were too dangerous for us to use..even though over a hundred million of us are armed. CBS reported that armed civilians are a danger..even though 20 million of us have our concealed carry permits.  Those are easily ascertainable facts, but as far as I can tell, CBS never found a gun they didn’t want to ban.. except for the guns they hire.
  • CBS said that we need more government research after “senseless gun violence”. CBS failed to report the data collected by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention that showed millions of us use our legally owned guns in self-defense each year. That research doesn’t fit the story CBS wants to tell.
  • CBS said that gun prohibition saves lives. They didn’t tell you that the statistical study they cited falls apart if you extend the data by one year. They didn’t tell you about the larger studies that show criminal ignore gun laws. Why would a news organization hide that information?

The network is biased in their description of those stories. CBS calls it needless gun violence when we protect our families. The network would have to call it asset protection when they defend their camera equipment. CBS tells the news they want and ignores the news that doesn’t fit their narrative. That means what CBS says isn’t really news, now is it.

We teach firearms owners that the only time they should use a gun is to stop an immediate threat of death or great bodily injury. That doesn’t cover camera equipment.

I can’t trust a news organization that has one set of rules for them and another set of rules for us.



I gave you 600 words for free. Please leave a comment. RM


Riding Shotgun with Charlie

February 26, 2019

It was fun riding shotgun with Charlie. I’ve known Charlie Cook for a few years. We’d meet at conventions and meant to talk, but we were always busy. This time, a guy from Massachusetts and a guy from Louisiana met in Florida to record a video. I hope you enjoy it.

‘Thank You” to My Readers, February 2019

February 24, 2019

I take you seriously. I respect your time and your intelligence. I appreciate your attention, particularly when you’re put in the time to comment. Here are some recent comments that you might have missed so I’m giving them their own post.
You had something to say and thank you for saying it here.
Rob Morse

Kuetsa commented on gun control.

A few thoughts to share, God knows I have some thoughts on the subject.

NO . . . GUNS PROTECT! That is why the rich, the powerful, the famous, are all surrounded by them. In a dangerous world where that protection is available to ONLY the rich, the powerful, and the famous, here in America we are ALL equally guaranteed the right to such EFFECTIVE PROTECTION!

“If violent crime and self-defense are so rare, doesn’t that mean we’d be safer if we all turned in our guns?”
. . . well then criminals wouldn’t need guns, three big guys could kick in any door with impunity and do what they wanted to the people inside, in areas where guns are not available to people, 30 guys run through with machetes and slice everyone in the village to death. If 35% – 40% of households own firearms, and the three big guys don’t know WHICH homes are armed – THEY GOTTA THINK TWICE ABOUT KICKING A DOOR!
SO COLLECTIVELY – HOMES THAT ARE “GUN FREE ZONES” ARE PROTECTED BY HOMES THAT EXERCISE THEIR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! (And nobody is willing to post a sign on their lawn: PROUD GUN FREE HOME) Are we to be so naive to believe that without a gun a criminal is now harmless. A woman in a dark lonely parking garage . . . or in her bedroom in the middle of the night, a criminal brutally grabs her by the throat and . . . oh, wait, it’s OK, he doesn’t have a gun. People who have no clue about dangerous situations, or firearms, and have no want or ability to defend themselves, are pushing to disarm and make vulnerable every law abiding American citizen. They are the LOVED USEFUL IDIOTS enabling very sinister people in power to set up a totalitarian police state ruling over a helpless citizenry. (And guess what – the CRIMINALS keep their guns)

The problem is that our great Second Amendment Right is valued only by American Citizens that choose to exercise it. Those that live in the delusion that “the police will come to save me” feel a world with no guns, or where only the police had guns, would be safer. What they really want is for “all the bad things to go away”. Forget about the millions upon millions upon millions of “citizens” that were murdered by the police state of their own government in the last century.

The job of our fellow citizens that work in law enforcement is to respond to, and be a deterrent to, criminal activity, and investigate crimes to attempt to apprehend the perpetrators, and to perform civil duties. They are NOT to be a militarized force with such an advantage over law abiding citizens that they have the power to militarily defeat the entire citizenry to beat them down in enduring whatever tyranny is dictated by the ruling political party.

The police AND that political party WORK FOR US – they do not get a monopoly of power to enable them killing an entire disarmed citizenry, if they choose. A government that works FOR us – can NOT be permitted to see its law abiding citizens as a threat.

That is what is not understood by Americans that are ignorant about firearm and ballistic capabilities – and what they do not understand about the Second Amendment. It is not a right to a gun – it is a right to a CAPABILITY. The capability of Americans to DEFEND THEIR FREEDOMS! And all guns do not ENABLE THE CAPABILITY!

Outlawing semi-automatic AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines is not a “reasonable compromise” – IT IS THE ENDGAME!
It is the difference between a citizenry effectively armed to possess the CAPABILITY of defending it’s freedoms – And a citizenry restricted by law to low capacity sporting arms that NO LONGER possess the capability of defending it’s freedoms.

GUN CONTROL IS ABOUT “TAKING THE CAPABILITY” – PUBLIC SAFETY IS THE DECEPTION TO ACHIEVE IT! The Second Amendment is a “balance of power” that protects a free citizenry – the goal of “gun control” is to shift the balance FIRMLY to government superiority.

To be a deterrent to tyranny – a government must FEAR THE CAPABILITY of an effectively armed citizenry!


Fred commented on the same article, but with a different perspective.

Very nice article! I grew up with a BB gun in my hand. Target shooting since I was 4. Going to gun safety classes every and I mean every year by my Dad. Countless hours of fun plinking with my buddies.

Passing on the training to my family. Respect for the firearm like respect for not driving drunk. Your arguments are right on. Look at the much maligned NRA and tell me how many criminals in their 6 million ranks. Nearly zero I’d guess. Maybe a bit more for the next 100,000,000 owners.

One side of the political spectrum is always trying to make laws that do nothing to reduce gun violence or mass shootings only make criminals of folks like me.

I went to a major University in the early 1980’s, I was on one of their shooting sports teams. Had my firearm and ammo in my dorm room the whole time I was there. Everyone knew, walked in and out of the dorm all the time, no one ever bothered it nor cared. How times have changed!

We are not doing enough for mental health, we are not doing enough recognition training like the recent employer incident. Many times in my career I had undercover law enforcement at serious disciplinary hearings.

Wisdom is lost in our culture.


Patriot guy commented on making guns quieter.

I read a while back that when the illegal 1934 gun control act was being debated there was no mention of suppressor until some jerk in fish & game told senators that to include suppressor as this would stop all poaching. Yeah sure it will. People will always poach. So they included sound suppressor in the bill all because of one fool.


Louis thought this quote said a lot about the failure of gun control in Illinois.

“If the police can’t protect us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves”. Charles Bronson, “Death Wish” (1974)

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