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Socialists Deny Facts and Blame Republicans, Christians, and Guns

June 12, 2016

Well that didn’t take long.  I have not seen this much lying since Baghdad Bob was giving us battle reports from Iraq.  A muslim Democrat in Florida killed 50 people in a gay nightclub.  The murderer passed his background checks and bought his guns legally.  That means the murderer passed all the gun control gateways and gun control failed.  Here is what the anti-rights politicians are saying.

Barack Obama asks for more gun prohibition after Orlando shooting in a gun free zone.

Barack said we are to blame for the attack, not Islam.

An ACLU lawyer blames Christians and Republicans for murder by Democrat muslim.

HRC on Islam

Liars are going to lie.







HRC on guns orlando





Bernie Sanders says it is time for Americans to stop buying machine guns.  (No, I can’t make this stuff up.-RM)

shannon lies orlando







The New York Daily News blames the NRA for actions of Democrat Muslim murderer.

Bill Clinton says more gays would die if they were armed to defend themselves.






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