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Pastor, We Have to Talk About Our Family

January 14, 2020

A murderer walked into a Texas church. That was neither the first time, nor will it be the last time that evil men and women want to kill our brothers and sisters at church. Unfortunately, the leaders of our religious bodies are reluctant to face the issue of church security. That is true in every faith I’ve examined. Your pastor, minister, priest or rabbi all face a common problem. We live in a time of religious competition where parishioners will go somewhere else if the pastor demands too much them. To understand their position, think of a pastor as a spiritual workout-coach.. and we are lazy parishioners. If the congregation is still sore at at the pastor by Wednesday, then we won’t come back for more next week. That explains why so many pastors refuse to examine church security. Here is how we can help good men and women see the light.

Look at the problem from both sides of the pulpit. The congregation wants to ignore the problem of evil. Most of the congregation chooses to be defenseless in public. Only a few of them bother to protect their family at home. Most of the congregation is immediately uncomfortable if you point out their vulnerability. They want to close their eyes and sing louder so they don’t have to address their responsibility to protect the congregation.

We see a similar situation with the pastor and the church governing board. Most of them are men and women of words, not actions. They talk about evil, but few of them wrestle with evil every day. In some congregations, they will lock the shed that holds the garden equipment, but will leave the doors of the church open and unguarded when the congregation is inside. That says a lot about what they value.

We can’t blame them. Most pastors and church governing boards don’t know the questions to ask in order to think about church security.

  • People come with problems. Parishioners are preyed upon by both criminals and crazy people. Churches are attacked by their members and by people outside the congregation. There are no safe and sacred places; our churches are more dangerous than our schools.
  • The congregation is vulnerable everywhere. We see parishioners and staff victimized in the church parking lot, the daycare facility, the classrooms, kitchens, back offices, and in the chapel.

Protecting the flock at all times and places is a very demanding task. It is beyond the ability of most congregations. If we can’t protect them, then we should let the congregation protect themselves. That brings us to the meeting.

Those who choose to be defenseless in public usually advocate for being defenseless in church. They are in the majority and their point of view will win unless someone else speaks up. Fortunately, there are other points of view.

Each of us is a gift from god and each of us deserves protection. Each of us is also called upon to be a shepherd. We should protect ourself, protect our family, and protect our neighbors from harm. Love is more than what you feel and what you say. Love is what you do.

We don’t tell god to stop the rain and give us heat and light. Instead, we build a church. God also gave us the will and the means to protect each other, and we should. If your congregation doesn’t love you and your family enough to protect them, then you need to find a congregation who puts their words into action.

Church security is largely unseen and therefore easily forgotten. You’ve probably been in churches that had an extensive security effort. You were busy listening to the sermon, so you didn’t notice.. and that is a good thing. Just because you don’t notice church security doesn’t mean it isn’t there and isn’t important.

Ask your pastor and church governing board a few simple questions. You deserve an answer.

Do we have a security plan?
Are we protecting everyone on church property?

Our churches have a lot to do. We can’t blame them for not solving problems they don’t understand. Help starts with you asking a simple question.


I gave you 700 words, but I had a lot of help.
The Faith Based Security Network
Book- “Evil Invades Sanctuary”
Book- “A Time to Kill: The Bible and Self-Defense”
Book- “Faith and the Patriot: A Belief Worth Fighting For”

Why Journalists and Politicians are Frightened by Armed Defense

January 9, 2020

Armed citizens stopped a mass murderer at the West Freeway Church of Christ. When we plain folk in fly-over country heard that the attacker was stopped quickly, most of us thought, “Praise God.” In contrast, Joe Biden said it was irrational to allow anyone to be armed at any religious institution. Some journalists said they were terrified that ordinary citizens could be armed at church.

(Click image for video)

Why is the emotional response from politicians and journalists so different from ours? We know something that they don’t know. Those of us who live in fly-over country know Armed America, and the elites don’t.

We know real gun owners-  We know real people people who own guns, rather than the two-dimensional cardboard-cutout characters portrayed by Hollywood and the media. With over a hundred million gun owners in the US, they are easy to find. Legally licensed gun owners are our friends, our co-workers, our associates, and our neighbors.

I have a news flash for Vice President Joe and the journalists. Ordinary people are armed. Millions of us carry a legally concealed personal firearm in public. Unless you live in one of the elite bubbles in the US, then you are standing shoulder to shoulder with Armed America.

Concealed means concealed. Oddly enough, Joe Biden and company can’t see what is concealed.

We’ve seen their good judgement. We’ve met Armed America and we’ve seen their restraint. We’re not surprised to learn that individuals who are licensed to carry a firearm in public are among the most law abiding groups that sociologists can find. That makes us different from Joe Biden and Co. Most elites don’t have a friend who drives a pickup truck, much less a friend who is a licensed concealed carrier.

We know and trust our neighbors- We have a positive opinion of our neighbors, our community and our town. We formed this judgement through experience. We’ve seen our fellow citizens solve challenging problems. We’ve seen their character under challenging circumstances, like fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. We’ve seen a broad segment of society rise to the occasion and do their best for themselves and for those around them.

We’re comfortable with our neighbors. The media elites are only comfortable with other elites. Select law enforcement officers can be armed, according to the elites. Select bodyguards can be armed, according to the elites. You and I, average voters, not so much.

We actually believe in “diversity:” Our circle of friends includes people of all ages, backgrounds, and races. If you want to see elitism, look at the makeup of the MSM and at our elite colleges. If you doubt me, try to find a conservative-Christian-Republican male in the Sociology Department at your local college.

Also, consider the “diversity” of the editors at the Huffington post.

Only young college-educated women need apply

We’ve seen bad people do bad things- We’ve seen what criminals do. We’ve seen their effect on our family, our neighbors, and our communities. In our world, violence doesn’t happen in slow motion at 35 frames a second on a 60 inch screen; it happens in the parking lot at the corner store after dark. Our connection to reality is stronger than a TV crime-drama where the bad guy is brought to justice in 42 minutes.

Ordinary citizens like us defend ourselves thousands of times a day. We are not the easy victims the criminals expected. The bad guy meets Armed America and runs the other way. In that way, Armed America is making me and my family safer every day,  just like the defenders did at the Church of Christ in Texas.

Armed America frightens the elites. Maybe the elites like Joe Biden had better stay home and have their food delivered by Amazon so they feel safe. Don’t tell them the Amazon driver might be carrying. That might upset Joe and the mainstream journalists.

We’ll keep that truth to ourselves.


I gave you 700 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

Joe Biden says it is irrational to allow armed citizens at church
AZ journalist terrified that ordinary citizens are armed in church.
The gun next door
The media bubble is real, and more elite than you think.
More Americans carry concealed
Armed defense happens.. a lot. Just ask the CDC.
Journalists asks, ‘What is a pickup truck?’

Armed Citizens Stop Murderer After Gun Control Fails at Texas Church

January 6, 2020

An armed murderer entered a Texas church last week. Armed parishioners stopped him in seconds and saved hundreds of lives. Some anti-rights politicians didn’t like that public demonstration of self-defense. These politicians, and some Hollywood celebrities, called for more gun control. We know that self-defense worked, but I was shocked at how badly gun-control failed to keep us safe. Let’s look at the record.

The murderer had a long and troubled past. He had issues with drug abuse, homelessness, mental health, multiple divorces, domestic violence and restraining orders, and a long criminal history. Contrary to the media myth, the murderer did not us an AR style rifle, but used Joe Biden’s firearm of choice, a shotgun. In theory, the murderer should have been unable to get any firearm.

