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How To Survive An Active Shooter Situation: The Ultimate Survival Guide- guest post

September 4, 2019

Everyone thought the Titanic was unsinkable. That’s why they didn’t prepare for it. There were insufficient number of lifeboats and the crew didn’t know what to do if the boat started to sink. So when the Titanic actually started sinking, everyone straight up panicked causing over 1,500 deaths.

I believe the same happens today in…

Active Shooter Situations

We think an active shooter situation could never happen to us. That isn’t true. In fact, according to the FBI, active shooter situations have become increasingly common in the past few years. That said, how do you prepare for an active shooter?

Become Aware of Your Surroundings!

This is the most important tip I can give you. You won’t be able to respond to an active shooter situation if you don’t know it’s happening.

That’s why Sherlock Holmes is always a step ahead of everyone else…he’s always analyzing his surroundings.

Image from Sherlock Holmes film (2009)

You can do the same. Here’s how:

 Open your eyes. Do you see something (or someone) suspicious? Keep your eyes on them. Then…

  1. Mentally Map the exits. What’s the closest exits to you? Mentally note it. Next…
  2. Listen to your surroundings. Do you hear something that sounds like a gunshot or a firecracker?


Get ready because that’s probably code red for your…

Active Shooter ‘Survival’ Plan

Here’s the problem:

If you’re ever put into an active shooter situation, your brain will most likely ‘shut off’ due to the stress. As a result, you’ll freeze. To overcome that, you need to simulate the stressful situation, so your body can ‘desensitize’ to it and react properly in an emergency.

You’re probably thinking…

How Do You Simulate An Active Shooter Situation?

There are two options.

The first option is to take an active shooter response class.

armed murderer, image from

This class will teach you everything you need to know (along with drills) on active shooter situations.


The second option is to get firearm training.

firearms training, image from

This training will teach you how to defend yourself against an active shooter.


But which option should you choose? In my opinion, choose both. Here’s why: The more prepared you are for the situation, the faster you’ll be able to respond.

That makes you ready to…

React To Any Active Shooter Situation

In order to react, you need to choose one of three proven options:

  • Running
  • Hiding
  • Fighting

The option you choose depends on your unique circumstances. Let’s break these options down, starting with…


When Should You Run?

As your first resort.

Where Should You Run?

Away from the shooter.

moving target, image from

And while you’re running, keep your hands visible at all times. This helps both law enforcement and the average Joe identify the active shooter. And speaking of the average Joe, if you see a Joe along the way, tell them to come with you. If they don’t want to come, just keep on moving. The same applies for wounded people. Don’t try to stop to help wounded people. It’ll just increase your chances of getting hit (making 2 wounded people). Instead, focus on getting out ASAP.

After you’re safe…

Call 911

Don’t ever assume someone has already called 911. There’s actually a high chance nobody has.


But what if you get seen by the shooter along the way? Then you should try…


When Should You Hide?

When you can’t exit the building.

How Should You Hide?

Just like in hide-and-seek, go for ‘hard-to-find’ places. Some good examples are lockable rooms, bathrooms, or closets.

As a general rule, you should always:

  • Turn off the lights
  • Silence your phone entirely (no vibrate)
  • Barricade the doors (if there any)

barricade, image from

After you’ve done that, crouch behind solid cover (like a desk or cabinet).

What Should You Do While Hiding?

Call 911. Even if the shooter’s nearby, just dial 911 and leave the line open so the dispatcher can hear what’s happening. And while you’re waiting for help, make sure to NEVER open the door for anyone you don’t know (other than police). The reason? A common tactic murderers use to get easy victims is to knock on doors and ask for help. Don’t make that mistake. Keep the doors closed.

So by now, you’re hiding…waiting for help to arrive when the shooter opens up your barricaded door. What should you do?

In this case, get ready to start…


When Should You Fight?

Fight when you can neither run nor hide.

How Should You Prepare To Fight?

With whatever weapon you can get your hands on.

If you’re armed, use your firearm training (from earlier) to take down the gunman.

If you’re unarmed, find yourself a weapon like a book, mug, pen, or any sturdy object.

improvised weapons, Image from

After you’ve selected your weapon, it’s time to find someone to help you take down this monster. The reason’s simple. Shooters can hit only one target at a time, so attacking as a group increases your chance of survival.

