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Crime and the American Experiments that Failed

June 27, 2018

Most ideas don’t work. When you and I make a mistake, we either fix it or suffer the consequences. You and I can’t afford to stay stuck on stupid. Not so if you are a politician. When politicians gets it wrong, they simply double-down and go deeper in debt with other people’s money. Unfortunately the price is also paid in human lives. That is what is happening in our most violent cities. These cities are controlled by Democrat politicians who are stuck on failed policies. Let me refine that last statement; these political policies keep Democrats in power even though the city continues to suffer. Look for yourself at these rates of violent crime in our most violent cities.

D- Memphis, Tennessee- 971 per 100,000. 2.5 times more violent than the national average.
D- St. Louis, Missouri- 877 per 100,000.  2.3 times more violent than the national average.
D- Rockford, Illinois- 835 per 100,000.  2.2 times more violent than the national average.
D- Baltimore, Maryland- 833 per 100,000.  2.2 times more violent than the national average.
D- Detroit, Michigan- 803 per 100,000.  2.1 times more violent than the national average.
D- Kansas City, Missouri- 774 per 100,000.  2.0 times more violent than the national average.
D- Milwaukee, Wisconsin- 737 per 100,000.  1.9 times more violent than the national average.
D- Little Rock, Arkansas- 712 per 100,000.  1.8 times more violent than the national average.
D- Stockton, California- 707 per 100,000.  1.8 times more violent than the national average.
D- Oakland, California- 703 per 100,000.  1.8 times more violent than the national average.

Ten day crime map of Oakland, California in June 2018 with 841 crimes.

Here are some additional points-
-Violent crimes includes murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.
-The average crime rate is 386 per 100 thousand.  That US average includes data from these failed cities. Our safest cities are many times safer than the average just as these violent cities are several times more dangerous than the average. These failed cities are some ten times more violent than our safest cities.
-The city data is itself a summation of safe and dangerous areas within each municipal border. Some parts of these cities are frighteningly violent.
-These cities are governed by Democrats, often for several decades.

What is it about Democrat politicians that causes crime? I looked at the Democrat Party Platform for guidance. Democrat policies promote high levels of regulation and taxation. There are several obvious results.

  • You drive out economic activity when you regulate it and tax it.
  • You drive out jobs when you drive out industry and mandate high wages.
  • Unemployed people are unhappy and welfare doesn’t change that.
  • Unemployed people don’t form stable and prosperous families, so rates of addiction go up.
  • Areas with unemployed and fatherless young men have high rates of violent crime.
  • High taxes and severe regulations make kickbacks and political corruption inevitable. That seems like an unwanted fault to us, but that scheme is an essential feature for the politicians.
  • These high crime areas are politically stable as one crime family succeeds the next.

The scheme of regulation and kickbacks works for the politicians, though some politicians occasionally go to jail when they get caught. Despite what the Socialists say, we can’t pretend that doing more of the same will produce different results. More of the same hasn’t helped as we occasionally prosecute corrupt politicians.

More of the same hasn’t helped people out of poverty and it hasn’t reduced crime. We don’t have the crime data for this year, but I predict that violent crime will remain high in these Democrat controlled cities. Crime will remain high even with a good economy that is setting records. Crime will remain high even with the record low unemployment for racial minorities that we are seeing now. Calls for more social spending and gun control are a political distraction from failed policies.

The best solution to help someone in Memphis or Saint Louis is to give them a bus ticket to someplace like Scottsdale, Arizona or College Station, Texas. That will solve the problem and cost less in the long run. Will the last person to leave please turn off the lights..

..or the voters could try something different.

I gave you 600 words for free. Please leave a comment and share this article with your friends. RM

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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    June 27, 2018 11:30 am

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….


  2. Darrell Murray permalink
    June 27, 2018 1:17 pm

    DON”T send them to ARIZONA!!! We don’t want them!

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  3. KUETSA permalink
    June 27, 2018 9:14 pm

    I guess there is another common denominator that must remain unseen . . . and unmentioned.



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