The Conservative Review listed some of his contacts with the law-

May 4, 1998: Arrested in Tucson for carrying a firearm without a license. He was found guilty, but given no jail time.
June 25, 1999: Arrested for misconduct involving weapons in Tucson. Charges dismissed.
August 6, 1999: Arrested for theft and endangerment in Tucson. Found guilty on theft charge.
August 18, 1999: Arrested for spilling load onto highway in Pima County, AZ. Found guilty.
2000: Convicted for driving without a license in Arizona.
August 25, 2004: Arrested for disorderly conduct in Tucson. Charges dismissed.
December 3, 2008: Arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was found guilty the next year but was sentenced to just 90 days for a lesser charge.
August 12, 2009: Arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Tucson.
December 8, 2010: Charged with theft in Tucson and numerous failures to appear in court. Never served any new prison time.
August 11, 2011: Charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and failure to appear in Tucson.
November 29, 2011: Arrested in Grady County, Oklahoma, for domestic violence and felony aggravated assault. Plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and served 90 days with credit for time served.
February 9, 2012: A warrant for his arrest was issued for arson in Grady, Oklahoma. He was eventually arrested for lighting tampons on fire and burning a cotton field. He paid a $4,500 fine.
December 10, 2013: Arrested for theft in Fort Worth, Texas. Found guilty.
March 25, 2014: Charged with assault knowingly causing injury in Tucson and illegally possessing a weapon.
June 16, 2015: Arrested in River Oaks, Texas, for unpaid parking tickets.
September 12, 2016: According to, he was arrested in Linden, New Jersey, for possession of a 12-gauge shotgun while he was taking pictures of an oil refinery. At the time, New Jersey police also found a contempt of court warrant stemming from an aggravated assault case in Oklahoma.

The murderer’s ex-wife called him violent and paranoid when she sought a restraining order. The murderer had been judged mentally incompetent to stand trial. In 2013, the murderer was diagnosed with forms of psychosis and depression and was prescribed medications to treat the conditions, according to a report by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. These actions or his criminal history should have resulted in a conviction that would have made him a prohibited person who could not own, transport, or carry a firearm.

Our firearms background check system only works
when prosecutors and judges do their job.
When they failed, the armed citizens in the church did theirs.

Six or seven armed defenders in the church moved toward the attacker. The first defender to fire his gun was the third defender the attacker engaged. The entire exchange took less than 6 seconds. Contrary to the myths spread by gun-control advocates, these armed civilians did not shoot innocent bystanders. The defenders did not shoot each other, and they were not shot by the police when law enforcement arrived minutes later.

Given the way sentencing reform is being implemented, we could have many more individuals with a history of violent crimes who are never convicted of a felony, and thus never put an the list of people prohibited from buying a firearm. Self-defense is imperfect, but it is clearly more reliable than our legal system at stopping crazy murderers. Lives are at stake.

I gave you 600 words. Please share them with a friend. RM
Additional sources-

Inconvenient Truths About Guns and Gun Control

January 2, 2020

Politicians and journalists often portray fiction as fact. It is easy to be opinionated, but hard to be informed. This came to mind as I listened to Virginia Democrats tell us we’d be safer if we were disarmed. What is the truth about gun-control laws? What politicians says a law will do might have nothing to do with what the law actually does. Lives are at stake when gun-control laws fail. Saying that the next gun-control law is necessary to stop violent crime admits that the 23 thousand firearms regulations already on the books didn’t work as advertised. It is a rare politician who admits how limited the government really is when it comes to public safety.

Fortunately, we’ve lived with firearms for several hundred years. We know some things that work. Here are a few inconvenient truths I’ve found after a few decades of study.

Inconvenient Truth: Most gun-related deaths are suicides, not murders. Unfortunately, restrictions on firearms have not reduced the rate of suicide. Fortunately, informed gun owners are reaching out to other gun owners who are dealing with mental illness. Mental health treatment works. We’re changing the gun culture for the better, no thanks to the politicians.

Inconvenient Truth: Most murders with a firearm in the United States are committed by members of criminal gangs. The police know who most of these murderers are. Gun-control laws that restrict the actions of honest gun owners have not changed the actions of known criminals. Most of the young people shot with guns are gang members who were shot by other gang members. Unfortunately, some of the victims are also innocent bystanders or victims of crime. Disarming the innocent victims doesn’t stop the criminals.

Inconvenient Truth: Background checks don’t reduce the rate of violent crime. Criminals don’t buy their guns at gun shops or gun shows. Criminals get their guns the same way they get their drugs; they get them illegally from other criminals. (By the way, there is no gun-show loophole. Every law that applies outside a gun show also applies inside a gun show.)

Inconvenient Truth: Honest gun owners do not cause crime. In fact, licensed concealed carry holders are both more law-abiding and more accurate with their guns than the police. Civilians with a permit to carry a gun in public are the most law-abiding group that sociologists can find.

Inconvenient Truth: Civilian gun ownership is the most cost-effective way to reduce violent crime.

Inconvenient Truth: Owning a gun does not make you more likely to be a victim of violent crime. It is true that people who live in high-crime areas are more likely to want a firearm for personal protection. People tend to be more sensitive about personal safety when someone they know have been victims of violent crime. Gun ownership is often a response to criminal violence rather than the cause of it.

Inconvenient Truth: Criminals don’t often take  a person’s gun and hurt them with it. There are more examples of victims disarming criminals than of criminals disarming victims.

Inconvenient Truth:  A sexual assault almost never becomes a rape if the victim is armed. The armed victim is such an uninviting target that the attacker usually runs away once he sees that the victim is armed.

Inconvenient Truth: Criminals don’t fight fair. There are usually several criminals attacking a single victim. We civilians are the first victims of crime. Police are our backup and usually arrive after the fight is over.

Here is one last inconvenient truth: Politicians often exempt themselves from the laws they pass. Some politicians own guns. They must think guns are useful. Some politicians have armed security. They must think guns make them safer. If politicians don’t live by the gun regulations they want for us, then the politicians don’t believe in gun-control.

I agree with what these gun-control politicians do even if I disagree with what they say, and that is the truth.

The world isn’t safe. If you don’t believe me, then ask a policeman who deals with criminals every day. The policeman wants a firearm because he lives in a dangerous world. Unfortunately, the average criminal will victimize over 20 civilians before the policeman catches him. That is why you and I need a firearm too. We have to protect ourself and our loved ones until the police arrive, and we only call the police after we’ve been attacked. There is no doubt that self-defense is inconvenient, but I’d rather be inconvenienced now than be a helpless victim later. To make matters worse, you don’t get to pick when you might be attacked. ;-(


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Virginia Democrats Double Down on Failed Gun Control Plans

January 1, 2020

Democrats won the recent elections in Virginia. They have not taken office yet, but they announced their legislative plans. I guess they have to do that since out-of-state special interests funded so many of their campaigns and the newly-minted legislators have to quickly prove their fealty. Their chief target has been the honest gun owners of Virginia. This has been amazing to watch.

Some of the first announcements were plans to outlaw “assault weapons”. “Assault weapon” is a well-tested catch phrase that means any gun that looks scary to potential voters. The color black is scary. Something that looks like it came out of a video game is scary. Paint the same gun pink and put a wood stock on it, and it is suddenly acceptable. The politicians don’t have to fool all the people all the time with their mislabeled claims. Democrat politicians only have to fool the press, and that is remarkably easy to do. The press never bothers to check if previous “assault weapon” bans actually lowered the crime rate. To the surprise of the Democrat politicians and their donors, the gun owners in Virginia were not buying the media spin.

The official evil black rifle is the AR-15. Lost in the headlines is the fact that the AR was developed 63 years ago. It was designed as an easy to shoot firearm that is adjustable to fit people of varying stature. It shoots one bullet each time the trigger is pressed, a suddenly novel feature that is over 130 years old. The AR is significantly lighter in weight, and easier shooting, than a main battle rifle. Despite the media hysterics, in some states, the AR was not allowed for deer hunting because it was initially considered an underpowered cartridge.

We’re not talking about a fringe segment of the firearms market. The AR and its clones are the most popular and widely sold long-guns in the US. After the lightweight .22s, the AR is often the gateway rifle for new shooters. The AR has also been called a girl’s gun, and that may be the real reason it is vilified by Virginia Democrats.

As we saw in other states, the Virginia Democrats first demanded confiscation of existing guns. When the public defiantly answered with, “Come and take them,” the Virginia Democrats proposed to outlaw the sales of ARs while demanding the registration of existing guns. In their dictatorial exuberance, the gun-banning Democrats also said they’d scoop up some shotguns and rifles that weren’t ARs.

What strikes me as strange is that the Democrats don’t want to ban all the ARs. These guns are called weapons of war when the Democrats want to disarm civilians. The same hardware is called “a patrol rifle” or a “personal defense weapon” if the police or government agents carry them. What the Democrats are saying with their wordplay is that select government employees can be armed, but the rest of us must be helpless. Recent events showed us the tragic results.

Democrats are not against guns. They are only against us having them.

