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Gun-Control Fails in California..and We Lose

December 6, 2018

Sociologists and criminologists rendered their verdict. Gun-control in California doesn’t work. In hindsight, that should have been obvious. Unfortunately, these failed laws will probably not be rescinded by lawmakers nor be overturned by judges. Since Californians won’t change things at the ballot box, they are going to have to vote with their feet to restore their rights.

What we now know about gun-control-

This recent report on gun-control was issued by a number of academics, including the researcher funded by the state of California in their Violence Prevention Research Program. This is hardly a right wing policy piece purchased by gun manufacturers. The report compared data from California with data from other states that did not enact gun-control laws. Rates of homicide with a gun and suicide did not decrease in California compared to those other states used as a control group. There was no significant difference despite the gun-control laws being in place for more than a quarter century. Mandated background checks for all firearms purchases didn’t reduce crime or suicide. Prohibiting people with misdemeanor offenses from buying guns didn’t reduce crime or suicide in California.

California also has mandatory firearms safety training, 10 day waiting periods, magazine capacity restrictions, and one-gun-a-month purchase restrictions. Most people can’t get a concealed carry license in California. There are obvious reasons these gun-control laws don’t work despite the political promises made in press releases.

What we thought would happen and why gun-control failed-

California politicians said that criminals wouldn’t use guns if we regulated law abiding citizens. In most cases, the criminals simply got their guns illegally. If guns were in short supply, then criminals shared guns rather than each criminal having a gun of his own. For the few criminals that were inconvenienced by these gun-control laws, the criminal simply used another tool of intimidation rather than using a firearm.

That analysis only looks at part of the balance between criminals and crime victims. It has to be true that some criminal somewhere was inconvenienced by California’s gun-control laws. Unfortunately, all of the law abiding California gun owners were also inconvenienced by these laws. Many honest citizens were disarmed. The effect of disarming a few criminals was overwhelmed by disarming so many of the intended victims of crime. Rather than make crime harder, California’s gun-control laws made crime easier. Guns save lives when they are in the hands of law abiding citizens as well as take lives when they are in the hands of criminals.

This study shows that criminals ignore gun laws and the burden falls on honest gun owners. That is true for every gun-control law. Unfortunately, California politicians and judges don’t care. There is a reason why.

We are the only ones who care if gun-control fails-

California’s gun-control laws clearly infringe on our natural right of self-defense. These laws also disproportionately disarm the poor and minority segments of our society. Gun-control leaves the most vulnerable segments of society at greater risk. Shouldn’t lawmakers and judges care about that?

California’s gun-control laws don’t apply to California politicians. They can buy the guns they want and carry them at times and places where you can’t. California judges get concealed carry permits in counties where ordinary citizens are denied a permit. In addition, California politicians can continue to rake in campaign contributions in support of gun-control even though the gun-control laws don’t work.

In short, gun-control works for California’s elites. Politicians and judges won’t change a system that works for them. What is shocking to me is that federal court judges agree with the California politicians and with lower court judges. That means we can’t look to politicians or judges for help.

Changing things is up to us.

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  1. Geoff permalink
    December 7, 2018 10:03 am

    I guess the politicians and judges can’t comprehend that laws do not affect criminals.
    Guns could be completely banned and guess who other than Law Enforcement would have them? That’s right, CRIMINALS.
    Remember the old saying “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.”


  2. December 7, 2018 11:50 am

    Good morning Rob, I sympathize with your plight. I lived in California for 23 years up until 2011 so I am fairly current. In my humble opinion so long as California remains a blue state there will be illegally armed criminals galore and an unarmed citizenry for them to prey upon.

    So long as the legitimate citizenry is unarmed and they remain as docile as sheep there will be an illegally armed criminal element. If and when the legitimate unarmed citizenry grow sufficient angry at the antics and corruption in their local and state government and toss the elected scofflaws out of office there will be an illegally armed criminal element.

    I mover out of California to Oklahoma in late 2011 because I wanted to own firearms and there was no safe way for me to do so for the purposed of defending myself and my family without fear of reprisal by the government and/or the person I used my weapon on for my defense. So long as a criminal can sue me for defending myself I am unsafe in my own home. Harm to me can come in more than one form. A successful lawsuit by a criminal is just as harmful to me as is a criminal bent on my, or those near and dear to me, destruction. Oklahoma now has open carry ( With a concealed carry permit ) and a “Castle Doctrine.”

    The law reads that if you are threatened with bodily harm you are under no obligation to run away. You may use lethal force to meet lethal force. That is true where ever you are. You need not be in your home nor defending your home. If, for example you are threatened with a car jacking by an armed person you may use lethal force. In other words you may defend your property with lethal force. A word of caution here; you have to be very careful to recognize “lethal force.” An old lady with a baseball bat may not be exhibiting lethal force. For example, I am 76 years old; an unarmed teenager is likely exhibiting lethal force if trying to beat me up. I am no match for any healthy young person bent on harming me.

    Finally, in Oklahoma the relatives of a perpetrator, who is trying to use lethal force on me and who I have killed are, prevented by our laws from suing me or anyone connected to me so long as I have legally met lethal force with lethal force. Those folks who live their lives by criminal activity have been served notice that not only can they be rendered dead their families will be directly harmed by their activities due to the loss of their future earnings if they were the support of their families.

    Oklahoma isn’t a kindly place for lethal force scofflaws to ply their nefarious trade.




  3. MaddMedic permalink
    December 7, 2018 8:53 pm

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….


  4. Neil M. Dunn permalink
    December 7, 2018 9:55 pm

    “There was no significant change despite the gun-control laws being in place for more than a quarter century. ” So what could be the plan for “changing things is up to us”? #1 plan = go live in another state?


  5. December 8, 2018 4:54 pm

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  6. December 8, 2018 6:38 pm

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  7. December 9, 2018 9:16 pm

    Interesting topic, well written, and articulate. Thank you for your labor.


  8. Dan permalink
    December 9, 2018 11:41 pm

    Actually “gun control” DOES work. If you remember the REAL reason it is implemented. The insanity of “gun control” has nothing to do with guns, crime or public safety. The criminals in power
    seeking it don’t give a rats ass how many citizens are raped, robbed and murdered. So they don’t give two shits and a damn how many guns criminals and crazies have. What they care about is the same thing cheese eater Macron is confronting in France right now….an angry citizenry seeking to remove them from power. And it’s a LOT EASIER to control said angry populace if they
    can only throw rocks and bottles instead of flinging high speed lead. And THAT is the point behind “gun control”…..and when they succeed in controlling guns…as in TAKING THEM AWAY then they succeed in the reason behind said “gun control”…….which is CONTROL. Remember…
    no matter WHAT lies they say about the subject is NEVER has anything to do with guns, crime or safety. Only about the one thing they care about…..control.


  9. December 11, 2018 2:15 pm

    “Since Californians won’t change things at the ballot box, they are going to have to vote with their feet to restore their rights.”

    Sorry, but hell, no. When Californians vote with their feet, they change things at OUR ballot boxes and destroy our rights. There are more of those types of Californians than those on our side.



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