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An Index of Articles about Protecting Our Schools 2018

August 16, 2018

I’m passionate about school safety. I recently participated in another training class for first responders in our schools. Here what I learned and an index of where we are today.


People spent a lifetime protecting our kids. Why do experts say we need armed school staff?
Who Says We Should Arm School Staff to Protect Our Children

It is hard to hear the facts without bias. What are the largest hurdles in adopting programs to arm school staff?
Training Armed Teachers- this isn’t the classroom you remember

We have several thousand man-years of experience with trained first responders in our schools. What have we learned about the practice of protecting our students?
Armed Defenders in the Classroom- reality replaces myth

What is it like to be an emergency medical responder? It is called trauma training for a reason! Get some while you can.
Stop the Bleeding- school staff flock to trauma medical training

These United States are diverse. How are we protecting our students today, and what are the trends for tomorrow?
Guns and Bandages- the changing face of first responders

An attack on our schools takes place over time. What are we doing before, during, and after the bang?
Before and After Bang- treatment and prevention of celebrity violence in our schools

Mass murderers attack our schools for a reason. How should we deter celebrity violence?
Stop Paying Mass Murderers to Kill Our Kids


Please share these articles with a friend if you found them helpful. RM


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