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Armed Civilians Saved Lives in December

January 5, 2017

They had seconds to save lives.  Fortunately, these private citizens were armed.  Many lives were at risk and these ordinary people did extraordinary things.  They stopped mass murder.  All of these examples are from December.

-Our first story was in a crowded nail salon.  It was the holiday season and the salon was crowded.  They had with 10 employees and many customers in the shop that night.

Two armed robbers entered the store.  The robbers presented their firearms.  They shouted threats at the store employees and their customers.  The robbers waved their guns and demanded money and valuables.

One of the store employees was armed.  The armed citizen shot one of the robbers.  Both robbers ran.  One robber drove away and left his wounded accomplice in a stand of trees.  Police captured the robber and found his gun.  Police are looking for his accomplice.  Neither the store employees nor their customers were injured.

-Our second story happened in a convenience store.  The store clerk saw two men walk into his store at 3:30 in the morning.  Even at that early hour on a weekday, there were 5 people playing video games in the back of the store.  The two men who walked in were wearing masks and carrying guns.  The clerk ran to the back office behind the counter.  The office had a solid door, but the robbers were right behind him.  The clerk tried to close the door as the robbers struggled to push it open.

The clerk reached around the door and shot the closest robber.  The robbers fired back as they ran.  Neither the clerk or his customers were hurt.  

-Our third story took place in a pawn shop.  The store owner and his employee had opened the store only a few minutes earlier.  They already had two customers in the shop.  Two more men entered, but these men were wearing ski-masks and carrying guns.  

The robbers yelled, “Get down on the floor. Get down on the floor or I’ll kill you.”

Then the robber fired his gun.  The owner drew his firearm and shot one of the robbers.  The second robber ran.

The store owner said he hated to kill another man.  The other store employee and the two customers were uninjured.


You saved many lives in December.  You save lives every day.  Thank you, and carry on.keep-calm-and-carry


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  1. Bama Bill permalink
    January 6, 2017 5:40 pm

    Killing anyone is horrific. I do NOT enjoy killing game. And I thank God for each animal’s life. When will these people realize they must learn how do make a living by doing something to earn a living. A union job isn’t the answer. I had one, and the thought of spending the rest of my working days doing the same job every day, and always taking my vacation the same two weeks in July just “Didn’t get ti”. You want a better paying job? Then get busy and learn how to do one! These “Gangbanger’s” are too dumb to live. When has stealing ever gotten a man rich? Burger flippers will NEVER make what a professional person will. All you do is end up making a burger that cost a dime in 1966 cost $5 today. I could buy 7 McD’s burgers for a dollar in 1966, when I made $3/hr. So 21 burgers for one hours pay. Can you buy 21 Mc’D’s burgers for what you make an hour now??? That new 1966 Mustang cost me $2,465 then, today,,,, Try over $32,000!!! At this rate, in another 50 years, hope you have over $300,000 to buy one!



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