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The Lessons We Didn’t Learn from Mass Murder

February 15, 2021

February 14th is the third anniversary of the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkwood, Florida. If you’re like me, it is uncomfortable to stir that painful memory. I’ve studied that attack because it would be worse to see it repeated simply because we didn’t learn a difficult lesson. You might not remember, but the attack at Columbine High School was almost 22 years ago. The attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School more than 8 years ago. That is plenty of time for us to act so our children are protected. I have an uncomfortable prediction about the next mass murder. The next attack will be at a place that politicians told us was safe because law-abiding people like us were disarmed. It is time we looked harder.

Gun control is the promise that ink on paper will protect our children. That isn’t a new idea. We’ve had gun control laws for over a century. Today, we have over twenty thousand firearms regulations, and we were told that each and every one of them was the essential step that would finally make us safe.

We’re told that honest civilians should be disarmed,
but the first thing we do at the sign of danger
is call someone with a gun.

We were told that mandatory background checks would keep crazy people from getting firearms. That claim assumes that the government is always doing its job. The government might disarm a million honest citizens who are no threat to anyone, but that doesn’t stop the damage done from allowing a single criminal to get a gun. We know what happens next.

We saw background checks fail when a crazy man attacked college students in a gun free zone in Isla Vista, California. Background checks failed when a crazy man attacked a prayer meeting in a gun free zone at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Background checks failed when the murderer passed his background check despite being a prohibited individual and attacked the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Those are the clear examples where we knew the murderer was crazy or criminal before he attacked, and he passed his background check anyway.

The murderer at Parkland, Florida got a gun despite people contacting the FBI and saying the former student wanted to commit mass murder. Most of us recognize that as a significant clue.

If gun control depends on perfection then it is doomed to fail.

We can cite example after example where the murderer got his firearm without bothering with a background check. The murderer at Sandy Hook Elementary School murdered his mother to take her guns. The murderer at Red Lake, Minnesota murdered his grandfather, a tribal deputy, to take his firearms. The political leftists who tried to kill dozens of Republican legislators at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia was a prohibited person who took his guns illegally from his father.

It now takes over a year to get a carry permit in Detroit
while criminals get a gun in minutes on the street corner.
How will disarming more honest citizens make us safer?

Mass murder shocks us. In contrast, the news media barely reports the hundreds of people who are shot in our failed cities every week. If we’re going to talk about saving lives, then we have to look at the ordinary citizens who are the victims of violent crime every day.

Some politicians said we would be safer if law abiding good guys were disarmed. Is anyone surprised that their gun control laws left guns in the hands of criminals who break the law for a living? Drug gangs easily smuggle a few ounces of steel, brass and lead as they smuggle millions of people across the border, and smuggle thousands of tons of drugs each year. Are you surprised that prohibition doesn’t work? Prohibition also ignores the million times that honest citizens defend themselves each year. Gun prohibition only disarms the law abiding, and that hasn’t made our cities safer.

I want to clear up a possible misunderstanding. I’m convinced that gun control leaves us at risk. I know you might feel differently and I beg you to hear me out. I think gun control laws put our children in danger, but that isn’t because I’m different than you are; it is because I’ve seen things you might not have seen. I’ve looked into the eyes of the police officer who ran toward the sound of gunfire to save kids. That officer arrived too late. I’ve listened to a victim who was shot by a mass murderer and survived. They both begged us to keep the kids safe until the police arrived. That is exactly what the investigators said after the attack in Parkland, Florida.

It is time we listened.. before it is too late.

‘I looked at the video, and we could have stopped him if someone inside the school had a gun.’

Hint- The solution looks like this.

I gave you 800 words. Please share them with someone who can listen. RM

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  1. February 15, 2021 4:53 pm

    Reblogged this on Howie's Blog.

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  2. February 15, 2021 6:37 pm

    That’s all well and good and while you think you are on some sort of middle ground with your views, we still have the problem that people do bad things with guns. The greater issue here is not screaming for gun control vs. protecting the Second Amendment.. the issue is…. how do we address the problem? The common element to both sides of the “argument” is the gun itself. Try venturing some solution to the problem rather than the same old.. “leave my gun alone” vs “we need to control guns”.

