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What Do You Do Now That You Bought Your Gun?

July 2, 2020

We learned some difficult truths in 2020-
We’ve been “flattening the curve” for fifteen weeks. We are also in the third week of “defunding the police”. We watched the news and saw situations that could pose an immediate, lethal, and unavoidable threat to ourselves or our family. Millions of us decided to buy a gun for personal protection. The great news is that millions of new gun owners acted responsibly. They found out that self-defense comes with homework. These new gun owners bought gun safes and also sought training. There is certainly a lot to learn, but if you’re a new gun owner, there is something you discovered in the process of buying your gun. You saw that politicians and the media lied to you about gun ownership.

-President Obama said it was as easier to buy a handgun than to buy a book or buy fresh vegetables, and that we could buy machine guns over the internet.
-Socialists politicians also said only the police should have guns.
-We saw known criminals wave guns around during riots while the police watched from a distance and did nothing.
-Socialists politicians disbanded the police and then hired private security to protect them at home and at work.

The real world isn’t like what we’re told on the news-
For many of us, buying a gun didn’t go the way we expected. Millions of new gun owners were shocked by the amount of paperwork required to legally buy a gun. We found out that the so called “instant” background check can take days or weeks. If their purchase was approved, these gun owners found out about state mandated waiting periods before they could take their gun home. Gun buyers also discovered that an inconsistent name or address on their driver’s license or on a utility bill meant that their purchase could be denied. Those are the problems we found if the system of gun control is working. In many states, honest people who wanted to buy a gun were simply turned away after the government refused to process firearms purchase requests.

It was easy for the average citizen to believe the lies about gun ownership until we experienced it for ourselves. Government officials from the US Supreme Court to local bureaucrats said they couldn’t be bothered with the right to keep and bear arms.

Politicians ignored the right of self-defense-
We saw politicians closed gun stores while they left liquor stores open. Politicians demanded that we get firearms owners identification cards and safety cards..and then refused to issue them. State and local governments stopped processing firearms purchase applications and concealed carry applications. Some states demanded a background check to buy ammunition, and then stopped processing those ammunition purchase authorizations. Politicians closed or limited the use of shooting ranges where new gun owners could learn to use firearms safely.

Criminals get illegal guns in minutes while bureaucrats deny the right of self defense to honest citizens.

Change the things you can-
Those political decisions didn’t happen on accident or by surprise. For years, some politicians told us they didn’t support the right of self defense. That is exactly the way they voted. Changing that is up to us.

First, tell your politicians about your experience of trying to own a gun. Ask them to fix the laws and public policies that denied you the ability to protect your family. You might not be completely familiar with your local gun laws, but there are state and local organizations who are. (Here are a few of them, and here are a few more.) If you wanted to know more about your local gun laws, you could ask a local firearms instructor for advice. If you write yourself a short note about what happened to you, then you can tell that story on the phone, by fax, and then send an e-mail to your representatives. Tell your local newspapers too, because what happened to you is news.

Replace the politicians who don’t represent you-
I wish that politicians would learn from your experience, but many politicians won’t change their attitude about armed defense. That means you’ll have to change the politicians you support and change the way you vote. Here is a list of local organizations that support the right to keep and bear arms. These groups know which local politicians voted against your right to own a gun.

Time and money creates change-
Work changes the results of elections. You might have to put your time and money to work if you want to get your rights back. That means volunteering to make calls and putting in the money to buy campaign signs. You also have to vote and ask your friends to vote.

You have four months to get your rights back. Please start now.

I gave you 800 words. Please share them with a friend. RM


The Elites Unmask Themselves- words versus actions during the epidemic

June 24, 2020

The number of daily deaths from Covid-19 peaked two months ago, yet the media turned their outrage up to 11. We were told that President Trump is dangerous, and so is the rest of the United States. We are irresponsible for leaving our houses during an “epidemic”, and President Trump is irresponsible for letting us. We were also told that we’d be safer without the police because of systemic racism. Here is a news flash for the talking heads. Your history of erroneous reporting means I don’t take advice from the media without a great deal of further research. Also, it isn’t the president’s decision what I do. It isn’t the media’s decision with whom I associate. This is the USA, where I am responsible for my actions and my mistakes. Thanks for your suggestions, but I don’t like what happened during our trial season of socialists control, and I’ll take my freedom back.

Before it sounds like I’m bragging about being all big and brave by leaving home and meeting with friends, look at what the politicians and the media did. For a minute, ignore what the media and politicians said on camera, and watch their actions off camera. They did the same thing that most of us are doing, except the politicians took private jets. They unmasked their true beliefs time after time.

The media didn’t stay home. If there ever were a job you could mail in, then it has to be the job of sending your picture and your voice to your boss. Today, millions of us do it 9 to 5.. except we don’t have a makeup artist. I get the same feeling from the media that I got from the weather reporter who was caught kneeling in a puddle to report a flood.

The media didn’t act the way they sounded. They didn’t follow the recommendations of the breathless experts they had on camera. The news crew’s face masks came off once the cameras were turned off. The most notable examples were where the mask-wearing media chastised the White House press spokesman for not wearing a mask. A minute later when the briefing was over, someone captured a cell phone picture of the media standing around talking to each other without their masks. The media outrage was an act; they never thought there was a risk of infection.

Another example was a man-in-the-street interview where the news reporter is wearing a mask and asking two people why they are not wearing theirs. The two interview subjects point at the camera, and say they are not wearing masks for the same reason the cameraman is not wearing one.

Democrat politicians gave us the same hypocrisy we saw in the news media. Democrat Governor  J. B. Pritzker of Illinois issued mandatory business closures, stay at home orders, and enforced social distancing by early April. Those are the rules for us common citizens, but the governor flew his family to Florida for a vacation. Some stay at home orders are more equal than others.

Business were closed in Illinois. The Mayor of Chicago flooded churches with police officers when the churches tried to open. Mayor Lori Lightfoot went to get her hair cut because she is the mayor and you are not. Some that serve politicians are essential, while the businesses that we use are deemed non-essential.

Not to be bested in the hypocrisy race, the Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City went to the gym and got his haircut. The mayor even sent his daughter out to protest the death of George Floyd. The Mayor’s daughter was arrested for stopping traffic on Broadway. Social contact tracers were explicitly told not to ask if people who came down with flu like symptoms had attended political protests. Some sources of disease are politically acceptable, while others are not.

The Mayor then threatened to permanently close any churches that tried to open in New York City. Some social gatherings are more equal than others.

I also noticed that Democrat politicians didn’t run to countries with socialized medicine when they got sick. They didn’t fly to Venezuela or Mexico. Not to Cuba or even Canada. Socialized medicine is a source of political kickbacks for politicians, but it isn’t something these same politicians want to use when they or their family are actually ill. They stayed in the USA where we have private healthcare. They stayed here, ordered take-out, and shouted, “Orange Man Bad!”

It is easier to speak a lie than to live it.
Watch what the elites do, not what they say.

Maybe the elites got what they wanted by forcing us to live under a temporary socialist dictatorship.  From what I’ve seen, I don’t like it at all. Neither do you, and the elites don’t bother to live by the rules they advocate for the rest of us.

The elites might arrest me, but they can’t control us unless we let them.

2020- The Year We Were Played

June 18, 2020

The chinese called it the year of the rat, but so far, 2020 has been the year of the manipulated citizen. Politicians and the legacy media have been spinning the news to an amazing degree. We were sold the Wuhan flu epidemic. With an interlude for Murder Hornets, we were sold that systematic racism in the USA gave rise to spontaneous riots. Instead of swallowing the political narrative of the week, let’s dig a little deeper and see what truths we can uncover.

The flu, the whole flu, and nothing but the flu- Politicians in deep blue states said they would enforce mandatory lockdowns and social isolation until we had a vaccine for the Wuhan flu. Public health was the excuse. In contrast, we see that the fraction of us who died from the Wuhan flu are highest in deep blue states. We conducted an inadvertent epidemiological experiment on cruise ships, on naval vessels, and in college dorms. One college closed, but had to retain 1200 college students who couldn’t go home. They finished the academic year from their dorms. They ended the year without an active case of the Wuhan flu. The rate of infection and death were far lower than the US CDC projected.

We also learned that socialized medicine is horrible. Most of the deaths from the Wuhan flu were in the New York metropolitan area. Patients who had been critically ill with the virus were sent to convalescent homes to recover while the patient was still sick and spreading the virus. Convalescent homes also house elderly people who have chronic illness and require long term care. In short, New York public health officials put some of the most contagious patients among the most vulnerable population. That failure ranks with white settlers giving blankets infected with smallpox to native americans. New York and New Jersey politicians blamed the virus for their mistakes, and the media let them.

Recently, we have state funded “contact tracers” in New York who want to know your personal contacts if you come down with the flu. These contact tracers are explicitly told not to ask if the sick person was at a public demonstration. Politicians and their legacy media called Trump rallies a needlessly dangerous sources of infection. In contrast, riots and looting were called healthy expressions of political opinion. Some demonstrations are more equal than others.

San Francisco has horrible public health conditions with widespread homelessness and drug use. It was easier for California politicians to put the law-abiding population into lockdown than to reverse decades of bad public health practices and clean up their streets.

In early 2021 when the numbers are in, the epidemiologists might conclude that the Wuhan flu was simply a difficult strain of the flu. We learned that politicians will never let an “epidemic” go to waste, even if they have to create one.

Racism is horrible..until politicians need it- The media and politicians weren’t done with us. A policeman in Minneapolis used horrible police practice and killed a black man. Peaceful protests were quickly taken over by looting and riots. These rioters soon killed more innocent black shop owners in a few days of “protests” than the police have killed all year. We’ve seen honest black law enforcement officers murdered by thugs, but not all black lives matter. We were exposed to the horrible sight of black men and women being beaten as they begged the looters not to set fire to the store because people lived on the second floor above the store.

We were told that cities which have been under democrats/socialists control for generations were suddenly suffering from systematic racism. I think these cities were suffering from the bad public policy their citizens voted into office. As one clear example, we saw Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot use the police to forcefully close churches, while the mayor simultaneously promoted large public protests that furthered her political aims. True to form, Chicago politicians put their political power before the public good.

The legacy media said these were spontaneous racial demonstrations.. where politically connected lawyers just happened to be handing out bricks and gasoline bombs. The media told us that Black Lives Matter was a trying to stop racism, but you’re called a racist is you say that all black lives matter, even black babies in the womb. To me, the BLM and AntiFa website read like a mashup of the communist and socialist political platforms. Those policies have certainly not helped black or poor people in the USA. Their claim that silence is violence sounds a lot like Orwell’s Big Brother claiming war is peace. The same socialists politicians who said that only the police should have guns then came out and told us to eliminate the police.

The more I learn, the more I see a political agenda behind the sound-bite solutions.

