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Is Mass Murder a Fault or a Feature of Gun-Control?

August 7, 2019

We had three mass murders here in the US during the last two weeks. The victims were attacked in “gun-free” zones where they could not defend themselves. With frightening consistency, gun-control advocates called for more of the same. ‘Gun-control failed, so we need more gun-control,’ they said. Are these failures of gun-control accidental, or are these mass murders useful tools for Democrat politicians and the mass media? The facts speak for themselves.

One of these attacks was in Gilroy, California. Gilroy is the pinnacle of gun-control in the United States. California is given an “A” rating for gun-control laws by the Giffords gun-control group. California is also ranked first in the nation for gun-control, so nobody does it better. California imposed magazine capacity limits that were supposed to keep us safe from mass murderers. California has one-gun-a-month laws that we were told would keep us safe from crazy murderers. California has red-flag-laws and age restrictions on honest gun owners. In fact, most of the people at the festival in Gilroy are routinely disarmed in public since concealed carry licenses aren’t routinely issued in Santa Clara County. In addition, the Gilroy Garlic Festival was a “gun free” zone, so the few concealed carry license holders in California were turned away. Visitors were even wanded, so there were no knives allowed at the festival. We were told that the police would keep us safe now that we are disarmed.

The murderer entered the festival by cutting through a chain-link fence. An $8 bolt cutter defeated the best security that California politicians can provide. With three people dead and 15 disarmed people wounded, California politicians immediately called for more of the same. The same state that has open borders and open drug markets says that gun-prohibition laws will keep criminals from having guns and hurting us. Evidence says otherwise.

With the failure of 22 thousand firearms regulations,
the best the gun-control politicians could do
was say the next line of ink on paper would somehow be different.

California politicians proposed to outlaw semi-automatic firearms. Well..sort of. There will be exceptions for police and the security details who protect the families of politicians. This ban is also a bad idea for other reasons. Note that the ban would disarm licensed concealed carry holders. These gun owners are some six times more law abiding than the police. When they do have to use their gun in self-defense, these licensed gun owners are about five times more accurate than the police. Politicians say we’ll be safer once they are disarmed and only the police have guns..just like we were in Gilroy, California.

The mass media and anti-rights politicians use mass murder
as an excuse to call for more of the policies that failed.
Those failures get us killed.

The murderer in El Paso attacked a gun-free mall. The murderer in Dayton attacked a nightclub area where many gun owners go disarmed. When the murderer’s politics are unknown, the media speculates and blames President Trump and the honest gun owners. When the murder actually puts out a Socialist manifesto, then the media says they don’t have enough facts to reach a conclusion about the murderer’s motive. The media blindness goes so far as to ignore the “mass murder” that happens every weekend in our Democrat controlled cities. The media also remains silent about the virtue of armed defense despite the millions of cases in the US every year where honest gun owners save lives. No wonder we don’t trust CNN.

With its sensationalized reporting of mass murders,
the media does more harm than good.

We had to coin a new term called “celebrity murderers”. These mass murderers kill to get their name in the paper. Unfortunately, it works, and a billion dollars of publicity brought us more murderers time after time. We’ve had over 88 attempted and actual murder cases where we know the attackers modeled their behavior on the murderers at Columbine High School. These crazy murderers want recognition, and the media is their tool to become an instant rock star. Rather than blame themselves for the next murders, the media and gun-control politicians blame honest gun owners.

Shame on the dishonest media and politicians for telling such lies. Shame on us for believing them.

I gave you 700 words. Please leave a comment and share this article with a friend. RM

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  1. KUETSA permalink
    August 8, 2019 1:26 am

    Whether mass murder is a fault or feature of gun-control – one fact is undeniable!

    Mass murder is the only avenue to ACHIEVE GUN CONTROL!
    No mass murders = No talk of gun control . . . no talk of disarming citizens . . . no talk of guns AT ALL!

    This is the reason that the progressive socialist party and their propaganda ministry media were QUICK to force the “TRUMP SUPPORTING WHITE SUPREMACIST” narrative.
    All three shooters look more to be ANTIFA socialists the deeper you look.
    The FBI is WITHHOLDING information about the garlic shooters radical ideology ties.
    If he were a “TRUMP SUPPORTING WHITE SUPREMACIST” it would SURELY be IMMEDIATE front page news!
    The “manifestos” are meaningless – they would post whatever deception needed, to achieve the goal of their ideology, and could’ve been written by anyone.
    There are other “facts” here:
    The progressive socialists TOP PRIORITY of citizen disarmament is the ONLY agenda that benefits from these shootings – with the extra added bonus of setting it up to look like “TRUMP SUPPORTING WHITE SUPREMACISTS”! (Though that narrative is falling apart)
    The progressive socialist party IS RABID TO DISARM AMERICAN CITIZENS!
    There are violent ANTIFA mobs in the streets of progressive cities assaulting American Citizens and intimidating political opposition in fine Nazi brown shirt fashion – and progressive city leaders order their police to stand down and let it happen!
    A Hollywood movie that portrays progressives hunting and shooting “deplorables” – coming soon to a theater near you.
    There have been HATE CRIMES – called “hate crime hoaxes” – intending to INFLAME RAGE in minority communities, to precipitate MOB VIOLENCE against White TRUMP supporters.
    It appears that we are in a “cold political civil war” – that is leaning more and more toward VIOLENCE.
    Soros funds BOTH the progressive socialist party AND ANTIFA.

