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We Told Them to Protect Our Children, but They Didn’t Listen

May 25, 2022

A crazy man with a gun attacked a school in Texas. We’ve been here before. The people who deeply understand mass-murder told us what we need to do to protect our children. Murders like this are what happens when we ignore best practice and hope that evil won’t come to our door. Special interests will throw blame around but we can’t hide from the facts. We will learn more in the next few days, but this is what we know.

We know that there are crazy and violent people in the world. Gun control advocates said that guns were the problem and proposed that we outlaw guns the way Mexico does. That failed horribly in Mexico so I see no reason for gun prohibition to stop criminals here in the USA. We don’t need another failed proposal that doesn’t work in the real world.

We know that time is critical to defend our children. We needed several armed defenders on campus so they are near to the attacker. It took the police an hour and a half to confront this murderer. It takes even longer to declare the scene secure so that Emergency Medical Services can treat the injured. Seconds count and an hour-and-a-half is far too long.

We know that murderers will kill until they are confronted. We know that when armed defenders are present they defeat mass murderers 96 percent of the time. That isn’t my data, but data from the FBI. In contrast, gun-prohibitionists say that school faculty and staff should be disarmed and that we’d be safer if we waited for the police. Mass murderers look for disarmed victims.

We won’t have a perfect defense. We know that about three people will die if armed staff are present to respond to the attack. We know that a dozen more students and staff will die if we wait for the police to confront the attacker. Those several minutes matter. It is little consolation that this latest attack at a Texas elementary school fit the model almost perfectly.

We know that quantity has a unique quality of its own when it comes to armed defenders. It is better to have an imperfect defense at the scene than to have a perfect defender who arrives too late. No defender can undo the damage that has already been done.

We know that theory is different than practice. In theory, trained volunteer defenders could have an accident at school and put students at risk. In fact, we have thousands of man-years of experience with qualified school volunteers going armed on campus. We have not seen members of a trained school defense team have a firearm accident on campus. Reality is different than a fantasy about what might happen. Children die when fantasies quide public policy.

We’ve worked with school staff before. We know that many of them want to save their children. All we have to do is give them a few days of training so they can stop the murderer and stop the bleeding until EMTs arrive. Special interests, often gun prohibitionists and teachers unions, replied that government employees need weeks or months of training. That isn’t what we’ve seen. We’ve seen traines school staff use a fiearm at a higher level than the qualification tests for law enforcement officers.

We know how to defend our children and to stop mass murderers. It is up to us to demand that politicians and school administration follow best practice today. Learn more about first responders in church and school from FASTER and FASTER Colorado.


I speak for neither FASTER nor FASTER Colorado. Both organizations are active on social media. I have observed their training and studied the results. I list more resources and references in my FASTER and Public Violence tag. RM

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  1. May 25, 2022 8:08 am

    Reblogged this on Howie's Blog.

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  2. May 25, 2022 9:26 am

    Why is it that I feel that guns-in-the-classroom is protecting the Second more than the children?


    • May 25, 2022 9:48 am

      I’m not sure what you mean. Please say more.


      • May 25, 2022 10:08 am

        You’re a smart guy.. I’m sure you know what I mean. I’m not anti-Second.. I own guns. But we can do a lot more than simply putting armed teachers in the classroom. But 2A gun supporters will have nothing of gun control of ANY kind for the give-an-inch fear…. the idea that one gun control law will inevitably lead to gun confiscation next week. Arming teachers justifies the primary 2A concept of guns are needed for self-protection, thus proliferating the problem all the more. Teachers are human beings (last I recall) and as such are as equally subject to pressures of life, problems, mental health issues, etc. Who protects the kids from the teachers? We already know human beings kill other human beings because it’s in our nature to do so. We don’t have to make it so easy.


      • May 25, 2022 3:12 pm

        I hear your fantasy. I don’t see the facts.

