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Repost- Who Attacks Jews in New York City?- Reality Collides with the Media Narrative

November 2, 2018

We conservatives and libertarians have been called violent bigots when we didn’t eagerly jump on an opportunity to again compromise our freedoms. Now we find out that violent bigots are really on the political left. In particular, anti-Semitism thrives in the deep-left city of New York.

From Elder of Ziyon, “NYC has hundreds of anti-Jewish hate crimes – and NOT ONE person caught in the last two years was far right. The actual numbers are even more stunning. In 2017, there were 151 complaints about anti-semitic hate crimes, as opposed to 34 anti-black crimes and 40 anti-gay crimes.”

We’ve confused reality with the outrageous claims made in campaign fundraising e-mails sent out by Socialist candidates.- RM


From the NY Times- “..there have been four times as many crimes motivated by bias against Jews — 142 in all — as there have against blacks. Hate crimes against Jews have outnumbered hate crimes targeted at transgender people by a factor of 20.”

Read more here==> Is It Safe to Be Jewish in New York? – The New York Times

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