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Will the US Get More of the Same Detroit Prescription?

July 28, 2013

President Obama.

President Obama is having some political problems despite the support he receives from the main stream media.  President Obama will talk about jobs and how to grow the economy.. and he will issue more press releases.  Talk is cheap, and so is supportive media coverage for anything the President proposes.

Will the President propose anything that has not been tried already.. and already failed fantastically in Detroit?

  • How about more federal job retraining programs?  We tried that in Detroit.
  • New federal student loans?  Tried that in Detroit.
  • More tax breaks for favored industries?  Tried that in Detroit.
  • More tax-and-spend “green jobs”?  Yeah, they tried that.
  • Raise wage rates above the market level.  Yeah, they did that too.
  • More business regulations to make business less competitive?  Tried that.
  • More welfare and unemployment benefits?  Tried that on steroids in Detroit!
  • I know!  We can try higher immigration quotas to compete with US workers?  Oh shit!  Not again!

I think Obama is out of big government ideas.  George Will said the culture of Detroit failed.  I agree!  The idea of big government and big unions was tried and died, and no amount of federal cash can’t bring it back to life.

flat line

Here are other online articles about Detroit’s fatal failure.

I wrote about the moral issues of the Detroit bankruptcy here.


Robert the listener

Say what you will.





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