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    • KUETSA permalink
      February 16, 2021 12:02 am

      A government law will never stop bad people from doing bad things, THE BAD THINGS ARE ALREADY ILLEGAL. The law will only disarm good people and make them helpless victims.
      You address the “problem” by understanding the reality that this was a brutal world before guns were invented, and will continue to be a brutal world, and if a government could have stopped it, THE PROBLEM WOULD HAVE BEEN SOLVED LONG AGO!
      MANY governments have disarmed their citizens, and in the last century, governments KILLED hundreds of millions of their citizens AFTER DISARMING THEM!
      In South Africa today the government recalled all gun permits in their REGISTRY, and then inflamed rage in one portion of the citizenry against another portion of the citizenry, the MOBS did the rest!
      In America, the rich, the powerful, the famous, all know how to stay safe in a dangerous world – ARMED SECURITY! They live PROTECTED BY GUNS!
      The difference in our country is that WE ALL have that same, equal Second Amendment right to EFFECTIVE ARMED SECURITY, even those lacking wealth, power, or fame.
      A dirty little secret:
      In an active shooter situation, everyone under tables as shots are fired, the shooter comes and turns to shoot in your direction, a good guy pulls a gun to kill the shooter – NOT ONE PERSON UNDER THE TABLES WILL YELL “DON’T SHOOT, IT’S TOO DANGEROUS! LET HIM KEEP KILLING US UNTIL THE POLICE ARRIVE!”
      At that point, waiting five minutes for a cop may as well be five hours.
      You address the situation by realizing it is not “a problem”, it is “a REALITY”.
      A problem can be solved, a reality can not.
      You can choose to defend yourself, or not.
      All the while understanding, that those who choose to exercise their right to arms are indirectly defending those who choose not to, just by exercising their right. In the UK home invasions run with rampant impunity on an unarmed citizenry, in America three or four big guys gotta think twice before breaking in, as any and every household could be armed. Many people are against guns, not one has a “PROUD GUN FREE HOME” sign on their lawn.
      Another reality:
      Citizens disarmed by their government are not SAFE – they are VULNERABLE!
      Gun “control” is not about “PUBLIC SAFETY”.
      Gun control is about GOVERNMENT SAFETY!
      At this moment the US Capital does not have a “GUN FREE ZONE” sign in front of it – IT HAS RAZOR WIRE FENCES AND 30,000 TROOPS ARMED WITH FULLY AUTOMATIC RIFLES AND “HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES”!
      WE are every bit equally safer behind OUR firearms – OUR EFFECTIVE FIREARMS!
      The alternative is cowering under a table waiting for our turn to die . . . think the government cops with guns will get here in time???


      • February 16, 2021 12:14 am

        And there you have it. The beat goes on……………


      • Miles permalink
        February 16, 2021 4:02 am

        What are your ideas for a ‘solution’, Doug?
        Yours is a comment I’ve seen similar of many times: A statement that something different must be done, but nothing more than complaining about it.


      • February 16, 2021 1:37 pm

        Of course you can’t eliminate or control aberrant human behavior. Well, at least to the point that we would also want to preserve our freedoms and not isolate Americans based on science. But we CAN monitor and treat detrimental behaviors that could possibly result in an explosion of violent behavior. For one thing, we are failing to accept the primary responsibility as a nation (and world) that so much of what occurs in society that we consider “bad” or “not good”, or “social problems”, is a direct result of mental health issues. Whether it’s suicide (by any method, any age), erratic behavior based on levels of bi-polarity, learning disabilities, homelessness, forms of depression… the list of mental illness goes almost infinite as having some causal effect of most social problems. It’s not all about bad genetics.. but huge ramifications of the variances between nature vs. nurture…. bad parenting, PTSD, etc. This would include reactionary responses from seemingly “normal” people who suddenly decide to engage in pure rage and violence in a frenzy of a mob… over politics, or any other reaon.

        What I am saying here is that we need national mental health program following, for example, a 12 month commission on exploring all aspects of mental health. Now this is not just psych stuff, although this commission would include ALL of the great minds in all fields. I am talking from the ground up. Including where science is currently on mapping the brain functions, where brain science is heading, possible treatments (not limited only to invasive processes or chemical), and also including broad exploration to social situations, effects, parental behaviors… and also including legal applications of all of it with the idea of maintaining the rights of the individual… I am sure there are other avenues. Presumably at the end of the commission’s cycle certain outcomes can then become a broad-based compilation in order to form national policy.. maybe even a cabinet position… or an addition to the administration similar in scope to a NASA. This could lead to universal health care.. which is pretty much inevitable anyway (as this pandemic illustrates very graphically).