Speaking of fighting…

How Should You Fight?

Use the ‘disorient and charge’ strategy. Here’s how it works:

Before you charge the shooter, throw something at him. This immediately creates hesitation, buying you a few seconds. Then, charge the shooter all at once. At this point, the shooter will do one of two things:

  1. Run
  2. Fight

In either circumstance, keep charging the shooter until you get close enough to reach his gun. As soon as you do, grab the gun’s barrel as hard as you can and move it away from your body. This will give you control over the gun’s direction and even stop the gun from refiring. This really works (even on AR-15s with scopes).

Here’s a great video demonstrating the ‘barrel hold’ move:

Alright, now the gunman’s weapon has been contained. What’s next?

Disable the active shooter

Don’t stop hitting the gunman until he can’t cause anymore harm. After the gunman’s no longer a threat, remove his gun and keep watch until the police arrive.

And that’s all there is to surviving an active shooter situation. Sure, you may never see an active shooter in your lifetime. And I hope you don’t. But you should always be prepared for the worst, so you can save you (and your loved ones) if the ugly day ever rears its head.

And with that, it’s now time to…

Turn It Over To You

What’s one tip you plan on implementing from this guide? Maybe you’ll start getting firearm training. Or maybe you’ll take an active shooter course. Either way, let me know what tip you’ll apply in the comments below!

Author Bio:

Richard Douglas has trained with active shooter prevention experts for the past 5+ years. He’s also the owner of Scopes Field, a blog where he reviews the top scopes and guns on the market.

Corporate Virtue or Virtue Signaling from Walmart?

September 3, 2019

Walmart said it will no longer sell handgun ammunition. Is this true corporate virtue or cheap virtue-signalling from a corporate giant? Let’s look closer and see.

  • Diseases related to obesity are the leading cause of death in the US. I’m waiting to hear that Walmart will only stock its market with low-calorie foods, drinks, fruits and vegetables. I’ve only heard crickets so far. This isn’t a small issue since Walmart sells over 200 billion dollars of groceries a year.
  • Tobacco products cause cancer and respiratory illness. I’m waiting for Walmart to stop selling tobacco and vape products even though they kill more than six million of us a year.
  • Automobile accidents cause 32 thousand deaths per year. I call on Walmart to stop selling gasoline, tires, oil, and other car-care supplies.
  • Bicycles kill and injure more children than rifles. When will Walmart stop selling these death machines?
  • Alcohol kills through automobile accidents, through family breakdown, and it kills directly through alcoholism. I call for Walmart to stop selling alcohol in any concentration in every store in the US. Isn’t this worth it “even if it only saves one life”?
  • Kidney disease and hypertension kill 50 thousand of us a year. I missed it if Walmart banned salt from its shelves and the products it sells.
  • Poor diet kills three million of us each year. Walmart may be the king of junk food and they seem unlikely to change.

My point is that Walmart is signaling its virtue while ignoring real life and death. Walmart’s corporate leadership also completely ignored that firearms save millions of us from death or great bodily injury each year. Will we save lives when a hundred million american gun owners find it harder to train and practice with their firearms?

Chalk this corporate virtue signaling up to a great media campaign. Unfortunately, stopping the sale of handgun ammunition will probably cost more lives than it saves.. but you’ll never see that in the news.



You Can’t Give Away the Right of Self-Defense

August 29, 2019

Guns and Bandages
Image from Guns.Com

It is neither moral nor practical for you to give away your right of self-defense. It isn’t our right of self-defense; it is yours. One to a person. Most of us couldn’t give it away we tried. The idea of outsourcing our defense is so foreign that we hardly know what it looks like.

Most of us don’t arrive at work with a group of guys paid to surround us as we take public transportation. You probably drive yourself to work. That means you’re not being driven by a chauffeur and an armed security team. You protect yourself on the way to work and also as you stop for gas.  You don’t have paid bodyguards (plural) with us at all times. You provide your own security. You may do an effective job of it or an ineffective one, but your safety is your problem when you’re in public.

When you’re at home, you don’t have someone standing guard outside your bedroom door as you sleep. I don’t blame you. I can’t afford to pay a team to protect me, a team to protect my wife, and teams to protect each of my children. I can’t afford that, and neither can most of us. We do the best we can.