    So the questions are:
    To what extent would the progressive socialist party go, to DISARM AMERICAN CITIZENS?
    How far will ANTIFA RADICALS go in committing violence for the progressive socialist agenda?
    In our “cold political civil war” – have we just seen the first shots fired, this past weekend?**

    **For all the mass shootings that seem to follow the same pattern, from shooting, to news coverage, to investigation, to answers, one mass shooting seemed VERY DIFFERENT!
    It came at a time when we seemed to be, historically, for the first time, on the verge of increasing gun freedoms.With a republican house and senate and a republican White House, and no democrat power to stop it, we were on the verge of concealed carry reciprocity, the hearing protection act, and the Supreme Court reviewing the Maryland “assault weapon and high capacity magazine ban”. (If struck down as unconstitutional it would have applied to the NY SAFE Act and other similar state laws, all the gains in disarming American citizens during the Obama administration would be gone)
    THEN . . . LAS VEGAS!
    Information was slow in coming, law enforcement press conferences seemed stressed, information was withheld because of an “ongoing investigation”. Local, state, and federal agencies were involved and nobody had information. Future (Farrrr offff in the future) dates for information release were announced.
    YET – For all that was withheld, buried, suppressed, and denied – The next day a photo of all twenty something rifles the “shooter” risked smuggling up to the room, that need to be banned, were on the front page of every newspaper in the country!
    As time went on with no answers – it seemed that the “powers that be” just wanted the whole thing to GO AWAY! DON’T ASK NO QUESTIONS – WE DON’T HAVE NO ANSWERS!
    So we are left to believe that this guy – even though a Navy SEAL carries ONE GOOD RIFLE into the most dangerous places on the planet – and in committing a shooting like this the most nerve wracking part of setting up is getting the rifle into position without being detected – THIS GUY waltzed in with TWENTY SOMETHING RIFLES!
    Never heard about any ballistic tests being done to match bullets to rifles.
    It was asked WHY he stopped shooting so long before cops arrived.
    We were told there were cameras in the hall.
    So no one could’ve been in and out of the room.
    It turned out there were NO cameras on that floor.
    So any number of professional hitmen could’ve been in and out of that room.
    All this could sound good to a mom who demands action – but it sounds SUSPICIOUS TO ME!
    It sounds like this guy was lured to the room by individuals posing as being interested in BUYING GUNS! It’s the only answer for this guy to be up there with twenty something rifles!
    He ended up the “dead patsy” in the room. When the shooter(s) got the alert of law enforcement being close they said goodby to the “dead patsy” and got the hell outta there!
    The entire political landscape concerning firearm rights shifted FIRMLY to the political party that had NO POWER through THIS ONE TERRORIST ACT!
    We got MORE GUN CONTROL!!!
    I know, I’ve heard it before, I’m crazy, you’re probably right.
    This guy was probably just worried about his rifle jamming, so he brought TWENTY SOMETHING EXTRAS UP WITH HIM! RIGHT!
    Hey, did they say, were there REALLY NO CAMERAS IN THE HALL, or were they mysteriously professionally disabled?
    I heard about some kinda sophisticated electronic camera system monitoring the hall in his room, the “expert” who brought TWENTY SOMETHING RIFLES up to the room did that? Why didn’t he have TWENTY SOMETHING CAMERAS looking out the door in case one jammed? Did he have an electronics degree to go with his firearm expertise that helped him remember ALL THOSE EXTRA RIFLES?
    Or was he in the A/V club in high school?
    We never did get any answers.
    What happens in Las Vegas, STAYS in Las Vegas!
    It wouldn’t make any difference anyway – every time there is a mass shooting – we chip another piece of the Second Amendment off anyway – and mass shootings can happen as often as is necessary to make it happen – whenever it is needed to happen.
    And besides – we don’t need to ban ALL GUNS!!!
    You can’t revolt against communism with handguns . . . or shotguns . . . or even the low capacity sporting arms you’ll have until someone get sniped . . . then THEY’RE gone.

    Well, I don’t know how many words are here, Rob
    It’s allota ranting anyway.
    I appreciate the opportunity to vent.
    Thanks for fighting for our rights.
    Though at this point it seems our side is arguing with valid points as the other side is slitting our throats.

