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Politics Kills Our Kids Again, safety report from Parkland Florida

January 4, 2019

Florida formed a study committee after 17 students and teachers were killed and an additional 17 were injured at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in early 2018. I read some of the MSDHS safety commission report. It covered the obvious points. Unfortunately, I don’t see much good coming out of it. This was more than a school failure; it was a political failure. More of our children will be at risk and some will die because of problems in the Florida legislature. Sure, implement the suggestions in the report, but please don’t stop there.

The report told us to do the obvious. A school could have received nearly the same recommendations from almost any firearms instructor or security consultant.

  • Have a safety plan. Study what worked for others and adapt it to your situation.
  • Teach people what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Report suspicious activity and act on those reports.
  • Lock your doors.
  • Select a safe place in which to shelter in case of an attack.
  • Contact second responders like the police and EMTs.
  • Have trained individuals on site to stop the threat and treat the injured until secondary responders arrive.
  • Conduct frequent safety drills so everyone knows what to do. Grade people on their performance.
  • Schools and churches should conduct multi-agency safety exercises so police, fire, and EMTs know how to respond to each particular site.
  • Update your safety program based on the lessons learned from each exercise.

Do those recommendations surprise anyone? This list sounds simplistic and that is a fair criticism. Unfortunately, school and police officials failed to do every one of these simple things. That is why the school district hired a public relations specialists to spin the news before the recent election.

One parent summarized the situation this way.

We already had laws to stop this murder.
What we didn’t have was individual accountability.

This is what the report should have said-
-Many police and school staff failed in their assigned jobs. Widespread failure is a sign of poor leadership. These staff were retained in their positions for political reasons. That indicates corrupt management.
-Rather than seeking to immediately improve school safety after the attack, the police and school organizations acted to cover up their failings. Provide alternative educational opportunities so parents can escape these failed institutions.
-If possible, have state executives remove these failed officials from office. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.
-To prevent similar failures, revise state limited immunity statutes so individuals working in state and local government may be held criminally and civilly liable for their actions.
-Existing safety programs like the Florida school guardian program were crafted to provide political cover rather than to protect students. The existing guardian program deliberately excludes classroom teachers from being first responders because of union opposition.
-The school guardian program un-necessarily burdens schools and school boards as they work to improve school safety. Change legislations so school boards and local sheriffs may develop their own safety programs separate from the guardian program. Adopt safety programs modeled after the successful programs used in other states.

At least the report said trained volunteer teachers should be armed.

I gave you 500 words for free. Please leave a comment and share this article with your friends. RM.

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  1. thecrmsnpyrut permalink
    January 4, 2019 11:21 am

    Don’t forget that the FBI also failed at least twice, and that many of the school personnel and law enforcement failures were due to federal government policy to not arrest or detain non white students.

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  2. KUETSA permalink
    January 4, 2019 3:01 pm


    It says that the government prefers your children shot dead to the alternative of giving up control of guns.

    It says that citizens are prohibited by law the right to defend themselves, and should now accept being mandated to cowering in fear in the hope of government enforcement arriving in time to save everyone.

    It says citizens must submit to the conditioning that they are INCAPABLE of defending themselves and the only alternatives are THE GOVERNMENT SAVING YOU – OR DEATH!
    ( or being lucky enough to not be one of the killers “chosen ones”)

    It says by law that only “designated special people” are permitted to be armed to defend citizens, and if they are not there (or choose to remain outside) any and all deaths are “acceptable losses” that produce OPPORTUNITIES to outlaw citizen ownership of firearms.


    To dispel the argument – trust me – anyone who has experienced the HORROR of being under a table defenseless while shots are being fired – no way out to safety – and innocent people are being shot dead, would agree – if a good citizen were to pull a firearm, take aim at the sonofabitch who is killing everyone – NOT ONE PERSON THERE WOULD YELL “NO, IT’S TOO DANGEROUS, WAIT FOR THE POLICE, THEY’LL BE HERE IN A FEW MINUTES, LET HIM KEEP KILLING US UNCHALLENGED UNTIL THEY ARRIVE, AND ENTER THE BUILDING, AND FIND THEIR WAY TO US!”

    They would ALL want you to shoot the bastard AND PRAY YOU HIT YOUR MARK!
    (Survivors learn that waiting 5 minutes for a cop to show up when people are being killed feels like 5 hours – AND IS NOT AN OPTION!)

    It is a delusion to request that the government mandate an end to firearms and legislate citizen VULNERABILITY through disarmament. (As the famed Parkland survivors)
    (In places like that 30 guys run through the village with machetes slicing everyone to death.)

    Public safety is the DECEPTION – Citizen disarmament is the goal

    (School shootings are best – the higher the body count the better)

    Everyone quietly accepts inner city minority gang (illegal/unlicensed) gun carnage – it is always behind the scenes building the statistics that are being WEAPONIZED to disarm law abiding AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    PS – Outlawing AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines is NOT a “reasonable compromise” – IT IS THE ENDGAME!
    It is the difference between a citizenry, effectively armed, that possesses the CAPABILITY to defend it’s freedoms (as is the intent of the Second Amendment) – And a citizenry restricted to low capacity sporting arms that NO LONGER possesses the capability to defend their freedoms.

    Yet Americans seem wanting to vote themselves to be vulnerable to a global progressive socialist totalitarian militarized police state, that has powers of force and surveillance that makes the feared Nazi Gestapo seem like elementary school yard bullies in comparison.
    What could go wrong?

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  3. January 5, 2019 11:38 am

    The book “Virginia Tech – Don’t Let it Get Out” is a scathing analysis of the bureaucratic failures that occurred before, during and after the VT active shooter incident. Highly recommended for anyone interested in this issue.

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    • January 5, 2019 2:09 pm

      Thank you, Karl.
      I’m reading “Shooter Down” right now. That covers the LEO response at VT. I’ll read “Don’t let it get out” next.



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