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Democrat Jon Ossoff’s Support Is From Outside Georgia | The Daily Caller

June 21, 2017

Should the US Department of Justice investigate California celebrities for their interference in foreign elections?  Georgia and California are not simply different states; they are different countries..perhaps different worlds.

Maybe that would be a bad idea. It is better that these liberal elites spend their money on losing campaigns so they won’t cause more damage elsewhere.   😉  RM

“Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff raised funds from 8.9 times as many donors in California than donors in Georgia between March 29 and May 31, according to his latest campaign finance reporting.”

Source: Democrat Jon Ossoff’s Support Is From Outside Georgia | The Daily Caller

Democrats Cause Violence

June 21, 2017

Wounded Republican politician. Image from CNN.

A Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill Republican politicians.  The murderer wanted to kill these politicians because their political beliefs differed from his.  Before they retracted the statement in embarrassment, the New York Times editorial board blamed Governor Sarah Palin for the political violence.  I believe The Times inadvertent confession.  The Democrats mouthpiece, the New York Times, wants to blame Republicans.  They want to incite violence.   They need to.

How did the “free love” generation morph into the “kill everyone who disagrees with me” mob?  How did “question authority” turn into “free speech is violence?”  How did the “free speech” fundamentalists turn conservative speech in to “violence” and socialist violence into “free speech”?

The “how” of the transformation is step-by-step.  The “why” is explained by desperation.  In short, they had to.  Libertarians and small government conservatives remind the Democrats of their sins.  Today, the list of Democrat sins are too large to hide and violence is their only answer.  With one exception, the ten worse US cities in which to live are all governed by Democrats.  They have been for years, in some cases, for decades.  The most violent cities in the US are run by Democrats.  Democrat ideas failed, and violence is their only answer.

Democrat policies failed.  You can’t tax and regulate industry and still have jobs.  Without jobs, welfare is not a substitute for work.  Unemployed men don’t form married families, and single moms are not a substitute.  Living in your mom’s basement is not a substitute for life.  The Democrats reached for more control and larger government as their ideas crumbled.  The party who can’t tell men from women claims to tell us what the weather will be in the next century.

Democrat policies failed while their personal fortunes bulged.  According to Democrat politicians, the purpose of government is to generate campaign contributions.  In that, they were wildly successful.  While condemning Wall Street, Hillary Clinton raked in tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions and speaking fees from financial institutions.  She told us that big banks are evil..while her daughter, Chelsea, married an investment banker.

The Democrats turned to violence because they are out of ideas.  You’re a racist, fascist, homophobic bigot if you don’t enthusiastically agree with the latest Democrat power grab..and “everyone” says it is allowable to punch a Nazi.  Democrats are outraged that their religion of big-government failed.  They turned  their disappointment outward, and that is why it is now politically approved for Democrats to shoot Republicans.  Except it isn’t.  It never was.

Kathy Griffin posing with Trump severed head. Image from Slate and TMZ.

Economist have modeled trades of all kinds.  Perhaps the only way to improve the political discourse is to hang severed heads of Democrat Politicians and call it art.  I really hope we don’t have to shoot back.

Barry Loudermilk wants concealed carry for lawmakers in DC after Scalise shooting

June 14, 2017

Dear elected slowflakes,

Yes, you are special..just like everyone else.  The laws should apply to us all.  RM

“One Republican lawmaker believes that concealed carry reciprocity for members of Congress should be considered as part of possible security upgrades after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., was shot at practice for the congressional charity baseball game early Wednesday morning.”

Source: Barry Loudermilk wants concealed carry for lawmakers in DC after Scalise shooting

There is Always a Reason for the Government to Grow

June 14, 2017

Illinois has very restrictive gun laws.  It is also a violent state with Chicago as its failed crown jewel.  Evidently strict gun laws don’t stop crime.  The attacker who shot some Republicans today was from Illinois.   With their perfunctory apologies out of the way, the liberal talking heads will propose more gun control.