        We already have apps that communicate directly from teachers to the local first responders. We have best practice about when and where to lock doors.


      • May 25, 2022 3:43 pm

        What facts? Apps and “best practices didn’t seem to work in Uvaldi, TX. Apps?? A gunman is loose in a school and you expect a teacher to pull out a smart phone and start that idiotic swishing to activate or answer some emergency contact? All someone needs to do.. push a damn button for an audible alarm and students and staff respond immediately to protect themselves. Heck, that works for fire alarms! No guns required!.


    • Jim permalink
      May 25, 2022 7:32 pm

      In the 70’s terrorists started to attack Israeli kindergartens. The Israeli government contemplated gun control. After considering how that worked for them in nazi Germany, they seemed the teachers parents and responsible students. Two more attacks in which all the terrorist were put to sleep with the use of firearms and the attacks stopped for good. Reread the article use some critical thinking and maybe you will be able to answer your own question.


      • May 26, 2022 6:06 am

        Critical thinking is like common sense.. everyone claims to have it yet it’s all different in its results. Israel, especially in the 70’s, was fighting for their existence against belligerent neighbors in a de facto state of war. Rob speaks in his post of “crazies”. The terrorists hitting Israel were hardly “crazies”, at least in the context Rob is presenting. America is not in any state of war, de facto or otherwise, on the domestic side. America is not engaged in some fight for existence. Apples and oranges comparison because the domestic threat is far different. That’s what my critical thinking tells me of your reply.
        I’ve been raised in an America that tries to solve its problems under the doctrine of the Constitution in the exercising of our freedoms. These “crazies” Rob references are people with largely mental health problems. Sure.. we can solve “gun problems” with more guns. I prefer to shift the focus to how we keep people from wanting to pull the trigger to kill other people. It’s not spectacular, it doesn’t create heroes in the moment, and it would take quite a while to implement not to mention results being directly difficult to measure, other than a hopeful reduction in school shootings.
        My version of critical thinking can carry this further but it matters not in this venue.
        Hence my suggestion… we need a national mental health program, likely of the scale of NASA… that addresses across-the-board mental health problems, from medical science thru Constitutionality of treatments. In the meantime…. everyone in a school responds to a fire alarm. A “shooter alarm” easily activated by a key fob with each staff person and law enforcement. Classrooms get locked down by the occupants. Something this simple seems likely would have saved some lives in Texas.


    • KUETSA permalink
      May 25, 2022 11:49 pm

      The second, more than the children?
      If you’ve ever been under a table during a public shooting, you’ll know that waiting 5 mins for a cop feels like 5 hours, and is not an option. This world was not a safe place before guns were invented. The difference now is that a woman does not have to be a master sword fighter, with a 9mm she is empowered to defeat a much larger, stronger, armed attacker in saving her own life, and yes the lives of her students. There are no guarantees in life, but she has an equal fighting chance. Empowered to fight back, she can not be terrorized. And you do NOT “arm teachers”, you just GET OUT OF THE WAY if they CHOOSE to arm themselves. (The right to keep and bear) GUNS PROTECT! If violence and murder could be legislated away, this world would’ve been safe a long time ago. So, what do you propose?