The best bodyguard doesn’t wear a suit and tie.

Only a few billionaires can buy that level of security. Only a few politicians have security teams like that, and those teams are paid for with other peoples’ money.

The police don’t provide that level of security. They can’t. The cops I know wish they could, but they are not there in time to stop an assault. Instead of purchased security, millions of us protect ourselves every day with no days off.

There is an upside to that.
Self-reliance follows us wherever we go.
It does no harm and can do a great deal of good.

The virtue of self-defense seems shockingly obvious to me given the people I’ve met, but some folks disagree. They say that protecting yourself might confuse the police. I’ve never met a cop who said that, but I have met a few people who wanted an excuse to say their safety is someone else’s problem. They say we should do everything possible to save one life, but then they ignore their own.

They’re saying that the police might be confused if I resist a robbery? They’re saying that the police might be confused if my wife stops an intruder from entering our home at night? They’re saying my daughter shouldn’t stop a sexual assault because it might confuse the police? I shouldn’t treat the injured in an emergency because it might confuse EMTs and doctors? Really?

I don’t believe it. Neither do you.

We learned trauma care so we can keep people alive until EMTs arrive. There is no moral ambiguity in this. Of all the problems an EMT has to sort out, an unfamiliar tourniquet is one of his smallest concerns. We have fire extinguishers so we can escape a fire before the fire department gets there. We learn self-defense so we can protect the people we love until the police arrive. The cops sort the good guys from the bad guys every hour. They are good at it.

There is a theoretical concern that someone might seek greater risks now that they know first-aid or self-defense. That is possible, but it doesn’t match with my experience. Force-on-force training shows us that self-defense is imperfect and that we remain vulnerable. A trauma-care class shows us how people have been hurt and that we can’t fix every injury. Rather than feeling invincible after a class, I walk away filled with caution. I think I have a lot of company. Lots of us seek out training.

We’re told that we should take every effort even if it might only save one life.
Armed defense saves thousands of us every day.
Trauma care saves more.

There is a psychological benefit that goes beyond any measure of health and safety. These courses in human self-reliance teach us that we are effective. We have a library of practiced responses that replace panic. We can’t stop every assault and save every life, but we sure change the odds. That knowledge, that feeling, my friends, is priceless. It is worth it for the peace of mind it brings..and it is worth it if it only saves one life.

Inspired by Dr. Timothy Hsiao.

I gave you 700 words and a small piece of my heart. Please share them with friend and leave a comment in return. RM

Venezuelan Government Tells Refugees to Avoid Democrat Controlled Cities in the USA

August 28, 2019

What do you do when your political promises fail? What can you say once your political graft and corruption lead to widespread poverty and violence? That is a tough situation, but the political solution is well know and time tested; you blame someone else. Venezuelan socialists reduced the richest country in south america from prosperity to violent poverty. Their political policies also caused a frightening surge in robbery and kidnapping. Politicians and the electorate in Venezuela and the US have more in common than first appears.

The Venezuelan government told its citizens to avoid violent cities in the USA. They named Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Oakland and Saint Louis as places to avoid. Let’s look closer.

  • Atlanta hasn’t had a Republican mayor for the last 140 years.
  • Baltimore had only Democrat mayors and only Democrat City Councils for the last 18,000 days.
  • Birmingham had Democrat mayors for the last 16,000 days.
  • Buffalo had Democrat mayors for the last 18,000 days and has a completely Democrat Common Council.
  • Cleveland had Democrat mayors for the last 10,000 days and has a completely Democrat City Council.
  • Detroit had Democrat mayors for the last 22,000 days and has a 90% Democrat City Council.
  • Memphis had Democrat mayors for the last 9,000 days.
  • Oakland had Democrat mayors for the last 15,000 days and has a super-majority Democrat city council.
  • Saint Louis had Democrat mayors for the last 15,000 days and has a super-majority of Democrat aldermen.

That is a clear pattern. The avowed Socialists in Venezuela said their starving citizens shouldn’t flee to cities controlled by Democrats in the US.

That condemnation by Venezuela has to hurt. The top Democrats on the national stage have all endorsed big government Socialism as their economic platform. The candidates have all come out for gun confiscation as their path to lower crime. Those are precisely the policies implemented in impoverished and violent Venezuela. There, laid bare, is the cause and effect, the political failure, that American Socialists would like to hide from us.