Time and again we’re told that the police will protect us, so it is ok if we’re disarmed at church, at school, or in some contrived “gun free zone”. Note that the people making these rules don’t have to follow them. The elites have their own security service at the capital, and even at church. Government officials get a security team, but you don’t.

The past Republican State Attorney General in Virginia said that self defense was sufficient cause to carry a concealed firearm in church. I expect the present Democrat State Attorney General in Virginia to reverse that ruling. The Democrat montra is that the more of us are defenseless, the safer we will be. Ask yourself this question; if we’re so safe, then why do the Democrat Brahmins need a security detail everywhere they go?

Democrats often restrict the right of citizens to go armed in public. When that happens, judges and elite politicians will receive carry permits, while you are denied them. You are also disarmed in many “gun-free zones” where they may carry. Concealed carry laws are for the little people.

98% of mass murders are in so called “gun free zones”,
yet Democrat politicians in Virginia propose to disarmed more victims
in the name of public safety.

I expect the cost of concealed carry permits to rise now that Democrats are in power. The excuse will be the cost of state regulation. In fact, the armed citizen is the most economically efficient form of crime control. What other states can do for a few dollars, the State of Virginia will soon charge much more.

Armed civilians stopped a church shooting in six seconds.
Disarmed military personnel were attacked in a “gun-free zone” for over 50 minutes.
Which is safer?

Taking a page from Alinsky, any feature of a firearm can be isolated, demonized, and outlawed. For example, semi-automatic firearms shoot too fast. Magazines carry too many cartridges. Guns anywhere are invariably too close to schools and playgrounds. The universal exception is when the same firearm is issued to a law enforcement officer. What the media then ignores is that licensed concealed carry holders are more law abiding and more accurate than cops. The takeaway is that facts don’t matter when you’re selling propaganda.

I have a simple test for gun-control proposals. Call me once you’ve imposed those same regulations on the police and security services protecting the capital and county buildings. Democrats are not hypocrites who break the rules. Virginia Democrats are supremacists who think they are above the rules that apply to the rest of us. We won’t change their minds, but we can reveal their character.

When it comes to gun control, all I ask is that Democrat politicians go first. I’ll watch from here and see how it works for you.. and I’ll keep my guns.

I gave you 900 words. Please share them with a friend. RM


Lies Cost Lives in Virginia Politics

December 25, 2019

This is the holiday season. We lie to ourselves and gain weight. We say we’ll exercise to make up for what we ate and drank. Good luck with that. I know those extra pounds will have to come off sometime. That extra glass of wine and that little piece of pie are the small lies I tell myself.

The big lies I notice are broadcast on the news, and those lies are getting us killed. Democrat politicians in Virginia said we would be safer if we were disarmed. That isn’t true, and what is worse is that the gun-control laws in place today are already too severe and are getting us hurt. This is where we are, where we should go, and where the Virginia Democrats will take us.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam
(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

You might not have noticed, but you save lives until the police arrive. You defend yourself at home, you do it as you’re walking across the grocery store parking lot, and you do it every day and every night. On rare occasions those lifesaving events might make it into the news, but the vast majority of them don’t. These self-defense cases don’t get reported because you didn’t have to shoot anyone. The criminal ran away because you were not the disarmed victim he thought you were. You made all of us safer, so thank you.

You didn’t press the trigger, so the stories never made it onto the back page of the newspaper. These invisible examples of armed defense happen a lot in Virginia. Honest citizens like you defend themselves with a firearm about once every 16 minutes in the Commonwealth. That may not sound very often until you add them all up to over 33 thousand times a year. That number may sound like an unimportant statistic.. unless it happened to you or someone you love.

The rate of concealed carry in Virginia is slightly above the national average. Unfortunately, so is the crime rate. If you think about it, you probably know someone who was a victim of violent crime. Virginia Democrats want you disarmed, and that is dangerous.

We think of Virginia as being a pro-gun state. Today, we can buy a gun without asking the state for permission, and we can apply for a concealed carry license. That sounds good, but let’s compare Virginia to other states. Some states have a concealed carry licensing program that is as easy as registering a car, getting a driver’s license, or registering to vote. In those states, the concealed carry rate is between three and four times higher than in Virginia. That is an important difference.

Combine the number of people we disarmed in Virginia with the rate of crime. When we do that, we find that we disarmed about a 100 thousand victims each year in Virginia. We disarmed the good guys who needed to defend themselves. We did that, because elections have consequences.. and those consequences are going to get worse.

Young women are disproportionately targeted for sexual assault. When you stop to think about it, you probably know someone who was sexually assaulted. Virginia Democrats want to deny the right of self-defense to young people under the age of 21. Virginia Democrats want to make it illegal for young adults to buy a gun, and these anti-rights politicians want to make it illegal for your daughter or niece or your roommate to have access to your firearms if they are under 21.

We’re talking about 140 thousand young adults in Virginia the politicians want to disarm. Criminals prey on young people because criminals don’t want a fair fight. Unfortunately, you won’t be there to protect them and neither will the police. Our sons and daughters have to protect themselves until the police arrive. If allowed, those 140 thousand young adults would defend themselves about 500 times a year. About 40 of those examples of armed defense would be to stop a sexual assault. Virginia Democrats promise we’ll safer if they disarm the victims. I disagree. We’d be safer if more of us had tools of self-defense.

We’d be safer if more of us carried the tools of self-defense.

Look at these young adults from another perspective. These young adults can pilot an airplane, drive a commercial truck, get married and have children, and become police officers, but Virginia Democrats say these young adults shouldn’t defend their family at home. I don’t believe it, and the facts back me up.

Perhaps Virginia Democrats don’t know that concealed carry license holders are more law-abiding than the police. Perhaps the politicians don’t know that honest citizens who legally carry a firearm in public are much less likely to shoot innocent people than the police. This makes sense when you think about it. Like you, your neighbors feel the moral weight of armed defense. Maybe Virginia Democrats are ignorant, or maybe they don’t care.

The politicians don’t have to care. After all, the media doesn’t hold these politicians accountable for their failed political policies like “gun-free zones”. The politician only needs a good press release and another campaign contribution from New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. What works for these politicians doesn’t work so well for us.

It is up to us to make them care. Start with your local gun club, with your local political organizations, and with your county board of supervisors. Talk to your sheriff.

Getting off the couch will save lives.. particularly after we ate too much over the holidays. You know what to do, so go do the work.

I gave you 900 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

What We Learned from the Bloomberg Effect in Virginia

December 24, 2019

There is a lot we can learn from the recent elections in Virginia. Democrats now hold the majority in both houses of the legislature, the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of state.

To touch the obvious highpoints-

  • Money talks. When your local representative is elected to office because billionaire Michael Bloomberg bought his victory, then the representative doesn’t speak for you. He speaks for Bloomberg.
  • Politicians who take large campaign contributions can propose disastrous laws so long as the contributions continue. Bloomberg’s political contributions becomes essential while the local results of legislation becomes superfluous.
  • News outlets accept money to run campaign advertisements. Beyond their personal biases, the media’s commercial incentives further distort their ability to report honestly on an election.
  • Big-government politicians in both parties want more government so that political payoffs continue. These politicians have no use for limited government and free citizens.

All elections have consequences. Unusual elections have unusual consequences. Even before they took office, the Virginia Democrats advanced Bloomberg’s agenda.

  • Virginia Democrats proposed to outlaw zoning for new single-family homes and thus to punish the people who live outside the dense urban centers that make up the core Democrat constituency. Living in your own home is now racist.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to disarm honest citizens in and near the state capital. Democrats don’t trust the people who elected them.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to disarm adults under 21 years of age. That means you could be a young police officer and carry a gun when you’re on duty, you could also be old enough to be married and have children, but you wouldn’t be old enough to buy a gun to protect your family when you’re off duty. Only a true believer thinks that makes sense.
  • Democrats proposed to outlaw firearms in common use for the last hundred years. In the name of “freedom and democracy”, they want to outlaw the tools that gave us our freedom and democracy. Honest gun owners across the state said they would not comply. Police officers and Sheriff’s deputies also said they would not comply.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to illegally use the National Guard to go door to door and forcibly confiscate firearms from honest gun owners. That is how you start a civil war.

If gun control laws in other states are a guide, then these gun prohibition laws would not apply to the legislators themselves. If I’m wrong and the laws apply equally to our rulers, then Bloomberg’s money can buy a full time security detail for every Democrat legislature and their family.