        My idea here is NOT “you can’t buy a gun because you tested badly on some mental exam.” I am suggesting that we develop processes by which we help treating potential mental health issues before they explode into something violent down the road. It’s not about taking away freedoms… it’s treating people simply to pre-empt quality of life problems. Will all this stop gun violence? Of course not. But if we tend to mental health problems early or even before they become problems… it’s a good bet there will be not only reductions in spontaneous violence, suicide, and other social ills, like homelessness… but we improve the health of the nation overall.

        Now.. if the big concern over this is all about some governmental deep state nonsense using this to control people, ala “1984”… or aliens implanting robotic nanites to control behaviors… if that happens it’s because you (or your descendants) let it happen that way.


    • February 16, 2021 1:09 pm

      Doug, I have proposed solutions; a lot of them. Those are under the tabs called public violence and FASTER. This article was not about solutions, rather the unworkable options that some politicians are proposing.

      Read on.


  3. KUETSA permalink
    February 15, 2021 11:11 pm

    There is no “GUN VIOLENCE”!
    Guns are not committing violence.
    PEOPLE are committing the violence!
    The “SYSTEM” is geared to go EASY on the people committing the violence.
    None of this is about “keeping the children safe”.
    Our “fearless leaders” KNOW WELL how to “keep the children safe”.
    (They WANTED belt fed squad machine guns – they KNOW how to stay safe!)
    A gun free zone sign was NEVER an option for THEIR safety!

    An effectively armed citizenry is a threat to the safety of government officials that INTEND to force policies upon a people that will REALLY PISS THEM OFF!
    An effectively armed citizenry is a threat to the safety of government officials that INTEND to inflame rage in a people by taking their freedoms.
    It is not easy to TERRORIZE a people with the threat of MOB VIOLENCE if they are effectively armed!
    It is impossible to exert TOTAL CONTROL over an effectively armed citizenry!

    For all the inner city minority drug gang shootings with illegal handguns – THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO TAKE SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES FROM LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS! . . . WHY?

    Outlawing semi-automatic AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines is NOT a “reasonable compromise” – IT IS THE ENDGAME!
    It is the difference between an effectively armed citizenry that possesses the capability to defend it’s freedoms and secure it’s safety – and a citizenry restricted by law to low capacity sporting arms that NO LONGER possesses the capability to defend it’s freedoms and secure it’s safety!


    . . . and they intend to do things that will REALLY PISS US OFF!
    And they intend on doing it from behind their new razor wire fences, guarded by troops armed with SCARY ASSAULT RIFLES WITH HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES THAT HAVE NO PLACE ON OUR STREETS . . . (EXCEPT FOR EXERTING GOVERNMENT POWER)


    • February 15, 2021 11:30 pm

      There ya go.. now you are starting to think. The common denominator is the gun itself (it’s availability as the weapon of choice to kill) AND the human that pulls the trigger. So.. we know we can’t control the availability of guns themselves, although we can control how to acquire them… but that does very little to solve the problem.
      The human aspect then becomes the focus given we all know humans do the trigger pulling.
      Any constructive idea how we might control the humans that control the trigger pulling? Or are you more concerned with protecting the gun itself and could care less about anything else?.


      • Miles permalink
        February 16, 2021 5:03 am

        A quote of Bill Whittle:
        “Maybe it’s not the guns. Maybe it’s the people holding the guns.”

        The ‘common denominator’ is not the guns.
        It’s people with intent.
        That’s been the human condition since Cain slew Able.

        It’s not instrumentality that’s the problem. It’s what an individual decides to do.

        Control Humans?
        Prior Restraint?
        More Laws?


        There is no known way to stop a person, who really wants to, from committing a crime, short of stopping them -literally- dead in their tracks as soon as the action is perceived for what it is. Unless, or course, you want to violate several of the rights protected by the Bill of Rights and even then things aren’t sure.

        That’s the price of ‘dangerous freedom’ over ‘peaceful servitude’. Until the eschaton, it’s the world we have.


      • February 16, 2021 1:11 pm

        Please read more before you comment on character. This article was about the unworkable solutions some politicians proposed. Read the tags about FASTER and “public violence” to find the solutions I’ve worked on.


      • February 16, 2021 1:59 pm

        Where did I comment on your character?



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