We saw socialist politicians blame Trump for the Wuhan flu. We saw socialist politicians destroy their local economy while claiming to act for public health. We saw politicians look on in envy as socialist thugs extorted businesses in their city using race as an excuse.

This is an election year, and we’re being emotionally manipulated by the media and politicians. Keep your sympathies in check until you know the relevant facts. Learn and speak the truth because November is five long months away.

Demands to the government of Seattle
BLM leaders on “reproductive justice”

Teaching New Gun Owners to Cheat and Survive

June 10, 2020

Gun sales year to year, November to April. From NICS and

2020 is unusual. We added millions of new gun owners each month. Gun ownership has been increasing, but this year is remarkable. We bought firearms when government failed. We saw the police withdraw because of an epidemic. We saw courts put criminals back on the streets. We saw government officials overwhelmed by protests, riots, looting, and arson. We realized that we are on our own to defend ourself and the people under our care. I’ve studied self defense for a few decades, and here are some unmentioned truths that new gun owners need to know. The truth is that grandma can survive a breakin and defend herself against three thugs. The secret ingredient in Granny’s self-defense is that she cheats. She didn’t fight fair. Neither should you. There are legal cheats that let the good guys survive.

The truth is that most people do a pretty good job at defending themselves without much training. The truth is that you are not a gunfighter. A gunfighter wins because of speed and accuracy. You are a defender, and you survive because the particular way you fight makes you hard to kill.

The truth is that crime happens all the time and everywhere. Of course, we want to stay away from a riot, but a third of us are violently attacked at home. The other two-thirds of violent attacks occur away from home. No place is absolutely safe, not at work, not at the store, and not as we travel. That is why you want your defensive tools with you all the time. Those tools include a firearm, a phone, and most importantly, the knowledge of how to use them. Your attackers expect an unarmed victim, but you cheated.

The truth is that you are not a TV action hero. You won’t be shooting multiple attackers as you slide across the floor. Let’s be honest. Without practice, you can barely load and unload the gun you just bought. You don’t know how to hold your gun or how to carry your gun, let alone how to shoot quickly and accurately. The great news is that you can fix most of that by talking to the people at the gun store where you bought your gun. Helping new gun owners is what they do for a living.

The truth is that you must be awake to defend yourself. That is why you lock your doors and windows. That way, the bad guys make noise as they try to get to you. You want an alarm. It can be an electronic alarm, or a dog, or both. Your dog is an alarm, but you are the defender. You need a plan that works when you’re only half-awake.

You survived an attack because you avoided a fair fight.

The truth is that people are irreplaceable. You want to leave the lights on in the center of your house. Let the thugs take your TV and your computer. Let them steal your bottles of booze. Hide your family behind you as they huddle in the far corner of a dark room. You survive because you shoot the bad guys as they come down your bedroom hallway with the light behind them. You survive because only a gun barrel and a small part of your face is exposed, but maybe the bad guys can’t even see that. You’re effectively invisible if you stay away from the door frame and stay hidden in shadows. You and your family survive an attack because you made the bad guys come to you. You survive because you can see them and they can’t see you. That said, you must see them so you don’t shoot your neighbor who is knocking at your door to tell you that thugs lit your fence on fire. Good guys identify their target before they shoot, and you want to be one of the good guys.

Hiding behind cover. Image from

The truth is that you call the police as soon as you’re threatened, but a gun in your hands beats a cop on the phone. You defend your family when you face an immediate, lethal, and unavoidable threat, and only then. Keep shooting until the threat is gone, and then stop shooting. That is how you are hard to kill and also hard to convict. You can’t win, but you can survive long enough to ask the police for help.

The truth is that a little bit of knowledge and practice makes you much safer. Make a security plan and walk through it with your family. Include a first aid kit in your supplies and learn emergency trauma care. A little thought and practice goes a long way.

I gave you 800 words. Please share them with the people who need them.

Thank you to radio host Bill Frady for the inspiration for this article.

Being Horribly Wrong Doesn’t Affect Our Elites

June 3, 2020

I pay for my mistakes. That is why I try so hard to learn from them. It is too expensive to make the same mistakes over and over, unless you’re a member of the elites. A medical model of the flu was wrong and our elites put 20 million people out of work in the USA. Democrat mayors with a democrat police chief failed to train and discipline their police officers, so a black man was murdered. That was wrong, and people protested. Then, those protests were taken over by antifa thugs who wanted to destroy businesses as a political statement. Some mayors and governors stopped that lawless violence, but other politicians let the riots continue. The media fanned the flames of the false narrative. None of the elites paid a price for being so wrong. We paid the price.

Today, we need to be smart enough to sort truth from lies. The good news is that we can, but it isn’t easy.

The 2020 flu-
Politicians made horrible decisions in the case of the Wuhan flu. Mask were essential, then mask were useless, then masks were the latest sign of virtue signalling. Politicians released violent prisoners to keep them “safe”, and then the same politicians put business owners in jail because they opened their shops without a government permission slip. Ham-fisted politicians increased the unemployment rate almost ten-fold and ignored the number of lives that cost us. We paid the price for their mistakes.

Protesters who objected to this government overreach were fined for carrying signs in public. Gay bars were “essential businesses”, but churches were not. Neighbors called the cops after seeing a plumber’s truck in front of their neighbor’s house. Cops were called to verify that there was a leaking toilet. That self-righteous indignation gives me the shivers.

The definition of socialism is that the government controls business and public activity. We just had our free 90-day trial of Socialist control. People who said they were “pro-choice” showed themselves to be intolerant of diversity. We sold our freedom for security when we faced a bad case of the flu.

Looking at the number of people who die each year from of the flu was our first clue that this was never a dangerous epidemic. So were the number of Covid deaths in Japan and Sweden where both countries refused to establish a lockdown. That data was out there after the first weeks for everyone to see. This “epidemic” was, and remains, a disaster caused by politicians acting badly and a news media selling sensationalism.

The murder of innocent men and women by the police-
Police unions have immense power. That is particularly true in our large democrat-controlled cities. As an obscene example, a police officer was suspended after he refused to act during an armed attack on a Florida high school. That officer was reinstated on the force, along with receiving back pay.

Recently, a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on George Floyd’s neck until Floyd died. That police officer had a long history of complaints filed against him. The police chief, the district attorney, and even the county attorney didn’t press charges and have the officer retrained or removed. They did the politically easy thing rather than doing the right thing. Our sad history shows us that these politicians are not alone.

The cops I know are awesome, but not all of them are. There is also a long list of innocent people who were injured or killed by the police. Finally and fortunately, Judge Clarence Thomas, a brilliant black man who sits on the US Supreme Court, said it was time to reexamine the statute of qualified immunity that keeps officers and politicians from being charged for official misconduct. Thank you, Judge Thomas! The death of George Floyd might be the catalyst for change that is both needed and overdue. Politicians and police unions oppose it.

The riots must go on-
Honest citizens were outraged by Floyd’s death. They protested in cities across the country. They deserve our thanks. Those protests were diverted by other organizations for their own ends. Black Lives Matter and Antifa turned protests into riots and looting. They delivered bricks to the scene of the riots. Lawyers from New York delivered molotov bombs to rioters. Sincere protesters became pawns. Their cause was used by the political and media elites.

Some politicians and news commentators said that riots were desirable. Those riots killed black store owners. Looting destroyed the future of many more black business owners. Note that politicians, academics, and the news didn’t lose their homes or their businesses to looters.

Our elites said the riots were unavoidable, but some responsible communities not only avoided them, but stopped them when they started. You have to read past the headlines to find their stories, but some communities protected their police, protected their stores, and threw Antifa out of town. That news doesn’t fit the story they want to sell, so CNN hardly covered it. Read deeper to find the truth.

Note that Hollywood celebrities, as well as staffers from the Biden campaign, put up bail money for people who were arrested during the riots. In contrast, the business owners who lost their stores to looters were supported by individual go-fund-me campaigns.. and by staffers from the Trump organization. That tells me who is willing to invest in our community, and who needs violence to fit their political narrative. Study the political situation and come to your own conclusions.

It looks like Democrats and the elites need to blame violence on Trump. Democrat politicians said the ongoing “epidemic” was too severe to allow business owners back into their stores, but not so severe to stop riots. Those politicians said that police were outnumbered so there was nothing they could do to stop looting and arson. Then, the same politicians told us to call the police rather than defend ourselves.

We’ve paid enough. Don’t sacrifice your future to their story.

If we read past the headlines then we can detect self-serving lies. We can and should shame our elites when they lie to us. We have to hold politicians and the media accountable because they won’t do it themselves.

I gave you 1000 words. Please share them with a friend.

Facts and Perspective on the Pandemic of 2020

May 28, 2020

We think our models of the world are more real than the world itself. That tendency is understandable since we can experiment with our simple models, while the real world is awash in complexity. We ignore what we don’t know. We shut down civilization because a model of the coronavirus said we were in danger. The facts matter, but we need more than facts and figures and the lastest models to feel safe again.

Are we at risk from Covid-19? Putting facts into perspective lets us see the relative size and distance of our concerns. We can compare the virus to other infections, to other risks we face, and compare the risks in our state versus other states. The first thing to notice is that we are not all the same.

One third of Covid deaths are in the green area, one third are in the yellow area, and one third are in the red area.

We’ve long been told that diversity is our strength. That is true in the case of this pandemic because we can see that a few states contain almost all the deaths from Covid-19. Even that statement hides how concentrated the fatalities really are. New York state has the most covid deaths. Even then, it is really New York City rather than upstate New York. Within the city, there are a few nursing homes that provided long-term care where the disease killed significant numbers. We see the unusual death toll in New York City because New York government demanded that patients discharged from the hospital with Covid-19 had to go to state-supported nursing homes to recover from the virus. Covid patients were sent to live with elderly people living in nursing homes even though the new patients were still contagious and shedding the virus. Other states did not do that, and that difference saved tens-of-thousands of lives across the country.

Before we can evaluate the danger of Covid-19, we have to ask if we will deliberately put old people into a dangerous setting. Decisions like that make over a 50-fold difference in the results. That isn’t a model, that is observation.

Best and Worst States for Covid-19

Covid-19 is now projected to kill about a hundred-and-thirty thousand people in the US this year. That sounds like a disaster, and it is about one-fifteenth of all the people we expect to die in the US this year from all causes. To put that projection into perspective, 130 thousand lives are about twice the number of people who died from the flu over the winter of 2017-2018. It is certainly worth our attention, but not the end of the world anymore than the flu was the end of the world two years ago.

We’ve seen diseases like Covid-19 before. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was also a coronavirus. We developed a vaccine for SARS over a decade ago, but SARS disappeared before the vaccine could begin clinical trials. We are again seeing similar behavior from Covid-19.