You, on the other hand, are on your own.

The publicly stated rationale is that these power-grabs are for “the public good” and to reduce “gun violence”. If this bigotry against gun owners runs true to form, then in the name of public safety we’ll ask the police to disarm honest citizens who are less danger to the public than the police. In the name of public safety, we’ll establish more “gun free zones” where criminals hunt for disarmed victims. The mainstream media will publish the gun-prohibition talking-points but ignore that crime has fallen while gun ownership has soared.

There is some good news as well. Today, we have the alternative media and it is harder than ever to fool all the people all the time. Unfortunately, you still have to get off the couch to vote once you’re informed about the issues.

Today, we have the alternative media and it is harder than ever to fool all the people all the time.

Talking points are easy and progress is hard. Actions to reduce urban violence would be to reverse Democrat regulation and let industry make more jobs. We’d stop the government programs that destroy our families. We’d end the disastrous drug-prohibition laws that turn our Democrat-controlled cities into war zones as immigrant drug gangs fight for turf. That won’t happen because this contest is about political power rather than being about violence or prosperity.

Prohibition is a foolish and dangerous quest. I’d respect billionaire Bloomberg if he tackled our ruinous drug prohibition scheme, but instead, Bloomberg chose to assaults our individual right of self defense. Drug lords would probably attack Bloomberg if he tried to make drugs legal. I think Bloomberg judged that honest gun owners in the US were safer scapegoats for failed Democrat policies. I hope a wise judge will stop Bloomberg’s foolishness before too many of us are hurt or killed.

On the plus side for liberty, billionaire Bloomberg created a hundred thousand activists who might change the next elections in Virginia. Looking across the state, there were over 90 meetings to establish second-amendment sanctuaries in December. 112 local governments voted to ignore unconstitutional infringements on the right to bear arms.

2A Sanctuary in Virginia

We’ve seen the second-amendment sanctuary movement spread into other states. Why don’t you go to your county board and start a sanctuary county where you live.

I gave you 800 words for free. Please share them with a friend.

Link- Time to be David and defeat Goliath! – The Pew Pew Jew

December 13, 2019

“Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America.  Shootings and stabbings, swastikas painted on buildings and sidewalks, and a Democrat Party that condones anti-Semitic views, are the new norm in what once was an incredibly safe country for Jews.  This time, a targeted shooting in the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey has claimed the lives of two innocent Jews, as well as police Detective Joseph Seals and another innocent man.

“American Jewry, as a whole, has become exactly what they were described as following the Holocaust:  “sheep” waiting to be led to the slaughter; they are waiting for the wolves to strike.

“..when did we become sheep? What happened to our David vs. Goliath mentality?”

Read it all here==> Time to be David and defeat Goliath! – The Pew Pew Jew

Repost- More than $30 million in five years swept from gun owner ID fees | Illinois | 

December 12, 2019

You didn’t expect corrupt politicians to pay off their friends out of their own pockets, did you? Elections have consequences. RM

“About 2.3 million Illinoisans hold a Firearm Owners’ Identification Card that allows them to buy and own firearms. The card costs $10 for 10 years

“Lawmakers diverted nearly $30 million over the past five years from Illinois State Police funds to cover other government spending, something a statewide gun-rights group said was unacceptable.

“ fiscal years 2015 through 2019 more than $13 million was swept from the State Police Firearm Services Fund for other purposes.”


Source: More than $30 million in five years swept from gun owner ID fees | Illinois |

NAS Pensacola shooting leads Navy instructor pilots to tell top brass: ‘Arm us’ | Fox News

December 11, 2019

Demote and reassign the base commander. That will get their attention.- RM

‘Two flight instructors said the Saudi murderer had 10 minutes to carry out his deadly assault at Naval Air Station Pensacola. In a gunfight, that’s an eternity. It’s so stupid that the shooter was allowed to roam free for so long on a military base. The navy outsourced base security to private contractors. Base security is fat and out of shape. I have zero confidence the guy I show my ID card to at the gate could save me. Navy brass denied  the pilots request to arm themselves on base.’

Read it all: NAS Pensacola shooting leads Navy instructor pilots to tell top brass: ‘Arm us’ | Fox News”

Bloomberg’s Campaign Changes Politics Across the US

December 9, 2019

Bloomberg’s money changes everything.. or does it?

As Trump did before him, the Bloomberg presidential campaign is going to shake up the Democrat establishment. That is true no matter what happens on election day. Mayor Mike will disrupt the establishment even if he tries to work with the Democrats, just as Trump did with the Republicans. That outcome lies in the very nature of politics. Politicians sell government power to special interests. Candidates promise to deliver later, if elected, in return for campaign contributions today. In contrast, Bloomberg is buying political interests directly and cutting out the democrat money men in the middle, and also cutting out some of the democrat special interests.

Bloomberg is buying political power wholesale rather than at retail political rates.

Forget what you were told in high school about how politics is supposed to work. We were told that government is supposed to do the things that are too difficult for groups of individuals to do on their own. If you think government works that way then you probably live in a Democrat controlled big city and have not been paying attention to the potholes in the roads. The only time “the public good” makes an appearance is when a political spokesman writes a press release.

The real business of politics is to get a bureaucrat between progress and someone with money. Politicians write legislation to concentrate benefits and distribute the costs.  That maximizes the size of the political payoff. The public good is nowhere to be seen. Let me briefly explain since that is a new idea to many.

You’re willing to spend thousand of dollars in to repair your driveway because you receive most of the benefit. You’re not willing to spend even one evening every month at the county board of supervisors meeting asking for better roads. The road contractors are willing to be at those meetings because the contract will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have an incentive that you don’t have.. and that is why local contractors donate thousands and thousands of dollars to their favorite politicians.

Magnify that situation a thousand fold, and that is how Obama earned his millions, Pelosi and Biden earned their tens of millions, and Clinton earned her hundreds of millions. No matter what he does, Bloomberg will upset the existing network of kickbacks, and hundreds of millions of dollars are in play.

What will the special interests do if, like Trump, Bloomberg isn’t for sale? Billionaire Mayor Mike is used to having his way. Woe be unto you if you want to defend your family while you’re holding a large sugary soda. Those choices don’t fit with Mike’s world view. Even if Bloomberg says that he supports your cause, there is no promise of campaign contributions to make him keep his word. And Bloomberg is a politician.

You might not like Bloomberg, but his greatest opposition will come from the leaders of the Democrat party, and they already have their millions. Money talks, and the people who’ve been screwing is out of hundreds of millions of dollars a year are not easy to charm.

Bloomberg may be rich, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy all the people all the time. Given Bloomberg’s money, he has already bought ALL the advertising time for the next several years. Political candidates in every state might have to ask Bloomberg if they can run a political advertisement.. please, sir.

This election is going to be fascinating.

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Repost-Warriors Disarmed — DBC

December 9, 2019

Read what David said. RM

“If you would disarm your troops…making them more vulnerable…increasing their risk… in order to reduce the risk to your career, you are a coward.”- DBC

Source: Warriors Disarmed — DBC

Repost from ABC News- 4 dead in shooting incident at Pensacola naval base; suspect was Saudi national

December 6, 2019

The US government can not tell a Saudi Second Lieutenant from a Jihadi. Therefore, the US government cannot protect us. We are on our own. You stay safe. RM

The shooter was identified as Mohammed Alshamrani, a Saudi national and member of the country’s air force who was in the U.S. for flight training, law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation told ABC News. Investigators are trying to determine whether the shooting was terror-related, the officials said.

Source: 4 dead in shooting incident at Pensacola naval base; suspect was Saudi national, officials say – ABC News

Gun Control in Florida Costs Lives

December 6, 2019

I re-watched the news coverage of a murderer’s attack on a Florida High School. I also read about an armed store clerk in Florida who saved his life by stopping an armed robber. I read about the attack on a Florida homeowner who saved her life because she was armed. One event is seen, and the others go unseen. The media floods us with horrible images of murder but doesn’t show us the thousands of examples of armed defense. We need to know the whole truth before we can make good choices about gun ownership and gun-control. Once we look at both sides, we see that disarming honest citizens in Florida will cost more lives than it could possibly save.

