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Ask Your Schools About Their Safety Plan

October 3, 2022

Yesterday I drove back from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas, Texas. I was asked for the most significant event I saw in my second amendment activities. That is hard to say.

Seeing Otis McDonald has to be near the top. Otis was a black army veteran who lived in Chicago and wanted to be able to carry a firearm for personal protection. His legal case made it to the US Supreme Court. Mr McDonald made all of us safer.

Seeing a FASTER class is a very close second. FASTER is the program that trains school volunteers to be first responders. School has started again after the summer break so parent-teacher conferences are coming up. Perhaps you could interview your school and ask them some simple questions.

Sure, teachers know how to teach. That doesn’t mean that school staff know how to protect your kids from physical harm. You probably know some things that they don’t know. Why not give them a hand so they can learn. You are allowed to ask questions of the school principal and of the school board as a parent, or even as a concerned neighbor.

  1.  Has our school ever had a vulnerability assessment done and what were the results?
  2. Does our school include local law enforcement and emergency responders in crisis planning and training?
  3. When was their emergency operations/crisis management plan last reviewed and when was their last training exercise?
  4. What types of drills are conducted at our school and how often are the drills?
  5. Are all exterior doors of our school locked during instructional hours?
  6. Are all visitors to our school required to check in with the main office?
  7. Are students and staff trained on how to identify and report suspicious or concerning behaviors/comments?
  8. Does our school have a behavioral threat assessment team?
  9. If there is an emergency, how and when are parents/guardians notified?
  10. Do we have designated security personnel assigned to our school? If so, are they armed or unarmed?


Students know what to do in a fire drill. They should know what to do in a
security drill too. If we won’t bother to ask those simple questions, then how
can we say we care about our kids’ safety in school?


I forgot where I saw this list, but most of it isn’t mine. Please leave me a link in the comments if you find the source. I couldn’t find it. RM

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