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Recent Lies About Gun Control

June 15, 2018

I have one small thing to ask of the gun-prohibitionists. Please stop lying to us.  For extra credit, I’d like the rights-restrictors to stop lying to themselves as well. Even that may be too much to ask. If the gun control advocates must lie, then make up some new propaganda. The old lies are wearing thin, and here are some obvious ones. See if you agree.

The police will take care of us.

The courts have ruled time and again that the police have no duty to protect us. The police are not liable for our protection even if you called the police and asked for help before you were attacked. The police collect evidence of a crime. If a criminal is active long enough, then eventually the police might catch him. Whether a jury will convict the criminal, whether a judge will sentence him and he will actually serve his sentence, is another question entirely. The police might, or might not, stop a crime committed right in front of them.

Let’s look at the problem from another perspective. Please conduct this experiment yourself. I couldn’t make a cell phone call while my wife was trying to tickle me, and I am only slightly ticklish. I couldn’t call the police even though I am considerably larger and stronger than my wife.

Criminals are far more brutal. I certainly couldn’t make a 911 call while I was being beaten, raped, stabbed, or shot.. and I don’t want you to try this for yourself. We can try and call the police once the attack is over if we still have our cell phones and our wits. The average police response time in the US is twelve and a half minutes.

Robberies are over in seconds. The police can’t take care of us when danger strikes.

We can stop criminals from getting guns.

Gun prohibition doesn’t work. We’ve tried prohibition before. We made alcohol illegal and criminals sold alcohol. Drugs are illegal today, and selling illegal drugs is a 100 billion dollar industry in the US. Drug gangs also smuggle millions of illegal immigrants into the US, so importing a small package containing firearms is trivial.

In bleeding Chicago, fully 98 out of 100 criminals obtained their guns illegally. The street price for an illegal gun is less than the price to buy a new gun legally at a gun shop. An honest person needs three days to get a handgun in Illinois due to mandatory waiting periods. On the other hand, a criminal gets a fresh gun in a few hours, and all the background checks and waiting periods in the world won’t stop him.

The situation is worse in countries that outlawed civilian firearms. Criminals break gun laws just as they break other laws.

This is only common sense gun safety legislation. We’re not out to take your guns.

We’ve had gubernatorial candidates who said they would issue emergency decrees and act unilaterally.  By executive action they would declare an emergency and confiscate guns as assault weapons. We’ve had law enforcement officers say they would kill gun owners who resisted confiscation. These elected officials said they would wage war on peaceful firearms owners.

Let’s get to the real heart of the argument. Firearms are dangerous tools. Guns are also extremely useful. Guns are used about 200 times in self-defense for each time a firearm is used in a homicide. If we are safer with them than without them, then why do rights-restrictors and some politicians want to disarm peaceful citizens?

Gun owners are criminals who haven’t committed a crime yet.

Many people are frightened by any kind of violence. These individuals don’t discriminate between the attacker and the defender, between the wolf and the sheepdog. This attitude of “zero tolerance” leaves all of us as helpless victims in the face of violent criminals. Disarming the victim doesn’t protect anyone.

Japanese society is often held up as a model of non-violence. There is a segment of society here in the US that is as peaceful and non-violent as the disarmed Japanese. That segment is the licensed concealed carry holders of the United States. I’ll say that again. Civilians who received their license to carry concealed are as peaceful as any segment of society anywhere. That segment of US society is even more law abiding than the police. In addition, armed America actually reduces crime by refusing to be easy victims, yet the rights-restrictors want these peaceful people disarmed.

Gun control isn’t about controlling violence. It is about controlling us. Anti-gun spokesmen have armed bodyguards. They want us disarmed and for them to have guns..and I wish they’d stop lying about it.


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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    June 15, 2018 8:05 am

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….

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  2. Glenda T. Goode permalink
    June 15, 2018 8:36 am

    The cult of the left is focused on Guns because they represent the one factor that stops them from instituting the remainder of their agenda. They know that socialism or some version of it that the left wishes to institute is something that the rest of us do not want. We will not buy into their diversity, equality, melting pot fairness drivel so we must be subdued.

    The left controls the media so they can spin and spin tales and falsehoods all day long and wait and see what sticks. Further, the lies also inspire their minions in society to repeat them and protest all the while spouting lies and inaccuracies. They will not stop this as most of the public are not all that familiar with firearms which is quite contrary to how things were 50 years ago.

    This propaganda campaign of the left has falsely created a fear in much of the society regarding guns. People literally freak out if someone has a gun in public. This fear is a hysteria that was ginned up by the left and is perpetuated by the media.

    We can ask the left to stop lying but that is not really as important than our obligation to promote knowledge and awareness of firearms and teach that properly handled firearms are safe and serve a legitimate purpose in society. Only when this hysterical reaction we see is diminished will we see the left drop its lies and misrepresentation.

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  3. Ceefour permalink
    June 16, 2018 11:03 am

    An antigun neighbor was shocked when I suggested her doctor may be a legal gun owner. They just can’t grasp the concept that gun owners come from ALL economic/educational backgrounds.

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  4. CPT Taggart permalink
    June 16, 2018 1:18 pm

    You have captured, in bullet points, the heart of the issue.

    It needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

    There is however a Cohort upon which this logic will have no impact. Certain people wish to rule over other; most of them intend to rule benignly and kindly for the good of all, but they wish to RULE.

    If Bubba and Bubba-ette have access to arms, there is always the potential for them to contest the RULE, and so Arms must be demonized and lies promoted as fact and common sense.

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  5. Bill Gray permalink
    June 17, 2018 3:28 pm

    I loved the point about differentiating between the wolf and the sheepdog. The antis see only canine bites. They see no difference between the wolf bites on the dead sheep and the sheepdog bites on the dead wolf. But there is a difference in the reason and intent behind the two sets of bites. That is why the antis focus on gun violence (all canine bites) and do not recognize gun crime (wolf bites) and gun self defense (sheep dog bites). “Gun violence” has both a positive and a negative side.but you seldom hear about the positive side.


  6. June 19, 2018 7:52 pm

    Reblogged this on Give Me Liberty.


  7. Alan permalink
    July 24, 2018 1:35 pm

    I gather, correct me if I’m wrong, that this was a ruling by a panel of the court, not the entirety of the 9th Circuit, so we shall see what happens next. I any case, the decision seems to show that there is a significant difference of opinion amongst the sitting judges.



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