The Venezuelan government is right about one thing. Political and economic refugees fleeing Socialism want the American dream rather than more of the poverty and corruption they fled. They want jobs, and those Democrat controlled cities are the laggards in our economy. Immigrants want peace and freedom, while these Democrat mayors have delivered more regulation, more poverty, and more drug gangs. Baltimore has a rate of violent crime that is over five times the US average. The Socialists in both countries blame US gun laws for violence, but without the violence in these democrat cities, the US is one of the safest countries in the world.

Democrat controlled cities look more like Venezuela than like the rest of the US.

Crumbling Baltimore
Image from

Big government Socialists say they are sophisticated and worldly. They claim to take the best ideas and the brightest people from around the world to rule over us. Someone forgot to tell the Venezuelan government that it isn’t nice to call out the corruption and failures of fellow Socialists. The deteriorating buildings of Caracas and Havana look too much like the dilapidated buildings of Baltimore and Chicago. It is embarrassing to Democrats here in the US when collapsing Socialist regimes point out those similarities.

People who live in crumbling glass houses should not throw stones, but as we’ve seen in Venezuelan protests, stones may be all the citizens have now that honest citizens are disarmed.


The original article is here.

Democrats Use Every Excuse to Disarm the Good Guys

August 25, 2019

Gun-free zones disarm the good guys but fail to disarm violent murderers. We saw this again in the mass murders last month, but this isn’t a new phenomenon. We see example after example as we look at the history of violent attacks. Gun-control politicians don’t care about this history of failure and the media never holds gun-control politicians to account. In fact, Democrat politicians demand more gun-control after each mass murder. Here are a few of the failures they want us to ignore.

-Two students attacked the Columbine High School in 1999. The two murderers first attacked the uniformed school security guard and drove him off campus. Al Gore ran for president in 2000 and said we should have a gun-free zone around every school, church, mosque and synagogue. Vice President Gore pressed on with gun-control talking points despite the proven failure of gun-free zones to stop violent murderers. The Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 was sponsored by Democrats.

-Virginia Tech was attacked in 2007. VT vice president Larry Hincker said, “Guns don’t belong in classrooms. They never will. Virginia Tech has a very sound policy preventing same.” Suzanna Hupp disagreed. She said that licensed students and staff should be allowed to go armed on campus just as they are allowed to be armed off campus. Suzanna Hupp should know. A few years earlier, Hupp’s parents were murdered in a “gun-free” zone. Hupp barely escaped that attack with her life.

-The Fort Hood military base was attacked by a muslim terrorist in 2009. Only contract security guards were amed on that part of the base. 13 military members and their families were murdered and an addition 30 people were shot and injured before police shot the murderer. The Clinton administration turned US military bases into so called gun-free zones.

-Sandy Hook Elementary School was attacked in 2012. The murderer drove past another school but did not attack it because a school resource officer was parked in front of the office. In the Senate bill to make schools safer, Senate Republicans called for greater funding for mental health services. Senate Democrats blocked that provision. Senator Dianne Feinstein sponsored a bill to stop citizens from owning the guns that police use to protect our schools, including handguns.

-A crazy man attacked the Cinemark Aurora Theater in 2012. The murderer drove past six other theaters where moviegoers could carry guns as they watched a movie. Instead of attacking there, the murderer attacked the Cinemark theater where his victims were disarmed by a plastic sign. The murderer parked his car at the rear exit to the theater. After the movie started, the murderer walked out the back door and got his guns. A rubber doorstop was all he needed to defeat this “gun-free” zone. The murderer was seeing a psychiatrist. The doctor didn’t report him as prohibited from owning guns due to his psychotic mental illness. A Colorado state senator proposed magazine capacity restrictions, and said this attack was so deadly because the murderer had so many bullets. The murder used a manually operated shotgun designed in the 1950s.

-A psychotic young man attacked the Washington Navy Yard in 2013. The attacker worked as a defense contractor, he had a security clearance, and he heard voices that weren’t there. He used a manually operated shotgun to kill 13 disarmed victims. A turf war between the DC Police and the Capital Police delayed the response. The murderer was shot by an armed police officer using a handgun an hour after the started the attack. Supervisors and co-workers reported that the murderer was crazy. Years later, the building did not have physical security to prevent unauthorized entry. President Obama signed legislation for a memorial at the murder site.

