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Progress and Magic are Different

June 30, 2022

There are two ways to change the world. One way assumes that magic is real. The other way assumes that people will do what is best for them. We’re facing that test today in the United States. In the case of magic, then the king issues a command and the world is supposed to bend to his will. Fossile fuels are bad so we’ll issue government regulation that make energy fantastically expensive. That makes us all poorer since energy is in everything we do. Somehow that is supposed to make our lives better.

Great, you’ve made everyone worse off but at least you get to feel virtuous about it. Or do you?

A justified sacrifice assumes that the goal is not only worth the suffering, but that the suffering is unavoidable. What if we could make the world cleaner without increasing humans suffering and making our children poorer? If that is true then the suffering is nothing more than a perverse form of masochistic virtue signaling.

If clean energy is desirable, then get out of the way of clean energy. The only countries that have a green and modern economy have massive investments in nuclear power. France and Russia are obvious examples. Spain and Germany invested heavily in solar power, and their power isn’t green at all. They have expensive electricity and they are dependent on other countries for their electricity and natural gas.

Nuclear and hydro power have low carbon emissions. In contrast to France and Russia, the US shut down its nuclear program and tore down some of its dams. I can only conclude that some people are so desperate for virtue that they want us to suffer so they can feel significant. I’d rather they bleed themselves on their own time and leave the rest of us alone.

France developed nuclear power so they could avoid the instability of the OPEC oil market and develop France’s industrial base at the same time. Russia developed nuclear power so they could export electricity, oil, natural gas and export coal in order to get hard currency.

What you might not know is that shutting down the US nuclear industry cost lives as we substituted more dangerous and less healthy forms of energy for nuclear power. If that comes as a surprise then ask yourself why the US news outlets never told you that nuclear was safer than wind.

The reason that no one will build a nuclear plant in the US today isn’t because of the engineering risk of an accident, but because of the political risk of regulation. A utility can’t afford to build a plant and then have the government change its regulations in the middle of the project.

It is interesting how we got here. The US government was first going to reprocess commercial nuclear fuel. Then it was going to store that fuel instead of reprocessing it. It has done neither.

We could buy our nuclear fuel from France because we’ve outlawed innovation in the name of safety here in the US. We now have a perfectly safe and non-existent source of power. We pay more for everything and don’t have a clean environment to show for it.

Magic words are not enough to make the world a better place. If you want electric cars then you need cheap electricity. You don’t need to regulate fossile fuels at all. Make cheap electricity and people will flock to electric cars. Depending on expensive wind and expensive solar to charge your expensive electric car is depending on magic words.

That doesn’t make the world better no matter how good it makes you feel.


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  1. July 1, 2022 9:52 am

    Everything about “Green” energy is based on lies.



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