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Media Campaign Backfires..and We Join the NRA

March 7, 2018

The media missed again. We saw a coordinated media campaign thrown against legal gun owners immediately after the horrible murders at the school in Parkland, Florida. That campaign wasn’t spontaneous. The media went into action even before the crime scene was cleaned up or the facts were known. The prepared scripts were dragged out. We were lied to, and the usual well-worn bromides were used in order to make us feel a particular way. The public relations campaign to make us feel guilty cost millions of dollars..yet it didn’t work. We not only rejected the PR campaign, we threw their lies right back at them. We’ve learned many lessons as we’ve been lied to time after time by the mainstream media. Here is what happened this time and what we did in response.

  • The media said we suffer from an epidemic of mass murder. Because of this epidemic, we needed to disarm the people who didn’t do it. In fact, we were lied to about how often schools are attacked. (Though both are tragic, someone committing suicide at a school that has been closed for months is not an armed school rampage.) We know that licensed concealed carry holders are more law abiding than even the police. We rejected the idea that the hundred million gun owners in the US committed the murders in Florida.
  • The “news media” served up crisis actors in a scripted soap opera. This “news” was sold to us as a “Town Hall discussion.” I’m sure some of us believed it was real. Many of us didn’t. We saw “students” attend “spontaneous grassroots demonstrations” funded by political operatives.
  • We were told that the real murderer in Florida was the organization that trains most firearms instructors. This same organization, the National Rifle Association, is also involved with the largest firearms safety programs in the world.
  • We saw Hollywood hype rise to new levels. There were hundreds of armed guards at the Oscar awards ceremony while actors said that the rest of us should be disarmed for our own protection. We were told that we’d be safer if the government was armed and we were disarmed.
  • Democrat congressmen proposed a bill out outlaw most guns. These dangerous firearms are too much for an 18 year old to own..but people 18 years old and younger are mature enough to drive a car, have an abortion, get married, join the military, and to vote. An eighteen year old is mature enough to face the death penalty, but not mature enough to defend his life. No wonder I’m confused. These lies don’t make sense.

What did we do in the face of these lies? We joined the NRA and other firearms organizations. Over the last two weeks, the rate of new memberships has jumped 10 fold at the Second Amendment Foundation. We can only speculate what happened with NRA membership, but I suspect it increased..a lot.

Acquaintances who don’t own guns told me they resented the media propaganda and joined the NRA. People from outside the US joined the NRA..I assume for the same reason. The NRA did not release its membership numbers when I called and e-mailed them. We know that the number of people searching to join the NRA went up almost 50 fold.

Join the NRA

NRA membership

Why did the propaganda campaign backfire this time? I think we’re older and wiser. We’ve learned from past lies. The media tried to spin the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign as historically significant and unstoppable. We didn’t believe them. We formed our own opinions instead of accepting theirs. We decided that a sociopathic liar who is married to a serial sex predator wasn’t the person we needed in the White House. Not only did we reject the media narrative, we opposed it at the ballot box.

I think we’re doing the same thing again. The “Trump slump” that reduced gun sales may be coming to an end. We joined the NRA rather than cancelling memberships as we were supposed to do. We’ve seen a surge of teachers who want to legally carry a firearm rather than putting up more plastic no-guns signs.

It looks like we’re not buying the media narrative. Let’s assume that the people running these campaigns are smart professionals. They already know that we don’t believe them. That means we are not the real the target of this PR campaign. The purpose isn’t to convince the public, but to stampede politicians. Now, more than ever, when the media lies, we have to tell our politicians the truth.

You can contact your politicians here.



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  1. March 7, 2018 7:28 pm

    Reblogged this on The zombie apocalypse survival homestead.


  2. Reginald Hafner permalink
    March 8, 2018 9:43 am

    The more the media lies the bigger NRA membership becomes.


  3. Rich permalink
    March 8, 2018 10:49 am

    Dear NRA…..
    Stop “negotiating” excuses to INFRINGE on OUR RIGHTS.
    If there must be background checks, let’s try this idea…Are there any ‘legislators’ that are interested in a Constitutional Background Check?

    Since SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means exactly that..

    Let’s try a “Background Check” that DOES NOT INFRINGE on anybodies RIGHTS…
    A FULL, IN DEPTH background check for ALL Politicians, Bureaucrats, and ALL government employees, and set MINIMAL INTELLIGENCE, JOB SKILLS AND CHARACTER QUALITIES that must be met before they can run for office, be appointed or hired.

    That way, WE, THE PEOPLE, get a much better class of politicians and bureaucrats, as well as EMPLOYEES that can be trained to do the jobs they are being hired for.

    Any bets on how hard the political class will fight to prevent it?

    THAT would be a Background Check that nearly ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS will support and I don’t much care if the illegals and their sycophants don’t like the idea.


  4. Kap permalink
    March 8, 2018 11:12 am

    I find it amazing that Anti -Gun People can rally so quickly sound like prior knowledge too me


  5. March 8, 2018 2:27 pm

    My 11 FEB 2007 letter to the NRA:
    Dear Mr LaPierre,

    I have before me a “2007 Membership Acceptance” for the NRA which came to me unsolicited, along with a survey of my attitudes toward firearms and the Second Amendment.

    I want you to know that I answered the survey questions and all of the answers were “No” (except for #7). I presume from the accompanying letter that this makes me a desireable candidate for membership in NRA, but I decline to join. Would you like to know why?

    The NRA was a strong supporter of the 1934 National Firearms Act. Any supporter of that legislation would have had to answer “Yes” to at least three of those questions (not including #7).

    The NRA backed the Gun Control Act of 1968. Any backer of that law would have had to answer “Yes” to at least four of those questions (not including #7).

    And that’s not the end of the list. I conclude from this short analysis that the leadership of the NRA would fail its own survey, and I couldn’t support an organization like that.

    Please get back to me when the NRA stops supporting “reasonable restrictions on guns” and starts working to repeal the many unconstitutional laws it has helped foist on its own membership.
    I’m still waiting.


  6. MaddMedic permalink
    March 10, 2018 7:09 am

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….


  7. March 26, 2018 6:55 am

    William Holstein left a comment-RM

    A classmate of mine emailed me your article titled “Media Campaign Backfires..and We Join the NRA”. I responded to with a lengthy breakdown of how full of shit you are and how your use of statistics is misleading and based on false assumptions about Google Trends. I’d love to forward the email to as to put your intellect to the test. I’m sure you response will be just as steeped in divisive rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and flawed logic as your blogpost but I’d love to see one anyways.

    -William Holstein
    P.S. I’m an avid hunter, I own numerous firearms, and I love this country so don’t confuse this as being SJW rage.



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