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Democrat Mayor pleads guilty to corruption charges – Story | KDFW

August 9, 2018

Without government, who would skim money from school bus safety cameras? RM

Democrat Dwaine Caraway pled guilty to corruption charges. The Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas Texas admitted to conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and tax evasion.

He is charged with accepting more than $450,000 in bribes and kickback payments from a vendor who puts stop-arm cameras on Dallas County Schools school buses.

Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US.

Source: Dwaine Caraway pleads guilty to corruption charges – Story | KDFW


Stop the Bleeding- school staff flock to trauma medical training

August 8, 2018

People are screaming and you’re looking at chaos. This is a medical training exercise with multiple injuries. It looks like there are, count them, four people injured in the parking lot in front of your local school. Some of the victims may be dead and some may be dying.

What are your going to do?

I watched two dozen teachers face that scenario during a training exercise. This is what they overcame.

  • Is the scene secure?
  • Is outside help on the way?
  • Are these all the injured, or are there more injured people inside the school or lying behind a car where you can’t see them?
  • Have the uninjured students been moved to safety?
  • Who can you use to help you?
  • What medical supplies do you have on hand right now, and how will you get more help until the EMTs arrive?

..and why is everyone yelling?

The training program is called FASTER, for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. They taught school staff to stop a threat in their school. They also taught staff to treat the injured so the victims are alive when EMTs finally start treatment and evacuation.

This isn’t rocket science brain surgery. You make sure the injured can breathe and you stop massive bleeding. It takes practice to do even the simple things during such an emotional event.

A gunshot wound to the leg could be fatal if we left the person to bleed for the half hour it takes for the police to secure the scene. I got it wrong the first time. This scene was set up just outside a school. One of my tasks was to get medical resources moving toward the scene, and I blew it.

“You two, go tell “Ms Jones” that the scene is secure and to bring the medical kits from the office. I need the faculty here now. Bring the med kits back to me. Both of you, go now!”

I won’t make that mistake again.

That is why this training saves lives. Yes, you can invent tourniquets, chest seals, and pressure bandages from common items. Unfortunately, that takes time and creativity at a moment when those two items are in short supply. Since you’re grabbing every able-bodied bystander near you for help, it really is a better idea to have the medical supplies you need in your kit.

This training surprised me and I think it surprised many of the school staff who were in the exercise. These first responders had been authorized to carry a concealed weapon in their schools for several years. They might go to the shooting range to practice once a month, but they don’t get to practice their medical response nearly as often.

You could argue that medical training is more important than defensive training to keep our children safe at school. Most teachers will never have an armed attacker come to their campus. Arming school staff is also controversial and takes time to impliment. In contrast, their school will call EMTs for help. It could be for a drug overdose or for something as common as an accident in the parking lot. We can train many medical first responders for the cost of training a single armed defender.

We can have several medical responders on every hallway. And we should. We can give them medical training in an evening.

The FASTER program brings medical kits and training equipment to local schools. They train about 30 medical first responders at a time and put trauma-casualty kits in their hands as they leave the class. Better yet, we don’t need the sheriff’s approval to give medical training to school staff. Perhaps some of the local EMTs in your community could help.

The best news is that you can have medical training in your school even if state law doesn’t allow armed defenders. You could have this sort of training for your church and as well. Why don’t you?

Ask your school board and your church leaders if their safety plan included medical training for volunteer staff. School is about to start, so this is a good time to ask the question.

Asking the right question can save lives.. and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Shooting Up Chicago | City Journal

August 7, 2018

Chicago, you built that. Expect the murders to continue until policies improve. RM

“An explosion of drive-by shootings erupted on Chicago’s South and West sides this weekend. At least 74 people were shot, and 12 killed, between 3 p.m. on Friday and 6 a.m. on Monday..

“Few voices are tackling the actual cause of Chicago’s violence: the breakdown of the black family structure and a demoralized police department.”

Source: Shooting Up Chicago | City Journal

Gun Control Fails Again in Chicago

August 6, 2018

Mexican drug gangs were busy murdering people in Chicago. 63 people were shot and 10 were killed over the weekend. Many of the injured were gang members. Many were not. As predicted, Chicago politicians blamed guns. The truth is that failed political policies destroyed Chicago and are killing its citizens. The truth is that gangs could kill hundreds of people every night and Chicago voters would elect the same broken politicians back into office.

How many dead people will it take for Chicago voters to throw out the machine?

Talk is cheap, both from Chicago politicians and from Chicago voters. Citizens said they would turn in the criminals who are murdering their kids. Politicians said they would get tough on crime. Neither happened.

You get more of what you reward and less of what you punish. Under the consent decree imposed on Chicago police, it is easier to record crimes than to interview criminals. When you make it harder to stop criminals you get more crime.