Parkland High School- Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Florida was once called “the gunshine state”. It earned that nickname back in 1987 when it became a “shall issue” state. That reversed a century of gun-control laws where local officials denied gun ownership to racial and political minorities. Our gun-control laws always made it illegal for criminals to have guns, but since criminals don’t obey the law, these gun-control laws only disarmed law abiding citizens who asked the government for permission. The regulations passed two decades ago in Florida meant that local officials “shall issue” firearms permits unless the applicant has a criminal record. There are legendary stories among Florida law enforcement about the falling rate of sexual assault once women could again carry a concealed firearm.

That was twenty years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Florida now has a number of gun-control laws and some politicians want to pass many more. Do these laws save lives or cost lives? Is the question of life-and-death even a concern as long as the proposed legislation earns the politicians a few minutes in front of the news cameras and brings in campaign donations? We have to dig past the headlines to find the truth.

Does gun-control work for the politicians.. or does gun-control work for us?

The rate of concealed carry in Florida is higher than the average rate for states that issue permits to the public. To be specific, about one-out-of-seven eligible adults have their permit in Florida (13.4%). While above average, Florida’s carry rate isn’t close to the states with the highest  rates of concealed carry. Alabama is closer to one-in-three (30.3%) eligible adults, and even Pennsylvania is about one-in-six (15.3%). While there are several counties in Pennsylvania where the carry rate is closer to 50%, some sixteen states do not require any state permit for law abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm in public. What does that mean for the citizens of Florida?

Those carry rates tell us what people want and the impact of our restrictive firearms laws. We think of Florida as having permissive firearms regulations, but compared to Alabama, those concealed carry restrictions disarmed over two and a quarter million Floridians who wanted to carry. Those regulations touched a lot of lives. You can imagine what happens when you disarm the honest people in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Orlando combined. The results are shocking.

Using the FBI’s rates of violent crime, each year over 8,400 victims of violent crime were disarmed by Florida’s concealed carry laws. Over 700 of these victims were rape victims.. each year. That is an additional two rape victims per day. Florida’s restrictive gun laws cost its citizens their property, their dignity, and their lives. Unfortunately, the news gets worse. Those estimates are calculated by using the average US crime rate. The bad news is that the rate of violent crime in several Florida cities is far above average.

Let me leave you with some good news that is buried deep in old Department of Justice reports; armed victims of sexual assault are not raped. That good great news seldom makes the news.

For me, these are more than statistics. The victims have faces and names. I know people who were sexually assaulted and now choose to go armed for their defense. Some of them live in Florida. Those victims are someone’s family and friends. If you think about it, you probably know a victim of sexual assault who was disarmed.

Florida also made its firearms laws more restrictive by raising the minimum age for firearms ownership. That means a young woman can get married, have children, drive a huge commercial truck for a living, or fly an airplane, but she wouldn’t be allowed to protect her family at home with a firearm. In Florida, the bad guys know that the 20 year old clerk working nights at a convenience store is disarmed. Disarming the good guys doesn’t disarm the bad guys..despite what the politicians and the press tell us. Mass murderers and other criminals break our gun laws, so these firearms regulations cost lives rather than save them.

The political advocates for gun-control say they want to get rid of guns, but their actions say otherwise. They have armed guards who protect them at work. Many have security services to protect them at home and as they travel. Some of the loudest political advocates for gun control own guns for their personal protection. They want us disarmed while they are protected by men with guns. We deserve better.

You deserve better. The right of self-defense saves lives every day.. even if that story is deliberately buried on the back page. Gun-control politicians claim “it is for the children”, but in reality, more gun-control in Florida will cost more lives. It could be the lives of those you love.

Protect them now.

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Have You Seen “Real” Gun Control?

December 4, 2019

I watched them on the news. I saw rich politicians with security details tell me to give up my money and my guns. Some politicians promoted gun control after they accepted campaign donations from rich billionaires. These people are saying one thing while they do another. These politicians, and the people who donate millions of dollars to fund gun-control, have no need to go armed. They hire people to protect them. They have their own security services, while we have to protect ourselves. They aren’t anti-gun. They are for corporate and government gun ownership, while they speak against private and personal gun ownership.

Government security

Here is what real gun-control would look like without hypocrisy, and, frankly, I haven’t real examples of gun-control. Please use the comment section to tell me if you’ve seen what I’ve missed.

-Billionaires and rich politicians will never walk into a store and shop for groceries or Christmas presents on a rainy night. They have cooks and personal shoppers who do that for them. I bring this up because parking lots are one of the favorite places where criminals hunt for victims. Billionaires and elite politicians certainly won’t walk across a dark parking lot at night by themselves. You, on the other hand, live a different life than they do. You probably walk across a dark lot by yourself several times a week. You face risks every day that billionaires and rich politicians will never see again. You deserve the right of self-defense.

-The billionaire may own a bank, but he doesn’t have to walk up to an ATM at night to get cash. Billionaires and rich politicians hire people to do that for them. You are the one who has to go dangerous places alone in the dark. So does your family. You deserve protection, just like the rich billionaire.

-Billionaires and rich politicians seldom drive themselves. They hire chauffeurs and limousine services to take them where they want to go. In contrast, you walk into a gas station/convenience store at night. You watch the news and you know that isn’t safe. Who is there to protect you? Elite politicians have bodyguards with them, but for us, the police are 11 minutes away. You have the right to protect yourself.

-We face risks every day. We are the ones working behind the counter at fast food jobs, at convenience stores, and at a small retail businesses. Most of us don’t have armed security guards at the buildings where we work. Elite politicians do. Most of us have to protect ourselves at work as well as at home.

-We are the ones who drop off our soiled clothes at a dry cleaners after work. We cross a dark street to get to public transportation.

Our lives are different than the people who make our laws and who report our news.

Billionaires and rich politicians have armed security details to protect them. They have servants who drive them, who feed them, and who clean their clothes. Even the spokesmen for gun control have security guards.

Security guards for anti-gun protesters

Billionaires and rich politicians don’t need to provide for their own defense. They want corporate security while outlawing the private security that you provide for yourself and your family. They want you disarmed so that they are the only ones with guns. Unfortunately, they are willing to contribute millions of dollars to get what they want.

Bloomberg with security detail

That kind of money buys an awful lot of politicians and votes, but I have a modest proposal.

Let him who is without a security detail cast the first vote.

If you want me disarmed, then lead by example. If our streets are so safe, then give up your bodyguards. If you want my family disarmed, then fire your security staff at home and at work. Send your protective detail home if you’re a politician. Fire your bodyguards and personal staff if you are one of the billionaires funding the gun-control movement. Show me that the world is safe for my family.

Let your family walk alone at night the way my family does.

I haven’t seen that sort of leadership from the people who speak for gun-control. I can’t take gun-control advocates seriously until they walk the walk. Rather than hear what they say, I learn from what they do. If the world is too dangerous for the elites to be unarmed, then I want my family protected too. I want my family to defend themselves until the police arrive. Isn’t that what you want for your family and friends?

There may be an honest advocate of gun-control out there. Please leave a comment with your examples if you see one.

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Repost from The Daily Caller- Sheriffs Group Urges Supreme Court To Strike Down New York City Gun Rules

November 28, 2019

New York City said that honest gun owners are a danger to public safety. The National Sheriffs’ Association said New York is wrong. RM

“The public safety interest alleged to support the rule is non-existent and unproven,” the brief reads. “There is no proof that premises licensees have ever posed a threat to public safety when transporting their handguns.”

“It is also highly implausible that premises licensees would engage in violence when transporting their handguns out of the city,” the brief adds. “Licensees undergo exceedingly searching inquiries during the application process, and licenses can be refused for even trivial reasons.”

Source: Sheriffs Group Urges Supreme Court To Strike Down New York City Gun Rules | The Daily Caller

Second-Amendment Sanctuaries Defend Civil Rights Across the US

November 25, 2019

I’m slow, but I eventually put the pieces together. The bad news is that more state governments are infringing on our rights. The good news is that local governments stood up to protect us. We are seeing a large and growing movement across the country where local governments stand up to protect our right of self-defense. We have well established second-amendment sanctuary counties in Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, and Washington. We’re seeing a new bloom of them in other states. The growth is so rapid, that I know the graphic is out of date.

Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The second-amendment sanctuary movement started years ago. I remember when counties in Colorado said they would not enforce the recently passed magazine capacity limits. There were many downstate counties in Illinois who told the Chicago-controlled legislature that they would ‘keep their guns, thank you’. Counties in New York passed second-amendment sanctuary bills after the infamous New York SAFE Act was passed in the middle of the night.