-Two muslim terrorists attacked the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center in 2015. One of the terrorists worked for the county. He and his wife murdered his co-workers at a holiday christmas party. They murdered 16 people and would have murdered more but the bombs they planted did not explode. The government building was a gun-free zone so the innocent victims were disarmed. President Obama called for more gun laws and tighter background checks.. while keeping the border with Mexico open.

-A muslim terrorists attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando in 2016. The murderer had previously passed state and federal background checks in order to work as a security guard. The murderer also passed his FBI background checks each time he bought a firearm. In one case, a local gun store employee refused to sell the murderer a firearm. The store employee also called the FBI because the murderer acted so strangely. The Pulse Nightclub was guarded by two off-duty police officers. The attacker shot his way past these armed security guards. Once inside, he murdered 50 people and wounded 53 more. It took law enforcement over three hours to enter the building and stop the murderer. After the attack, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut called for tighter background checks and stricter gun-control. We have 23 thousand firearms regulations on the books today.

-A former student walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and killed 17 students and staff. The murderer also wounded 17 others. The murderer was never engaged by law enforcement during the attack even though an armed school resource officer stood outside. Teachers and staff were disarmed as a matter of policy. The murderer had a troubled past and had been reported to law enforcement officers and the FBI about 50 times. One incident included the murderer pointing a shotgun at his mother and his brother. Social service agencies did not intervene and did not force a mental evaluation of the murderer. 19 states allow school boards to arm selected volunteer school staff. A Florida State Commission looked at the attack and suggested that trained and vetted volunteer school staff should be armed. The Broward County School Board which governs MSD High School said school staff should never be armed on campus.

-A murderer shot a security guard and entered the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California in 2018. California is rated as the strictest state in the union for its gun control laws. There were six law enforcement officers in the bar when the attack started. Because of California law and department policy, these law enforcement officers were all unarmed. During the attack, the murderer used a handgun that he had purchased legally. California issues few concealed carry permits and there were no armed patrons in the bar to stop the attack. The murder killed 11 people and wounded 10 others before he shot himself. After the attack, California politicians called for more gun-control.

-A man entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg and killed 11 people in 2018. He also wounded 6 more innocent victims. This attack occurred a year after the attack on the Southerland Springs Baptist church in Texas. At the request of the governing board, the Synagogue was declared a gun-free zone and members were asked to leave their legally owned firearms at home. The attacker at the Pittsburg synagogue hated immigrants and jews. The FBI contacted regional church conferences and told them that churches might be the target of hate groups. In response, the mayor of Pittsburg outlawed semi-automatic firearms within the city.

-A 17 year old student walked into the Santa Fe High School in Texas in 2018. The murderer killed ten and wounded an additional 13 people. The school staff were disarmed except for the armed school resource officer. The attack lasted four minutes until the school resource officer shot the attacker. 19 states allow vetted and trained volunteer school staff to go armed on campus. After the attack, Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke called for an assault weapons ban even though the murderer used a manually operated shotgun and a revolver styled after the guns of the 1930s.



-In May of 2019, a disgruntled employee returned to work at the Virginia Beach Municipal Building and shot his co-workers. Several of his co-workers complained about the murderer and were afraid of him. The building was a gun-free zone so honest employees were disarmed. The police station was less than a hundred yards away. The murderer killed 12 people and wounded another four before police were able to break down the doors and enter the building. Member of the Virginia Beach City Council proposed an ordinance to make all city offices into gun-free zones.

I can present more examples, but the painful pattern of failure is already too clear. Gun-control politicians want us disarmed in public. They also evade responsibility for our safety once we’re disarmed.

Mass murder is not a long-term career plan, so background checks don’t detect and disarm the murderers. The police only respond after an attack is reported. That gives the murderers several minutes to kill unopposed.

Gun-control will fail every time until we change what we’re doing. The uncomfortable fact is that we’re vulnerable. Ignoring our vulnerability gets us killed.

More of us will die until we stop pretending
that disarming the good guys
will somehow stop the bad guys.

We will be at the scene of the crime before police are called. No one else will be there to safe us. Our safety, our family’s safety, and our neighbors’ safety depend on us. We are the first-responders. It is our responsibility to stop evil for the few minutes until help arrives.