When you vote in corrupt politicians then you get more corruption. Rather than admit their failures, Chicago politicians blame guns because that excuse sells with the voters. In fact, Chicago politicians already told us that their gun control laws should make us one of the safest cities in the US. The opposite happened. Criminals ignore background checks and waiting periods and gun-free zones.

Shame on us for believing them.





Armed Defenders in the Classroom- Reality Replaces Myth

August 5, 2018

Arming teachers is more than a concept, an idea, or a theory. Armed school staff are now a well-worn reality. The FASTER program teaches school staff to stop a threat and to treat the injured. That program has been in place for the last five years and has trained over a thousand teachers. These first responders have many days of instruction. Once they are back home, these teachers apply what they learned as they protect their schools. We have thousands of man-years of experience with armed school staff. School is about to start in the fall, and we learn more every day.

We can invent all kinds of crazy fantasies about giving guns to teachers. Those fantasies aren’t real, but they do make sensational news stories and they sell advertising for the news media. In fact, no one rolls up with a wagon full of firearms and start handing out guns to school staff. That isn’t what responsible people do to protect students. I recently took a three-day training class for armed school staff. The teachers in my classes took school safety very seriously. I saw it written on their face. I heard it in their voice. They showed it by what they said and what they did.

This training course was both a review and an advancement from their previous instruction. Most of my fellow students were from Ohio, though some came from schools in other states. These teachers and school administrators were back in the roll of students as they went back to school to be first responders. These experienced defenders had already passed an earlier training course. Each of them had been authorized by their schoolboards to go armed for the last few years.

Even with their years of experience, we went back to review the basics of firearm safety. We advanced to stopping the threat and to medical care for the injured. My fellow students did just what I expected them to do.

We moved through reinforced buildings that were specially designed to stop our real bullets. In these “shoot-houses”, we defended paper-students and shot at paper-bad-guys. One teacher from Ohio was visibly upset with her performance. She said, ‘I can’t believe I missed that first shot. I feel like I should quit the program.’ Her first shot missed. The fraction of a second between her first and second shot might have let an attacker reach one of the pupils. That is how seriously these teachers took their training. Their level of excitement rose in these exercise as it would be in real life. The emotional pressure went up from there.

We went through dozens of exercises using simulated firearms. Teachers and school principals won the gun fights, but their struggle didn’t end there. I saw adults stumble over their words as they took charge of a simulated accident scene during a training exercise. That reaction seems odd since these teachers take charge of a classroom every day. They faltered as they took command while several “wounded” people lay on the ground needing first aid.


I know how they felt and I reacted the same way. My mouth went dry from anxiety and my heart rate jumped when it was my turn. All of us got better with practice. We learned how to manage the emergency and learned how to manage ourselves. We learned you can never have too many tourniquets, chest seals, and pressure bandages when you have multiple casualties. That is why these training courses are so valuable.

In theory, a mass murderer is reported and stopped by the FBI. In theory, school resource officers move toward the sound of gunfire and protect our students. Reality is something else. In theory, you could learn armed defense and trauma care from an online tutorial. In fact, it takes practice. We need to exercise these skills so that we can perform in the moment of need. My fellow students put themselves to the test. They practiced over and over in a training class so they would get it right if their kids needed them.

I saw these students struggle and criticize their own performance. They picked themselves up and grew to meet the challenge. That is exactly what we want them to do. Their performance matters to them, and it matters to everyone in their community. The lives of students and staff could hang in the balance.

Perfection isn’t one of the options. One teacher described his anxiety this way. “I know I could make a mistake or things could go wrong. I just hope my kids are safe by then.” That is the reality of a dangerous and chaotic emergency.

Teachers make a difference in their students’ lives every day. On some extraordinary day, these extraordinary defenders want to be the right person in the right place at the right time to protect their kids. That is all we can ask of them. That is the reason they train today and why I’m glad they are there.


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No Gun-Plans for You- free speech in blue states

August 3, 2018

A young man posted the plans for a gun online. The patent office is full of such plans, and you can download those drawings for free as well. Several Socialist politicians then lost their minds in outrage. The control of homemade guns isn’t about gun control: it is about controlling you. Note that the Democrat controlled blue states were the first to restrict free speech when they don’t like what we’re saying or reading; in this case, the plans for homemade guns. Let’s see these regulations in context.

Criminals get guns today and they will get their guns tomorrow. Criminals are able to get guns despite our gun laws because criminals are willing to break our laws. They ignore all 23 thousand of our firearms regulations, including the next gun law that is passed. The vast majority of criminals get their guns through the black market. They don’t bother with background checks or gun registration or waiting periods. Those regulations only infringe on the rights of honest citizens like you and me. Socialist politicians like it that way.

Only one out of 50 criminals purchased their guns through legal means. Some of these criminals who got a gun over the counter didn’t have a disqualifying record when they bought their firearm. Since background checks look backward, it is impossible for gun laws to stop those criminals-to-be from buying a gun.

