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American Left Ignores Socialist Hell

June 29, 2018

American Socialists think that government is god. After all, just like the God in heaven, every good thing comes from government.  Just like the religious God, the government can do anything. Sadly, this is an accurate view of the socialist-hell we see around the world. In Venezuela, you spend your day worrying about your next government meal, and you must kiss the government’s ass if you want to eat. The all-powerful government can kill you at will if you don’t bow down low enough.

One has to wonder why the American left loves big government given the ugly reality of Socialists hell-holes like Venezuela and North Korea.. places where the Venezuelan government kills protesters and the North Koreans feed prisoners’ bodies to guard dogs. Shouldn’t the left’s compassion and emotional sensitivity force them to reject the big-violence that accompanies big-government?

The appeal is clear once we understand their perspective. American Socialists are overeducated academics. They think of themselves as the rulers rather than the ruled. Where everyone else has failed at Socialism, these academics have the secret formula that will magically transform human nature. This time, their magic formula will give us something-for-nothing. Unfortunately, the magic formula always includes a lot of human blood and human suffering. The fact that it never works doesn’t undermine its appeal to the elite and the greedy. I’ll walk you through the history they want to hide.

You know things are bad in Venezuela when a cup of coffee costs a weeks wages..and Venezuela was a major coffee exporter to the world. You know things are bad when Venezuela, one of the world’s major oil sources, is importing oil.

Opposition news media shut down and journalists killed- here
Opposition political leaders arrested or killed- here
Eat the animals in the zoo as people run out of food- here
No guns for civilians- here
Children die in hospitals due to lack of common medicines- here
Venezuelan security forces arm loyal gangs- here
No rule-of-law as authorized gangs take over control of the streets- here
Richest person in Venezuela is Chavez billionaire daughter- here
Thousands of citizens flee Venezuela each day- here
Security forces kill protestors in summary executions- here and here.

I noticed something. The academics always say Socialism will help the workers. When Socialism fails, it is the academics who leave the country and the working class who starves.


The academics say that socialism will feed and educate the poor. These same academics deliberately ignore the socialist failures here in the US. These failures keep generations trapped in poverty and trapped in failing government schools. Come talk to me after you’ve fixed Richmond, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore. First remove the log from your own eye.


I gave you 400 words and an arm full of links. Please share and comment. RM

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  1. Luis permalink
    June 30, 2018 11:40 am

    Rob, that’s because leftists are always the first to run to the government and demand that “something be done” whenever something goes wrong, or something happens that they don’t like.


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