One well established theory says that about 60 to 70 percent of us have to be immune to the flu before the disease dies out. One problem with that theory is that we haven’t all had Covid-19 and yet we’re seeing a sudden drop in new cases. Now that we’re six weeks past the peak, have we suddenly become that much more diligent at washing our hands?

We observe that about 17 percent of us may have been exposed to the virus, and yet it is dying out as if we already reached herd immunity. Those are the results from antibody tests taken across the country. One untested theory is that many of us, if not most of us, have a natural immunity to Covid-19. Our immune system, particularly our T-cells, remember similar coronaviruses even if we don’t have the antibodies for this years virus. That is only a theory, but epidemiologists are struggling to explain what is protecting many of us from getting the virus as the rate of new Covid-19 infections falls so fast. You might not have heard about that epidemiological puzzle because good news doesn’t sell newspapers.

Here in the USA, it looks like Covid-19 will kill about 4-people-in-ten-thousand. Some places have been much worse and some have been much better. No matter where we live, we want to take care of those who are at an elevated risk, but there are greater dangers out there.

Whether you find that comforting or troubling remains up to you.

I gave you 600 words. Please share them with a friend. The original article is here. RM

Covid Death Rates by State as of 25 May, 2020- RM

Albany Can’t Save You from the Flu

May 25, 2020

Politicians can do two things; they can arrest us and they can spend our money. Neither of those measures will save us from Covid-19. You can be safe, but only you can do that, not your mayor and not your governor.

The problem is not one of intelligence or wealth. The problem is about your unique personal information. The politician’s can’t know you and what you need. Albany can’t save you, and neither can Trenton, or Hartford, or Lansing or Boston.

To start, the governor’s public-health decrees don’t take account of how old you are. For young people in good health, the Wuhan flu is simply..the flu. Not so if you’re over 70 years of age and have serious chronic illnesses. The governor can’t know your family situation. If you’re a young family with kids, then you should be at the playground having fun. College students should be at the beach. Some of you will get the flu, just as you did last year and just as you will next year. I’m sorry you missed a few days of vacation with the sniffles, but that is life and you’ll get over it.

That isn’t true if you are taking care of elderly relatives with health issues. In that case, you might want to stay home, have your food delivered, and watch bad television for a few more weeks.

While staying home might be a good solution for you, it is a death sentence for someone waiting for cancer treatment. Let us go because lives are at stake. We need different solutions for different people.

The governor’s orders don’t take into account the rate of infection in your local community. One third of the deaths from Covid-19 for the entire USA are in the New York City area. Meanwhile, many counties are waiting for their first confirmed fatality.

One third of deaths in green, one third in yellow, and one third in red

The personal safety measures that work for you might not work for New York City,
and what works for New York City has devastated the rest of the USA.

We saw the New York City government put seriously ill people who had the virus into nursing homes along with elderly patients. The results were deadly. We had governors shut down their entire state, and we’re still learning how bad that was as rates of addiction and suicide grew six fold.

We asked government to solve a problem that was beyond them,
and politicians didn’t have the humility to admit it.

Your mayor is issuing decrees so he looks good in front of the TV cameras and so he looks good in front of the political bosses at the state capital. That is what politicians do. The governor is thinking about his political future, not about your future and your family’s future.

The politicians’ universal solution is to hand out money and tell you to stay home,
even if that solution doesn’t fit you at all.


I have a different universal solution for Covid-19 and it has proven both safe and effective in real-world tests. Wash your hands and avoid large crowds in confined spaces. Beyond that, think about the problem and do what works best for your situation. Maybe you should go back to work or maybe you should stay home. You make the call.

We will adapt. Maybe we will change our routines. For instance, a parish might make the first religious services on Sunday the designated “old-folks mass.” Lots of churches already have hand-sanitizer next to the holy-water font. Instead of reading from a hymnal, people can read along on their phones.

I don’t know every solution, but you are much smarter than I am. You always were. We need you to remembered that. I trust and respect your judgement more than the decisions of a politician.

To the politicians I say, get the hell out of our way.

I gave you 700 words. Please share them and leave a comment. RM


Repost- There Is No Evidence Lockdowns Saved Lives. It Is Indisputable They Caused Great Harm – William M. Briggs

May 22, 2020

From W M Briggs, here are the statistics the legacy media didn’t show you. RM

“..we cannot conclude that lockdowns worked.

“..What politician anywhere will cop to ruining their economy and the lives of millions of their citizens? Who can say “Ah, it was only a few trillion”? This will not happen. It just won’t. All politicians will and much go on repeating that their lockdowns “saved lives”.

Source: There Is No Evidence Lockdowns Saved Lives. It Is Indisputable They Caused Great Harm – William M. Briggs

Should you be a slave to my fears?

May 21, 2020

Is it your fault that I’m afraid? Maybe it is your duty to do what I say until I feel better. Your rights end where my feelings begin, and I’m afraid of a virus and I’m afraid of freedom. That is why you have to do what I tell you to do. Or not.

Should you be a slave to my fears?

This so called “epidemic” is a wakeup call. More people will die from addictions and suicide than from Covid-19. Are we going to let someone take our freedom? We’re giving up the freedom to earn a living. The freedom to travel. The freedom to worship. We’ve given up the freedom to assemble and petition our government.

We’re willing to give up our freedom over the common cold, over the flu that will kill one out of two thousand of us, while other causes kill 15 times more of us every year.

This is our fault. We didn’t pay attention when our mayor was elected, and now he ordered us to stay home. We didn’t pay attention when our country board was elected, when our sheriff was elected, when our school board was elected. We didn’t ask the right questions when our state representatives, our governor, our federal legislators, and our president were elected. We didn’t do the work then, so now we have to get up and call them and demand our freedom back.

We didn’t do the work, so now we have to protest and contribute
to the legal organizations who are fighting for our freedom..
or we won’t have any.

We never agreed to slavery. We went from flatten the curve, to social distancing, to until we have a vaccine. We were told that the new normal is where abortion centers are open, and churches are ordered shut down and we should report our neighbors. We went from releasing violent criminals from jail, to jailing manicurists and barbers who see one client at a time.

That is socialism. That is fascism, and here is the cure.

Stop asking for permission. The strength of the american people is that we lead the way and make the politicians follow us, not the other way around. We’ll show the politicos when it is safe for them to come out of their safe spaces. They can follow our example.

I will not be a politician’s slave,
even if the politician is wearing a white lab coat and a surgeon’s mask.

There is no evidence that house arrest saves lives. None. There is a theory, but there is no data to support it. In fact, there is strong data against house arrest. Look at the experience of Sweden and Japan. Neither country enforced a lockdown. When we look at the severity of the illness, the US is worse than Japan and slightly better than Sweden. If we take out the New York metropolitan area, then the US infection rate moves closer to Japan.

That lesson is clear; don’t be like New York and move infectious people into nursing homes.
Don’t stay stuck on stupid.

It is your life and living it is up to you. Stay at home if you want, but you are not my slave and I am not a slave to your fears.

It is past time we acted like it.

I gave you my best 500 words. Use them as you see fit. RM

The Lies the Legacy Media Will Tell Us

May 20, 2020

The legacy media lies. They lie to us in order to manipulate our opinion and to make more money from their advertisers. Those facts aren’t news. It doesn’t take much imagination to write the “epidemic” headlines that are headed our way.

-Every death in a bad red state is caused by Covid-19 and “poor political decisions,”
but every death in a good blue state is because “Orange-Man-Bad.”

–Politicians who hand out government money to their special interest voting blocs are
“acting with compassion during an emergency”,
but the politicians who open their state so people can earn a living are
“risking people’s lives as they sold out to greedy business interests”.

-Grocery stores are “selflessly serving the public” by being open,
but a priest, pastor, or rabbi is “needlessly putting people at risk” by opening his church.

-A politician is “sensitive to risk” when he empties the jails and the prisons,
but an honest citizen is “responding to unjustified panic” when he buys a firearm to defend his family.

-Protesters are “radical and threatening” when they petition to rescind the
government imposed house arrest,
but anti-gun politicians are “expressing concern for the public” when they
threaten to shoot people who don’t wear a mask.

-People die of Covid-19 because politicians have “blood on their hands”,
but people who die of the seasonal flu and suicide are.. invisible.

-You are “spreading distrust of our institutions” when you study and question government officials,
but you’re “responsibly informed” when you believe the legacy media on TV.

-Politicians are “implementing creative solutions”..
when they impose social controls before testing if their decrees actually work,
but patients who want to try novel dietary and medical treatments are “acting on superstition.”

-Politicians who threaten to jail shop owners and arrest people walking alone on the beach are
“bravely protecting public health”,
but the people demanding their freedom are showing a “slavish adherence to the constitution.”

-On average, 7,700 of us die from natural causes every day in the US, but we’d have lived forever if we’d only voted for Hillary in the last election.

The lies of the mainstream media are entirely predictable, so anticipating their stories isn’t hard. At least the legacy media could come up with more creative lies.

Please ask yourself this question- Are you watching Mr. Prettyface and Ms. Prettyface on the news in order to learn something and then act on that knowledge, or are you watching for amusement?

Spend your time, don’t waste it.

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Michigan barber defying Gov. Whitmer’s coronavirus shutdown has license stripped | Fox News

May 14, 2020

The power to regulate is the power to destroy lives. RM

A Michigan barber who reopened his shop in defiance of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s coronavirus shutdown orders had his license temporarily stripped Wednesday.

Source: Michigan barber defying Gov. Whitmer’s coronavirus shutdown has license stripped | Fox News

Did Shelter in Place Save Lives or Cost Them?

May 14, 2020

Covid-19 might kill 100 thousand of us in the US, but maybe not. We still have hope that it will kill far fewer. What we do know is that putting 200 million people under a relaxed house-arrest costs lives too. We have to ask if shelter-in-place saved lives or cost them. Who gets to decide that more young addicts committing suicide was worth it in order to have fewer old people die in nursing homes?

You want us to do what?
The entire discussion rests on shifting definitions. At first, we were told to “flatten the curve”, and that made sense. The mortality rate from the virus and from every other disease would skyrocket if our hospitals were overwhelmed and couldn’t take new patients. Fortunately, we flattened the curve really well. Once our medical facilities had some breathing room, then shelter in place didn’t save lives.

That is when some politicians announced that we needed to keep the disease from spreading. Diseases like this coronavirus are not easily contained. They spread as easily as the common cold, since many cold viruses are also coronaviruses. Did those orders serve a public health goal, or were they serving a political goal of putting the politicians in front of the news cameras? There isn’t data that they saved lives.

Died with the virus or because of the virus?
To make the entire question harder to understand, we also starting fudging the numbers. You might already know that many men die with prostate cancer, but not from prostate cancer. It is unclear how we should record it when a person who has several diseases and only a few years left to live dies with the coronavirus. Some deaths were recorded as being from the novel coronavirus while the patient could also have died from the seasonal flu which caused similar symptoms. The early numbers have large error-bars and overcounted the lethality of Covid-19.

