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Indiana Senators Need our Help to Pass Constitutional Carry

January 17, 2022

Life goes on, and we have work to do. The sun comes up and the sun goes down. Some politicians would have us believe that they did that; that the sun wouldn’t come up without them. In fact, politicians only make laws. Sometimes that helps us and sometimes it doesn’t. Politicians cost lives when they get in the way of the things we need to do.

In the US, we defend ourselves with a personal firearm about 45-hundred times a day. In Indiana, we also have about 25 thousand violent crimes each year. Indiana citizens defended themselves with a firearm.. you guessed it, about 25-thousand times a year too. That is good. Most of us want to see the victims of violent crimes defend themselves rather than see the victims injured. Most of us want that, but not all of us. Sometimes politicians get in the way.

It isn’t surprising that it is easier to defend yourself if you have a gun. That is less true for men in their twenties, but particularly true for women and older citizens. Unfortunately, Indiana requires that we get a state permit before we can carry a firearm outside our home. We have to fill out a form online and submit our fingerprints. That costs 135 dollars for a lifetime permit. One interesting fact is that if you have your permit, you do not have to inform a police officer that you are carrying. It isn’t required, but officers appreciate it. Of course criminals don’t do any of that when they go armed.

We’ve learned a few things about people who have their carry permits. We found that fewer people apply when the permit costs more and take longer to get. If you have a criminal record you can’t get a permit anyway, and criminals don’t bother with one.

We also discovered that people like firearms instruction. Gun owners take more firearms training classes  when the carry permit is optional. Paying the state for a permit takes money away from firearms instruction.

Permit-optional carry makes a difference because fewer honest people are victimized when they are armed. With a permit-optional law in Indiana, about 1600 more honest citizens would be armed each year when they are attacked by violent criminals. To put that number in perspective, that is about twice the number of people who die on Indiana roads each year. That is a lot of lives to save. It is worth saving them. 

Unfortunately, politicians are in the way. The Indiana house passed a permit-optional bill for the second
time. The bill died in the state Senate last year. Now, the bill is back. Unfortunately, some Indiana senators don’t trust honest citizens to do the right thing unless they pay the state first. Facts are on our side so we can ask them to show us their facts, to show us their data.

Unfortunately some senators are in love with ink on paper and think that criminals will obey their laws. Some senators only want to pass a bill if they get credit for it. Now we have to call them so it is in the senators interest to let us save our own lives. It is only a phone call after all. I know you have a lot to do, but be polite as long as you can.

Politicians cost lives when they get in the way of the things we need to do. Life goes on, and we have work to do.

Hint- Your government officials are listed here.

I gave you 600 words for free. Please share them with a friend. RM











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