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Media Whores or Journalists?

January 19, 2013

This is how you tell a media whore from a journalist.  Journalists tell the truth without concern  for whom it offends.  In contrast, media whores promote their political agenda.  Not many journalist at work these days.  Let me show you.

I want you to remember back when every dead soldier was announced on the news.  That was back during “Bush’s war”.  Then, we read each soldier’s names in the news papers.  We heard about them on radio, and we saw pictures of their coffins on TV news.  That was during the summer of 2006 and months before the fall election that gave Congress to the Democrats.  We heard every soldier’s name, his unit and his home town.  We heard the total number of dead and wounded that month as well as the totals since we first entered Iraq and Afghanistan.  The media said that citizens needed to know.  That was in 2006.

.iraq flag draped coffins


Today we kill hundreds of people in Chicago each year.  Criminal gangs killed more innocent civilians in Chicago than were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.  (305 Iraq and Afghanistan versus 512 in Chicago in 2012)  I don’t hear the names of these victims on the news.  I don’t hear the media name the schools and churches that Chicago’s dead used to attend.  I don’t read news accounts about the ever increasing number of Chicago civilians wounded and murdered each month.  The media also ignores the running total for each year.  I guess the Chicago murders aren’t really news and we don’t really need to know, not like we did in 2006.

Either that, or the media whores don’t like what the Chicago murders tell us.  Chicago is the most Democrat city in the United States, and Chicago is the home of our sitting President, Barack Hussein Obama.  Chicago, the nation’s murder capital, has the ineffective gun regulations that President Obama wants to force on the rest of us.


I guess that’s why the many murders in Chicago aren’t news any longer, not to the media whores who sell us their political agenda along with their advertising.  I guess there aren’t any journalists left.  Now that is sad news.

You can see the faces from Chicago here and here.

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Rob of the long memory

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  1. jessemathewson permalink
    January 20, 2013 7:52 am

    Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    Why would anyone care about what happens when policy fails, especially when it is policy from a black presidents home town…and policy he is trying to force on everyone else…poli-sucking, media whoring, state loving shills



  1. Media hate mongering against the Second Amendment freedom: Mainstream media are correctly described as Media Whores «

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