We made the illness worse.
We’ve seen some very strange information coming from New York City. One bad practice was to move seriously ill patients with the virus to nursing homes to recover. These patients no longer needed critical care in a hospital, but they remained infectious. Many residents of these nursing homes are elderly people who are very vulnerable to the virus. That may explain the unusually high number of deaths that we saw among old people in New York city while we didn’t see that rate of lethality in other cities.

There are other medical costs.
Telling a hundred million people to stay home has secondary effects that go way beyond toilet paper. We told people with serious health problems to avoid medical treatment so we could make room for the flood of Covid patients. That flood never came. Instead, we had people die of heart failure or of cancer while they waited for medical treatment. Treating the entire USA the way we treated New York City was a mistake.

Does social distancing save lives?
It isn’t clear that mandated social distancing and shutting down schools and businesses actually saved lives. Sweden and South Dakota never issued stay-at-home orders. Their rates of infection were not much different from other states. Some were better, and some were worse. Japan had extraordinary success by isolating their vulnerable population and issuing voluntary health recommendations.

Two States of Being- Matt Bracken

It is hard to measure the benefits of forced isolation.
It is relatively easy to estimate the cost.

Isolation is dangerous.
There are a number of other fragile populations that politicians put at risk with lockdowns. As of yet, we don’t know the cost in human lives. We kept mental health patients from seeing their therapists. We kept addicts from attending their support meetings. We know that a regular schedule helps people keep their life on an even keel. Feeling useful at your job helps you feel like your life matters. People adapt, and therapists and addicts developed schemes to work around the edicts for social distancing. We don’t know how many more people relapsed or committed suicide because stay-at-home orders removed their support network. We do know that we made more addicts and more suicides.

The human cost of unemployment
Politicians put 15 million people out of work. That increased the unemployment rate by 8.2 percent. Earlier, we’ve seen the opioid death rate increase by 3.6 percent for each percent increase in the unemployment rate. We had about 114 thousand people die in 2018 from drug overdose and suicides. That number increases to about 192 thousand when we include deaths due to alcohol. If deaths due to alcohol abuse and suicide are as sensitive to unemployment as drug overdose deaths, then government mandated lockdowns might have killed an additional 57 thousand people. We’re not sure yet, and I hope it is less. Far less.

That doesn’t mean that mandatory stay at home orders failed. It means we have to see about a 40 percent reduction in the rate of death due to Covid-19 after states and counties impose lockdowns, or else the stay at home orders could cost more lives than they saved. We’re not seeing that sort of reduction in illness yet.

risks on both sides

Other people with a sharper pencil will generate more accurate numbers than I have. This quick glance is enough to know us we have to be careful. Putting people into social isolation costs lives and is only justified once we have evidence it actually reduces deaths from Covid-19.

Until we have that evidence, shelter-in-place orders are political theater.

The original article is posted here with sources.
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This Isn’t a Public Health Problem

May 11, 2020

We were told that the police have to force us to behave certain ways because of a public health emergency. That doesn’t make sense. The actions of our politicians don’t match their words.


  • If cops who are not wearing a mask, arrest you for not wearing a mask, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If we release violent criminals from jail, and then jail peaceful shop owners, then this isn’t a public health problem.

    Salon owner Shelley Luther. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
  • If you’re standing alone and cops gather around you to arrest you for not social distancing, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If police threaten to give tickets to a husband and wife because they are sitting next to each other in public, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If police ticket couples who are driving together during a mandatory lockdown, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you can walk on the beach, but you’ll get arrested for sitting down on the beach, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you can walk on the beach, but can’t swim alone, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you can go to the beach, but you can’t fish from the shore, then this isn’t a public health problem.

Navy Chief defies restrictions

  • If churches are closed but abortion centers are open, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If people die of preventable causes because we shut down our hospitals, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the liquor store clerk can serve thousands of people a day, but you can’t open your business for a few dozen customers, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If golf courses are open, but shooting ranges are closed, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the grocery clerk can see over a thousand people a day, but your priest can only have 9 other people his his church, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the court is open for marriage or divorce, but not to renew your concealed carry permit, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If counties who shelter in place have the same death rate as counties who don’t, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If we treat counties that have never seen a death from Covid-19 the same way we treat New York City, then this isn’t a public health problem.

    One third of Covid deaths in green, one third in yellow, and one third in red

  • If politicians send sick people back to nursing homes, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians demand help, and then refuse to use emergency hospitals staffed by volunteers, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you’re told to socially isolate even after you’ve had covid-19 and are now immune from it, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians say we shouldn’t jail people for disobeying the regulations that the politician just wrote, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians go to the gym, go get their hair cut, and go to a nail salon, but you can’t, then this isn’t a public health problem.

    Back-alley haircut

We have a political problem during an epidemic, but not because of the epidemic. Politicians want to control you. Please get off the couch and solve it, or we won’t have a country by the November elections.

Give your elected representatives a call today, and demand your freedom.

Let us go.

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Repost- Why Did We Treat Coronavirus So Differently Than Other Epidemics? | Ricochet

May 9, 2020

“There was never any evidence that lockdowns reduced overall death rates, and now that we have some experience, it is becoming clear that lockdowns at best change only the timing of fatalities.

“A recent study looked at how soon states went into lockdown after reaching the threshold of one death per million. Although lockdowns are still touted by the “experts,” the data clearly showed that whether states locked down early, late, or not at all had no effect on death rates.

“Fortunately, as Sweden is demonstrating to the world, certain characteristics of the coronavirus render it vulnerable to herd immunity. Most people that develop immunity don’t get that sick, vulnerable populations are easily identified, and the others are almost totally protected.”

 Source: Why Did We Treat Coronavirus So Differently Than Other Epidemics?  |  Ricochet

Your Business is Essential

May 6, 2020

What the hell is an essential job and an essential business? Who is more essential, the cop, or the kid in the mall-kiosk who who fixes my phone? Fortunately, that decision shouldn’t be up to a politician or a judge. It should be up to you.. every day.

We want meat and fish in the grocery stores, so we make meat processors essential. We can’t get our steaks because we need to have the test kits that prove our meat was cut and processed under sanitary conditions. Now we make the test-kit manufacturers essential. We still can’t get meat because we ran out of plastic wrap and foam trays. Now we make packaging manufacturers essential too. Soon, you can’t get meat because we need printed paper labels, bottles of ink, and automated label printers. Now the paper, laminating, and printing industries are essential. Accountants, bookkeepers, buyers and billing clerks are essential so that those materials move into and out of firms.

Do you know how many chemicals are in an ink-formulation,
and all of them are all essential or your kids don’t get their fish or sausages.

Let me go at this from another perspective. Plastic surgeons inject botox, and that seem like an optional medical procedure. Plastic surgeons also repair the stumps of amputated limbs, and I’d call that pretty damn essential. So would you if you have any imagination and empathy. Everyone is essential, from the shoemaker to the gal selling magazines and newspapers.

A politician is the last person we’d want to decide who gets arrested for breaking quarantine.

Let my people go.

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Which “New Normal” do You Mean?

May 6, 2020

The good news is that most of us are headed back to work. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many new things during quarantine to be sure about our new “normal”.  We’ve seen citizens and politicians behave horribly. The new normal isn’t about wearing a surgical mask in public. I’m worried that our new normal is about accepting political domination.

Maybe we should accept social distancing for a few more months, but maybe not. A friend corrected me and said,

“Been there and had that. Now, I can’t get it and can’t spread it, so leave me the hell alone.”

My friend is correct. Social-distancing rules should not apply to him, as they should not apply to more and more of us each day. Is wearing a mask and social distancing something we do to appease paranoid people who are afraid of germs and want to control us with their fear? That isn’t healthy. Someone who suffers from mysophobia doesn’t need me to wear a mask; they need to see a psychiatrist. Crazy shouldn’t be the new normal.

I hope the new normal isn’t snitching on other families because they don’t cower in their homes. I hope the new normal isn’t making allegations against competing businesses or your employer. Sadly, we’ve seen the police shut down business at any time and for any reason while taking the owner’s business license. Where quarantine was once an excuse, it won’t be long until political payoffs become the underlying reason.

Been there. Seen that.

We’ve seen agents from Child Protective Services exceed their authority even before the outbreak of coronavirus. Now, CPS can take away your kids because you’re not schooling them “properly” or not wearing a mask and washing hands with the frequency the bureaucrat likes. Are you wealthy enough to protect your family from the state?

In case you think I’m joking, remember that a Texas judge put a business owner in jail because she wouldn’t say she was sorry for opening her business and putting her unemployed hairdressers back to work. Beyond a fine, the salon owner got seven days in jail because she wouldn’t bend a knee to the cops and judges.

I suspect that the judge’s behavior strikes you as tyrannical. The reason I think I’m not alone in being disgusted by the sentence is that the Go-Fund-Me account to pay the business owner’s 7-thousand dollar fine had 140 thousand dollars in donations. That says a lot of us don’t like that “new normal”. After she pays her employees, maybe the salon owner should use the extra money to run for public office.

The real casualty of the quarantine is in our diminished level of trust in public institutions.

After what we’ve seen, we can’t trust our politicians to be reasonable. We can’t trust police to show discretion, not after they arrested a state highway patrol officer for going to an empty park with his daughter. We saw police issue tickets after a husband and wife sat next to each other in public, or went on an “unnecessary” trip to get out of the house. We saw the police activate the beach patrol and motor boats to stop someone from swimming alone in the ocean.

That cure is worse than the disease. These public officials broke the public trust. They showed themselves to be bullies at best, and tyrants at worst.

You might say ‘we have to isolate to stay safe,’ to which I say ‘no.’ No, we don’t. We have to limit our social contacts only enough so our hospitals are not overwhelmed.. and not one bit more.

Any location where the respiratory treatment center in the hospital isn’t overloaded
has no justification for imposing a quarantine on healthy people. None.

There is no excuse for it. Some politicians, police chiefs, sheriffs and LEOs are hiding their lust for power behind a surgeon’s mask.

We can see them for what they are.

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Repost- Chicago Residents Tear Down Fences To Get Into Locked Down City Parks

April 30, 2020

“This is what freedom looks like, tearing down fences but still staying safe. Chicago residents proved they can be trusted with that freedom.”

Source: Chicago Residents Tear Down Fences To Get Into Locked Down City Parks

Coronavirus and Politics- a disease of the haves and the have nots

April 30, 2020

My friends are out of work. One of my friends had to terminate hundreds of her employees and give them their last paycheck. Politicians turned the flu into a political weapon. Now, small business owners face bankruptcy if they stay home, or jail if they open their shops. Thousands of us in fly-over country are paying with our lives because people in New York City want to live shoulder-to-shoulder. Coronavirus and politics is a disease of the haves versus the have nots.

