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School Administrators Fear a Mistake More Than Mass Murder- repost of David Cole

March 12, 2018


Why do school administrators leave our children defenseless? My friend David Cole has been there. He was an army officer, a police officer, and a member of the SWAT team. David has seen leaders fail at tough decisions.

Is your local school board brave enough to protect your children? RM

“You’ve done the math in your head. Your fear is that when a school shooting breaks out, a teacher with a gun will “make it worse.” You are afraid that the teacher might miss and hit a kid, even if the teacher manages to stop the killer in the process.. You fear being blamed for it, because you made the decision.

“You actually fear that possibility more than you fear the killer who enters your school and murders unopposed for minutes.”

Source: What Do You Fear? – Black Man With A Gun ™

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