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The Elites Unmask Themselves- words versus actions during the epidemic

June 24, 2020

The number of daily deaths from Covid-19 peaked two months ago, yet the media turned their outrage up to 11. We were told that President Trump is dangerous, and so is the rest of the United States. We are irresponsible for leaving our houses during an “epidemic”, and President Trump is irresponsible for letting us. We were also told that we’d be safer without the police because of systemic racism. Here is a news flash for the talking heads. Your history of erroneous reporting means I don’t take advice from the media without a great deal of further research. Also, it isn’t the president’s decision what I do. It isn’t the media’s decision with whom I associate. This is the USA, where I am responsible for my actions and my mistakes. Thanks for your suggestions, but I don’t like what happened during our trial season of socialists control, and I’ll take my freedom back.

Before it sounds like I’m bragging about being all big and brave by leaving home and meeting with friends, look at what the politicians and the media did. For a minute, ignore what the media and politicians said on camera, and watch their actions off camera. They did the same thing that most of us are doing, except the politicians took private jets. They unmasked their true beliefs time after time.

The media didn’t stay home. If there ever were a job you could mail in, then it has to be the job of sending your picture and your voice to your boss. Today, millions of us do it 9 to 5.. except we don’t have a makeup artist. I get the same feeling from the media that I got from the weather reporter who was caught kneeling in a puddle to report a flood.

The media didn’t act the way they sounded. They didn’t follow the recommendations of the breathless experts they had on camera. The news crew’s face masks came off once the cameras were turned off. The most notable examples were where the mask-wearing media chastised the White House press spokesman for not wearing a mask. A minute later when the briefing was over, someone captured a cell phone picture of the media standing around talking to each other without their masks. The media outrage was an act; they never thought there was a risk of infection.

Another example was a man-in-the-street interview where the news reporter is wearing a mask and asking two people why they are not wearing theirs. The two interview subjects point at the camera, and say they are not wearing masks for the same reason the cameraman is not wearing one.

Democrat politicians gave us the same hypocrisy we saw in the news media. Democrat Governor  J. B. Pritzker of Illinois issued mandatory business closures, stay at home orders, and enforced social distancing by early April. Those are the rules for us common citizens, but the governor flew his family to Florida for a vacation. Some stay at home orders are more equal than others.

Business were closed in Illinois. The Mayor of Chicago flooded churches with police officers when the churches tried to open. Mayor Lori Lightfoot went to get her hair cut because she is the mayor and you are not. Some that serve politicians are essential, while the businesses that we use are deemed non-essential.

Not to be bested in the hypocrisy race, the Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City went to the gym and got his haircut. The mayor even sent his daughter out to protest the death of George Floyd. The Mayor’s daughter was arrested for stopping traffic on Broadway. Social contact tracers were explicitly told not to ask if people who came down with flu like symptoms had attended political protests. Some sources of disease are politically acceptable, while others are not.

The Mayor then threatened to permanently close any churches that tried to open in New York City. Some social gatherings are more equal than others.

I also noticed that Democrat politicians didn’t run to countries with socialized medicine when they got sick. They didn’t fly to Venezuela or Mexico. Not to Cuba or even Canada. Socialized medicine is a source of political kickbacks for politicians, but it isn’t something these same politicians want to use when they or their family are actually ill. They stayed in the USA where we have private healthcare. They stayed here, ordered take-out, and shouted, “Orange Man Bad!”

It is easier to speak a lie than to live it.
Watch what the elites do, not what they say.

Maybe the elites got what they wanted by forcing us to live under a temporary socialist dictatorship.  From what I’ve seen, I don’t like it at all. Neither do you, and the elites don’t bother to live by the rules they advocate for the rest of us.

The elites might arrest me, but they can’t control us unless we let them.

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  1. KUETSA permalink
    June 25, 2020 12:28 am

    In case no one noticed this is WWIII
    The greatest obstacles to the global socialist agenda is a strong USA and the freedoms afforded citizens through the US Constitution.
    The US democrat party works to SUBVERT our Nation to overcome these obstacles!
    They needed a “global crisis” – If you can’t drain the economies of the Western Democracies to death for “CLIMATE CHANGE” – Then SHUT DOWN the economies for Wuhan Virus!
    How do you run a revolution?
    Keep the White masses “SHELTERING IN PLACE” cowering from “THE INVISIBLE ENEMY”!
    (Whether it is really there or not)
    Now . . . HOW DO YOU GET THE BLACK CITIZENRY RIOTING AND BURNING AND LOOTING IN EVERY CITY? (For cover as ANTIFA runs it’s communist revolution ops under the guise of racial justice)
    Ever since Ferguson, cops “walk on egg shells” around the Black community.
    Is there a White cop in America who will kneel on the neck of a handcuffed Back man in the middle of a Back community WHILE HE KNOWS HE IS BEING VIDEOED BY CITIZENS as they yell “HE’S UNRESPONSIVE – YOU’RE KILLING HIM” and STAY ON HIS NECK ANOTHER 3 MINUTES AFTER HE SEEMS DEAD?
    COME ON! – THIS WAS A PLANNED INCIDENT TO IGNITE THE RIOTS FOR THE REVOLUTION! There was never any doubt about the Black community doing it’s part.
    And now that the violent mobs, that are the military arm of the communist democrat party, work to INTIMIDATE, and STRIKE FEAR into American Citizens – THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT AS TO THE REAL REASON THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY IS SO INSISTENT IN DISARMING AMERICAN CITIZENS!
    . . . and now that “police” are dis-empowered . . . I wonder WHO the communist democrat party plans on ARMING – TO DISARM AMERICAN CITIZENS! . . . or WHO the communist democrat party pans on BRINGING IN – TO DISARM AMERICAN CITIZENS!
    These are the makings of a MASSIVE ATROCITY.
    Whatever it takes – better SHUT THIS DOWN NOW!
    Forget the pandemic – we got far bigger problems that need our full attention.


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