There are 8.5 million people living in the five boroughs of New York City. Covid-19 is seldom fatal, and only two New York City residents out of a thousand have died from it. Almost all of those victims had other pre existing illnesses like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, emphysema, or another chronic lung disease. Most of the people who died in New York City of Covid-19 had not one, but two of those illnesses before they got the coronavirus of 2019.

In response, congressional democrats firmly represented the special interests who elected them and filled the virus relief package with pork. This is another “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” moment from Nancy Pelosi. We saw politics as usual, including the quarantine orders. We shut down the USA to make New York City feel better about their lifestyle choices.

My friends out here in flyover country have bills to pay and lives to live. Moms are being arrested for taking their kids to an empty park while Barack Obama plays golf during the quarantine. Politicians who have a year’s worth of ice cream in their freezer, and hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, say we should stay home. We should stay unemployed while China buys our food producers and our oilfields. Democrat politicians say we had to kill you in order to save you from a virus that will kill two-out-of-ten-thousand of us.

That is our choice to make, not theirs.

The Covid-19 virus is about twice as dangerous as the ordinary flu since the flu usually kills one out of ten thousand of us each year. For perspective, so does suicide, or at least that was the old suicide rate until politicians increased unemployment tenfold.

I predict that when we add it all up, the political cure will be worse than the medical disease and I hope that I am wrong.

Politicians and the news media are acting for their interests. The news media tells us that we are in danger so we’ll watch their next advertisement. Politicians say that they will save us from the long as we stay home and become dependent on them.

Don’t take this lying down. Call your political representatives and demand your freedom. Do what is best for you, not what is best for them. New York City will have to wipe its own nose this time.

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The original article with sources is here.

The Flu-Season of Our Discontent- Epidemic or Common Cold?

April 27, 2020

The latest predictions say Covid-19 will kill 68 thousand of us. Each death is a tragedy, but is that many deaths, or only a few? Are our reactions actually reducing the number of people who might die, or are we putting more people at risk?

I looked in the CDC data for the last 10 years. The flu kills about 37 thousand of us a year, though the numbers vary from 12 to 61 thousand. That means the Covid-19 virus is expected to be about 80 percent worse than the average flu. Again, is that a lot or a little?

A decade of the flu in the US

About 2.8 million residents of the USA die each year. About two percent of the people who die this year will die from Covid-19. It is also true that mortality rates go up during an economic recession, and the effect is significant.

About 47 thousand (2017) people take their own life each year in the USA. Being unemployed can double or triple the likelihood of suicide among the 20 million people we forced out of work due to Covid-19. We can’t prove that social distancing costs lives overall because we don’t know how effective it is at slowing the spread of Covid-19, and then how effective the reduced infection rate is at saving lives.

Consider the unintended effects of social isolation. Over 20 million of us are unemployed because their business are closed. Medical patients are denied their treatment because we closed parts of our hospitals. Addicts can’t go to their AA and NA meetings because we closed “unnecessary” meetings. We can easily make the cure worse than the disease unless we’re wise in the ways we fight Covid-19.

I know this is an election year, so every politician needs to get his face in front of the news media. I know the news media has to sell advertising with sensationalized stories.

Even with those facts as a given, our reaction doesn’t make sense.

I gave you 200 words. Please share them with a friend. RM
‘influenza 2009-10 12,500 deaths

Sweden claims coronavirus success after keeping country open – New York Daily News

April 25, 2020

“Criticized for refusing to lock down, Sweden’s top health official says herd immunity is inevitable and took credit for the slowing of coronavirus numbers.

“According to our modelers, we are starting to see so many immune people in the population in Stockholm that it is starting to have an effect on the spread of the infection,” Anders Tegnell, who led the charge to keep Sweden open, told local media. “Our models point to some time in May.”

Source: Sweden claims coronavirus success after keeping country open – New York Daily News

The World Could Be Ending- More News At 7

April 25, 2020

We are suffering from a dangerous disease. This disease causes us to repeat exciting news that might not be true. We look for this news because it makes us feel competent and important. This gullibility-disease also makes us stupid because the news is often exaggerated. The coronavirus of 2020 is our latest example. We could call it Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome, but that sounds too much like the CDC, and that abbreviation is already discredited. The news does a terrible job, so we need a long-term prescription of skepticism. We want to understand how this gullibility-disease works and what real reporting would look like.

The sensational media looks too much like this-

Mr. Prettyface says, ‘The sun came up this morning, and several models of the end of the world begin with the sun coming up. Ms. Prettyface, this could be the catastrophe that experts predicted. What do you think?’

Ms. Prettyface says, ‘Yes, I read the reports from Mr. Smartface, and his story about the end of the world certainly started with the sun coming up. We have several verified reports from our correspondents in Washington that the sun actually came up, so this could be disastrous.

Mr. Prettyface says, ‘More breaking news about the end of the world after this commercial for life insurance.’

We had some reports that a novel respiratory disease killed an unexpected number of people. Epidemics look like that, so this could be the beginning of an epidemic.. or not. The word “could” has a very clear meaning. “Could” means ‘something unusual happened, and we don’t know what it is.’ We might make that phrase simpler, and shorten it to S.U.H.A.W.D.K.W.I.I., but I prefer another approach. Let’s replace ‘could’ with ‘something we don’t know.’

We saw some people die of an unusual illness. We think this is a virus. This is ‘something we don’t know.’

When we were first learning about ‘something we don’t know’ we found out that it killed as many as a thousand people in Europe. That fact is fascinating, but not meaningful. To understand this number, we have to compare something that we don’t know to the diseases we see year after year. Here in the USA, we might see 600 people die a day from the flu in a bad season like the fall and winter of 2017-2018. Now we start to have some perspective on the news. A thousand people a day is certainly serious, but not shocking.

As of last week, New York City was the hotspot for the coronavirus in the US with the highest rate of infection. They estimated that a total of 40 thousand people in New York City were admitted to hospitals with symptoms consistent with the coronavirus. That sounds end-of-the-world disastrous.

40 thousand hospital admissions is slightly less than one-half-of-one percent of the population of the five boroughs. Fewer than one-person-in-220 sought treatment and was put into the hospital for either observation, isolation, or treatment. In a bad year for the ordinary flu, about 800 thousand of us in the USA go to the hospital due to the flu. That is one-out-of-400 for the flu, and one-out-of-220 for the coronavirus.

What the report failed to mention is that 94 percent of the patients in New York had at least one pre-existing medical condition. 88 percent of those hospitalized had two significant pre-existing conditions. 40 thousand people in New York City going to the hospital is a clear cause for concern, but it won’t sell life insurance after you understand it.

New York City had as many as 16 thousand deaths due to the coronavirus in 2020. That means that the illness may be lethal to as many as 40-percent of the patients hospitalized. That sounds like the disease is particularly deadly.. if you’re already ill with several chronic diseases. Across the USA, the flu is usually fatal to about ten percent of the people admitted to the hospital. Now we know that the coronavirus of 2020 is more difficult to treat than the usual strains of the flu. That is interesting, but it isn’t shocking enough to sell life insurance.

As of today, April 25th, we are several weeks past the peak-rate of daily fatalities ascribed to Covid19. We’ve had about 46 thousand deaths attributed to the virus so far here in the USA. That sounds shocking, but stay tuned for more news.

A serious season of the flu kills about 61 thousand of us in the USA. Most of these victims had prior medical complications. That means a previous illness prevented them from recovering from the flu. As you’d expect, the elderly are particularly vulnerable. That is true of Covid 19 cases also. The virus of 2020 is unusual, so many young people have never seen a similar virus in their lifetime. That puts some younger people at risk. That is bad news, but it won’t sell life insurance. Not if you explain it like that.

The death toll from Covid 19 could be as high as 100 thousand people in the USA. That means that ‘something we don’t know’ could be about two and a half times as deadly as the usual flu. Many hospitals can only take a 60 percent increase before they have to reconfigure the way they operate. That might sell insurance for a day, but it takes a lot of salesmanship to turn that into a panic.

Maybe I’ve given you a vaccine for the news. We’ll see who the real anti-vaxxers are.

The original article with sources is here.

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“New York Times report on patient health- “



The Big Sort Continues, or why some politicians cling to the shutdown.

April 23, 2020

The Wuhan flu gave us important insights. More revealing than a blood test, the virus showed us which politicians want to seize power and exercise control. Some governors and mayors issued strict stay-at-home orders where people were ticketed for taking unapproved driving trips. They were arrested if they swam alone in the ocean in front of an empty beach. In contrast, other states told citizens to make wise choices. You could find both the restrictive-government prescription and the hands-off prescription being widely criticized, depending on the flavor of media/propaganda you prefer. Yes, the media exposed its biases as well. It takes a little work to sort bias from fact about this “epidemic”.

Navy Chief defies restrictions

Like anyone else, I have my biases. I intuitively understand the desire to leave people alone. What I struggle to understanding is the payoff for controlling everyone. Here are the incentives I’ve found for those who want to rule.

-Political Donations for remaining open
During the epidemic, politicians get kickbacks for allowing businesses to remain open. In many Democrat controlled states, abortion centers were categorized as “essential” yet churches and gun stores were ordered to close. That didn’t surprise me since planned Parenthood donated tens-of-millions of dollars to Democrat candidates, while an anti-gun billionaire donated to many politicians. In turn, Planned Parenthood got the preferential treatment they paid for and gun shops were shut down. If you think this isn’t political, then explain why buying seeds for a vegetable garden was “non-essential”, but buying state-sponsored-lottery-tickets was deemed “essential”.

-Political Donations for government programs
Money talks. The flu epidemic opened a second epidemic of pork-barrel spending bills. Emergency bills let politicians hand out government checks to their favorite donors. Spending proposals from the Democrat controlled House of Representatives were filled with pork and special interest money. The expectation is that these special interests will now make large political donations to the party that rewarded them. When I looked at the federal and state emergency proposals, they include-

  1. $300 million in funding for public broadcasting
  2. Expansive new tax credits for solar and wind energy
  3. Issuing contracts to law firms connected with the democrat party so they can “study” what to do during the quarantine
  4. Requiring publication of corporate pay statistics by race, and race statistics for all corporate boards
  5. A $1 billion “Cash for Clunkers”-style program where the government buys planes from airlines
  6. New emissions standards for airlines and a requirement for full carbon offset by 2025
  7. $1.5 million to study climate change mitigation efforts in civil aviation and aerospace industries
  8. New and burdensome OSHA requirements on hospitals

-Direct payments to special interest voting blocks.
The flu was an excuse to send money to a politicians favorite group of voters. Governors and Mayors who force people out of work then promise that the government will be there to lend them a hand. Keeping more people on welfare means more voters who are indebted to the government to pay the rent. Politicians can blame unemployment on the orange man, while claiming they are supporting the unemployed.