The sanctuary movement accelerated when New Mexico politicians promised to pass anti-gun legislation. The vast majority of New Mexico counties responded with second-amendment sanctuary legislation of their own.

The anti-gun politicians in Florida proposed a raft of gun-control after the attack at a Florida high school. Several Florida counties said they would protect their children with guns.. and without the help of Tallahassee. Most recently, the governors of Virginia and Texas proposed sweeping gun control. Many counties replied with, “Come and Take It”

The states without sanctuary bills fall into two widely separated camps. They are the extreme anti-rights states like New Jersey, and the pro-rights states like Utah. Some see no hope, and some see no need.

Proposals for mandatory confiscation and taxes on guns and ammunition accelerated the sanctuary movement into high gear. This finally became personal for many gun owners. Gun owners went to a local meeting to let their voice be heard. The pro-rights organization Gun Owners of America provided model legislation for sanctuary counties, and that helped.

Sanctuary bills are re-writing the map in states where “There is nothing we can do to stop the gun-grabbers in the capital.” It turns out that there is a lot we can do, and you are doing it.

Look at the model legislation, and send a copy to your local representatives and your local gun club.


I’ll update this list as I learn more. RM

Alaska state wide
Arizona several
California some
Colorado many
Florida several
Idaho state wide
Illinois over half the counties
Kansas state wide
Maryland several
Montana 2A sanctuary state
Nevada several counties
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico 52 out of 62 counties
New York one
North Carolina one now two
North Dakota
Oregon 13 of 36 counties
Pennsylvania some
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee several
Texas several
Washington several
West Virginia
Wisconsin some
Wyoming state wide

Tennessee “


Repost from Interfax news- MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

November 21, 2019

Now we understand why the Democrats need to impeach Trump. RM

“Ukrainian members of parliament demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States..investigate suspicious transfer of $7.4 billion by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party.”

Read more- MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

Repost- Hong Kong students flee through the sewers to escape ‘Tiananmen 2.0’ | Daily Mail Online

November 20, 2019

Socialism shows its real face. RM

Students under siege at a Hong Kong university are trying to escape through the sewers amid fears that police will storm the campus and open fire, causing a Tiananmen Square-style massacre.Dozens of activists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University wrapped their knees and arms in plastic on Tuesday as they prepared to try and crawl to freedom through a perilous maze of underground tunnels.

Source: Hong Kong students flee through the sewers to escape ‘Tiananmen 2.0’ | Daily Mail Online

Repost- Locked and loaded: CBS46 goes inside the first Georgia school district to arm its teachers

November 20, 2019

Sensational headline aside, the news article distorts the facts. Many school staff carry concealed outside of school. Now, for the first time in Georgia, trained volunteers may also carry as they perform their job at school. RM

“Laurens County, Georgia has the first school district in the state to put guns in the hands of some of its teachers and staff members. Outside every school building in the county is a yellow sign that reads, in part: “Warning. Staff members are armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force.”

Source: Locked and loaded: CBS46 goes inside the first Georgia school district to arm its teachers | News |

A Bad News Week for Socialists in the US

November 20, 2019

The news is filled with stories of political corruption and oppression. The ugly face of statist-control is staring at us just behind the headlines and the media spin. Unfortunately, the legacy media is more interested in hiding the truth than reporting it. This is what I noticed.

  • Family members of Democrat leaders Biden, Kerry and Pelosi took huge contributions from foreign energy companies. So did the Clintons. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives wants to impeach President Trump for investigating some of those payoffs.
  • David Daleiden was convicted of video recording the horrible practices of Planned Parenthood. His real crime was embarrassing the California politicians who receive millions of dollars of political contributions from Planned Parenthood. The judge in this case was a board member at a clinic affiliated with Planned Parenthood, and the judge refused to recuse himself from the case.
  • Chinese police threaten to shoot unarmed protesters in Hong Kong while imposing mass arrests and deportations. The unarmed Chinese citizens are powerless in the face of a brutal government.
  • Venezuelan Death Squads kill unarmed political activists to suppress ongoing dissent.
  • All the Democrat presidential candidates said US citizens should be disarmed unless they are government employees.

Do politicians deserve our trust?

Each of these stories deserves front-page news coverage. Each one of those subjects deserves a full article at Slowfacts. My point is that our politicians, our legal system, and our news media are deeply biased to serve political ends. Today, our laws and regulations are so complex that they are counter productive; they thwart justice and serve political corruption rather than moderating it. As current events show us, that doesn’t end well.

In the USA, laws are for the little people, but not for politically connected multi-millionaires.

I have my biases also. I like messy freedom. I’ve meet too many self-serving people to want my country’s future in the hands of politicians or news agencies. Government is supposed to be limited. There are supposed to be checks and balances between political interests and between different branches of government. Since we are corruptible, and we are, then unlimited power leads to unlimited corruption. The headlines I listed showcase the brutal face of government power.

The good news is that times have changed. Human nature stays the same, but we know about this corruption because of the internet. We know more than what our local paper or CNN wants us to know. We can read widely, and the best sources are outside the mainstream legacy media. The only solution I see to preserve liberty is for us to get involved in our local politics and tell the truth on social media.

Freedom is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have. Please hold on to it.

Only 400 words, but they are the best ones I have. If they touched you, then please share them with a friend. RM


MASS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN IRAN – 67 Demonstrators Killed – Regime Fires on Protesters From the Air (VIDEO)

November 19, 2019

You didn’t read about this in our legacy media. Read deeper. RM

“The mass protests continued Monday in Iran. The protests are spreading to the major cities — at least 75 cities now.

“Iran regime’s troops are shooting unarmed protesters from the air as people chant ‘Death to Khamenei.'”

Source: MASS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN IRAN – 67 Demonstrators Killed – Regime Fires on Protesters From the Air (VIDEO)

Link- Controlling three million people with with 1,500 police officers.

November 16, 2019

Here is the Socialism they want to bring to the USA. Not while I’m alive.
Know them. RM

“Elite Venezuelan police officers allegedly summarily executed a young man after a grim interrogation inside his home in a slum on the outskirts of Caracas. 15 masked police officers barged there way inside Jose Arevalo’s home. Arevalo was told by an officer: ‘If you collaborate, you’ll go free, otherwise you’re going to die.’

“The tactics are simple: one a trouble spothas been detected, saturate the zone with overwhelming force, terrorize the whole neighborhood, “interrogate” suspects, arrest a couple of promising informants kill several people (with or without reason) and leave the area. Wash, rinse, repeat.”

Source: Controlling three million people with with 1,500 police officers.

Gun Control Adds to the Death Toll in Illinois

November 13, 2019

Democrat legislators in Illinois make it hard for honest citizens to protect themselves. Illinois government is controlled by Chicago politicians, and, sadly, those politicians like gun-prohibition. They say their laws makes all of us safer. Facts say otherwise. Illinois politicians claim gun-control is “for the children” but we can count the bodies of the dead and injured who are the real victims of gun control.

Chicago has a problem with violent criminal drug gangs. Illinois politicians say the drug gangs would be non-violent if they couldn’t get guns. The solution, the politicians claim, is to pass more gun-control laws and to disarm more law abiding citizens. That is what we’re told by Chicago politicians. The Chicago news media reports these political press releases  without questioning their truth or looking for alternative explanations.

Let’s do what the news media should have done and take a deeper look at the problem. With 2015 people shot and wounded in Chicago this year, and an additional 415 shot and killed, it is obvious that existing gun laws have not made us safe. Politicians claim these violent drug gangs will obey the next gun law, even though the murderers, assailants and rapists ignored the 23 thousand existing firearms regulations that politicians have passed so far. Politicians say the same thing with every law they pass, so there is no reason to believe they are telling the truth this time.

Judge for yourself. We know that violent gangs in Chicago already smuggle drugs and illegal immigrants around the globe and across our borders. Politicians claim that new ink on paper will stop the gangs from smuggling the next a pound of steel, lead and gunpowder. That hasn’t worked so far.

These gun-prohibitionists claim that the problem isn’t really about Chicago, but that the city is an unfortunate victim of lax gun laws in other states. That is like claiming that the drug problem in Chicago is really the problem of lax drug laws in Columbia and China. History shows us that when we take a shipment of illegal drugs away from the gangs, the gangs simply go out and buy more illegal drugs. Likewise, when we take away their guns, the criminals go out and get more illegal guns.