A very small fraction of criminals used a straw buyer, usually a girlfriend, to buy their guns for them. Those pass-through buyers are seldom prosecuted in our big blue cities.

Getting an illegal gun is easy. The price of an illegal gun on the street is lower than the price of a legal gun bought over the counter. That means there are plenty of illegal guns for criminals to use, and it is easy for criminals to get more guns if they need them.

Most murders are committed by drug gangs. These gangs move billions of dollars of drugs a year. They move millions of illegal aliens across our borders and around our country. A few pounds of steel disappears in that river of contraband. Drug dealers are often paid for their drugs with the guns that addicts steal from civilians and the police.

Gun prohibition has never worked. The only place gun control sounds plausible is on the news where they don’t ask follow-up questions.

Building your own gun at home is more expensive than buying a legal gun over the counter. The issue with home-built guns isn’t that criminals will have guns. It is already easier and cheaper for a criminal to get a gun then for you to get one. The real issue with home-built guns is that gun control will finally be revealed as a failure.

The controversy isn’t that 3D printed guns will enable criminals, but that home made guns will disable gun control.

Progressive democrats say they support free speech. In practice, they suppress the speech with which they disagree. The attorneys general from Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit saying the plans for a plastic gun were illegal. They had to do so.

Progressive politicians need to blame the gun for the violence in their failed cities.

God help them if they run out of excuses. 

Since the code for 3D printing has been posted on the net, the instructions are already available from multiple sources.

There are easier ways to build a gun than to print one. You can build a primitive gun from parts in the hardware store. The only “machining” is to drill a hole in a wooden dowel and add some glue. 

That primitive firearm is a single-shot shotgun. In fact, you can build a modern semi-automatic rifle without using expensive CNC machining centers. Plans for a bolt together receiver have been available for years. The rest of the pieces to complete an AR-15 are available for purchase over the counter.

Bolt-together AR receiver

These recent lawsuits over printed plastic guns are the last gasp to preserve the illusion of gun control. That legal gambit could work for years given our corrupt judges. Yes, socialist politicians are that desperate.

Gun control isn’t about guns. It is about controlling you.

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Training Armed Teachers- This Isn’t the Classroom You Remember

August 2, 2018

Arming school teachers is a hard subject to discuss. Last week I took a training class where school staff learned to protect students from an armed attacker. What these teachers did was extraordinary. As you would expect, school staff take their students safety very seriously. The teachers want to protect “their kids”. They worked hard to put their bodies between a bullet and someone else’s children. They did an amazing job. Those teachers are not the caricatures I remember from my childhood. Our distorted childhood memories are one of the largest issues we face when we talk about arming school staff.

This may come as a surprise, but the world has changed since we were kids. We have changed as well. Nowhere is that more apparent than when we visit our child’s school. We’ve grown up, and we don’t fit in those little desks anymore. We will also find that school teachers are remarkably articulate even though they once spoke to us in the short and simple sentences that a child can understand. We didn’t know this when we were young, but teachers have the full range of human reactions.

Let’s look at defending our kids from an adult perspective. We want school staff to protect our children. Lots of us have a gun so we can protect our kids when they are with us. Teachers feel the same way, and they want the same chance to survive that we have. Bring your adult experience and let’s look at what school staff do to protect our children.

-We can own a firearm if we’re not a felon or other prohibited person. It isn’t that hard to buy a gun. The kid behind the counter at your local sporting goods store knows how to process the paperwork. Fortunately, school staff are required to have FBI background checks since they are around children. That means we have certified good guys and good gals around our kids, so these teachers could probably buy a gun.
-In the training programs I’ve studied, armed school staff already have their concealed carry permits. Concealed carry training means you are safe enough to go armed in public. For the concealed carry holder, a gun is a defensive tool that allows them and their family to escape from a criminal.
-In the unlikely event that an armed teacher has to defend their kids, then they have to close with and stop the murderer before another child or staff member is hurt.

That isn’t how most  of us are trained. The largest program for training armed school staff has a curriculum that bridges the gap between being a gun owner and being an armed defender. This is what these teachers had to do.

  • Pass the required background checks and buy a firearm that fit them.
  • Pass a concealed carry course to receive their state carry license.
  • Take a class to review firearms safety and learn to present a gun from a concealed holster.
  • Learn to be effective with a firearm. Qualify for speed and accuracy in shooting tests that exceed the state requirements for law enforcement officers. Learn tactical casualty care. Pass force-on-force exercises where you are defending other people.
  • Attend a refresher course that develops consistent responses to stressful situations. This includes more firearms handling, more hand-to-hand defense, and more emergency medical care.
  • Some of these teachers also conduct practice drills in their schools with local deputies and medical responders.


I watched my classmates work their way through these difficult exercises. These are not the teachers I remembered from when I was a child.  These teachers are both reticent to use violence and committed to the safety of their students. They practiced that delicate balance and are exactly the people I want to protect my children.

If there is a test, I’m betting on them to pass.


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