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The Deep State Votes to Impeach Trump

January 19, 2021

I was confused after the 2020 election. The results didn’t make sense. The media-world said that Biden won, but the real world that I knew said Trump won. The election was strange. We saw certain voters act in bizarre ways, in ways they never acted before. They acted in ways that were different from similar voters who lived across the street in other counties. It turned out that Biden won the election where Democrats counted the votes. Biden won when Dominion voting machines counted the votes. That seemed strange to me, but not to government officials.  Slowly, the reason became clear.

Biden ballots showed up by the truckload, but the FBI didn’t notice. Dominion voting machines sent and received vote tallies to computers located outside the USA. Somehow, the CIA and NSA didn’t see a thing. Add in the Federal Election Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. It was as if the government agencies that were tasked with protecting the legitimacy of the election were not doing their job. The world seemed ever more strange.

The Trump rally on January 6th made it clear to me. I knew more than a half-dozen people who went to the rally. The came from coast to coast in order to show their support for President Trump and to ask for a trustworthy election. What these observers described was typical of a Trump rally, with a few exceptions. They identified people who were clearly Antifa in the crowd. My friends saw Antifa protesters bussed to the front of the Capital when the rally was already in progress. That isn’t what the mainstream media said and isn’t what the media showed us.

The more I watched the news, the more certain I became. Not only did the media reporting feel like propaganda, it was propaganda! The news reports of the rally had no more connection with the truth than the election results did. That is easy to understand once you change  your perspective.

A Democrat candidate didn’t win,
the Deep State candidate won.. if you can call it an election at all.

Now, other events make sense. We crushed our economy with our over-reaction to Covid 19. That makes it entirely inappropriate to send a trillion dollars to overseas governments. Another clue is that the Covid 19 relief bill ran to over 5 thousand pages. The bill gave US citizens a half-billion dollars in aid while over a trillion dollars went to foreign leaders. These leaders, in turn, gave US politicians billions in kickbacks. Before the so called relief bill, the house didn’t have the votes to impeach President Trump. After the relief bill, it did.

Those kickbacks were the political bribes set up by the Deep State for steeling the 2020 election. It was also the State Department showing the Deep State that it was a useful ally and could be counted on to bring in the cash when needed.

Then, the Deep State voted to impeach Donald Trump. They were out to punish Trump for threatening their hold on power. Biden sought political cover by calling for unity. Rather than getting their hands dirty directly, the Deep State used Soros and Bloomberg. They used Zuckerberg from Facebook, Pichai from Google, Cook from Apple, and Dorsey from Twitter. Meanwhile, the two minute hate went on for hours each night across the mainstream media.

Welcome to a Potemkin country. I give you the DSA, the Deep States of America. The special interests will feed on the corpse.. until we stop them. Remember that Soros made his billions by crashing a country’s currency. Buying farmland is the latest investment for the billionaire elites hedging against the coming collapse.

There is so much more to say. As in the old Soviet Union, you have to read several news sources to tease out the truth. For now, let me say this is not our government. These are not our laws and not our debts.

I gave you 600 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

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