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Thinking About Energy Policy in the Dark

February 16, 2021

Sitting in the the cold and the dark helps concentrate the mind. In theory, I knew this all along and all I had to do was look at the numbers. In fact, reality is more insightful than theory.

We are having rolling electrical blackouts on the gulf coast of Louisiana due to below freezing temperatures and the resulting high demand for electricity. That reminded me that the greens think we should shut down natural gas production and unplug nuclear power. They claim we can power a modern industrial society with solar and wind. Snicker.

After the last hurricane and this power outage, I think I need a large propane tank and a propane powered generator installed next to the house. I’ll pour the slab in the spring.

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  1. February 16, 2021 1:38 pm

    You learned after only 2 lessons, and you survived them both. Congratulations 😉

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    • February 16, 2021 1:41 pm

      I should add that I talked to my mother in south Texas. Rolling blackouts there too. She drew up a bunch of water from the well and brought in a bunch of firewood. She did not feel the need to fire up the generator yet. 70 is the new 50 😉

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  2. Hooda Thunkett permalink
    February 16, 2021 9:16 pm

    Don’t forget the manual transfer switch on the breaker box. If you know how to install one, good on ya. If not, find a good electrician. Just plugging the generator into the breaker box can be… electrifying. 🙂

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