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Can Teachers Protect Our Students?

March 22, 2018

Does self defense really work? Can teachers protect our students?  I wondered that myself. The first thing I did was to look up the numbers. Under President Obama, the Center for Disease Control spent ten million dollars to prepare a report on armed self-defense by civilians.  The CDC said that ordinary people defend themselves with a firearm about two thousand times a day. The evidence shows that we protect ourselves very well. What does that mean for teachers defending our students at school? Teachers are our neighbors. On average, they are average students of self-defense. We would expect the volunteer armed teacher to also do very well at protecting our students, but there is more to it than that.

Protecting students is a large and complex problem. It would be great to have armed and armored law enforcement officers protecting all our students all the time. We don’t, and we won’t. These very capable officers won’t be on the half million school busses we use twice a day. We have about 125 thousand schools and many times the number of school buildings. Armed officers won’t be in all of them. Officers won’t be at choir practice before school. They won’t be at theater and sports practice after school and on weekends.

The problem grows from there. These law enforcement officers won’t be at daycare centers, private schools, and church schools. The officers won’t be joining the students on field trips. Only elite members of our society can buy law enforcement to protect their children everywhere and all the time.

What can we afford to do with the resources we have? What we do is critically important. 60 percent of the time, the school murderer is stopped before the police arrive. Either the intended victims stop the murderer or the murderer stops himself. That means that school staff are really the first responders.

Can we protect our children at school? Look at what we’ve already done to protect our students. We designed schools to withstand fire and earthquake. We planned for those disasters. We changed our building codes to make schools safer. We practice for those disasters as well. Teachers, students, firemen and EMTs all practice fire drills a few times a year. That made our children safer. Our fire safety program works phenomenally well and it has been years since a student died in a school fire. Unfortunately, we ignored interpersonal violence in schools for far too long. We can and should make schools more defensible. That buys us the time we need so that help can arrive. At a minimum, we reinforce doorways, modify locks, and add shatterproof films to windows.

That won’t be enough because these murderous madmen change their plans to kill our kids. Madmen learned that classrooms are relatively secure. These murderers used the school fire alarms to move their victims into the hallways. Some schools are verifying that there is a fire before they evacuate the classroom. They might only evacuate one building rather than empty the entire school. All of those plans and practices save lives.

Do we have any known solutions? We know that emergency first-aid saves lives. No one questions the utility of training school staff to treat the injured before EMTs arrive. The question remains if teachers can stop an armed murderer. Fortunately, this isn’t the “High Noon” gunfight they show in the movies and that many of us imagine.

The teacher has an advantage when they defend their classroom. The teacher might have only a minute to prepare her classroom, but the murderer has to come through the doorway. That minute of preparation, maybe only a few seconds, is enough. The door is locked and bolted. The desks are pushed up around the classroom entrance. The teacher is inside the classroom with her students behind her.

The drill is over, now clean up this mess!

The classroom isn’t a castle, and a murderer can certainly get in given enough time and effort. What the murderer cannot do is enter into the classroom quickly. He cannot even make it through the doorway. For her part, the teacher knows where the intruder will be. If she is armed, the teacher knows exactly where she has to aim. The teacher will stop the murderer if he steps in front of her gun. Now she can wait, and every second means that help is coming closer. Yes, a teacher who is armed with a handgun can even stop a murderer trying to enter her classroom carrying a rifle. The teacher has other advantages as well, but I’m not going to give away all her secrets.

The defender’s advantage is well known. SWAT teams often have to advance into a building where they face an armed criminal. These trained and armored officers hate going through doorways..and for good reason. They call the doorway “the fatal funnel”, and they expect to be s shot as they enter. Now, the armed teacher has that same defensive advantage, and the attacker faces that same disadvantage as they try to move through the fatal funnel.

The public policy decisions are simple. We know training in trauma care saves lives. We know that some teachers will barricade in their classrooms. We know that other teachers will grab their medical kit, enter the hallway, and lock their classroom door behind them. They will look for the killer. These teachers will try to stop the murderer and then treat the injured. That is what we’ve seen time and again when murderous madmen attacked our schools. The question we face is simple.