The fact we’re trying to ignore is that criminals break the law. They don’t obey our drug laws, our immigration laws, our prostitution laws, or our gun laws. Politicians can blame someone else, but Chicago politicians created the environment where people turn to drugs and to crime.

Chicago has both high crime AND stringent gun-control. Passing gun-prohibition laws and disarming honest citizens makes things worse rather than better. Disarmed victims are easy targets for gangs of armed criminals. Gun control reduced the number of honest and law abiding people who legally carry a concealed firearm in public. That leads to more crime victims.

Illinois makes it difficult to obtain a concealed carry permit, and nowhere is it harder than in the city of Chicago. Politicians required that applicants for a carry permit demonstrate their skill with a firearm. Then the politicians outlawed shooting ranges where honest citizens can learn to shoot and demonstrate good marksmanship. In contrast, the criminals use the streets of Chicago as their shooting range.

We can put numbers to the body count. The state of Illinois has over 300 thousand licensed  concealed carry holders. That number should be closer to 800 thousand if Illinois had a concealed carry rate that matched the rest of the United States. Illinois isn’t like the rest of the US. An Illinois permit costs more and takes longer than almost any other state. Half-a-million people gave up on getting their permit because of the difficult process in Illinois.

Those law abiding citizens were disarmed in public by Illinois laws and regulations. Disarming half a million law abiding citizens has real consequences. Based on FBI statistics, about 2700 of the victims of violent crime in Illinois this year were disarmed because of the extremely burdensome requirements that stopped them from going armed in public. We’ve made it hard on the law abiding citizens, but criminals don’t bother to follow those firearms restrictions.

Those 2700 victims were their own first responders. They were on their own to stop the attack on themselves and their families. They were on their own until they could call the police. They were on their own until police could get to the scene and arrest their attacker. Illinois politicians guaranteed that the criminals were armed, but those 2700 victims were not.

Most of those victims would have stopped their attacker if they were armed. Almost all of the rape victims would have stopped their attacker if they were allowed to go armed in public.

Self-defense seldom requires pressing the trigger. The vast majority of criminals run away rather than face an armed victim. That is a good thing.

Illinois politicians said that concealed carry holders are a danger to the public, but that isn’t true. Where we have data, we find that concealed carry holders are more law abiding than the police. Civilians who defend themselves with a firearm are much less likely than the police to shoot innocent bystanders. These people with a permit to carry a firearm in public are our neighbors, and as we’d expect, they behave responsibly.

Unfortunately, Chicago politicians would rather disarm the victims. The victim’s blood is on their hands. The victims of gun-control should be on our conscience as well.

I gave you 900 words. Please share them. RM

NBC, ABC And CBS Appear To Have Run Cover For World’s Most Powerful Rape Rings | The Daily Caller

November 11, 2019

NBC, ABC and CBS News have all appeared to run cover for some of the world’s most powerful rape rings.

The allegations range from killing entire stories outing disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, shutting down an interview detailing accusations against alleged child sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and firing an employee who might have tried to hold an outlet responsible.

Source: NBC, ABC And CBS Appear To Have Run Cover For World’s Most Powerful Rape Rings | The Daily Caller

The News Media is Out of Control, and That is a Problem

November 7, 2019

The news media is more concerned with celebrity and political propaganda than telling the truth. At least the media isn’t hiding their lies anymore. Now the real stories are coming to light.

ABC news ignored evidence of an extensive pedophile sex ring for at least the last three years. The stated excuse from the assignment editor was that no one wants to know about rich men who sexually abused children and young adults on a private island and in New York City mansions. I guess that excuse is plausible. Maybe the ABC assignment editor is an incompetent idiot and he didn’t know that “Fifty Shades of Grey” made the New York Times best sellers list. That is possible, but there are more likely explanations than stupidity.

Sexual abuse could be an accepted culture at ABC where top political journalists have been accused of sexual harassment on the job. It could be true that executives at ABC wanted to maintain their news connections with the celebrity abusers involved in the pedophile sex ring. Perhaps ABC wanted to protect their favorite pedophile politicians.

Spokesmen for ABC said the report on the Epstein pedophile sex ring didn’t meet their journalistic standards. Remember that ABC is the network which recently ran doctored video of a civilian machine gun shoot recorded in Kentucky and sold the footage as an assault by the Turkish military on Kurd civilians. ABC’s journalistic standards bend to serve their political ends.

Joy Behar who works for ABC summed up that point very well. On air, Behar said Democrat politicians should lie to the voters. Quote, “They (Democrats) should not tell everything they’re going to do. Like if you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take the guns away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.” close quote.

Another reason to bury the pedophile story strikes closer to home at ABC. ABC’s political news anchor, and former Clinton staffer, George Stephanopoulos went to parties in New York City hosted by Jeffrey Epstein. At ABC, some lives and life-styles are more equal than others. Unfortunately, ABC is not alone in its overt political bias.


Slanted Obituary from The Washington Post

US military forces recently killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS.  Al-Baghdadi used civilian captives as sex slaves before he cut off their heads. Rather than acknowledge the death of this known terrorist, The Washington Post labeled al-Baghdadi as “an austere religious scholar”. Calling this terrorist and serial rapist a religious scholar is like calling cult-leader Jim Jones an amature mixologist. If you drank the Kool Aid at The Washington Post, then it is fine to promote rape culture as long as you’re demeaning the accomplishments of a Republican president.

I think the pretense is finally coming off at the major news organizations. Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, said that the network’s most important job is to promote the story of impeachment. Nothing else is newsworthy. I believe him because there is a lot of news to hide.

We have the Pelosi family receiving millions in government contracts. We’re supposed think it is simple coincidence that Nancy Pelosi is the Democrat Speaker of the House. We have the Biden family receiving millions of dollars from foreign companies when Joe Biden was Vice President. We have huge financial kickbacks to the Clintons when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Meanwhile, the media told us the Obama Administration was without scandal.

That is a lot of corruption to hide from the voters. No wonder the Democrat news media needs to focus on a Trump phone call.

Read deeper to find the truth.

I gave you 600 words. Please share them with a friend.

How to Tell That the News Media is Lying to US

October 30, 2019

Some ecological environments show an amplifier effect where reducing one population lets another population explode. In our intellectual environment today, we see an explosive growth of lying politicians once the media starts lying to us even a little. I’m not a prude when it comes to dishonesty. I expect people to lie, and some much more than others. All of us expect politicians lie as they try to get what they want. We certainly don’t expect the truth from these undisciplined attention addicts who will say anything to get elected. The only thing that holds politicians in check is a spotlight from the press, and today, the press is in the tank for the Democrats. We know the media lies to us because the politicians are never shamed into telling the truth.

Diogenes searching the world for an honest man

-In one breath, Senator Kamala Harris, a democrat candidate for president, says we should turn in our guns, yet she owns a handgun for self protection. The senator thinks her life is more important than ours, and she knows the media won’t call her on her hypocrisy.

-Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, blamed oil companies for the frighteningly high price of gas, and then signed a bill to restrict exploration for oil and gas in California. Setting aside the insane environmental regulations in California, the state and local taxes on a gallon of gas in California are far larger than industry profits. The governor will blame anyone and anything to hide the fact that taxes and regulations make gasoline in California over twice the price we see in the rest of the country. The politicians know the media won’t shine a light on their political failures.

-The governor of California cut a deal with the largest electric utility in the state so the utility could shut off the electricity when high winds are forecast. Then, the governor says that we should buy electric cars and solar panels which don’t work when the utility turns off the electricity. The governor needs someone to else to blame for millions of California citizens sitting in the dark.. so he blamed the “greedy utility”. The news media lets this lie slide.

-Environmentalists in California don’t want anyone to cut trees. They already shut down most of the lumber mills in California. That means the bankrupt state of California doesn’t have money from timber leases to build fire breaks, repair remote access roads, and thin brush. Underbrush accumulates and leads to the intense wildfires that are ravaging California..again and again, year after year. The Democrat politicians who rule California need someone to blame as citizens wonder if their house will burn down. California Governor Newsom blames.. climate change. The media nods their approval rather than ask why California is burning and the rest of the world isn’t.

-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that a pipeline company couldn’t build a needed natural gas pipeline to the New York City area. Then, the governor said the utility company had to connect customers to the gas pipeline the governor wouldn’t let the gas company build. The news media refuses to put two and two together.

