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Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers- Part 1

May 29, 2018

I have not seen solid news reports about mass murders in our schools. Despite the avalanche of sensational news coverage, we never learned where these murderers came from. We also need to know how to protect our students at school. I’ll try to cover that information, and this is the first of those two parts.

Part 1 the source of modern mass murder
Part 2 protecting our schools and churches

1-Stopping Mass Murder at its Source
What is the psychology of mass murder?
Every parent has seen their child act out to get attention. If we deny our children wholesum attention then they will get our attention by other means. Now scale that behavior up to today’s young men. We’ve told our boys that men are bad. If they can’t get our approval for their virtues, then some young men will demand our attention with their vices. That is how we’ve built today’s mass murderers. Today’s mass media are all too eager to help.

What are the media doing to encourage this behavior?
Again dig back into your memories. We all remember that annoying friend or relative that was overly enthusiastic about their young child. A new parent can’t stop telling you about what their son or daughter did.

That is how our news media treats mass murderers today. The news media shows us the face and the name of their new favorite murderer. The media can’t stop talking about their latest infatuation. Did he kill 8 people or 12? No matter, the media drolls on about their latest celebrity crush. This infatuation has ugly results.

We deliver celebrity recognition to mass murderers.
A billion dollars of media exposure dredges up the next mass murderer. This infatuation isn’t healthy for the news media. The news media could tell us about the victims. It could tell us about the defenders and the first responders. The media could tell us that our children are many times safer at school than they would be if they were walking the streets of Chicago.

The media doesn’t tell us about that because they are too busy selling fear and outrage.

This infatuation isn’t healthy for us because it encourages our politicians to do stupid things. It also isn’t healthy for our children, particularly our young men.

Like most adolescent behaviour, the news/entertainment media can’t help themselves. We will have to intervene on their behalf.

What should we do?
This is what we need to do after the next mass murder. If you’re like I am, then that is the time you want to turn off the news. This time we’re watching while we’re on a mission. Bookmark this article and print out this form in advance. We can make the next mass murder our last.

1- When you see the murderer’s face or hear the murderer’s name, then call the news outlet. Ask to speak with their news director. Tell him you resent the station popularizing mass murderers. Ask them to stop showing the murderer’s face and name.

2- Call the advertisers. Tell them where you saw their advertisement and that you won’t buy from them since they are using dead kids to promote their product.

3- For extra credit, post the results online. For example, post it on your Facebook page and on the advertiser’s social media page.

  • Type of media- TV /Radio /newspaper /magazine /online
  • Name of host of program-______________________
  • Station call letters if any- ______________________
  • Station network affiliation-_____________________
  • Date and time- _____________________________
  • Station contact information
  • Phone-______________________________
  • Online-______________________________
  • Advertiser’s name-___________________________
  • Advertiser’s product-_________________________
  • Advertiser’s contact information
  • Phone-______________________________
  • Online-______________________________

Now we wait. This won’t stop terrorist bombings, but it will stop most of our mass murders in school.

Part two covers what we should do to protect our schools and churches.


What do you think? I gave you 600 words. Please leave a comment. RM

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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    May 29, 2018 4:23 pm

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thinker permalink
    May 31, 2018 8:01 am

    Good points. There is one more. It isn’t just the media that loves mass murderers. The progressives do to. It is just what the doctor ordered to advance their evil gun control agenda. They do not give a hoot about kids and kid’s safety. Their goal is to establish a Communist police state in the United States. It is likely that they are involved in a good portion of these shootings one way or another.

    We need our representatives in this republic to step up to the plate and do their job. That job is to do what is right regardless of what the news media, the national polls. or calls of the people demand. They need to study the facts draw correct conclusions and take appropriate action. The facts show that gun-control does not work. The facts are gun-free zones do not protect kids. The fact is every gun-control law and every gun-free zone is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment. Therefore they should repeal every gun law and allow freedom.

    Extra note. A republic is not supposed to be a defacto democrocay were the representatives carry out mob rule. Read the Federalist Papers and find out how a republic is supposed to work.


  3. Terclinger permalink
    May 31, 2018 8:06 am

    I like your forms for contacting the media and advertisers. I think people pre-printing / pre-organziing the contact form on their computers is a great idea for issues like this and others.

    I don’t think that this will completely stop these shooters, as these young men are not just going for the coverage.

    I think they are whacked in the head from drugs, prescribed and otherwise, I think that COD and other “first person shooter” video games ARE desensitizing them to the effects of their violence, I think the bullying is an issue, as well as our refusal for decades to teach any basic morality is coming back to haunt us, and that the moral relativism and nihilistic points of view being taught in and that are infecting our colleges and high schools are all parts of the problem.

    In the interim I think we must demand that we guard our schools as tightly as we do our politicians, and we also need to shut down these SOB’s like Bloomberg and Hogg and Everytown and expose them as the hypocrites and police-state-loving fascists that they are.



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