Would you rather the murderer shoot students or engage a defender?
Do we want that defender armed or empty handed?


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The Contradiction of Being a Young Adult

March 21, 2018

She is considered an adult at 18 years of age. She can act without her parents approval.
She can-

get a job
rent an apartment
get a driver’s license and buy a car
travel anywhere she wants
register to vote
open a credit card account
approve her own medical procedures
join the military
choose her sex partners
start a business
sign contracts
have an abortion
go to college
take out school loans
buy a house
become a teacher in Florida at 18
become a police officer in Florida at 19
take out a mortgage
get married
have children

..because those are the things that young adults do.

Yet we tell her that she is too young to own a firearm to defend her family even though young adults are the most likely victims of violent crime. And if she does own a gun, then we’ll try her in court as an adult.

One thing is clear. Our young adults are more mature than our politicians.

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Photo from Oleg Volk and used with permission.

School personnel flock to Taylor gun range for free handgun training-

March 20, 2018

Teachers love their kids and want to protect them. RM

“What started out as a plan to give 24 teachers and school administrators a one-time free course in basic handgun training and one free concealed pistol license training quickly turned into 339 spots being reserved as of March 11.”

Source: School personnel flock to Taylor gun range for free handgun training | News |

Truth and Lies About Safer Schools

March 20, 2018

It is every parents nightmare. We’re horrified that someone might injure our children. The strength of that reaction is why brave and honorable men deliberately put their bodies in the way of bullets during the Parkland, Florida murders. That is why female staff died protecting “their kids” in the Sandy Hook attack. Those students meant more than life itself to brave teachers and law enforcement officers. Unfortunately, our strong feelings allow us be manipulated by the news media. The truth is bad enough, but we were lied to and told that mass murder is an epidemic. Let’s separate the truth from the lies.

The good news is that there is not an epidemic of mass murder. Even though  mass murder is rare, we should still take prudent actions to protect our students. Schools are considerably safer than they were in the 1990. We’re working to make them safer still. That didn’t stop some “news sources” from twisting statistics to sell their advertising and their agenda. They claim that mass murders at school are common. To make this claim, they had to classify a solo-suicide at an abandoned school as a school shooting.

Purchased advocacy research made the inflated claim that there were 46 mass murders this year. They wanted us to think that our neighbors have become insane murderers and that only the cops should have guns. In contrast, those same inflated statistics make me think we should arm school staff to protect our students, but I might be alone in holding that view.

The gun prohibitionists said we should leave our safety to the police and that school resource officers will protect our children. Some brave officer put their life on the line defending our kids. Bless them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen every time. We recently watched several school resource officers walk away from a school and wait for the shooting inside to stop.

That isn’t against the law. The police have no duty to protect us or our children. They are not forced to protect one student or a thousand of them. Not now. Not ever. If someone said that the police have to protect us, they lied.

The gun prohibitionists said that teachers are too emotionally unstable and untrained to protect our children. If teachers are really that crazy then we should empty the classroom and send the kids home for their own protection. I think the author exaggerated his claims because that description of teachers doesn’t come close to the teachers I know. If mass murder is as common as the alarmists claim, then teachers appear to be a rock of sanity in comparison. I’m willing to cling to that rock.

No solution will be perfect. There have been accidents where adults negligently discharged a firearm in a classroom. Most of those negligent discharge incidents involved law enforcement officers. (here and here and here and here) So far, we have not seen an authorized and trained member of school staff have a negligent discharge in school. I hope it never happens but statistics say it will happen eventually.

