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On the Radio While Working from Home

March 30, 2020

I’m lucky to share my thoughts with you here at Slow Facts. I am also on the radio every week, and sometimes several times a week. I don’t do it often, but thought I’d share that with you so you know what I’ve been doing. I get to talk with fascinating people.

Eye on the Target Radio- Disarming the Good Guys, Gun Control Cost Lives in Ohio- 15 march, 2020

Polite Society Podcast- Politics and Guns- 17 march, 2020

The King’s Report, Pastor Sean Moon- Talking about a good guy with a gun- 19 march, 2020

Bill Frady’s Lock-N-Load radio- Guns and Freedom- 23 march, 2020

Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast- weekly reporting and commentary on self-defense- 24 march, 2020

Good Gun Bad Guy with Dan Wos- Episode 2, Guns in the Age of Coronavirus- 28 march, 2020


Each week brings new challenges. I recorded a podcast this morning and will record two other shows tonight. Thank goodness I’m retired and my wife puts up with this.

Thank you for all you do.

Lock N Load Radio



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