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Same Old Problems with the New Democrats

October 3, 2018

The classical Democrat from the early 20th century supported individual independence. That changed in a number of important steps. Today we hear Progressive-Socialist-Communist Democrats steal the rhetoric of the 1920s as they promote the communism of 1917. That is a contradiction, and you can’t have it both ways. Citizens were better off with the old Democrats who were classical liberals.

Classical Liberalism- I disapprove of what you say,
but will defend to the death your right to say it.

Progressivism- I disapprove of what you say, and I will publicly shame you,
lobby to have you censored and demand you be fired from your job!

We’ve always had the problem of big-government colluding with big-industry. In the 1870s, the railroad shouldn’t be able to control the farmer. In the 1910s, the county road commissioner shouldn’t be able to extort bribes from the rural manufacturer who needed a road to his small factory. In the 1920s, the mine owner shouldn’t own the mine-town and its labor force. The common theme is that we want a number of employers who compete for local labor and who also compete against each other. That made sense back in the 1700s and it makes sense today. Back in the 1700s, Americans didn’t much care for government-granted monopolies, and we don’t much care for them today either.

In some ways, we have the same problems, except the Democrats, now rebranded as Progressive-Socialists-Communist Democrats, switched to the other side. Today, Google and your ISP shouldn’t own every online-click you ever made. The single mom should be able to arm herself and protect her family rather than have to beg her local bureaucrats for police protection from the drug gangs working her street.

From our perspective today, we can see the transition of the Democrats as they switched into the new labor coalition. The movement that was once filled with trade unions of the 1920s is now filled with the public employee unions of the 1970s. Today, the Socialists control state employees, who are then expected to politically support the state Socialist party. Sadly, any other activity of state government is incidental to the big-state Socialist politicians. That explains why schools and roads are so bad despite the high taxes in Progressive-Socialist-Communist Democrat controlled cities and states.

Look at Democrats politicians today. Rather than oppose the local mine owner, the democrats now want to control our local Internet Service Provider, the big tech firms, the public school employees, and the local bank. The Socialists want to choose winners and losers.

The chief attribute of these firms isn’t the likely size of their entrepreneurial success, but the size of the political kickbacks and political control they guarantee. Money talks now as it did before. Big failures and big political donations are far more politically profitable than small commercial successes.

Some things never change. We need a reformation away from big-state politics with their big-government “solutions”. That was true in the 1700’s and it’s true today. Big-government collusion with big-business oppressed the Americans of the 1700s and they do today as well.

The more I learn, the more I want the politicians out of my life. Don’t you?

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Imagined Security Versus Real Safety

October 3, 2018

Every firearms instructor has heard this before. ‘I’d get a gun except I don’t want the government to know that I have it. I’d carry the gun, but I don’t want to get my permit and be on a government list.’ Let’s give people with this attitude the benefit of doubt. Are they safer being armed or unarmed?

I can’t see anything good that actually comes from me being on a government list. In theory, being on a list means that if our government were taken over by a tyrant, then the political enemies of the state could be rounded up. That happened in other countries. It also happened here, and it started our Revolution of Independence from Britain.

2014 crime rate per Washington Post

On the other hand, crime is real here and now. We read about it in our newspaper every day. Fortunately for most of us, violent crime is also rare. It only happens about once per family. In your lifetime, one member of your family will probably be the victim of forcible robbery, aggravated assault or sexual assault according to FBI statistics. Are you safer being armed or unarmed?

Recent FBI statistics showed over a million violent crimes each year.

Crime rates vary up and down by a factor of 10 depending on where you live and what you do. Maybe it will never happen to you because you live a charmed life. I wonder if the rest of your family will be that lucky. It seems to me that you’re betting on luck rather than protecting your family. Is your family safer because you go unarmed? Not according to what I’ve seen.

The FBI reported over 135 thousand rapes last year.

We face different problems protecting ourselves depending on where we live. Some states make it easy to carry a concealed firearm and some states make it effectively impossible to even have pepper spray. That varies by state, county and town. Some jurisdictions in six states won’t let you carry. In contrast, thirteen states have some form of constitutional carry where you don’t need a permit. In those states, you’re allowed to carry a concealed firearm in public if you’re a legal gun owner and obeying the law.



The rest of the states fall everywhere in between. About 30 million people have their permit or don’t need a permit to carry in public. Young people are also carrying at a much higher rate than their parents. Because we carry concealed, you walked past us and never knew we were there.

Some people want a permit, and some people need one. Firearms instructors get students who were threatened and suddenly have to learn to defend themselves. It touches my heart when I meet them. I want these people to protect themselves without going to jail for carrying a firearm illegally.

I’ve given people a crash course in self-defense when they were in a dangerous situation. That training is intellectually focused and emotionally grim, but it is the exception. I want us to learn firearms safely while we have the luxury of time. I want us to learn from other peoples experiences rather than from our own misfortune. People who are armed are much less likely to become victims of violent crime, and I want that to be your experience too.