CNN and the Huffington Post said that teachers don’t want to carry guns in schools. I’m sure many teachers feel that way. We also see many teachers who want to protect their students, but CNN and HuffPo ignored that story. A recent Gallop poll showed that teachers would volunteer to carry a firearm in school at a rate that is considerably higher than the average concealed carry rate across the US. There is other evidence that some teachers want to go armed. I checked with the major training programs across the US, and found that training classes for teachers are consistently overbooked. Also, school districts never have a problem finding qualified volunteers to protect students. That tells me teachers love “their kids” and we have the right people in our schools. I predict that these trained teachers will use their first aid training far more often than their firearms. Don’t expect to read about that in the evening news because that headline won’t sell soap.

Don’t confuse media headlines with truth. We were told that civilians who own scary black rifles really own military weapons of war. That clickbait simply isn’t true. The United States Army doesn’t use the 60 year-old AR-15 to equip its soldiers. It never did, and neither does any other country. As an ordinary civilian, I can’t go buy a new military automatic rifle, and our soldiers don’t want what I can buy from a gun store. If someone told you otherwise, they lied.

We have accomplished a lot to protect our students. I recently attended a meeting where school administrators and law enforcement officers discussed school safety. They look at their safety plans and change them week to week. Unfortunately, we should expect more copycat murders about a month after the last one.

If we really wanted to stop mass murder, then the news media would refuse to show the face or speak the name of the murderer. I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

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Free Speech on Campus..or Not

March 18, 2018

Are schools a place of free inquiry or a place for prescribed group-think? Is free speech supported on campus, or are speech restrictions imposed by the state? The answer is critically important because we won’t find the right answers to our social problems if we never bother to ask the right questions. The appropriate answer is also different for children in elementary school and for adults in college. Recent events have forced this question to the forefront. What are our children being told to believe?

Many of us think public schools have become politically partisan on contentious public issues. School officials only have to look in the mirror if they wonder why the public is reluctant to fund public schools.


Photo from TownHall

There are a number of effective actions we can take to keep our children safe. Let’s talk about them instead.




Are Schools Safe and Growing Safer?

March 15, 2018

How safe are our schools? Are they growing safer or becoming more dangerous? You would think those simple questions would be well covered given the extensive media time we’ve devoted to the Parkland, Florida murders. You don’t know the answers because the media never told you. It is easier for the media to manipulate you if you are uninformed. It is easier for politicians to manipulate you. For a moment, let’s try to understand rather than inflame.

There is not a “epidemic” of mass murder in these United States, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the news. Schools are safe and becoming safer. If that surprises you, then be ready for this. The most destructive mass murder in recent history wasn’t in the United States. The most destructive mass murder in a school wasn’t in the US either. The most destructive mass murder in a US school involved neither a firearm nor was it committed by a young adult. On top of that, we already have 23 thousand firearms regulations in place..and they failed miserably in Florida. Those are significant facts that put the Parkland murders into context. You didn’t know those facts because you weren’t reminded of their significance.

The issue goes beyond facts and feelings. We need context to understand a story. That is the a critical question to ask yourself as you read the news.  “What is the context and the significance of a mass murder that killed 17 people in a public school.” That question is critical to you, but incidental to our so called “news media.” The MSM wants to keep you watching their show by frightening you every few seconds. They capture our eyes by playing on our anxiety.

The news media didn’t tell you what we’re already doing to make schools safer and what you can do to help. Let’s replace the mainstream horror movie with real facts. Watch this video if you want to know the truth about “gun free” schools.

Thank you for becoming informed rather than inflamed.


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School Administrators Fear a Mistake More Than Mass Murder- repost of David Cole

March 12, 2018


Why do school administrators leave our children defenseless? My friend David Cole has been there. He was an army officer, a police officer, and a member of the SWAT team. David has seen leaders fail at tough decisions.

Is your local school board brave enough to protect your children? RM

“You’ve done the math in your head. Your fear is that when a school shooting breaks out, a teacher with a gun will “make it worse.” You are afraid that the teacher might miss and hit a kid, even if the teacher manages to stop the killer in the process.. You fear being blamed for it, because you made the decision.

“You actually fear that possibility more than you fear the killer who enters your school and murders unopposed for minutes.”

Source: What Do You Fear? – Black Man With A Gun ™

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