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Corporate Virtue or Virtue Signaling from Walmart?

September 3, 2019

Walmart said it will no longer sell handgun ammunition. Is this true corporate virtue or cheap virtue-signalling from a corporate giant? Let’s look closer and see.

  • Diseases related to obesity are the leading cause of death in the US. I’m waiting to hear that Walmart will only stock its market with low-calorie foods, drinks, fruits and vegetables. I’ve only heard crickets so far. This isn’t a small issue since Walmart sells over 200 billion dollars of groceries a year.
  • Tobacco products cause cancer and respiratory illness. I’m waiting for Walmart to stop selling tobacco and vape products even though they kill more than six million of us a year.
  • Automobile accidents cause 32 thousand deaths per year. I call on Walmart to stop selling gasoline, tires, oil, and other car-care supplies.
  • Bicycles kill and injure more children than rifles. When will Walmart stop selling these death machines?
  • Alcohol kills through automobile accidents, through family breakdown, and it kills directly through alcoholism. I call for Walmart to stop selling alcohol in any concentration in every store in the US. Isn’t this worth it “even if it only saves one life”?
  • Kidney disease and hypertension kill 50 thousand of us a year. I missed it if Walmart banned salt from its shelves and the products it sells.
  • Poor diet kills three million of us each year. Walmart may be the king of junk food and they seem unlikely to change.

My point is that Walmart is signaling its virtue while ignoring real life and death. Walmart’s corporate leadership also completely ignored that firearms save millions of us from death or great bodily injury each year. Will we save lives when a hundred million american gun owners find it harder to train and practice with their firearms?

Chalk this corporate virtue signaling up to a great media campaign. Unfortunately, stopping the sale of handgun ammunition will probably cost more lives than it saves.. but you’ll never see that in the news.



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