Gun-control won’t save the people we love. Will you be a defender or a victim?

I gave you 1500 words. Please leave a comment and share this article with a friend. RM

The 10 Self-Defense Commands

August 24, 2019

This is a guest post from Roger Temple and used with permission. Self-defense is both simple and demanding. Roger made armed defense easier for his students for many years. His wisdom is worth studying. RM

What are the commandments of self-defense?

  • Scan the hands. Shoot upper chest.
  • Move to cover. Find the rest!
  • Carry a gun, phone, ammo and light.
  • Know the law, so you do it right.
  • When the threat’s over the shooting stops.
  • Call 9-1-1. Don’t talk to cops!

That sounds simple, but its deep. Let’s break down each of these commands:

“Scan the hands.”  This command refers to both threat assessment and pre-incident indicators. Notice the hands because it’s the hands that hurt and kill. Are both hands visible? Are the hands empty or do they hold a weapon? What other pre-incident indicators are present?

“Shoot upper chest.”  This command refers to shot placement. Many defenders neglect to adjust their point of aim after they scan the hands. Their eyes focus on the hands because that’s where they see the threat and they just start pulling the trigger. This command reminds them that the only effective areas for shot placement are the 9” critical circle of the upper, center chest and the 3” x 5” area around the Bad Guy’s eyes.

“Move to cover.”  The first thought that should enter your mind if you get into a life-and-death situation is to MOVE TO COVER before, during and after the shooting starts. The number one goal of self-defense is to survive the physical fight and the best way to do this is not to get shot. You must know the difference between cover and concealment. “Distance and cover are your best friends. Concealment is only an acquaintance.”

“Find the rest!” Once you’ve engaged the Bad Guy(s) in front of you, you need to scan the 360 degree area around you without moving your gun so you can look for the Bad Guy’s friends and/or the cops. Remember, the Bad Guys are like wolves in that they travel and attack in packs. This scanning also helps to break the tunnel vision you will get from the adrenaline rush you’re feeling. Take your finger off the trigger, keep your gun pointed in a safe direction and don’t holster it until you are sure you are safe or until the cops arrive.

“Carry a gun, phone, ammo and light.” These are the basic self-defense items you should have within your reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember “P.O.G.O.” (Pants On- Gun On.) If you can’t reach your tools when you suspect a threat then they are useless! “Ammo” means an extra magazine if you use a semi-automatic and “light” means a tactical flashlight. The FBI states that you are 5 times more likely to need non-lethal weapons than a gun so you should also consider carrying OC spray or a baton, etc.

“Know the law, so you do it right” The second goal of self-defense is to survive the legal fight after a lethal-force incident. You not only have to automatically know and apply the use of deadly force laws, you also need to know the laws for when, where and how to properly carry your gun.  The legal system doesn’t like people who use guns to defend themselves so you must be properly prepared to stay well within the legal boundaries. The best way to do this is to study Andrew Branca’s book, The Law of Self Defense and to study your state’s firearm/defense laws. A good starting point for that is

“When the threat’s over the shooting stops.” One of the biggest mistakes many self-defenders make is that they keep shooting after the threat ceases or they chase the Bad Guys. Once the Bad Guy is neutralized, whether it takes zero shots or a full magazine, you must stop shooting. And if the Bad Guys run away, which is common, you can’t pursue them because then you become the aggressor in the eyes of the law.

“Call 9-1-1.” It’s very important that you stay at the scene and call 9-1-1 if you can do so safely. This establishes you as the victim. Remember that everything you say to the 9-1-1 operator is recorded and can be used against you in court. Don’t make any “excited utterances” such as “He got what he deserved” or “I’m glad I blew his &%&%#@ head off”, etc. Also remember that the 9-1-1 operator is not a cop and you don’t have to do what they tell you to do. You are your own First Responder and you must handle the situation until others arrive to take over. Tell the operator your location and the bare-bone facts to get help on the way. DO NOT TELL THE OPERATOR WHAT HAPPENED IN DETAIL! Stop talking then leave the phone line open so they can record what’s happening.

