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The Man Who Lost Congress.. and why

November 7, 2018


House Speaker Paul Ryan

You know his face. This is the man who lost Congress. Republicans used to control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Not for long. Some people will say that the Republicans were outspent in the mid-term elections, and that is true. It isn’t easy to stay in office when billionaires are out to buy Congress. That excuse hides the reason the Republicans were both outspent and out hustled. It is hard to fight Bloomberg bucks and Soros cash, but that fight becomes impossible when you don’t even try. The truth is that the republican house didn’t deliver to its conservative base in the last two years, so the conservative base walked away and didn’t donate.

Middle of the road voter can be swayed in a campaign, but it is the conservatives who cough up cash and then man the phones. They go door to door and man booths for conservative Republicans. Sure, you might feed them a slice of pizza or two, but they don’t want much. Even though they eat cheap, these conservatives have issues and come with baggage.

Their issues are easy to understand. They want the US government to stop funding abortion on demand. They want a border between countries. They want their doctor back, and they want the right to keep and bear arms. These conservatives bring a history of broken promises in their relationship with the Republican party. Ryan failed to deliver on each of these core conservative issues, and he did so for the most banal of reasons.

Ryan and his team kept the border open because Congressmen liked the campaign money they received from the US Chamber of Commerce. The US Chamber of Commerce likes illegal immigrants as a supply of cheap labor. After the midterm election, the Chamber gets cheap labor for free because border control bills will die in the Democrat controlled Congress. Bad move, former Speaker Ryan.

Ryan refused to kill Obamacare because he and other Congressmen liked the campaign contributions from big-pharma. Since Obamacare is the Dems illegitimate child, big-pharma now gets to overcharge US citizens without having to donate to the party in power. Not too bright, Team Ryan.. but it gets worse.

Ryan held out on defunding planned parenthood and securing gun rights because he thought he could milk conservatives for donations in election after election with his hollow promises.  He was wrong. We didn’t donate because the RINOs never delivered. We’ve seen how the Dems deliver, and we won’t pay for a kiss and a promise.

Yes, the Republicans were outspent by billionaire donors who wanted to own the House. Yes, that is a hard opponent in an election. They problem is that Ryan didn’t even try. His old political alliances aren’t working.

As Kurt Schichter said, Ryan didn’t come armed to the political fight. He and the Republican establishment brought a balloon animal to a gunfight..and we’re tired of clowns.

We’ll support the Republicans when they show they are serious. Let’s see the model legislation that you should have passed last term. Let the Dems kill it in the House. Then, and only then, will we begin to believe you’re serious about governing.

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  1. November 7, 2018 12:10 pm

    I left a comment on Nox & Friends that said something sort of similar, Paul Ryan and the House Leadership own the results of this election. I honestly believe with just a modest effort by House Leadership over the last two years and this election could have been very different for the House. I hope the new Minority Leader learns from this and things change going forward so that the House has something to run on and regain the Majority. It is going to be a long two years.


  2. MaddMedic permalink
    November 7, 2018 5:44 pm

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    So true…Republicans, Led by RINO Ryan failed us…Big time..Now watch the Democrat controlled House try their damnedest to screw Americans….


  3. November 7, 2018 9:18 pm

    Yeah if you have any common sense the thing you really should be concerned about is 2020 and the two stooges, Pelosi and Schumer, scheming to legalize illegals voting because what we saw in some of these races like in Texas for example where the margin was less that 3% between incumbent Cruz and Socialist O’Rourke is what we will see in 2020 in the next presidential race, The biggest landslide in U.S. Presidential Race history was 17 million votes…the number of illegals in the U.S, around 22 Million. Do the Math folks and start focusing on what really matters.



  1. Derek Ward | Mid-Term Reaction

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