What should we say to our friends who don’t want to be on a government list? Perhaps they could consider this. Setting aside the issue of crime, is government tyranny more likely if the people are armed or disarmed? Are you protecting your family by giving up your guns, or by having them with you?

We live in an imperfect world.  I’ll go armed to protect the people I love..even though I’m on a list.

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Obvious Points in the FBI Ford/Kavanaugh Investigation

October 2, 2018

So you want an investigation? Let’s have it.  In fact, I’m all for it!

Let’s look at the school records of Kavanaugh and of Ford. Were there obvious or recurring problems with their behaviour?

Let’s look at police records, travel records, and any written correspondence for both of them. Where did they go and who did they talk to? Let’s look at employment records and medical records..for both of them. That includes their current and past employers.

Let’s look at emails, texts and phone calls they might have had with politicians or political parties since the attack is alleged to have occurred. We want to include their families and associates as well. Were they in touch with politicians and activists groups years ago? Then, we need to subpoena the relevant records from their political contacts. Who leaked charges to the press? Who leaked the home address of legislators on the judiciary committee.

Yes, let’s see where this investigation leads. Let’s find out who said what and when did they say it. Which of the two parties, Ford or Kavanaugh, will object to an inquiry of that depth?

Yes, let’s find out, and the sooner the better.

Repost- Understanding America’s enormous $19.5T economy by comparing US metro area GDPs to entire countries – AEI

October 1, 2018

Size matters. This is where you have to get over your fear of numbers. The US economy is huge, I say really huge. 😉 Read it. RM

“The table and first map above help to put America’s ridiculously large $19.5 trillion economy into perspective by comparing America’s 20 largest metro area economies the economies of entire countries with similar Gross Domestic Products..

“..New York area produced more economic output last year than the entire country of Canada.”

Source: Understanding America’s enormous $19.5T economy by comparing US metro area GDPs to entire countries – AEI

Fantasy Socialism Versus Real Socialists

September 27, 2018

We are not all the same. In fact, we differ in every measurable way. We measured the psychological leanings of people on the left and right sides of the political spectrum. What we have not done very well is map how those psychological traits translate into political reality. The Socialist fantasy doesn’t match what Socialists really are. Socialists claim one thing and then do the opposite.

In theory, people who claim to be politically liberal also have a psychological tendency towards inclusiveness and open-mindedness. The prevailing myth says the left wing embraces novel customs and new ideas. In theory, this means including those who are at the margins of our society. I understand the theory, but I don’t see that reality down here on the street.

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver convicted of corruption

Rather than being inclusive and welcoming, I see Socialist politicians legislating unnecessary categorization, demarcation, and exclusion. They do that by demanding business licenses, demanding operating permits, and by imposing excess regulation. Freedom of association is allowed for their connected friends, but not for the marginalized newcomers.


For example, you can’t braid hair without a years apprenticeship. You can’t bake cupcakes in your own kitchen and then sell them at a fundraiser. You’re not allowed to cut hair or sell lemonade from your home because you violated building codes and business ordinances. You might need a permit to invite friends to your house for a church meeting.

California Democrat Assembly Speaker pro tem Leland Yee convicted of corruption

Those restrictions might seem like a slight inconveniences if you’re rich, but those are significant infringements if you live on the margins of society. The result of this restrictive legislation is that minorities and the underclass are denied the right to earn a living and support their families. They can’t worship as they please.

The politicians who promote these restrictions claim that licensing people who braid hair or cut the grass is “pro union” and “pro- worker”, but I don’t see that happening in fact. Socialists say they want to help the poor, but then Socialists stand in the way of the poor helping themselves.

Religious minorities can’t invite other to worship at their home, even though the politicians who put these regulations into place claim to be for tolerance and “diversity of opinion and diversity of expression”. The results I’ve seen don’t match the rhetoric I’ve heard.

Bergen County New Jersey Democrat Chairman Joseph Ferriero convicted of federal racketeering

It doesn’t seem pro-environment and “pro free speech” to require multiple permits and inspections to put a sign in the window of your store, your home, or your church. In reality, it promotes a large and corrupt government bureaucracy.

Socialists claim that bureaucracy is an unavoidable fault of regulation, but I think it is more than that. From what I’ve seen, bureaucracy is an essential feature of big government. You can’t produce the flood of political bribery and kickbacks we see in Socialist cities without the constant threat of regulation. You won’t generate political donations from the entrenched bureaucracy without the layers and layers of regulations.

Am I being too harsh and looking too closely at the reality of Socialism? These politicians say they are Socialists. They promised big-government and they delivered on their promises.

