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What Should We Do When the Police and Politicians Leave Our Kids to Die?

June 29, 2022

We will see policemen stand still during a violent attack when they should move forward to protect our children. It has happened many times before. It will happen again. What should we do if we are there? Those are difficult decisions, but we have no options if we’re harmless and helpless. We have choices to make if we’re dangerous and capable. Perhaps you’re armed. Maybe you know some first aid and trauma care. So, what should you do if a violent murderer comes to your community?

We will freeze if we don’t have a plan. That is the natural response when we are thrown into a surprising situation. To make matters worse, this scene only offers us bad options. It is uncomfortable to look at it. Let’s think about it now because it would be worse to act impulsively or to freeze in shock. If we consider our choices now then we can recognize a situation and know what to do when the police and politicians fail us.

Suppose we see a mass-murder unfold at our church or our school. The police are not defending innocent victims. How bad can this situation get and what should we do?

  • The police don’t respond so we maneuver around the police. We engage and stop the bad guy. We call for help and begin emergency medical treatment and evacuation.
  • We maneuver around the police and we stop the bad guy. We are wounded or killed.
  • We maneuver around the police. We stop the bad guy but we injure innocent victims.
  • We maneuver around the police and we fail to stop the bad guy. We are wounded or killed.
  • We maneuver around the police. We fail to stop the bad guy and we injure innocent victims.
  • The police attack us so we have to fight our way through the police. The police injure or kill us and other first responders.
  • The police attack us so we have to deliberately incapacitate the police so that other first responders can stop the threat and treat the innocent victims.

Obviously it is better if the police and civilians respond with best practice in an emergency. Best practice is for the first armed responder to close with and stop the murderer. There is no guarantee that the police will act that way. In addition, politicians might do what is best for them but not best for us or our children.

So how should we think about this? One option is to do nothing and leave innocent children to die. Before we choose to do that, let me offer you another perspective. I learned something important from armed school volunteers.

They knew that moving toward the sound of gunfire was dangerous. They knew that the situation would probably be resolved before the police arrived. They also knew that a policeman they didn’t know might respond to the scene. These teachers knew they might get shot by an officer who was unfamiliar with the school and its staff. These teachers accepted that they might not see their children again.

They accepted that they might be killed because they knew their students and friends would be safe. They knew that an immediate defense might be imperfect, but it was the best option to save innocent lives. They were going to move toward the sound of gunfire and the results don’t have to be perfect as long as their kids are safe.

All of us are like them in some small way. We too might face imperfect options. In fact, we do that all the time. We want to recognize that now so we don’t hesitate later.

Maybe you have to face a mass murderer or a petulant politician. Thank all of you for your decision to move forward. 


I gave you 600 words and a piece of my heart. Please share them with a friend. RM


Examples where the police waited while victims died- “Report by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission- “

Texas DPS preliminary statement on Uvalde school attack- “

The programs to train volunteer school staff-



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  1. June 29, 2022 9:00 am

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….

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  2. James A. "Jim" Farmer permalink
    June 30, 2022 12:09 pm

    I continue to endorse Richard W. Steven’s 1999 book: “Dial 911 and Die: The Shocking Truth About The Police Protection Myth”. Available from JPFO, Inc. at Can also be viewed online at You Tube. The courts and judiciary, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have ruled consistently that, “law enforcement has no legal or moral duty to protect individuals, but only the public at large.” This book also exposes and confronts the myths, fallacies, and failures of restraining orders, many of which are filed by women who are being stalked, abused, threatened, followed, and harassed by lowlife male scum! A caption at beginning of Dial 911 and Die has this caption: “Even the most advanced cellular phone is no substitute for a good .38 Special.”

    This isn’t to say of course local police and sheriffs won’t attempt to respond to a crisis. But the bottom line historically and realistically is the private citizen remains their first line of defense and is thus responsible for providing for themselves via armed security. JPFO, Inc.
    is “America’s Aggressive Civil Right Organization” and is non-NRA affiliated.

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Klamath County, Oregon
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!


  3. July 3, 2022 6:37 pm

    The inherent problem is that the public does not understand the role of the police.

    Despite the uniforms and military sounding titles, a police officer is not a soldier. A soldier can be ordered into a situation which will cause death or serious injury. A police officer cannot.

    Like any civilian, a police officer has no duty to rescue someone in danger. They can stand by while someone drowns, is murdered or simply expires from an injury. What they cannot do is prevent others from attempting to rescue someone in peril.

    This is where the Uvalde police department stepped over the line. They were no longer passive observers but actively sought to prevent others from rendering aid. In this regard, the Uvalde police department is now liable for the deaths & injuries that occurred that day.


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