  1. Required same-day voter registration and early voting
  2. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees
  3. $1 billion to give away Obama phones again
  4. Cash payments to illegal immigrants
  5. Bailouts of union pension funds
  6. Bailouts for student loans

When we’re allowed to shop for for groceries, but forbidden to vote in person,
then government decrees are about power, not public health.

Democrats demanded universal vote by mail so that we wouldn’t have to stand in line to vote. Unfortunately, we’ve seen widespread vote harvesting in California. I’m leaning toward having to show up in person to vote, show a state ID, and put my finger in an ink bottle after I vote.

-The benefit of controlling others is to exercise power.
We forget the thrill of exercising power over thousands or millions of people. This power seems addictive since governments never seem satisfied but demand more and more control. Politicians use any excuse for media exposure. Statist politicians can use the compliant “news media” and claim they are saving lives as they control more of our actions.

The media seldom challenges the politicians claim that government controls during an epidemic actually save lives. The data we have so far doesn’t support the claim that lockdowns stop the number of deaths. I understand the desire to “flattening the curve”, but that is a matter affecting the particular communities that funnel into a single overwhelmed hospital rather than the state as a whole or the nation as a whole. The solution should be local. For example, imposing a strict stay at home order in Laramie, Wyoming has no effect on the patient loads in the Bronx, New York.

That isn’t my opinion, but a judgement formed after looking at the results from nationwide restrictions. Sweden left its businesses open and never asked its citizens to implement social distancing. In contrast, Belgium closed its shops, its schools, and its border. Spain did the same thing, though on a different timeline. In theory, the stricter measures should have limited the rate of exposure and the number of deaths from the Wuhan flu. That isn’t what we saw. The percentage of the population who died from the virus in Sweden was a third of the percentage in Belgium and Spain. In those cases, stay at home orders failed.

The fraction of US citizens who died from the virus is considerably lower than any of those countries, Belgium, Spain or far. The current projections for the worldwide number of deaths due to the Wuhan flu are comparable to the flu in 2017-2018 season. In the late 1890s, public sentiment supporting the Spanish-American war was fueled by the Hearst Newspapers. The 2020 “epidemic” looks like the crisis that CNN built.

More than insights and changes in epidemiological practice, our scepticism towards government and the media is the lesson of the year.


Whose Freedom is This?- Let My People Go After the Wuhan Flu

April 17, 2020

We are past the peak of the Coronavirus as of the 15th of April. At this point, we will be criticized for every choices we make. We were told to close our businesses and stay home. We were told that we needed to avoid crowds in order to reduce the spread of the disease, and so reduce the demand on critical healthcare resources. That may have been true, or it may have been false. What is true today? Is more forced isolation better for everyone, or is it time to let people decide for themselves what they should do?

One simple solution will not fit everyone. What is best for Brooklyn, New York isn’t best practice for Hinsdale County, Colorado. The infection rates for the coronavirus vary widely across the USA. Some counties are asking for more resources while other locations are wondering what the Wuhan flu looks like. It is always true that a longer quarantine will reduce the spread of the virus. It is equally true that a quarantine will costs us our jobs, our wealth, and our health. By every measure, the risks are not spread evenly.

Staying home isn’t a big deal if you’re a retired billionaire living on your private beach. Being cut off from your job is a huge blow to younger people who are living paycheck to paycheck. We can give these needy people money for food and rent, but that won’t give them their life back if we kill the economy and their jobs. Lives are at stake in either decision. They always were.

Getting the Wuhan flu isn’t a big issue if you’re young and healthy. In contrast, the flu could be a death sentence for a cancer patient or an older person who is overweight and has emphysema. Should we sacrifice the lives of our young people by keeping them unemployed in order to save someone else? Fortunately, that isn’t, and shouldn’t be, a politicians choice.

It is your life to live. It has always been dangerous to get out of bed. Go to work if you think it is worth the risk. We’ll try to help you if you stay home, but it is your life and your choice.

It is always dangerous to leave your home. Stay at home behind your locked door if you want to avoid contact with other people. Again, it is your life and your choice.

Some vulnerable people will get sick and die. So will some young people who appeared perfectly healthy. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee. The best we can do is make wise choices.

There is no option where everybody lives happily ever after.
That is a fairytale. Don’t hand your future
to people who confuse real life with fairytales.

The odd thing about an epidemic is that our actions will affect others. Stay home if you’re sick, and please stay there until you’re safe to be around. If you’re unsure, then please wear a mask so you don’t inadvertently pass on the virus. Courtesy is always a good choice.

You might not know what to do. No matter how smart I might be, I don’t know what you should do either. I do know this. You are the best person to make choices for you because you have the best information and incentives for your situation. You will bear the benefits and are in the best position to know the costs. Don’t believe a politician who tells you otherwise.

What we should not do is order other people how to live their lives.
We’ve already had too much of that.

These unusual situations are like a magical magnifying glass that lets us see into people’s soul. Some government officials yearn to exercise their control over us. These politicians confessed as much by what they did during the epidemic, and the Wuhan flu was only their latest justification. These public figures are the worst people we could allow to have power over anyone. They were put in office to preserve our rights rather than violate them. Never forget who robbed you of your choices.

I’m glad that we’re past this peak. Take good care of yourself and those you love. Please enjoy your freedom, and spend it wisely.










How Do You Protect Your Family With Your New Gun?

April 16, 2020

Millions of new gun owners brought their gun home. That gun in its box in the bedroom closet won’t keep you safe until it is part of your security plan. Becoming a gunfighter takes months of practice and makes you seconds faster. In contrast, having a security plan takes only a few hours and gives you minutes of advantage. Spend your time where it does the most good. This is what you should do first.

Violent crime happens suddenly so you won’t have time to tease out a plan during the event. Please plan and practice now because during an emergency, you’ll only have the options you rehearsed. Physically walking through a safety drill makes all the difference in the world! Your mind falls back on your habits when you’re half asleep and stressed.

Another reason to build and practice your security plan is to change the world around you. If your doors are locked, then criminals often move on to try someplace else that is easier to enter. Lock your windows too. Now you can call the police and tell them that someone is moving through the neighborhood trying the doors. If you have a few dollars saved up, then add motion-activated porch lights and a video doorbell. Those simple steps have made your family much safer.

There is another safety item that you can put in place for free. Talk with your family about what to do in an emergency. You want to retreat to a safe-room and lock the safe-room door while the bad guys are trying to kick their way into your home. Once your family is in that safe room, then you call the police. That safe room is where you stage an extra phone, a flashlight, and your keys. Press the car alarm on your key ring. Locked doors bought you that minute to react.

Do not search your house looking for the bad guy. I’ve studied about a thousand examples of armed defense. You want to protect your family from a locked room and let the police be the ones who confront the robber.

Some people gather their loved ones in the master bedroom, and some couples move to their children’s room to protect them there. Do what works best for you. Walk through your plan several times and adjust it. First, pretend you are starting from bed in the middle of the night. Also conduct a walk-through as if you and your family were in their favorite spots during the day or at mealtime. Look to see where your family is at risk as you slowly step through your safety plan. Test it a few times, and then rehearse with your entire family. Maybe you need another flashlight and phone in your child’s room?

Our guns have to be secure from both children, from criminals, and from crazy people. You also need your defensive gun to be available quickly. How will you do that so responsible adults can defend your family in seconds? Many of us use a small quick-access gun box when we’re not carrying our gun in a holster.

We win by staying safe until the police come and arrest the bad guy. We want to avoid a gunfight where the bad guy gets to shoot at us and the people we love. If there is a bad guy in your home, then shout that you’re armed and that you called the police. The goal is to keep our family safe, and if words will stop people from attacking them, then use words.

Unfortunately, what other people do is not up to us. Guns are not magic objects that control people’s minds; they are projectile dispensers, and nothing more. We use a gun when locked doors and harsh words don’t work. Whether the confrontation comes to that point is up to the criminal and the strength of our door locks.

Study the problems of armed defense. We want to recognize the uncountable situations when we should not use lethal force. Maybe you should have some pepper spray with you too. Identify the rare cases when we have to use a firearm. Shooting someone probably won’t kill them, but that is up to the doctors since almost every gunshot is eventually lethal. Recognizing what to do will save us seconds of indecision. Don’t shoot at people who are outside your home.

Take a firearms class so you are both safe and accurate with your firearm.

Don’t chase the bad guy. Stay on the phone with 911. Tell the dispatcher what you look like and what you’re wearing. You probably want to put the gun down before the police arrive.

Do what the police tell you. If you get conflicting orders, then don’t move. Do you have a family member who can handle the phone while someone else handles a firearm?

Your security plan includes what to say to the police. Tell them you’re the person who called. You defended yourself when you faced a lethal threat. You want to press charges against your attacker. Point to any obvious evidence like broken windows and doors. Say that you’ll give a full and complete report and cooperate with the investigation after you’ve spoken to your attorney.

Now be quiet and call your lawyer. In that moment, you are suffering a chemical brain injury from adrenaline. Talking is more likely to hurt your situation than to improve it. You might be handcuffed and arrested. You might be taken to jail. What matters is that your family is safe.

Have a plan so you can get legal representation if you’re in jail. Buy a legal plan if you don’t have 50 thousand dollars in cash to spend on your legal defense.

Plan so your family is safe. Plan so you act within the law. That is how you protect your family.

I gave you a thousand words for new gun owners. What would you add, and more important, what would you take away? RM

Ohio Judges are Out to Lunch While Kids are Out of School

April 12, 2020

Few of us think very well, and sadly, that weakness applies to judges too. Two Ohio judges recently rendered a decision. They told the three thousand school staff members who were trained as first responders that they can no longer bring their firearms to school unless they pass police officer training. I’m not sure what problem this ruling was trying to solve. We have many thousands of school-years of experience with volunteer armed school staff in Ohio. So why, now, would judges reverse the standing interpretation of the state attorney general?

A plastic sign

People excuse their emotional decisions. Part of the law says that an armed security guard must meet the standard of a law enforcement officer. That section of the law is titled- “109.78 Certification of special police, security guards, or persons otherwise privately employed in a police capacity.” (emphasis provided by the author) The state attorney general wrote a formal letter saying that armed volunteer teachers are not acting in a police capacity. The judges didn’t believe him.

What does it mean to act in a police capacity? The police perform routinely scheduled security patrols, but armed school staff don’t do that. Teachers are not required to move toward someone who is breaking Ohio’s laws, but the police have to. Police make arrests and secure suspects, but armed school staff don’t do that, and shouldn’t do that. Armed school volunteers don’t preserve evidence and transport suspects for processing. School volunteers are not required to appear in court during a suspect’s trial. That is what the police do. So why would a judge of obvious intelligence confuse the two situations?