New York Senate Democrat Majority Leader Dean Skelos convicted of corruption

Perhaps I’m ignoring the big picture. Let’s look at socialism and communism in the largest possible scope. Look at what happened in the most Socialist and Communist countries in the world. Is there religious freedom in China, Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela? There is not. When the government feels threatened, simply having a bible gets you thrown into jail. The “workers paradise” means you work for the state and had better shut up! That is the reality of the left wing. That is what we see rather than the myth we’re sold.

Some people claim that the left is open to new relationships, to innovation and entrepreneurship. I wish that were true, but that isn’t what I saw.

I have decades of experience in many high tech startup companies. I saw left-wing politicians crush entrepreneurship with rigid regulation, costly permits, and high taxes. In contrast, it was right wing “conservatives” who supported entrepreneurship. I hear the Socialists say that they support innovation and creativity. In California, one of our deeply Socialist states, I saw inflexible government bureaucracy crush invention and support dependency. A politician might claim that she “empathises with the poor” but that doesn’t make it so.

Why do we see such a large divergence between Socialists claims and Socialists reality? Public choice is the academic field that looks at the incentives inside politics. Politics has the incentives it has, rather than the incentives that politicians claim. In fact, big-government often rewards corruption. To describe the problem of politics pragmatically, you can’t claim that a political action will lead to “justice” when all the incentives reward deeper corruption.

What should we do when words and actions don’t match? We have to judge politicians by what they do rather than by what they say; by what they accomplish rather than what they promise.

It is an old story but a true one; believe what you see, not what you hear.


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It’s Harder to Fool All of Us All the Time, but Finding the Truth Takes Work

September 26, 2018

I’m human. I make mistakes. Telling you that the media distorts the news isn’t one of them.

The ultimate wealth is the gift of time. We’ve compressed time so that any of us can find news on our phone in seconds. In that sense we are all rich and powerful. We have dozens of news sources on our tablet or personal computer. We can do in seconds what it used to take weeks to do in newspaper archives and research libraries. Unfortunately, web outlets like Google, Facebook and Twitter are as slanted and partisan as the smokey old newsrooms they replaced. Online sources twist the truth, but we are the ultimate lie detector.

We can absorb an unbelievable number of headlines..and we can also explore the news that contradicts what we already know. New ideas stand out. So do old lies. Experts may tell us we were wrong, but take your time before you believe them. We trust what we know because we’ve examined those beliefs over a long period of time and across a wide range of circumstances. We detect a lie because it does not fit with the immense body of information we’ve already tested and come to trust.

Media organizations like Google, Facebook, Twitter and CNN depend on their reputation. It is hard, if not impossible to regain our trust once we see them as liars. We know that Google distorts search results. Youtube buries videos that don’t fit their progressive and PC agenda. Twitter sensors politically conservative speakers. CNN does little more than regurgitate progressive talking points. We expect these sources to be biased. If these media outlets told the truth by accident, then we’d need a few minutes to get over the shock and recognize the truth for what it was.

These media sources told us America was never great. They told us that we need more government to uproot our deep seated bigotry and to end global warming.

We didn’t believe them. We rejected the corrupt big-government candidates they endorsed. Today, they think that defaming Trump will change our mind. For some of us, it will. What the online thought-police forget is that Trump is our tool, not the other way around. We chose Trump after we saw his many and obvious flaws. We chose Trump to stop the corrupt Socialists we were offered. We don’t care who Donald screwed, so long as he does the job we hired him to do.

That scares the Socialists and their toady corporate shills to death. In reaction, the biased media keeps trying to spin bigger and bigger lies. For example, the Washington Post blamed Trump for a hurricane. (I link to the commentary because the WP is behind a paywall.) The New York times got it wrong and said the US had 31% of the world’s mass shootings. The truth is we have 1 percent.

We’re tempted to turn off the spin machine and stop listening.
I’m asking you to listen harder.

I’m asking you to listen and read and watch the news carefully. Read past the headlines. Keep digging to uncover the truth buried under the lies. Study the news to recognize who lies and who doesn’t. There is so much to learn, and you are exactly the right person to do it.


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Awards at AMMCON and GRPC 2018

September 25, 2018

I received the Ray Carter blogger of the year award at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.  The Second Amendment Foundation surprised me completely. GRPC will be in Phoenix next year and I hope to see you there.



I hope the award from SAF was for series like these; infringing our rights one permit at a time, or school safety.

In addition to the Second Amendment Foundation, I want to thank my readers. I’ve posted over 1500 articles and received over 3000 comments from 370 thousand views. That was since May of 2013 when we started Slow Facts. I’m honored that you give me your time and attention.

I also want to thank Paul and Susan Lathrop for the achievement award I received at the Alternative Mass Media Convention and Workshop. We have been podcasting together on their Polite Society Podcast since March of 2013. That was 340 episodes ago. We’re still having fun and learning as we go. AMMCON 2019 will be in Phoenix in September.

The conference was great fun, but I came back with a cold so blogging will be slow for the next few days.


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