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Pro-Gun Women Regularly Face Violent, Sexual Harassment- repost from FreeBeacon

December 18, 2017

These wonderful women are threatened because they speak out for armed self-defense. I’ve met several of them. I know others like them. Progressives think they speak for all victims, and these strong women refuse to be or remain a victim.  Listen to the hatred spewed by the people who want you disarmed. This is only a taste. Sadly, there is more. Follow the link. RM

“It’s a fucking shame you weren’t killed when that scumbag raped you, you fucking despicable, lying, lowlife, Right-Wing, Neo-Fascist CUNT!” That was the message Kimberly Corban found waiting for her on Facebook early last year.

“You truly are a soulless, self-righteous, self-serving bitch with sick gun fetish. Do us all a favor & blow your own brains out,” Twitter user Lou Aguilar said to Dana Loesch on Oct. 3.

“Stick that gun in your cunt bitch and pull the trigger,” Twitter user John T. McFarland said to Jenn Jacques in September 2015.

“This bitch needs to get off the Internet, she’s an embarrassment to black people. This sill coon lives in a pink and fluffy world where there is some sort of equality. I hope that the kkk lynches,” commenter SR posted on a YouTube video by Stacy Washington.

Thank you  at the FreeBeacon- Pro-Gun Women Regularly Face Violent, Sexual Harassment


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  1. Alan permalink
    December 18, 2017 5:52 pm

    If I were a pro gun/pro gun rights woman, I’m a pro gun/pro gun rights male, and I received such drivel, I would not dignify it by re-posting. I might be tempted to refer it to the forces of Law and Order, who likely could not do anything much about it, Freedom of Speech you know, unfortunately seems to include really dumb speech.


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