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Videos on Safe Firearm Storage for New Gun Owners

April 10, 2020

You would have called me a madman if I’d predicted these events last Christmas. In early 2020, we saw sentencing reform. That meant people could steal up to $950 worth of merchandise per day and the thief would only be issued a ticket. We saw bail eliminated for so called “non-violent offenses”, so bank robbers who were arrested this morning would be released this afternoon. Across the country, we saw empty store shelves for the first time in our lives due to fear of a pandemic. Convicted prisoners were released from prison due to fear of infection by the Wuhan flu. Many of these criminals were soon back in jail after committing new crimes. Because of the pandemic, police in some cities wouldn’t come to investigate if you called them to report a crime.


That sounds crazy, but it is the world in which we live today.

After that news, several million of us wanted a gun for self defense. New gun owners would normally get safety-briefings about gun safety and safe gun storage from the store where they bought their guns. Normally, we’d take our friends who just bought a gun to the range so they’d have experience loading, shooting, and unloading their gun for the first time with supervision. We can’t do that now. Not with ranges shut down and stay-at-home orders in place. We started the Guns-101 video podcast for these new gun owners.

To start, you brought your gun home. Now you need to store your firearm safely so your family is safe when you are not using your gun.

Each episode is about 9 minutes long. Ask your friends who have a gun for the first time to watch these videos. The more they learn, the safer they’ll be.

Playlist topics so far-
(39 and counting)

    • Guns 101
    • Welcome to new gun owners
    • The four gun safety rules and how they apply
    • What are the options for safe storage?
    • Safety rule 1- treat every firearm as if it’s loaded
    • Safety rule 2- point your gun in the safest direction
    • Safety rule 3- keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot
    • Safety rule 4- identify your target and what lies beyond it
    • What kind of ammunition works in your gun?
    • How do you load a magazine, and what is it for?
    • Ben Branam on safe storage of your gun.
    • What are good holsters and bad holsters?
    • Is the AR-15 good at home defense?
    • How do you carry your gun?
    • Neil Weidner on safe storage
    • Protect your eyes and ears when you go shooting
    • Tools for a less-than-lethal response
    • Shotguns for home defense
    • Charlie Cook on safe gun storage
    • Which is your dominant eye?
    • Who needs to be shot?


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