      “But 2A gun supporters will have nothing of gun control of ANY kind for the give-an-inch fear…. the idea that one gun control law will inevitably lead to gun confiscation next week”
      Kinda like the abortion crowd needing partial birth abortions, 15 weeks (1st trimester plus 3 wks) is not enough.
      And, oh . . . ONE gun law? There are thousands! IT IS ENDLESS! RELENTLESS!
      “GUN FREE ZONE SIGNS” only disarm those who would PROTECT, killers walk right by.
      They DO insure high body counts though, great to justify “CITIZEN DISARMAMENT”.
      Let’s not lose sight of the fact that totalitarian regimes always disarm their citizens for power and control. Our Bill of Rights protect us against being disarmed through the deception of “public safety”.
      Maybe you would enjoy Australia. That was some real “common sense” down there.
      So what do you want to ban?
      No more semi-auto rifles that accept detachable magazines, no mags over 10 rounds?
      What about the handguns that are used in most mass shootings and most violent crime?
      And who’s guns are you gonna take?
      EVERYONE’S . . . or just LEGAL gun owners.
      Are you gonna disarm inner city gangs and criminals? THEY are responsible for the vast majority of “GUN VIOLENCE” non-suicide statistics with their ILLEGAL GUNS!
      (Japan leads the world in suicide, so suiciders are gonna suicide with or without guns)
      Do you realize that fentanyl is ILLEGAL, yet it is EVERYWHERE?
      You do realize that if guns are outlawed, everyone with a drug connection will have a gun connection.
      So is it just “common sense”, or is anything changed if you ban AR type semi-autos & standard mags?
      A well managed deer population, being necessary to the survival of the heard, the sustainability of the forest and the need of the people to procure food, the right of the people to possess a licensed and registered non-semi-automatic low capacity rifle to hunt deer, after successful background and psychological clearance, having completed all mandated safety course requirements and receiving a passing score in an approved competency test, and having secured a State Approved liability insurance policy, shall not be infringed.

      . . . no, that’s not it, though they want you to think so with that idiot talking about “DEER IN KEVLAR VESTS” every time he tries to convince Americans to surrender their right to POWER!
      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      See, the qualifier to the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE is not to “DEER”, it is to MILITIA capability, THE PEOPLE, the POWER of the people to keep secure their free state. NOT the “power of the government to have an army and National guard” . . . THE PEOPLE! Can’t do that with shotguns or handguns, or “low capacity sporting arms”. They are handing out full auto AK47’s in Ukraine, not lever action 30-30’s.
      The 2nd is a balance of POWER, thus, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, or RESTRICTED through BANS to inferior firearms that TIP THE BALANCE OF POWER! if China invades the west coast, or mob violence breaks out killing people for the color of their skin, or their religion, or the next Nazi regime starts loading citizens into box cars for their political views, Americans have a say in the outcome.
      Ban AR type rifles and standard mags, the balance of power is firmly tipped against American citizens.
      For all the world over, where citizens are disarmed, and being slaughtered, I hope you do understand it is not a uniquely American thing, see what’s happening to Christians in Africa lately, Americans have the 2A right to POWER where we can not be helpless victims of atrocity. ISIS can not line AMERICANS up to behead us. We are not defenseless. It is our greatest right, not to be surrendered. Disarmed people are VULNERABLE, not safe. If restricted to limited arms that tip the balance of power, American people are no longer a DETERRENT to aspiring totalitarians.
      And, you can’t go through life carrying a rifle everywhere, so concealed handguns are necessary for when you are in a store, a restaurant, in a park, or yes, at work at school, AND SOME PSYCHO COMES IN AND STARTS KILLING EVERYONE! Whatever weapon they are using, gun, knife, sword, hammer, WHATEVER!
      A person who owns a gun does not see armed teachers as the “threat to worry about” in this discussion, so I do not believe that you own a gun.
      Your last comment is just ridiculous.
      A smartphone is too much trouble?
      You mean the “device” that politicians, who restrict carrying of firearms, use to justify those laws because citizens are safe with mobile devices to call 911 while being violently attacked.
      So you propose a “one button audible alarm” or “a DAMN button” . . . and students and staff respond immediately to protect themselves.
      Well, what do you propose they do?
      RESPOND! . . . what?
      Pull out their firearms and shoot the sonofabitch???
      You don’t want them to have guns.
      What do they do? Hide, cower in fear waiting 5 mins,that feels like 5 hours, as someone is killing everyone, for someone else to bring a gun, that could’ve already been then and there, on the spot to stop the sonofabitch.
      There WAS a loud audible alarm as soon as the shooting started – GUN SHOTS!
      You don’t trust them being armed! WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE THEM DO?
      I hope you understand, that when everyone is under the tables, shots are being fired, people are dying, HORROR, a citizen under a table pulls a gun to shoot the sonofabitch, NOT ONE PERSON UNDER THOSE TABLES WILL YELL, “NO, DON’T SHOOT, IT’S TOO DANGEROUS, LET HIM KEEP KILLING US UNTIL THE POLICE ARRIVE!”


