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Repost from The Daily Caller- Sheriffs Group Urges Supreme Court To Strike Down New York City Gun Rules

November 28, 2019

New York City said that honest gun owners are a danger to public safety. The National Sheriffs’ Association said New York is wrong. RM

“The public safety interest alleged to support the rule is non-existent and unproven,” the brief reads. “There is no proof that premises licensees have ever posed a threat to public safety when transporting their handguns.”

“It is also highly implausible that premises licensees would engage in violence when transporting their handguns out of the city,” the brief adds. “Licensees undergo exceedingly searching inquiries during the application process, and licenses can be refused for even trivial reasons.”

Source: Sheriffs Group Urges Supreme Court To Strike Down New York City Gun Rules | The Daily Caller

Second-Amendment Sanctuaries Defend Civil Rights Across the US

November 25, 2019

I’m slow, but I eventually put the pieces together. The bad news is that more state governments are infringing on our rights. The good news is that local governments stood up to protect us. We are seeing a large and growing movement across the country where local governments stand up to protect our right of self-defense. We have well established second-amendment sanctuary counties in Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, and Washington. We’re seeing a new bloom of them in other states. The growth is so rapid, that I know the graphic is out of date.

Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The second-amendment sanctuary movement started years ago. I remember when counties in Colorado said they would not enforce the recently passed magazine capacity limits. There were many downstate counties in Illinois who told the Chicago-controlled legislature that they would ‘keep their guns, thank you’. Counties in New York passed second-amendment sanctuary bills after the infamous New York SAFE Act was passed in the middle of the night.

The sanctuary movement accelerated when New Mexico politicians promised to pass anti-gun legislation. The vast majority of New Mexico counties responded with second-amendment sanctuary legislation of their own.

The anti-gun politicians in Florida proposed a raft of gun-control after the attack at a Florida high school. Several Florida counties said they would protect their children with guns.. and without the help of Tallahassee. Most recently, the governors of Virginia and Texas proposed sweeping gun control. Many counties replied with, “Come and Take It”

The states without sanctuary bills fall into two widely separated camps. They are the extreme anti-rights states like New Jersey, and the pro-rights states like Utah. Some see no hope, and some see no need.

Proposals for mandatory confiscation and taxes on guns and ammunition accelerated the sanctuary movement into high gear. This finally became personal for many gun owners. Gun owners went to a local meeting to let their voice be heard. The pro-rights organization Gun Owners of America provided model legislation for sanctuary counties, and that helped.

Sanctuary bills are re-writing the map in states where “There is nothing we can do to stop the gun-grabbers in the capital.” It turns out that there is a lot we can do, and you are doing it.

Look at the model legislation, and send a copy to your local representatives and your local gun club.


I’ll update this list as I learn more. RM

Alaska state wide
Arizona several
California some
Colorado many
Florida several
Idaho state wide
Illinois over half the counties
Kansas state wide
Maryland several
Montana 2A sanctuary state
Nevada several counties
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico 52 out of 62 counties
New York one
North Carolina one now two
North Dakota
Oregon 13 of 36 counties
Pennsylvania some
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee several
Texas several
Washington several
West Virginia
Wisconsin some
Wyoming state wide

Tennessee “


Repost from Interfax news- MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

November 21, 2019

Now we understand why the Democrats need to impeach Trump. RM

“Ukrainian members of parliament demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States..investigate suspicious transfer of $7.4 billion by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party.”

Read more- MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

Repost- Hong Kong students flee through the sewers to escape ‘Tiananmen 2.0’ | Daily Mail Online

November 20, 2019

Socialism shows its real face. RM

Students under siege at a Hong Kong university are trying to escape through the sewers amid fears that police will storm the campus and open fire, causing a Tiananmen Square-style massacre.Dozens of activists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University wrapped their knees and arms in plastic on Tuesday as they prepared to try and crawl to freedom through a perilous maze of underground tunnels.

Source: Hong Kong students flee through the sewers to escape ‘Tiananmen 2.0’ | Daily Mail Online

Repost- Locked and loaded: CBS46 goes inside the first Georgia school district to arm its teachers

November 20, 2019

Sensational headline aside, the news article distorts the facts. Many school staff carry concealed outside of school. Now, for the first time in Georgia, trained volunteers may also carry as they perform their job at school. RM

“Laurens County, Georgia has the first school district in the state to put guns in the hands of some of its teachers and staff members. Outside every school building in the county is a yellow sign that reads, in part: “Warning. Staff members are armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force.”

Source: Locked and loaded: CBS46 goes inside the first Georgia school district to arm its teachers | News |

A Bad News Week for Socialists in the US

November 20, 2019

The news is filled with stories of political corruption and oppression. The ugly face of statist-control is staring at us just behind the headlines and the media spin. Unfortunately, the legacy media is more interested in hiding the truth than reporting it. This is what I noticed.

  • Family members of Democrat leaders Biden, Kerry and Pelosi took huge contributions from foreign energy companies. So did the Clintons. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives wants to impeach President Trump for investigating some of those payoffs.
  • David Daleiden was convicted of video recording the horrible practices of Planned Parenthood. His real crime was embarrassing the California politicians who receive millions of dollars of political contributions from Planned Parenthood. The judge in this case was a board member at a clinic affiliated with Planned Parenthood, and the judge refused to recuse himself from the case.
  • Chinese police threaten to shoot unarmed protesters in Hong Kong while imposing mass arrests and deportations. The unarmed Chinese citizens are powerless in the face of a brutal government.
  • Venezuelan Death Squads kill unarmed political activists to suppress ongoing dissent.
  • All the Democrat presidential candidates said US citizens should be disarmed unless they are government employees.

Do politicians deserve our trust?

Each of these stories deserves front-page news coverage. Each one of those subjects deserves a full article at Slowfacts. My point is that our politicians, our legal system, and our news media are deeply biased to serve political ends. Today, our laws and regulations are so complex that they are counter productive; they thwart justice and serve political corruption rather than moderating it. As current events show us, that doesn’t end well.

In the USA, laws are for the little people, but not for politically connected multi-millionaires.

I have my biases also. I like messy freedom. I’ve meet too many self-serving people to want my country’s future in the hands of politicians or news agencies. Government is supposed to be limited. There are supposed to be checks and balances between political interests and between different branches of government. Since we are corruptible, and we are, then unlimited power leads to unlimited corruption. The headlines I listed showcase the brutal face of government power.

The good news is that times have changed. Human nature stays the same, but we know about this corruption because of the internet. We know more than what our local paper or CNN wants us to know. We can read widely, and the best sources are outside the mainstream legacy media. The only solution I see to preserve liberty is for us to get involved in our local politics and tell the truth on social media.

Freedom is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have. Please hold on to it.

Only 400 words, but they are the best ones I have. If they touched you, then please share them with a friend. RM


MASS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN IRAN – 67 Demonstrators Killed – Regime Fires on Protesters From the Air (VIDEO)

November 19, 2019

You didn’t read about this in our legacy media. Read deeper. RM

“The mass protests continued Monday in Iran. The protests are spreading to the major cities — at least 75 cities now.

“Iran regime’s troops are shooting unarmed protesters from the air as people chant ‘Death to Khamenei.'”

Source: MASS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN IRAN – 67 Demonstrators Killed – Regime Fires on Protesters From the Air (VIDEO)

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