Yawn.  Why not, even though your laws just failed again.  Stay stuck on stupid.

Illinois required that you register your rifles.  That didn’t stop the attacker.  You can’t buy ammunition in Illinois without a firearms owners identification card.  The attacker didn’t care about regulations.  Illinois says it checks mental health records on its gun owners every few days.  That is evidently another failed procedure.  As usual, the attacker was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

The real issue here is that the liberal politicians, media, and celebrities told a left wing nutcase that it was just fine to discard Republicans.  The liberal press and politicians will spend a whole second saying they are sorry the Republican politicians were shot.  Then they will spend hours pushing their liberal talking points.  (already started)

I’m unimpressed.  To the libs, your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear your words.

I hope the violence stops now.  I don’t want Democrat politicians shot in reprisal.

Building Thoughtful Gun Owners- defense of others..or not

June 14, 2017

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

You want to protect the people around you. If you teach self-defense, then you’ve had a few students who haven’t thought through what will happen after they act. If you’re a gun owner, now is the time to think about the use of lethal force in defense of our lives or others. We can do too much as well as too little.  It is too late to make fine moral distinctions in the fleeting moment when your friends need help.

We won’t have perfect solutions. There are huge emotional costs if you do nothing, just as there will be emotional costs if you get involved. There are financial costs as well. You’re also going to lose a year of your life even if you never spend a second in jail. We seldom hear about those complications because the realities don’t make good headlines.

Think about it now.

There isn’t enough time to think if you have to use lethal force. It is nearly a definition. If you had enough time to think then you had enough time to avoid the situation, and therefore, lethal force wasn’t necessary.  I really respect the people who defend the innocent, but we’ve seen what it costs.

Train now.

During a self-defense encounter, you don’t have time to learn new skills. Self-defense is stressful and our logical brain isn’t available during times of stress. In the moment, you have to use the mental and physical skills of self-defense that you made routine. New gun owners don’t know what they don’t know. The more you learn, the more of your weaknesses you uncover.

What it is going to cost?

You could be hurt. Interjecting yourself into someone else’s fight can increase your risks rather than reduce them. Are you willing to take a bullet for a stranger?

You’re tangled with the law. Suppose you’re absolutely justified in defending an innocent victim. You’ve just thrown yourself into our legal system. It can take years before our legal system lets you go. Are you willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills for a stranger?

You’ll pay a psychological cost. Let’s assume that you did everything right when you used lethal force. Most of us are not used to that level of violence. There is an emotional cost as you work through your reactions. It takes time.

You can lose your freedom. Suppose you made mistakes during the conflict. On second thought, suppose you did everything correctly.. but you live in a blue state where gun owners are assumed guilty until proven innocent. You could end up in jail until you post bond. You could end up under house arrest until a judge holds a hearing to sort out that you were the victim rather than the attacker. That doesn’t help your sanity, and it can cost you your job.

Who pays?

These costs are yours. You will pay them, not the person you saved. There are good reasons to risk everything you have, but you should explore that decision now. Heaven knows that you’ll doubt your decision in the best of circumstances.

Who do you love?

It sounds cold and calculating, but make a mental list of the people you’d protect. You’d protect your family. Given divorce and remarriage, you have to know your limitations.

What about defenseless strangers?

We have a wonderful desire to protect the innocent, like children and the elderly. We want to protect them because they can’t protect themselves.

Remember the fog of uncertainty

You will probably have seconds to size up a situation. If you see someone at risk, does the thief only want their wallet, or is this the beginning of a lethal abduction?  Some situations are not as they appear. Your decisions will be slowly analyzed and criticized in the smallest detail by those who have all the time in the world. You have a lot to lose. If you get involved, then your family will suffer with you. You could do everything right and still be prosecuted.

