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Armed Citizens Stop Murderer After Gun Control Fails at Texas Church

January 6, 2020

An armed murderer entered a Texas church last week. Armed parishioners stopped him in seconds and saved hundreds of lives. Some anti-rights politicians didn’t like that public demonstration of self-defense. These politicians, and some Hollywood celebrities, called for more gun control. We know that self-defense worked, but I was shocked at how badly gun-control failed to keep us safe. Let’s look at the record.

The murderer had a long and troubled past. He had issues with drug abuse, homelessness, mental health, multiple divorces, domestic violence and restraining orders, and a long criminal history. Contrary to the media myth, the murderer did not us an AR style rifle, but used Joe Biden’s firearm of choice, a shotgun. In theory, the murderer should have been unable to get any firearm.

The Conservative Review listed some of his contacts with the law-

May 4, 1998: Arrested in Tucson for carrying a firearm without a license. He was found guilty, but given no jail time.
June 25, 1999: Arrested for misconduct involving weapons in Tucson. Charges dismissed.
August 6, 1999: Arrested for theft and endangerment in Tucson. Found guilty on theft charge.
August 18, 1999: Arrested for spilling load onto highway in Pima County, AZ. Found guilty.
2000: Convicted for driving without a license in Arizona.
August 25, 2004: Arrested for disorderly conduct in Tucson. Charges dismissed.
December 3, 2008: Arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was found guilty the next year but was sentenced to just 90 days for a lesser charge.
August 12, 2009: Arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Tucson.
December 8, 2010: Charged with theft in Tucson and numerous failures to appear in court. Never served any new prison time.
August 11, 2011: Charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and failure to appear in Tucson.
November 29, 2011: Arrested in Grady County, Oklahoma, for domestic violence and felony aggravated assault. Plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and served 90 days with credit for time served.
February 9, 2012: A warrant for his arrest was issued for arson in Grady, Oklahoma. He was eventually arrested for lighting tampons on fire and burning a cotton field. He paid a $4,500 fine.
December 10, 2013: Arrested for theft in Fort Worth, Texas. Found guilty.
March 25, 2014: Charged with assault knowingly causing injury in Tucson and illegally possessing a weapon.
June 16, 2015: Arrested in River Oaks, Texas, for unpaid parking tickets.
September 12, 2016: According to, he was arrested in Linden, New Jersey, for possession of a 12-gauge shotgun while he was taking pictures of an oil refinery. At the time, New Jersey police also found a contempt of court warrant stemming from an aggravated assault case in Oklahoma.

The murderer’s ex-wife called him violent and paranoid when she sought a restraining order. The murderer had been judged mentally incompetent to stand trial. In 2013, the murderer was diagnosed with forms of psychosis and depression and was prescribed medications to treat the conditions, according to a report by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. These actions or his criminal history should have resulted in a conviction that would have made him a prohibited person who could not own, transport, or carry a firearm.

Our firearms background check system only works
when prosecutors and judges do their job.
When they failed, the armed citizens in the church did theirs.

Six or seven armed defenders in the church moved toward the attacker. The first defender to fire his gun was the third defender the attacker engaged. The entire exchange took less than 6 seconds. Contrary to the myths spread by gun-control advocates, these armed civilians did not shoot innocent bystanders. The defenders did not shoot each other, and they were not shot by the police when law enforcement arrived minutes later.

Given the way sentencing reform is being implemented, we could have many more individuals with a history of violent crimes who are never convicted of a felony, and thus never put an the list of people prohibited from buying a firearm. Self-defense is imperfect, but it is clearly more reliable than our legal system at stopping crazy murderers. Lives are at stake.

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  1. KUETSA permalink
    January 8, 2020 12:40 am

    You would think after all the “GUN FREE ZONE” piles of dead bodies and much too late after-the-fact militarized police responses that FURTHER TERRORIZE students as they are forced to march out single file with HANDS IN THE AIR, all being watched as complicit accomplices to be searched, instead of victims being saved by “our heros” – that ARMED GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WITH FIREARMS, right there on the spot, STOPPING THE ATTACK IN SIX SECONDS – is a sensible, common sense, no-brainer solution, THAT WE CAN ALL SUPPORT!
    BUT NO!
    Michael Bloomberg says:
    “We don’t want average citizens TAKING THE LAW INTO THEIR OWN HANDS!”
    “It is the job of the police to carry guns and decide WHEN to shoot, we don’t want “AVERAGE CITIZENS” carrying guns in public places.”
    It is the job of “AVERAGE CITIZENS” to die of gunshot or knife wounds all they way up to the point of police arriving and “DECIDING” when to shoot.
    This all has NOTHING to do with the “AVERAGE CITIZENS” being safe!
    A world where a militarized police force acting like the gestapo raiding homes in Watertown or standing over long lines of school children being marched in single file, all with hands high in the air to be searched, IS A MUCH SCARIER WORLD than an effectively armed citizenry watching for the very low probability of a crazed mass shooter.
    “Average Citizens” made helpless through disarmament mandates are easily TERRORIZED and DIE a horror filled death waiting for an armed police response.
    Armed citizens are ready to fight back. A much healthier state of mind to possess going through life.
    It’s much better than the treacherous Bloomberg precept that – TO STOP SOMEONE FROM KILLING YOU WILL NOW BE CONSIDERED TO BE “TAKING THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS”.
    (Bloomberg actually believes his heavily armed 17 man security team that protects him 24-7 will keep him safe if he forced this damnable end on a free American Citizenry.)
    A totalitarian ideology is actively seizing our rights.



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