“Don’t talk to cops!” THE COPS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! In this situation, their job is to put you in jail- not exonerate you. Anything you say to the cops will be used against you, so limit what you say and don’t give details. That’s your lawyer’s job! At the scene the only things you should say to the cops are as follows:

  • I was attacked and I was in fear for my life.
  • I will sign a complaint against those people.
  • There is the evidence. (Point out the Bad Guy’s gun, shell casings, knife, etc.)
  • Those people witnessed what happened. (Also look for video cameras in the area.)
  • I do not consent to any searches of myself, my car, my home or seizures of my property. (They may do it anyway but your objections should be noted and any evidence they collect will possibly be deemed inadmissible in court.)
  • I will cooperate with your investigation after I have consulted with my lawyer.
  • I INVOKE MY RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT! and then shut up!!

“MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL- HAVE A PLAN!” If you don’t have a plan your brain will freeze under an adrenaline rush. You need to build your “library of responses” using “what if” mental visualizations. The more you mentally rehearse hypothetical life-and-death situations and come up with multiple solutions, the better equipped you will be when you encounter a real one. The more detailed your plan the better but even a generic plan is helpful. A plan can be as simple as this:

Who am I going to help? Myself, my family, friends, strangers?
Where will I go? To my bedroom, out the exit door, get in my car?
What will I do? Do I run? Do I hide? Do I stand and fight?
What equipment do I need? Pepper spray, a gun, a knife, a phone, a flashlight?

Roger E. Temple

Roger gave us a thousand words. Please share them with a friend and leave a comment. RM

The Obvious Message the Media Missed About Mass Murder

August 21, 2019


Some crazy young men committed mass murder. They might have been driven by a political cause, but maybe not. If they were like the other murderers we’ve studied, then they mostly killed to get media attention. The mainstream media looked at these atrocities and claimed the United States is filled with xenophobic, racist, gun-nuts, and all of us should be disarmed. The media was so busy promoting their talking points that they missed some significant events that happened after the attack. We are not who the media says we are, but the media can’t see us.

Here is what I saw. The concealed carry classes in El Paso, Texas were filling up. The reason for that is easy to understand. In contrast to what the media says about us, we are a peaceful people. We want to live and let live. That attitude changes when you shoot our neighbors. The murderer in El Paso walked into a shopping mall and started shooting people with brown skin. We all go to the mall at some time. We have friends of every color. That murderer attacked us.

Rather than avoiding the mall, we decided to protect ourselves. Rather than giving up our friends and hiding from the next murderer, many of us decided to go armed.

Gun ownership is fairly common in southwest Texas. What isn’t commonly knows is that Texas gun laws are fairly restrictive. Texans need a state permit to carry a firearm in public. You have to take a concealed carry class before you can apply for your permit to carry a firearm concealed in public. That is why the concealed carry classes filled up after the recent attack. Ordinary people wanted to be armed.

Think about what that means. We know the police can’t be there to protect us. We don’t want to be shot. We don’t want our family to be shot. We don’t want our neighbors to be shot either. We felt the obligation to protect ourselves, our family, and our neighbors..and we acted on those feelings. We changed our lives in many small ways.

Many of us went out and found a gun we liked and bought it. We also bought training on how to use it. If we already had a gun, then many of us realized it had been too long since we went to the range to practice with it. If we were already familiar with our firearms, then many of us wanted to carry our personal firearm in public. Perhaps our spouse has her permit, but that is no reason we shouldn’t get our permit as well. The person who already had a carry permit decided it was time to carry more often. People with a concealed carry permit and who carry every day wished they had been at the mall to protect their neighbors.

That is why the gun stores in El Paso were suddenly busy. That is why the shooting ranges in the El Paso area filled up. That is why the concealed carry classes in southwest Texas suddenly had more students. I talked to my friends who work in the industry and the central Texas gun ranges were busy too. Crazy busy.

Who are all these people who suddenly want to protect their neighbors? These honest gun owners are the people that the mainstream media, and some democrat candidates, said were founded in racism. That isn’t who we are. We’re outraged that someone would attack our neighbors.

The cops can’t stop it, but we can. Protecting our communities is the social change that the mainstream media can’t see. That social change is easiest to see right now in southwest Texas. I bet we are making similar decisions all across the country, but to a lesser degree. It is hard to be sure since concealed is concealed.

You see more than I do. Have you changed your habits or noticed a change in your area after these public attacks? Please leave a comment and tell us what you see.

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