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  2. KUETSA permalink
    August 8, 2019 2:50 am

    Just some additional thoughts about a line above:
    There are violent ANTIFA mobs in the streets of progressive cities assaulting American Citizens and intimidating political opposition in fine Nazi brown shirt fashion – and progressive city leaders order their police to stand down and let it happen!

    . . . and police DO STAND DOWN and let it happen! Just following orders!??!
    Makes you wonder what they will do when ordered to raid our homes and confiscate our guns! Just following orders? IT’S THE LAW!
    . . . or round up everyone espousing “WHITE SUPREMACIST RHETORIC”! (and it is ALL “WHITE SUPREMACIST RHETORIC” if it goes against progressive doctrine) Just following orders? Box cars?
    We may be nearing a time where we need a “National Discussion” on where our law enforcement agencies stand. Are they “OUR HERO’S” who are American Citizens who work to defend our freedoms and uphold the constitution, AND DESERVE THE GLORIFICATION AND PRAISE we give them? Or are they the progressive gestapo who will ENFORCE THE TAKING OF OUR FREEDOMS – confiscate our guns – and enforce the totalitarian doctrine of a socialist regime upon us? (Which would make them our greatest enemy) . . . so far it seems that there is no “line” too far, that they will not enforce, in enforcing the surrender of the Second Amendment. (And that “line” has been drawn pretty damn far already in several states!)


  3. August 8, 2019 7:18 am

    Reblogged this on The Tactical Hermit and commented:
    Rob Morse Nails It AGAIN.👍


  4. Paul R. Laska permalink
    August 9, 2019 5:12 pm

    I have to disagree with the rush to provide anonymity to these killers. That they post “manifestos” plays more to their having some political concept than individual seeking of attention. They do not get to appreciate any attention – most die, generally at their own hands, occasionally at the hands of the public or police. To give them anonymity plays into a much greater danger, one which the progressives (which most of these killers are, politically) already support. By giving the killer anonymity, it erases the trail of history. John Doe as the killer means there is soon a blank in the collective memory. Why has society not invoked anonymity for serial killers, who certainly have shown serious components of narcissistic personality? Say John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy, and all people hear “evil.” We suspect there are hundreds of serial killers roaming this nation alone at any time. Providing anonymity to mass murderers is merely a trail down which revisionists may tread, slowly losing from memory the names of mass murderers such as Adam Lanza, Stephen Paddock, Omar Mateen. And once their names are lost to history, then so shall names such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stain, Mao Tse Tung, and so many more. Remember, in a free society, bad will always occur. Neither denying the vast majority tools of defense nor denying them memory of the past will change this.


  5. Kitty permalink
    August 9, 2019 5:33 pm

    A very cogent analysis Rob. I forwarded it, with attribution of course, to two of my entire lists: Gun Owners, and Americans. And thank you for writing it.


  6. JAMES NICKERSON permalink
    August 9, 2019 7:13 pm

    I believe this is related,though not directly tied to guns,it goes to the times(present day).Hotmail has been spamming,you and WIN,and my Transparent language emails for about the last 8 weeks or so.This is new,they have never went to spam before and still keep going even though I bring them back.Hotmail is hot.


  7. JAMES NICKERSON permalink
    August 9, 2019 8:37 pm

    This is relevent.We need to redress the government that created the gun free zones where ever people have been shot, for failing to provide the promised security there.Sue the active security forces at each scene,for failing in their security tasks and bring any criminal charges possible against both and any other entitys involved.Take contributions,communicate with other red,white,andblue,gun organizations and hire lawyers to do it.State,local and fed levels.Oh,maybe try them for murder too.They wanna blame us…,but they are responsible,to a certain degree and maybe agenda totaal.


  8. STEVEN MC NEFF permalink
    August 10, 2019 9:59 pm

    Honest reporting would also investigate all of the reporting of how poorly the people who have entered this country illegally are treated especially after being arrested. After they are detained, the issue of separating them from their children, while housing and feeding the kids, is continually used as an emotional issue. Our own citizens do not have that benefit. I think that would incite the so called “white Power” groups more than anything that the President has said.

    Why does one group get to ignore our laws while another (legally armed citizens) is held accountable for the crimes of another?

    If the endgame of “gun control” was safety in our communities, then “gun violence” would be labeled as CRIMINAL VIOLENCE. The recent history in England would be researched.


  9. MaddMedic permalink
    August 11, 2019 8:25 pm

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….


  10. September 26, 2019 1:38 am


    The liberals and liberal fakenews outlet love to handcuff law abiding citizens. Their focus should NOT be on inanimate objects but on the goons who touch these inanimate objects.

    It’s illegal to murder people – period – yet goons grab ahold of inanimate objects to do just that. Knives, baseball bats and yes, cars. Yet no one ever passes laws to ban knives, bats or cars. And when a Muslim is the goon, it is never mentioned. And let’s not bring up Chicago where more kids get killed every month than Gilroy… as you poited out, gun free zones

    The Second Amendment does not exist in Liberal minds.



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