For every example I write down, you can think of several of your own. We’ll know the media is doing its job when the politicians stop lying. Until that happens, we will have to put the pieces together on our own. We will have to read enough so that we can recognize truth from lies, separate hard fact from political fiction, and tell the truth.

The great news is that with social media today, we have the means to spread the truth among our family and friends as never before. The media should be afraid of you. Thank you for all you do.

I gave you 500 words. Please share them with a friend.


Political Corruption and Headline Surfing Leaves Our Children at Risk

October 24, 2019

Our view of violence is wildly distorted. We don’t know the truth, but I think we can handle it. In the USA today, we think TV shows and the “news” represent reality. They aren’t. Instead of the truth, the news media feeds us the preferred biases of their selected audience spiced with titillating and emotionally charged subjects like violence and sexual scandal. That formula sells soap, insurance, and drugs, but it is also selling us a dangerous brew of politics. Unfortunately, that witches-brew of lies could get our children killed.

It is easy to think that the United States has become more violent over time. That false impression comes from our biased attention. Today, we carry a headline-machine in our pockets. Media algorithms deliver more of any headlines we clicked. That is why we see more stories about violence, when in fact, the rate of violent crime continued to fall for the last several years.

Due to our media-distorted perception, we think that mass murders are a hundred times more likely than they really are. In contrast, we largely ignore the danger of drugs, alcohol, and suicide because we don’t see those stories in the news. That distortion of reality leaves us vulnerable to political manipulation. It becomes too easy for politicians to sell us imaginary solutions to fictitious problems.

We know that 27 students and staff died last year (2018) during a mass murder at a US school. That is a horrible tragedy and I’ve written about how to save lives in schools. Because of the biased news coverage, we forget that the horrible murder toll in our schools is eclipsed a dozen times over on the streets of Chicago. Drug overdoses will kill more young people than that in a few days. We confuse the sensational with the meaningful.

The media continues its drum beat of distortion about mass murders that didn’t happen because it captures our attention. That distortion leaves us vulnerable and I’m afraid we’ll be manipulated. I fear that Antifa and the people behind them will attack a school to prove the politicians right.. and would do it shortly before the next election.

That sounds crazy to me, but we’ve already seen Antifa get away with violence. We also saw Jeffrey Epstein’s death while he was in police custody. Men who lust for power will always justify their actions.

The antidote to propaganda is more information.

The only way I know to stop such a plot is to read deeper. Set aside the ball games for a minute and study the risks our children face. Understand what really keeps our kids safe at schools. For extra credit, compare what you learned to what you were sold by the news media.

That could save our kids. And, it could also save our country.


Infringed- Is the Right of Self-Defense Half Full or Half Empty?

October 21, 2019

A growing number of us go armed in public. John Lott, Phd added up the number of concealed carry licenses. By his numbers, we’ve added millions of new people who have a permit to carry concealed. What we’ve ignored is the tens of millions of law abiding citizens who were denied the right to keep and bear arms. Judges routinely ignore laws that infringe our rights.

Doctor Lott added up the numbers from coast to coast. He found over 18 million people who have concealed carry permits. That is about a million and a half more than last year. On top of that, millions more of us live in states that have constitutional carry. Those states allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed in public without a permit.

Is that progress, or are our rights routinely violated in many states?

18 million sounds like progress. Unfortunately, it ignores the tens of millions of us who where were denied the right of armed defense. New Jersey and Hawaii effectively deny the right to keep and bear arms in public. Illinois demands days of instruction, imposes hundreds of dollars in fees and costs, and imposes months of delay in order to buy and carry a firearm. Contrast that with other states.

Some states make it easy to carry concealed. Alabama has the highest concealed carry rate among eligible adults with 26.3%.  Potter county, Pennsylvania had a concealed carry rate slightly over 50 percent of the adult population.  As you would expect, the costs to get a permit in Alabama and Pennsylvania are quite low. It costs 20 dollars in Pennsylvania and a similar amount in Alabama. We’re not talking about a few people who live out in the country who have permits, but the near million people who live in mid-sized cities. Cities in Alabama like Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, and Huntsville have a population between 100 thousand and 200 hundred thousand.

Compare that to the rest of the United States. Over 153 million of us are registered to vote. That implies 40 million of us want to carry concealed if it were as easy to get a permit as it is in Alabama. Almost 77 million of us would carry concealed if it were as easy as rural Pennsylvania. As I said, some states don’t require a permit to carry, but what happened to the rest of us and why aren’t we carrying?

20 to 57 million of us were disarmed by high state fees and burdensome regulations. From 14 to 36 percent of us were disarmed by the burdens of time, cost, and restrictive regulations.

57 million is a lot of people. That is comparable to the number of eligible voters in California, Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania combined. Judges would notice if these people were denied the right to vote, but judges look the other way when we are disarmed against our will. Note that judges in California and New Jersey can get a permit.. while we can’t.

The answer is clear. The right of self-defense, the right to keep and bear arms, is treated as a second class right.

The people who live in our large Democrat-controlled cities are most likely to need a firearm for self-defense..and are most likely to be disarmed. Only the elites have the right to bear arms.


Lies Democrat Politicians Told Me and the Media Sold Me

October 16, 2019

The Democrat candidates for president are issuing extreme proposals like a bunch of drunks who stayed at the bar too long. Now, the candidates are competing to see who can come up with the wildest schemes as they vie for media attention. Beto O’Rourke got some press coverage when he called for forced confiscation of mid-range semi-automatic rifles. Desperate for attention, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker flashed some confiscation of their own. None of the Democrat candidates criticized firearms confiscation. Are these extreme proposals appealing to the Democrat base, or is there a larger motivation?

Democrat Presidential Candidates. Image from BusinessInsider

The rifles the Democrats demonized are average in power, average in size, but above average in popularity. These “evil black rifles” are significantly smaller and lighter than full sized battle rifles. Unlike automatic weapons, these civilian guns fire a single shot each time the trigger is pulled. That is why they are not used in combat by the military. In fact, these guns are less powerful than most hunting rifles used across the US.

The news media will shout that these “weapons of war” were used by mass murderers to hunt our kids, but that isn’t true. Though it is true, it isn’t no good news that mass murderers in the US were more lethal when they used other guns.

Unfortunately, public perception is political reality. We think mass-murders are a hundred times more common than they really are. We think that suicide with a firearm is only a third as common as it really is. Our view of reality has been wildly distorted by news media that sensationalizes rare events.

To be fair, the “evil black rifle” is more powerful than the 22 caliber rimfire guns that most of us used when we first learned to shoot. As one of my instructors said, the AR and AK rifles are girl-guns. With an adjustable stock and their mild recoil, these are the guns we give to teenagers and to our girlfriends when they want to step up from the rimfire guns they shot as kids.

Is that why the Democrats want them banned? Do the dems want to disarm young adults and women? Democrat politicians say these guns are used to “hunt humans,” but these are the same guns that politicians give to the police to protect us. They are the same guns that police officers want to have when they face a suspect they know is armed.

Facts matter. About a million of us will use a firearm in self-defense each year. Most of us will be attacked outside our home. About 20 million of us have concealed carry permits to protect ourselves and our families when we are in public. Back at home, a number of us will use long guns to defend ourself. The intruder almost always runs away when they face an armed defender, and that is a good thing.

The truth is that Democrat politicians need to scare urban women into voting for them. The Democrats need to convince us that Republicans are handing out guns on the street corner and our kids are dying of gunshots. In fact, our kids are more likely to die from suicide, from drugs, and from alcohol than from assault with a firearm.

Public perception is reality in politics. Democrat candidates claiming they will save our children might get them elected.. as long as the press plays along with the lie.

It might work as a political strategy, but the media’s distortion distracts us from real solutions to save our children.

If we really wanted to save our children,
then we’d get married before they were born..
and we’d clean up the corruption in our inner cities.

The media wants us to think crime is everywhere, while most counties in the US won’t have a single murder this year.

Crime is local. The press is wildly unequal in its coverage of violent crime. In a month, more people are shot and killed in Chicago than are killed each year by mass murderers in our public schools. Mass murder is widely covered in the news, but the news media ignores the political failure in our inner cities.

Our violent inner cities are run by Democrats. The press will ignore that fact as well.


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