The equal opportunity of self-defense

If the threatened victim is an adult, then they could have learned to protect themselves. Why is it your obligation to save them when they decided not to save themselves?

You can always be an advocate

There are other ways you can help people protect themselves. Take your friends shooting. Ask if they will join you when you take a training class. One kind of hero leads by example and is a disciple for the art of self-defense. You have choices.

Thank you to Jeff and Robyn Street for their contributions to this article.  They teach at Step by Step Gun Training in Naples, Florida.

If We Talked About Cars the Way We Talk About Guns

June 11, 2017

We’ve lived with guns for several centuries.  Despite those years of cultural and personal familiarity, some people talk about guns as if they had been invented yesterday.  I’m going to try and shift the discussion about guns so we can hear this stale bigotry with fresh ears.  More people die each year in car accidents than in gun accidents.  How do these anti-gun arguments sound to you when we substitute word for word?

  • Cars are not the answer.  Good people leave the driving to the government.
  • We’re not against car ownership.  We simply want you to get proper training before you’re allowed to drive..and we don’t want any driving schools in your state.
  • Only criminals and the police drive fast cars.  Why do you need to go that fast?  Are you some sort of escaped criminal?
  • You know you’re more likely to have an accident if you have a car at home.
  • Only the police and bus drivers have enough training to drive.  That’s why you should leave the driving to them..or walk.
  • Given how dangerous cars are, we think it is inappropriate for teachers to have personal cars at school.
  • Just say no to car and motorcycle violence.
  • Why do you need a car?  Can’t you wait and take public transportation like everyone else?
  • We need to start training children early, so ban toy cars and toy motorcycles.
  • We’ve evolved past the need for personal transportation.
  • We don’t think you should have a car, but if you do, why would your family need more that one.  No one needs a fleet of dangerous cars!  (Does that argument sound familiar?)
  • Are you crazy?  You know that cars don’t belong on a university campus.  Campus is a place for education, not for car racing.
  • Cars don’t belong at church.  Cars disturb our spiritual tranquility.
  • You’re so insensitive.  You should know that cars don’t belong at a hospital.  Some of the people in the hospital are there because of car crashes.
  • You only have a car for an emergency.  You haven’t used it, so that is proof no one really needs a car.
  • Only the army or police need a car or truck that holds more than five gallons of fuel.  High capacity cars should be outlawed.  It is worth it if it saves one life.
  • It is disrespectful of you to have your own car.  Don’t you trust the bus company to get you where you need to go?
  • Of course the President of the United States has a motorcade.  That is no reason for you to have a car.  Just who do you think you are?
  • Car owners are insecure and trying to make up for some personal inadequacy.
  • We’re not against cars.  We’re only a car-safety organization and we want a few commonsense car-safety regulations.
  • Other states shouldn’t have to honor your driver’s license. Each state should be able to decide who may and may not drive there.

These sentiments are both shocking and shockingly familiar.  This sounds like the sort of things we might have heard a hundred years ago when cars replaced horses.  Today, it is the everyday bigotry directed against gun owners.

I don’t believe in voodoo and magical objects.  Guns are lumps of metal and plastic.  They are neither good nor bad.  They don’t have magic powers.  We were supposed to get past that mystical view of the world when we were about 16 years old.  Most of us have.  Clearly, some of us haven’t.

P.S. If you think I want to regulate cars, then your sense of humor is broken.

I gave you 600 words.  Please leave a like, a share, or a comment.

I wrote about cars and guns before.
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‘Gun Violence’ May Be Biggest Fake News Narrative – LPP

June 8, 2017

From my friend, Dave Workman-

“By using the term “gun violence,” anti-gunners are able to combine the number of suicides and homicides in any given year under a single umbrella, strictly for dramatically misleading purposes. It creates the impression that tens of thousands of Americans are slain each year in some sort of criminal act when the majority takes their own lives.”

Source: ‘Gun Violence’ May Be Biggest Fake News Narrative – LPP

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