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If We Had Honest Judges

July 24, 2018

Socialists fear a limited government. Special interests can easily get what they want once they buy a few legislators in order to pass more big-government regulations. Corrupt judges are the Socialists greatest asset.

Can you imagine if judges were honest? What if judges ruled on the laws we have rather than the laws the Socialists judge wishes we had? We know that states restrict the rights of gun owners. An honest judge would recognize those glaring infringements.

Honest Judge- How are these regulations not an infringement?

States Attorney- We recognize that concern, your honor. The state has a compelling interest in public safety. Repealing these regulations might mean that more citizens could be attacked by armed criminals since some criminals could possibly be disarmed if these gun regulations remained in place.

Honest Judge- Criminals might be deterred, but we know with certainty that many honest citizens are disarmed by these regulations and the fees the state has imposed. You’ve admitted that this implementation of a so-called reasonable regulation is not the least restrictive implementation of your plan. You’ve all but confessed that this law is an infringement as implemented.

I see a reasonable compromise. Take the exact same rules that limit civilian gun owners and apply them equally and uniformly to all levels of state and local government. That would include law enforcement officers, department of corrections, and all the executive protection agencies.

States Attorney- But your honor, these regulations restrict which firearms models are available. That limits their ammunition capacity, and even limits the places where firearms may be carried. These regulations also impose fees for the registration and transfer of firearms and ammunition. That will make it more expensive for the state, and harder for law enforcement officers to train and to effectively defend themselves.

Honest Judge- You’re saying that it would encroach on the actions that law enforcement presently enjoys.

States Attorney- Yes, your honor.

Honest Judge- And we’ve made a pact with these law enforcement officers that we’ll protect their safety.

States Attorney- Yes sir, we’ll protect their very lives.

Honest Judge- We wouldn’t want to transgress upon that special relationship, let alone violate it. Counsel, you’ve convinced me.

Law enforcement is sworn to protect our citizens. We know that dozens of citizens will be victimized by a criminal before the offender is every approached by a law enforcement officer. Citizens will meet their attacker at the time and place chosen by the criminal. Citizens don’t wear body armor. Citizens don’t have a radio on their collar to call for armed help. Not only that, but citizens pay for their own training and defensive tools, rather than have them provided by the state.

Counsel, you convinced me that these regulations are a significant infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. In addition, these particular regulations violate that right to keep and bear arms no matter how the regulations are implemented.

So ruled.

That is the problem when we want liberty but the other side wants power.

If only we had honest judges.


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