Armed school staff were put in place for one reason. These volunteers said they would stop a mass murderer and treat the injured. We are fortunate that attempted mass murder is rare. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to have an armed police officer standing in every hallway in every school so he can be there when a madman wants to kill our kids. We can’t afford to have an Emergency Medical Technician standing in very school hallway to treat the injured. Teachers volunteered to do that job, but most of the time these armed teachers are busy teaching.

School staff volunteered to do that job without additional pay. They were going to put their body between a murderer and “their kids”, and all they wanted was the training to stop the threat. These volunteer school staff submitted to background checks and interviews. During their training, they demonstrated that they shoot better than the marksmanship standard set for Ohio police officers. The volunteers in our schools learned first-aid/trauma training to stop the bleeding after they stopped a murderous attack. They took this training so they could keep students and staff alive until the police and EMTs arrived. How could a judge confuse these volunteers with the duties of a police officer?

Judges are human, and we are all captive to our experience. The judge usually sees two types of people who have guns; they are criminals and cops. The judge almost never sees a person with a concealed carry license as a defendant in his courtroom. For the judge, it is the cops who are the good guys who carry guns, even though there are a hundred legally armed civilians for every sworn law enforcement officer. For the judge, police and criminals are real, while legally armed civilians with a concealed carry license are an abstraction; they are something the judge has read about, but has never seen.

Societies also formalize and codify behavior over time. We used to do it on our own, but now, people get licenses to cut hair, apply makeup, braid hair, and fix up your yard. We used to carry a firearm without a permit, but now we require a license. We used to run errands to earn some extra money, but now, many cities require a cab or coureur license to do that. With this court ruling, these judges said that volunteer school staff need police certification and hundreds of of hours of training that they’ll never use so they can protect our kids in school. We don’t need teachers to write parking tickets or process an accident scene. Will a judge say that school volunteers need EMT certification in order to provide first aid?

It is human nature to assume that our experience is ordinary. Ordinary citizens protect our family at home and protect ourselves at work. In contrast, our judges are protected by an armed bailiff and by law enforcement officers who work in the jails and the courtroom. Perhaps the judge has forgotten that most of us provide our own protection. We are our first responders, at home, at work, and in public.

Judges also have to get elected. Perhaps these judges will claim they made our children safer by requiring more training for armed school staff. What they will deliberately ignore is putting our children at greater risk by leaving more children undefended. 79 of Ohio’s 88 counties had programs in place that allowed trained school volunteers to go armed. The judges’ ruling leaves those kids unprotected. The judges’ decision doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe the judges are depending on campaign donations from anti-gun groups to get re-elected.

The courts will take years to correct this decision on appeal. The legislature will probably fix it in a few months. The good news is that we are in the middle of a quarantine due to the Wuhan flu. Our school-age children are at home and being protected by their parents. That gives us time before we put our children at risk in our public schools.

We all make mistakes. It is up to us to fix this one. You can find your Ohio legislators here.


Videos on Safe Firearm Storage for New Gun Owners

April 10, 2020

You would have called me a madman if I’d predicted these events last Christmas. In early 2020, we saw sentencing reform. That meant people could steal up to $950 worth of merchandise per day and the thief would only be issued a ticket. We saw bail eliminated for so called “non-violent offenses”, so bank robbers who were arrested this morning would be released this afternoon. Across the country, we saw empty store shelves for the first time in our lives due to fear of a pandemic. Convicted prisoners were released from prison due to fear of infection by the Wuhan flu. Many of these criminals were soon back in jail after committing new crimes. Because of the pandemic, police in some cities wouldn’t come to investigate if you called them to report a crime.


That sounds crazy, but it is the world in which we live today.

After that news, several million of us wanted a gun for self defense. New gun owners would normally get safety-briefings about gun safety and safe gun storage from the store where they bought their guns. Normally, we’d take our friends who just bought a gun to the range so they’d have experience loading, shooting, and unloading their gun for the first time with supervision. We can’t do that now. Not with ranges shut down and stay-at-home orders in place. We started the Guns-101 video podcast for these new gun owners.

To start, you brought your gun home. Now you need to store your firearm safely so your family is safe when you are not using your gun.

Each episode is about 9 minutes long. Ask your friends who have a gun for the first time to watch these videos. The more they learn, the safer they’ll be.

Playlist topics so far-
(39 and counting)

    • Guns 101
    • Welcome to new gun owners
    • The four gun safety rules and how they apply
    • What are the options for safe storage?
    • Safety rule 1- treat every firearm as if it’s loaded
    • Safety rule 2- point your gun in the safest direction
    • Safety rule 3- keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot
    • Safety rule 4- identify your target and what lies beyond it
    • What kind of ammunition works in your gun?
    • How do you load a magazine, and what is it for?
    • Ben Branam on safe storage of your gun.
    • What are good holsters and bad holsters?
    • Is the AR-15 good at home defense?
    • How do you carry your gun?
    • Neil Weidner on safe storage
    • Protect your eyes and ears when you go shooting
    • Tools for a less-than-lethal response
    • Shotguns for home defense
    • Charlie Cook on safe gun storage
    • Which is your dominant eye?
    • Who needs to be shot?


Welcome to New Gun Owners in 2020

April 9, 2020

There are millions of you. Citizens and governments acted strangely in the last few months. For some very good reasons, you decided you would be safer if you had a firearm. Normally, you’d go take a firearms class and go to the shooting range to learn how to use your gun. That is harder to do during this epidemic. Being a responsible new gun owner could be impossible in some states that issued stay at home orders and closed gun stores and ranges. That is why we made these series of videos.

The more you learn, the safer you’ll be. Give it a watch.. until we can take you to the range.

Guns 101 by the Self Defense Ratio Network

Welcome to new gun owners-


The four rules of gun safety-

Store your firearm safely-

Rule #1- Treat every firearm as if it is loaded-

Rule #2- Never point a gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy-

Rule #3- Keep your finger off the trigger until…

Rule #4- Identify your target and what lies beyond it-

The basics of ammunition-

How to load your magazine-

Safe storage of your firearm with instructor Ben Branam-


The rest of the series is here, and growing, at this playlist- Guns 101 by the Self Defense Ratio Network

New Gun Owners in Quarantine- Doing What You Can, With What You Have, From Where You Are

April 7, 2020

In the last few months, about five million of us bought a firearm for the first time. New gun owners want to know how to keep their family safe, and armed defense isn’t obvious. In fact, Hollywood taught us to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Becoming a safe gun owners today is more challenging than usual due to the quarantine. New gun owners want to learn how to handle their firearm. Let’s also talk about the legal use of lethal force, and about the fundamentals of armed defense. There is a lot we can do with what we have.

I want you to learn about your new firearm. Set your gun aside for a moment. I want you to read the owner’s manual for your gun. If you bought a used gun that didn’t come with a manual, then you can ask the manufacturer for a replacement. Most documentation is available online, so print a copy. Skim it once, and then study it. Write down your questions as you go. Most of the answers are in the manual, but you have many other resources at your fingertips. Use the internet to answer your questions. One of the most important things in that manual is how to tell if your gun is loaded, and how to load and unload your gun.

The manual also tells you which ammunition you can use. That isn’t always obvious. Compare what the manual says with the ammunition you have.

For the next step, make sure your firearm is unloaded and that every single cartridge of ammunition is out of the room. Now you can safely go through the manual again with the gun sitting directly in front of you. Compare what the manual says with how things look on your firearm.

We have to talk about the basic rules of firearms safety before we can do more than look. A gun is a lethal tool. Both beginners and professionals follow a few rules to handle firearms safely. There is also more to each rule than seems obvious at first. These rules are both mental guidelines and physical habits you need to develop.

  1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded unless you immediately verified that they are empty. Even then, treat them as if they are loaded so you form safe habits.
  2. Point the gun in the safest direction until you’ve decided to shoot.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your firearm is pointed at your attacker and you have made the decision to shoot.
  4. Identify your target and what is around it.

Now you have to identify the controls on your gun. There is a particular way to hold a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun. In addition, there is a way that works best to hold your particular model of firearm. That is something you might be able to learn now.. but maybe not.

You need a safe place to handle your gun. We take those four rules very seriously, and you can’t manipulate your firearm in an apartment with two layers of sheetrock between you and your neighbors. You are responsible for where your gun is pointed. You need a solid wall that would stop a bullet if you’re going to handle your gun. That could be a concrete wall, a cinder block or brick wall, or a brick fireplace. Your refrigerator or filing cabinet might stop some bullets and might not stop others! Experienced shooters practice outside in a shooting bay surrounded by raised earthen berms so that every bullet stays on the range. You have that same responsibility even though you are at home and your gun is “unloaded”.

With your firearm pointed in a safe direction, exercise the firearm as shown in the manual. Be aware of where your firearm points at all times. Open the chamber. Verify that the chamber is empty, and that the firearm is unloaded. Exercise the safety devices on your gun. Learn to hold the gun the proper way when you carry it, and when you present it for firing. I know you want to press the trigger, but wait one more minute. Trust me that we’re almost there.

I want you to own three types of ammunition. You want ammunition so that you can practice loading your gun, so that you can practice shooting your gun, and you want ammunition that will defend your family. They are entirely different.

All firearms are lethal. They make ammunition that is designed to do the most damage to top a lethal threat when you are defending your family. For now, avoid using ammunition that is rated at higher than standard pressures. Self-defense ammunition is typically build with a soft or hollow nose, also called hollow point ammunition.

They make simulated ammunition called snap-caps that won’t fire in your gun at all. These simulated cartridges are often colored bright red or orange. This simulated ammunition lets you practice safely loading and unloading your gun. If you have a pistol, then you’ll want snap-caps so you can load and unload your magazines and practice loading the magazines into your firearm. Yes, loading and unloading your firearm is something you have to learn and practice.

You’ll also want ammunition that you shoot at a firing range. That ammunition is assembled with solid nose bullets. It is typically called training or practice ammunition. For now, avoid using reloaded ammunition.

There is an entire course of exercise called dry practice. In a room that has been cleaned of all ammunition, you can practice manipulating your firearm while following the four safety rules. You need a “safe backstop” like that wall we talked about before, and it helps if you have snap-caps.

Learn how to hold your firearm. Load it and unload it. Verify that your gun is loaded or clear of ammunition. With pistols, this is called a press check. Learn how to carry your firearm when it is not pointed at a target. Practice putting your trigger finger on the frame above the trigger guard when you’re not ready to fire. If you have a handgun, did you get a holster to go with it? Study what the sight picture looks like when your gun is in the firing position and your sights are on the target. Practice making the gun safe, and making it ready to fire. Practice transitions from a “low ready” position to a firing position. Practice putting your sights on target and not pressing the trigger. Also, with your sights on the target, make the decision to shoot and press the trigger.