      • May 26, 2022 12:27 am

        Golly.. that’s a lot of justification. Thanks for taking the time. But here’s my “thing”. I try to solve problems by starting with their origins. To me the gun debate rises and falls entirely on what makes a person grab a gun and go kill a bunch of other persons in the first place. Yep.. you can arm the entire country and tell them all to conceal & carry to their heart’s content. and blow away anyone YOU feel is a threat to you and your family. Now… what does that actually solve in the long term? Well, we have 350 million people in this country, all with different ideas of threat levels and lines in the sand on what would make them pull a trigger to defend themselves. Knowing humans as I do, and the wonderous diversity the Lord has made us humans, I simply prefer NOT to trust my existence to some other human with different limits of judgment than myself. I sorta prefer a law by which we govern our actions and the acceptance of responsibility for said actions.
        Of all your justifications listed above… the least meaningful is this idea that Americans owning guns somehow keep government in line. That may have been the intent of the Founders with establishing the idea of a militia of citizen soldiers because the threat to them was very real. But these days that meaning has gone by way of the gooney bird on many levels.


      • May 26, 2022 4:26 am

        Sounds like you trust government to keep you safe. I’ll trust my neighbors and cut out the overhead.


      • May 26, 2022 10:13 am

        I trust in the Constitution.. not my guns or my neighbor’s guns.


  3. John Randolph permalink
    May 25, 2022 9:35 am

    It still seems so incredibly ridiculous that we can have armed guards in probably every bank in America yet, can’t find a way to secure our schools in a similar fashion.


    • May 25, 2022 9:46 am

      Good point, JR. Evidently the bank manager is less political than the school board.


    • May 25, 2022 9:53 am

      Armed guards in a bank is purely window dressing for the customers. Think about it… what guard is going to give his life to protect money, much less someone else’s money? He/she is already a target in wearing the damn uniform.


      • May 25, 2022 11:03 am

        Armed guards aren’t necessarily protecting the money…they’re protecting the lives of the bank employees and patrons should ANY kind of threat present itself. If you apply Occam’s Razor theory to solve the underlying issue of the lack of security in schools across America, the answer is quite simple; schools have become viewed as “soft targets” and need to transform into “hard targets.” So, it’s up to the policy makers to create a better system for securing schools from possible threats in order to mitigate events like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and now Robb Elementary School.


      • May 25, 2022 11:49 am

        Banks in general do NOT present a threat to people in that people are meant to be the targets. They are collateral to the usual and common goal in bank robberies, taking the money, and organized robberies generally take out the armed uniform near the door, typically by restraints and taking his/her weapon. Which, by the way, bank guards are not always armed anymore precisely for that idea of robbers grabbing their gun.

        Much of school preparedness can take the shape of retrofitting classrooms. In this instance, although yet more has to be revealed… one wonder why no one observing this shooter kid didn’t have some sort of VERY SIMPLE remote control device to press and set off an internal audible alarm and the kids immediately lock their classrooms and assume appropriate positions. Give one of those remote alarms to every school employee. Simple.


  4. KUETSA permalink
    May 27, 2022 1:14 am

    So here we go – it now turns out that the mass murderer shot outside the school for 12 minutes before entering the school – he was in the school killing for an hour before police made a move.
    The days of being unarmed by law to rely on law enforcement for armed defense are gone.
    AN HOUR!
    AN HOUR!


    • May 27, 2022 1:24 am

      Someone locking the damn school side door might’ve helped a bit as well. No gun required.



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