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Gun Control Fails Again in Philadelphia

August 16, 2019

A drug addict in Philadelphia with a very long criminal history was being served with a warrant to appear in court. Several police officers tried to deliver the warrant. The criminal shot these officers and the other officers who responded. The mayor of Philadelphia said this wouldn’t happen if only he had more laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Sober people think that gun control failed again in Philadelphia..and the news media helped.

This addict was a repeat felon. He robbed and stole to feed his drug habit. He carried a gun to protect his drugs, and then to rob people. The addict was returned to the street time after time. The addict was prohibited from buying, owning, or carrying a firearm. When the addict was caught with a gun, the gun charges were dropped by the prosecutor, not once, but almost a dozen times. The addict wanted the security that a firearm provides so he bought more guns on the street.

Under media pressure, the mayor of Philadelphia had to explain why a repeat criminal was on the streets hurting people and trying to kill the cops. Rather than admit this failure of the city to treat the addict or incarcerate the criminal, the mayor blamed the gun. The media went along with the lie as if it were a divine revelation.

As I said, addicts are forbidden to buy guns legally. Convicted felons are prohibited from buying, owning, transporting or carrying a firearm..legally. We have 22 thousand firearms laws across this country. Those laws don’t disarm addicts and felons because they don’t obey our laws.

Philadelphia politicians said that the next gun law
is the one that will make us safe.
Only a drug addled addict,
or the mainstream media, could believe that.

Gun-control laws failed again to stop criminals from getting guns in Philadelphia. These gun laws make it harder for law abiding people to protect themselves. That costs lives.

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