The most dangerous thing about dry practice is when you’re done and you reload your firearm. People get confused by their habit of touching a “safe gun” when the gun is now loaded and dangerous. I suggest you put your gun away for an hour or so before you reload it and put it into storage. Read the references provided for more instructions about “dry fire procedures and practice”.

Where will you put your gun? Responsible gun owners protect their firearms from “the three “C”s. You are responsible for keeping your firearm away from children, criminals, and crazy people. If you bought your first handgun, then I suggest a small bedside safe with a four button combination. These safes cost about a hundred dollars.

Keeping you safe at home means we have to talk about the basics of armed defense. Unless you live alone, you want to talk about your defensive plan with your family or roommates. Lock your doors and windows so that intruders can’t walk into your house. If you have children or roommates, then you want to move to one room so you only have to guard a single doorway. I’m simplifying a complex subject, but you only use lethal force when you face an immediate, unavoidable, and lethal threat.

You have to identify your attacker. That means you want them to be in the light where you can see them and see what is in their hands. Two unarmed drunk teenagers aren’t a lethal threat to you and the four other members of the college wrestling team who live with you. A single teenager might be a lethal threat to a small woman protecting her young children. The appropriate action depends on the totality of circumstances.

You have to think about these situations before they happen or else you’ll freeze in place. I want you to plan for the situations where you should shoot and for the many situations when you should not. Ask yourself what you’ll do if a stranger comes to your door, or if your drunk neighbor is lost and sitting on your doorstep. Most situations do not call for the use of a firearm.

Calling for help is always a good idea as soon as you have time to do so. Think about what you’ll say to the police as you call for help. Check the references I’ve listed.

This is more than you can learn in a day. Break your study into small pieces and practice a few minutes a day. You can expand on each topic to fill several days of training.

Put your time in quarantine to good use. You’ll be safer for a lifetime, and better prepared to take your first self-defense class when quarantine is lifted.

Please share this article with the new gun owners who need it. RM

Dry practice safety
Dry fire drills
The legal use of lethal force
Self defense gun stories
Where to shoot after quarantine

Link- Gun 101 – Getting Started with Firearms – Gun University

April 6, 2020

We have millions of new gun owners in the last two months. I was looking for a good introduction so they can become safe with their firearms. Give this a look. Rob

“So, you’re new to guns and you’re looking to learn the basics about firearms.That’s awesome! We are so glad you’re here. Seriously.All too often, people are shy or nervous about getting into firearms because they are worried about being unsafe or they are worried that the “gun community” won’t accept them (being concerned about safety is a great thing, worrying that you won’t be accepted isn’t).You want to get into and learn about firearms? Come let us show you the basics of handling, shooting, and storing firearms.In this Gun 101 article, we’re going to cover the basics of firearms for those new to guns:

Firearm Safety

Choosing the Right Firearm

How to Purchase Firearms

Firearm Handling

Shooting Guns

Firearm Training

Storing Firearms

Shooting Accessories

Self Defense with a Firearm

Concealed Carry (CCW) Resources

Source: Gun 101 – Getting Started with Firearms [2020 + videos] – Gun University

How Deadly is the Wuhan Flu?

April 3, 2020

Which cities in the US have the most coronavirus? The New York Times collected the reported deaths from the virus so far this year. I emphasize the word “reported”. Early in the year, the Wuhan flu might not have been recognized as the cause of death. Later, testing services were hard to get as the number of suspected patients rose rapidly. For political reasons, some hospitals might have classified all viral respiratory infections as the Coronavirus. What the numbers from the NY Times didn’t tell us was the fraction of us who died from the virus. I estimated that for you.

Some of the first victims of the Wuhan flu were people who were already seriously sick. They died with the virus, but the virus was simply the final cause that pushed them over the edge. For perspective, the flu kills some elderly people every year. In contrast, we also saw some people die who had no previously recognized illness. That made us think the Wuhan flu could be particularly dangerous.

That is why it is important to look at both the number of people who’ve had the Wuhan flu, and the number who died from it. I wondered if the virus was really as dangerous as the news reports described. About 1.3 million of us had the Wuhan flu, and about 22 thousand of us died with it. It implies that the flu was lethal about 1.7 percent of the time if you caught it. That sounds serious, but..

That infection rate is misleading because of the people who had the Wuhan flu but were never tested and therefore never recorded. We counted the patients who became seriously ill enough to require medical attention and were tested.  We don’t know how many people felt bad for an evening, were healthy the next day, and never bothered to see a doctor. We need to dig a little deeper to understand what is happening with this disease.

I looked at the areas that reported ten or more fatalities from the Wuhan flu this year and collected their populations. Of course we expect more people in our larger cities to catch this flu, but how many more is important. When we do that, we see that we have a very small chance of dying from this disease so far. Up until the first of April, the average cumulative death rate from the Wuhan flu is 34 deaths per million population, or 0.0034%. That rate is quite low. The ordinary flu is expected to kill 36 people per million over three months of the nine month flu season. That means the regular flu is about as dangerous as what we’ve seen from the Wuhan flu so far. So far, this disease is dangerous, but not frighteningly so. I thought that was the case, but now I have the numbers to show it.

I keep saying “so far” because we’re still learning about this disease. This virus isn’t in every population yet. We also don’t know how many people had the Wuhan flu and shrugged it off. Until we know, we’re staying home and washing our hands to limit the rate at which the virus spreads.

That does two things. First, these precautions slightly reduces the total number of us who will catch the Wuhan virus over time. That is good, but the second effect is to slow down the spread of the disease and significantly reduce the number of us who have it at any one time. That helps our doctors keep up with the disease and treat those who are seriously ill. That saves lives.

The situation with this disease is changing quickly. Last week we didn’t have a simple and quick test to determine if you’ve had this flu and are now immune to it. Those tests came out this week. I suspect we’ll have a vaccine in a few months.

In the meantime, wash your hands.

Sources- Illness and deaths as collected by the New York Times and shared vie “
5-digit location code from the Federal Information Processing Standard, State and County designation.
Populations for each location taken from the 2019 estimates by the US Census Bureau.

date county state fips cases  population deaths fat/mill
4/1/2020 Dougherty Georgia 13095 490               87,956.00 29 330
4/1/2020 St. John the Baptist Louisiana 22095 118               42,837.00 13 303
4/1/2020 Orleans Louisiana 22071 2270            390,144.00 115 295
4/1/2020 Jefferson Louisiana 22051 1433            432,493.00 64 148
4/1/2020 Rockland New York 36087 3321            325,789.00 29 89
4/1/2020 Essex New Jersey 34013 2262            798,975.00 69 86
4/1/2020 Wayne Michigan 26163 4470         1,749,343.00 146 83
4/1/2020 Bergen New Jersey 34003 3494            932,202.00 75 80
4/1/2020 Oakland Michigan 26125 1910         1,257,584.00 99 79
4/1/2020 King Washington 53033 2498         2,252,782.00 166 74
4/1/2020 New York City New York 47440      19,453,561.00 1374 71
4/1/2020 Orange New York 36071 1756            384,940.00 25 65
4/1/2020 Macomb Michigan 26099 1088            873,972.00 51 58
4/1/2020 Nassau New York 36059 9555         1,356,924.00 76 56
4/1/2020 Union New Jersey 34039 1661            556,341.00 29 52
4/1/2020 Morris New Jersey 34027 942            491,845.00 25 51
4/1/2020 Snohomish Washington 53061 1304            822,083.00 39 47
4/1/2020 Suffolk New York 36103 7605         1,476,601.00 69 47
4/1/2020 Somerset New Jersey 34035 472            328,934.00 15 46
4/1/2020 Mahoning Ohio 39099 177            228,683.00 10 44
4/1/2020 Hudson New Jersey 34017 1910            672,391.00 29 43
4/1/2020 Fairfield Connecticut 9001 1986            943,332.00 38 40
4/1/2020 Weld Colorado 8123 293            324,492.00 13 40
4/1/2020 Monmouth New Jersey 34025 1301            618,795.00 24 39
4/1/2020 Ocean New Jersey 34029 1209            607,186.00 23 38
4/1/2020 Hampden Massachusetts 25013 475            466,372.00 17 36
4/1/2020 Middlesex New Jersey 34023 1493            825,062.00 27 33
4/1/2020 Passaic New Jersey 34031 1494            501,826.00 15 30
4/1/2020 Westchester New York 36119 10683            967,506.00 25 26
4/1/2020 East Baton Rouge Louisiana 22033 244            440,059.00 10 23
4/1/2020 Marion Indiana 18097 1117            964,582.00 21 22
4/1/2020 Essex Massachusetts 25009 885            789,034.00 17 22
4/1/2020 Norfolk Massachusetts 25021 829            706,775.00 15 21
4/1/2020 Cobb Georgia 13067 304            760,141.00 15 20
4/1/2020 El Paso Colorado 8041 314            720,403.00 14 19
4/1/2020 Fulton Georgia 13121 638         1,063,937.00 20 19
4/1/2020 Cook Illinois 17031 5152         5,150,233.00 95 18
4/1/2020 Suffolk Massachusetts 25025 1624            803,907.00 14 17
4/1/2020 Santa Clara California 6085 956         1,927,852.00 33 17
4/1/2020 Milwaukee Wisconsin 55079 780            945,726.00 16 17
4/1/2020 District of Columbia District of Columbia 11001 586            705,749.00 11 16
4/1/2020 Palm Beach Florida 12099 616         1,496,770.00 22 15
4/1/2020 New Haven Connecticut 9009 611            854,757.00 12 14
4/1/2020 Erie New York 36029 553            918,702.00 12 13
4/1/2020 San Mateo California 6081 388            766,573.00 10 13
4/1/2020 Middlesex Massachusetts 25017 1582         1,611,699.00 21 13
4/1/2020 DuPage Illinois 17043 392            922,921.00 12 13
4/1/2020 Lee Florida 12071 235            770,577.00 10 13
4/1/2020 Oklahoma Oklahoma 40109 192            797,434.00 10 13
4/1/2020 Clark Nevada 32003 961         2,266,715.00 28 12
4/1/2020 Pima Arizona 4019 217         1,047,279.00 10 10
4/1/2020 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 42101 1478         1,584,064.00 14 9
4/1/2020 Broward Florida 12011 1348         1,952,778.00 13 7
4/1/2020 Los Angeles California 6037 3518      10,039,107.00 65 6
4/1/2020 Riverside California 6065 371         2,470,546.00 13 5
4/1/2020 Dallas Texas 48113 631         2,635,516.00 13 5
4/1/2020 San Diego California 6073 849         3,338,330.00 15 4
4/1/2020 Miami-Dade Florida 12086 2415         2,716,940.00 11 4
4/1/2020 Unknown Puerto Rico 286         2,933,404.00 11 4
4/1/2020 Orange California 6059 606         3,175,692.00 10 3
     97,449,153.00 3322 34
death from flu 0.011%
flu death per million 109
flu deaths in three months                         36.5


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